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A huge variety of types of upholstered furniture in stores makes the buyer think over all the nuances before deciding on such a serious purchase. Especially you need to think carefully if you plan to purchase furniture for a small apartment or small room.

For small rooms, upholstered furniture of compact size and with a convenient transformation function is most suitable. A folding sofa has such parameters.


The sofa, as a piece of furniture, was borrowed from the Ottoman Empire by Europeans in the 17th century. Previously, it was installed in the living room and served only as a place for daytime rest. Today, this piece of furniture can be used not only for the convenience of guests, but also as an excellent sleeping place.

In terms of some external features and functionality, the sofa has a slight resemblance to the sofa, but there are still significant differences:

  • Right angles and straight lines of this piece of furniture are not its only feature.
  • The height of the armrests of a classic sofa is at the same level as the height of the backrest, which merges into the armrests.
  • The wide seating area sets the sofa apart from the sofa.

The presence of modern folding mechanisms turns it into a fairly flat bed that does not require an additional mattress. But it is worth noting that her seats are not made of soft downy featherbeds, they are rather hard and not everyone will like, although such a surface is the best option for the spine.

Miniature size, clear lines, smooth and durable mattress distinguish the sofa from other models of upholstered furniture.


The distinctive features that characterize the sofa are somewhat smoothed out today. More and more often in stores you can find models that are rather a collective option. The sofa-sofa and the ottoman-sofa are the most common varieties that are in great demand for their compactness and functionality.

Sofa sofa

This assembled model not only decorates the interior, but also serves as a place for gatherings with friends. In addition, many models have a convenient transformation mechanism, thanks to which the sofa can be used as a full bed.

Sleeping will be all the more comfortable if the mattress has orthopedic properties due to the presence of a spring block.

Possessing a simple and reliable transformation mechanism, some models, when unfolded, form a rather wide berth, where two people can easily accommodate. Such a double sliding structure is reliable and durable, and the berth is not only wide, but also even without depressions and differences in height.

Sofa ottoman

There are several types of this model in stores. The transformation system of a sliding sofa-ottoman can be in three versions:

  • book;
  • telescope;
  • cot.

There are double options with a folding structure, corner options, with a roll-out structure in length, which does not take up much space when unfolding. In addition, there are products with a fairly capacious drawer that allows you to put a blanket, pillow and other bedding in it.


All types of upholstered furniture, including sofas, are based on a frame and a seating area, consisting of filler and upholstery:

  • Frame It is made either from wood (most often from conifers) or from metal. The metal version appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among buyers.
  • The seating position can be equipped with an independent or dependent spring block, there are options where polyurethane foam or more durable latex is used as a filler. An independent spring block is characterized by the presence of separately located springs, where each is packed in its own case, and in the dependent spring block they are interconnected by a metal wire. Any spring block is covered from above with a layer of felt, which performs an insulating function. Then comes a layer of polyurethane foam, padding polyester and a layer of upholstery fabric. PU foam can be used as a separate filler and have a denser structure.
  • The upholstery fabric used to make the sofa can be textiles, leather or leatherette. There are a lot of textile upholstery options and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose?

In order to choose the right sofa model that is right for you, you need to adhere to certain rules:

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand for what purpose the sofa is being bought and how its dimensions will fit into the room. If it will be used not only for sitting, but also as a resting place at night, then it is necessary to pay attention to the transformation mechanism. It should be reliable and comfortable, in addition, in the unfolded state, the sofa should not clutter up the space.
  • The seating position should be level and comfortable. To do this, you need to sit on the sofa before buying, thus testing the filler inside. If, when standing up, the surface returned to its original position rather quickly, it means that the filler is of high quality and such a product will last quite a long time.
  • When buying, you need to pay sufficient attention to the upholstery. It must be durable, durable, and also give in not only to dry, but also to wet cleaning.

If you have pets, it is best to purchase a sofa with an upholstery that is resistant to the effects of animal claws.

Interior ideas

The sofa is a versatile product, it can be installed in almost any room - the main thing is that it harmonizes with the interior of the room and does not contradict the general concept of the room:

  • In the office. You can install a sofa in the library room.
  • It will look great in a kitchen studio, performing not only its direct function, but also being a way of zoning space.
  • In the living room the sofa will not only be a place to accommodate guests, but, if necessary, will turn into a comfortable sleeping place.
  • In addition to the apartment, the sofa can be installed in the country., for example, on the veranda.

An original folding sofa for a summer residence is in the next video.

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