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Teak-tock sofa
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Today, no modern interior can be imagined without a soft and comfortable sofa. This piece of furniture should not only be a comfortable resting place for the whole family, but also a full-fledged sleeping place. The design of the sofa should be simple and light so that the furniture can be used not only by adults, but also by children. It is this feature that distinguishes the sofa, which is based on a convenient tick-tock mechanism.

What is it, pros and cons

Multifunctional teak sofa is, above all, comfort and ease of use. This piece of furniture got its interesting name thanks to the built-in mechanism in the structure. This special device is called the pantograph, which gives the sofas their second name. Due to the pantograph mechanism, the sofa, when unfolding, does not move out on wheels, like a Eurobook, but "steps" forward.

The pantograph bar design allows the sofa to be folded out in two steps without damaging the flooring. Absolutely any person can cope with such a transformation mechanism. Sofas with this design can be folded out daily without damage to the mechanism, since it has long-term durability, unlike models with other folding mechanisms.

The strength and reliability of this model is also achieved due to the product frame made of natural wood. Thanks to this frame, the sofa can withstand a weight of up to 200 kg.

The presence of spacious boxes for storing bed linen, blankets and pillows is also an undoubted advantage of all models.

An important advantage of this type of sofas is the presence of a wide berth when laid out and compact dimensions when assembled. This is especially convenient when installing in small apartments.

In order to lay out a teak-tock sofa, there is no need for a margin of centimeters between the wall and the back of the product, unlike the eurobook. Thanks to the convenient transformation mechanism and the small size when assembled, the sofa can be installed anywhere: in the center, against the wall and even in the corner.

All sofa models are equipped with decorative cushions and bolsters, which decorate not only the product itself, but also the room where they are installed. In addition, although each model is different in design, it has rounded corners despite the straight lines of the frame itself.

The roundedness of the corners is done for a longer preservation of the skin and to prevent all kinds of injuries.

A teak-tock sofa that has such undeniable advantages and numerous advantages, unfortunately, has some disadvantages. The wide seat of the sofa in the assembled state causes some discomfort and is not very comfortable to use while sitting.

The cost of models with such a mechanism is quite high, and when it comes out of standing, repairs will cost a significant amount of money.

Features of the transformation mechanism

The statement that everything ingenious is simple can be fully attributed to the sofa pantograph mechanism. The simplicity of this pendulum design is based on a two-stage transformation.

The mechanism itself consists of spring blocks and rods, due to which the seat is raised above the floor and installed on the legs. The sofa seems to be walking forward.Unlike the roll-out mechanism equipped with rollers, this one does not harm the floor. Even the frequent use of a sofa equipped with a pantograph does not cause a single scratch to absolutely any floor covering.

The mechanism itself is manual and automatic. Most often, a manual type of mechanism is mounted in sofas.

In order to disassemble the sofa, you need to pull the loop up and the seat rises, then pull it towards you and install the structure on the support. Then you should lower the back wall of the sofa down. The sleeping place is ready.

The presence of the pantograph mechanism in the sofa guarantees an absolutely flat surface when unfolding, which contributes to a comfortable sleep. In addition, the daily transformation of the sofa, thanks to the walking design, does not require significant efforts. Even a child can handle this.

The pantograph mechanism does not contain complex parts and therefore is very rarely subject to breakage.


There are a huge number of models and options with a pantograph mechanism. It is customary to distinguish them according to the following criteria.

By form

Corner sofas

A comfortable corner sofa is a great solution for any room. In a small room, it can be placed in a corner, where it does not take up much space. In the living room, it can be installed in the center or against the wall.

During the day, it serves as a resting place for the whole family, and in the evening, thanks to a convenient transformation mechanism, it easily turns into a comfortable sleeping place, which can easily accommodate three adults.

Also, this model still has a not unimportant advantage, namely: the presence of two boxes for storing bedding.

Straight sofas

There is also a walking mechanism in straight sofa models. Unlike the corner version, the straight model takes up less space when folded. The size of the berth of the straight product is in no way inferior to the size of the corner version.

By types of armrests

Various versions of the direct model are available for all tastes. Some people will like the model with wooden armrests, while others will like the model with upholstered armrests.

Wooden armrests

The wooden armrests, in combination with the fabric upholstery of the entire sofa, will perfectly fit into any interior. In addition, in some models, open niches are mounted on the outside, designed to accommodate useful and necessary little things: a TV remote control, magazines, a mobile phone and many other things that should always be at hand.

