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Today manufacturers of upholstered furniture surprise with a variety of models, shapes, styles and colors. If you are attracted by non-standard upholstered furniture, you should pay attention to the original canapé sofas.


Originally the word “sofa” meant a register of documents. Later this word spread to the place where the State Council met. Then this word began to denote the halls for holding various celebrations, after a while the “sofa” began to be used to denote a special hill covered with a soft carpet, which was used in the halls.

Already in Europe, the word “sofa” began to mean a soft seat. This was the first prototype of the modern canapé. Its appearance and design has changed over time. Designers used exquisite legs, expensive fabrics for upholstery, as well as carved elements from natural wood to decorate the canapes.

Today, a canapé is a roomy small sofa, which is presented on four, sometimes six legs, equipped with a soft seat, a high back and reliable armrests. Such sofas were often used for arranging women's boudoirs, and the rooms were called "sofa" ones. Modern models are small in size, equipped with a convenient transformation mechanism.

The main feature of all models is that the berth is always placed perpendicular to the back of the product. Canapes often have a roll-out or accordion folding mechanism.

Canapes today are in great demand among owners of small apartments due to their compactness and the ability to create a comfortable, full-fledged bed. This model is ideal for students who are renting an apartment. Due to its convenience, canapes are often used to equip a children's room. Children's models have fabrics as upholstery that have dirt-repellent properties. This advantage will especially appeal to mothers of young children who manage to get the sofa dirty every day.

Canapes are often part of a modular sofa. For example, an ensemble of canapes and a corner compact sofa is an excellent solution.

This option is ideal for filling a blind corner in a room.


All modern models of stylish canapé sofas can be divided into two main groups:

  • Elite options, which are presented in the styles of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Such models are characterized by sophistication and elegance. They are intended solely for seating. It is almost impossible to take a comfortable horizontal position.
  • Models for everyday use in modern apartments. These canapé sofas are distinguished not only by their attractive and stylish appearance, but also by their functionality.

Modern models are presented in various materials, upholstery textures, colors. Many designers use the play of contrasts, giving the canapes unusual and originality. To add artistic completeness to the product, designers complement them with decorative pillows of different colors and shapes.

The canapé sofa for everyday use is equipped with a soft seat, one armrest and a semi-rigid back... Some models have two natural wood armrests, but one of them is necessarily much lower than the other.Some models, instead of armrests, are equipped with soft rollers that are attached to sofas with Velcro. To increase the length of the seat, bolsters or cushions can be thrown to the sides thanks to the presence of special hinges.

Canapes are usually compact in size. In width they reach from 100 to 140 cm, and in depth - from 50 to 75 cm. Models often have backs made of natural wood or chipboard, although some options instead of a backrest are supplemented with several pillows.

Canapes can be used as a soft and comfortable sleeping place for children. Usually, children's rooms in modern apartments have the smallest footage, so the furniture should be compact. Models for children are made from natural materials, are safe to use, and are also equipped with retractable transformation mechanisms. Parents should take the choice of a sliding system very seriously, as lifting mechanisms can threaten the safety of your baby. The process of unfolding the sofa should be easy, smooth and soft so that the child can fold and unfold it on his own.

Models for children should be covered with soft and thick upholstery and not have hard corners.


A variety of models allows you to find the best option that will harmoniously fit into the chosen style direction of the interior. The compactness and functionality of canapé sofas allows you to save space in the room. A small room does not tolerate dark shades. For the design of any style, it is worth giving preference to light colors, since they make the room visually more spacious. An excellent choice would be a sofa canapes in beige, cream or light green shades.

You should not use sharp color transitions in the design of a sofa-canapes. The sofa option looks good when the seat, armrests and backrest are presented in a single color. Perfectly decorate a sofa in a small bedroom or children's room, light pillows will allow. The backrest and armrests are rarely decorated with upholstery, mostly made of natural wood or none at all.

To embody the Scandinavian style, you should give preference to canapé sofas, which are decorated with a curved back. The well-known art deco style, combining straight lines and asymmetry, can also be decorated with a stylish canapé sofa. Expensive fabrics such as silk or chiffon are used as upholstery. These materials attract attention with beautiful patterns and rich textures.

Exclusive custom-made models made from exotic wood species. Canapes made from rosewood, palmwood or madroña are often found. Ivory or bronze inlays and exquisite carvings fit perfectly into the luxurious Baroque style. Classic models often decorate living rooms, while modern canapes can also be found in the bedroom or children's room.

Popular models

Many upholstered furniture manufacturers include stylish and unusual canapé sofas in their new collections.

Today is in great demand sofa "Montreal" with canapes from the company "Home Collection"... The corner model with luxurious canapes attracts attention with designer pulls. Elegant, stylish corner sofa "Montreal" with canapes can be easily transformed into a comfortable and comfortable sleeping place. This model is ideal for a good rest both during the day and at night.

The Montreal sofa is equipped with a dolphin transformation mechanism that allows you to quickly unfold the product. The berth has dimensions 160x242 cm. The length of the model is 288 cm, so it is suitable for spacious living rooms or bedrooms. The canapes are 191 cm long and the seat is 109 cm deep.


When choosing comfortable, compact and attractive upholstered furniture, many buyers prefer a sofa-canapes. The main advantage of modern models is their compact size, convenient and lightweight transformation mechanism, as well as a comfortable sleeping place.

A variety of colors and materials in the manufacture of canapes allows you to find the best option for different styles. For classic styles, models with exquisite legs, decorated with unusual decor are ideal. This option will become a highlight of a fashionable interior. For modern styles, customers often purchase models in discreet colors. Many models have wooden armrests and a back, which cannot be left unmarked, since natural materials are in trend today.

The canapé sofas successfully combine beautiful design, compact dimensions and a spacious, comfortable sleeping place. Such upholstered furniture will definitely be a good purchase for arranging your home.

See below for an overview of a useful and attractive canapé sofa with an orthopedic mattress.

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