The presence of such convenient shelves allows not only to maximize the use of the space of the armrests, but also eliminates the risk of loss or sudden damage to the necessary things.

Soft armrests

The sofa with armrests upholstered in soft and pleasant to the touch fabric will appeal to young families with small children and families with elderly people. Their presence will protect both babies and the elderly from unwanted injuries.

Without armrests

In addition to the listed models, there is also a variant of a sofa equipped with a pantograph mechanism without armrests. Such models can be easily installed even in the smallest room, and the absence of armrests makes it possible to sit on it from three sides.

In addition, this design does not make the interior heavier, but a solid and reliable frame contributes to the long-term operation of the model.

By the composition of the berth

Pantograph sofas differ not only in shape, but also in the composition of the berth, which can be equipped with a spring block or filled with polyurethane foam.

Spring blocks

The spring blocks used in the models are classified into two main types:

  • Bonnel. It is a block where all the springs are interconnected by a spiral wire and are located between two steel frames, thanks to which it holds its shape for a long time. The different density is expressed in the number of springs per square meter. The denser the block, the greater the orthopedic effect.

As a rule, in sofas with this design, the density is 150 springs per 1 sq. m.

  • Springs in an independent block Pocket spring... They have a cylindrical shape and are made of steel wire. Each spring is wrapped in a special textile cover. When acting on the block, the springs are compressed independently of each other.

The presence of such a block ensures that there is no sagging. In addition, due to isolation, there is no creak. The springs in an independent block have a small diameter, and their density is more than 200 pieces per 1 sq. m, depending on the model.

Models with an independent spring block provide a more comfortable sleeping position.

The spring blocks used to form the bed are durable, reliable and provide a flat surface of the sofa. The spring block can withstand heavy loads and does not impede the free circulation of air inside. Thanks to its design, it has the ability to adapt to the shape of the body, thereby relieving unnecessary stress from the spine.

Spring blocks, regardless of the type, are covered with furniture felt, a sheet of polyurethane foam and a layer of padding polyester, and already on top, each model is sheathed with a certain type of drapery fabric.

Polyurethane foam

Models of sofas without springs are composed of polyurethane foam. As a rule, a polyurethane foam with a density of 30-40 kg per square meter is used for a berth. The durability of the sofa depends on the density index: the higher it is, the longer the product will last.

The polyurethane foam used in sofas pantograph has high elasticity and elasticity, it is reliable, durable and does not cause allergic reactions.

Dimensions (edit)

Pantograph sofas are available in various sizes. When buying this or that model, it is necessary to compare the dimensions of the product with the area of ​​the room. In addition, if the sofa is planned to be used as a bed, then in the unfolded state it should not greatly clutter up the room.

The most compact dimensions are straight models without armrests. It is long from one side part to the other from 195 to 200 cm.The height of the pillows does not exceed 93-95 cm.When the model is unfolded with missing armrests, a rather spacious sleeping place is formed, the width of which is at least 145 cm, and the length varies from 195 cm up to 200cm.

The small size of this configuration does not in any way affect the size of the berth.

Straight models with armrests have slightly larger dimensions, not only folded, but also unfolded. Overall dimensions, as a rule, have the following numerical options: 105x 245x80; 102x225x85; 100x260x80; 108x206x75.

The berth formed when the sofa is unfolded has a width of at least 150 cm, and in some models it can be even larger and reaches 160 cm.The length of the berth is 200 cm, models with a length of 206 cm are produced.

Corner options are the largest in comparison with straight models. Length options have a wide range and you can choose a product depending on the size of the room:

  • The length can be 225 cm, 235 cm, 250 cm, 270 cm and even 350 cm.
  • Depth in corner models is measured from the back to the front of the projecting corner. As a rule, it varies from 155 cm to 180 cm.
  • The berth has dimensions: 155x196; 155x215; 160x210.

Material and color

Models with a spring block on a metal frame require insulating materials. They are used as thin-woolen felt, which is laid between the spring block and polyurethane foam. It protects the polyurethane foam from direct contact with the springs, and also neutralizes the sensations of their presence.

Polyester fabric is used as an additional element. Place it between felt and polyurethane foam, giving the desired degree of comfort to the product.

In addition, sofa cushions are stuffed with padding polyester, thereby giving them the desired shape, and in the armrests - for softness and protection of the main upholstery.

PU foam is used as the main filler and as an additional insert for the spring block.

Sintepuh and holofiber are used as a separate filler for cushions.

The base fabric or the upholstery fabric determines the look of the sofa. There are different types of fabrics used for upholstery, differing in the way they are woven:

  • Pile fabric or flock is obtained by applying fine fibers on a fabric base. Currently, this type of fabric is most in demand due to such qualities as durability, softness and low maintenance requirements.
  • Tapestry used as upholstery is a natural material with a woven backing. The smooth, pile-free texture is the hallmark of jacquard fabric. Less complex weaving in comparison with the jacquard look in the fabric called Scotchguard. This type of fabric is distinguished by a beautiful pattern applied using thermal printing.
  • Velor fabrics provide a solid base with a vertical pile. This durable material is available in different price groups. Chinil fabric is distinguished by its special density and strength, has a velvety surface and delicacy.

Different types of upholstery are divided into categories, on the assignment of which the price of the product depends:

  • The zero category includes lightweight fabrics such as scotchguard, cotton, inexpensive thermojackard.
  • The first category includes inexpensive materials: flock, chinil, tapestry, corduroy and faux suede.
  • The second category includes fabrics with a denser texture.
  • Dense materials belong to the third category.
  • The 4th includes heavy fabrics of the listed names, as well as artificial fur. Natural fabrics are included in the 5th category.
  • The 6th, 7th and 8th are reserved for natural leather and luxury fabrics.

The color scheme of teak-so sofas is very diverse. As a rule, the owners choose the color that is most in harmony with the general interior of the room and rely on their feelings.

Dark shades such as brown, ocher, umber help to relax and calm down.

Light warm shades help to feel lightness and vigor.

Gray has a neutralizing and balancing meaning.

Factories and Models

Today, teak-tock sofas are produced by many manufacturers.

Vladimir factory 5 stars

The Vladimir factory 5 stars has been producing furniture since 1998. Using modern developments and technologies, the factory produces beautiful modern furniture, among which sofas with a pantograph transformation mechanism stand out.

A wide range is represented by such models as Parma, Prometheus, Laska.

Comfortable and compact sofa Prometheus with dimensions of 235x110 cm will be a wonderful decoration for any living room. A wide berth 150x200, coupled with an independent spring block, will provide comfortable accommodation for two people. The straight design with padded armrests and three sofa cushions fits perfectly into any decor.

The Laska model is presented by the company in angular and straight versions, and both have a modern design. The rigid arched armrests in both models are perfectly combined with the soft cushions. The dimensions of the corner model when folded are 235x155 cm.Thanks to an independent spring block, a flat bed of 145x200 cm is formed.

Russian master

The Marrakech sofa is produced by the Russian Master furniture factory, which specializes in the production of inexpensive models of original design and decent quality. The straight design of the Marrakech model has three soft, comfortable cushions. The two-tier armrests consist of a rectangular wooden and soft bottom.

The classic model with a spring block will provide comfort and coziness for the whole family.


The MDV factory, which produces the Tibet model, has been producing upholstered furniture for over 15 years. The product on metal chrome legs has a straight design with gently curved wooden armrests. Folded size 216x96x98 with berth 140 x190. A filler for a soft place can be either a spring block with polyurethane foam, or higher density PU foam as an independent filler.


The Rival factory has been producing upholstered furniture since 1996. Based on the wishes of buyers and partners working with the company, the Seattle model was developed in two versions.

The first design is characterized by the presence of armrests with built-in drawers, in which it is convenient to store various small items. In the second version, the armrests have a small angle of inclination, and the model itself has a slightly smaller size without prejudice to the berth.

Both versions are equipped with an independent spring block and a wide berth 152x202 cm. The dimensions of the first version are 246x110x95 cm. The second design is slightly shorter and measures 228x110x95.

The Quadro sofa from a Russian manufacturer on a spring block differs from other models by the presence of niches built into the armrest. Decorative pillows included in the set will provide a cozy pastime with your family.

Ulyanovsk furniture factory "Baroque"

TOThe compact and cozy model Venice, produced by the Ulyanovsk furniture factory Baroque, has a small size 201x100. It fits easily in any room. The model is equipped with beautiful two-level armrests and soft cushions.


Sofas with a pantograph transformation mechanism are produced by many Russian factories in various configurations. Thanks to the built-in mechanism, this type of sofa is very popular, and reviews about it are mostly positive.

Most buyers note that the presence of a mechanism greatly facilitates the procedure for laying out the sofa. All, without exception, note the absence of various damages to the floor covering during the long service life of the product.

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