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When arranging the hallway, you need to choose such furniture in which it is convenient to hang outerwear, put shoes and other accessories. And, of course, you need a place where you can sit down to change your shoes or wait for other family members. A spacious and attractive sofa is a great solution.

Features, benefits and purpose

Hallway - a room where people take off their outer clothing, shoes, leave bags and other accessories. Very often it turns into a pantry, so in order to avoid such a problem, it is worth buying a small sofa, which is practical and functional.

What is the name of the hallway sofa? Due to its small size and spaciousness, it is usually called a mini sofa.

Such sofas are usually designed for comfortable putting on shoes, and also act as an adornment of an attractive interior. They can also be used to perform the following functions:

  • for storing unused shoes;
  • a separate place to hang an umbrella;
  • put the bag;
  • placing small items.

To create coziness and beauty in the hallway, you should adhere to some rules for the selection of this type of furniture for this room:

  • The sofa is not just a small banquet sofa, but should have a spacious area to accommodate various little things and comfortable seating. It occupies a significant area, so you should consider its size before buying. Even a luxurious sofa will not bring you pleasure if it interferes with free movement and takes up most of the area.
  • A spectacular product will not look beautiful in a classic-style hallway. It is necessary to select a model for the existing interior.
  • The hallway sofa should be functional and in place. If the room already has a curbstone and an ottoman, then there is no need to put a sofa as well.


Today on sale there is a wide variety of sofas for the hallway. They differ in design, shape, size, color, purpose. If you wish, you can even order a model for an individual project. The designer will definitely take into account your wishes.

Depending on the shape of the model, there are several main types

Sofa bedside table

A cabinet sofa is an excellent shoe rack option, as it includes bottom shelves and a spacious drawer, and is also equipped with a soft and comfortable seat. Such a cabinet can be selected even for small rooms. It is ideal for storing shoes and a variety of accessories.

The top shelf is designed to store small items or you can decorate it with a beautiful flowerpot.

Sofa bench

A sofa-bench with a place for shoes in appearance resembles an ordinary shoe rack, but it only necessarily has a soft seat on top. This model includes metal grilles under the padded seat, where you can comfortably position your shoes.

Sofa bench

The sofa-bench is presented in the form of a small bench, which can be either with or without a back. This model takes up little space and can be used to store things. For example, a banquette in the form of a chest with a spacious box inside looks unusual and stylish. For the decoration of such models, iron forging or wood carving is used.

Forged upholstered benches are in great demand.

For small hallways, narrow sofas are ideal, since they do not take up much space and do not interfere with the aisle. Modern models can be either low or high back. Above the low sofas, you can additionally hang a shelf for storing small parts or a mirror. High-back models provide the highest level of seating comfort.


Wrought iron sofas in the hallway are characterized by elegance and beauty. They take us back to the Renaissance with their luxurious twisted legs. Such models are ideal for the embodiment of the Baroque, Provence, country or classic style. They do not contain drawers or shelves, because their main purpose is convenience and comfort while sitting, room decoration.

For lovers of classic style, a wooden sofa will be an ideal choice. It will perfectly fit into the interior, made in a modern or eco-style. Such a sofa will harmoniously combine with other natural wood furniture.

Wooden banquets are equipped with shelves and drawers. They are presented in a variety of models. You can choose an interesting modular-type sofa with an addition in the form of a curbstone, or purchase a mini-hallway with a mirror and a table.

The size

Since the hallway is usually small in size, therefore, manufacturers of upholstered furniture offer sofas of compact sizes.... They can be designed for one or two people.

Corner options are in great demand, which save space in the room.

Small models look nice and graceful and do not interfere with free movement. They usually have a width of about a meter and a depth of about 50 cm. Such dimensions allow you to comfortably sit on the sofa and not take up much space.

A sofa in a small hallway can be equipped with low armrests or without them.

A frameless model would be an excellent choice. A compact semicircular sofa will perfectly fit into a small room.

Materials (edit)

Modern manufacturers of upholstered furniture offer amazing and unusual models of sofas for the hallway, using various materials. These products usually include a sophisticated frame and a sturdy spring block. In the manufacture of the frame, metal or wood is used.

Some manufacturers offer combined frames that are made from wooden beams and chipboard.

Hallway sofas made of natural wood will help bring coziness and comfort to the room. Many people choose environmentally friendly material. Natural shades are wonderfully combined with different color versions of the hallways.

Metal models are durable and practical. They are presented in the form of a bench with a soft seat, which can be covered with natural or eco-leather. The metal sofa also includes shelves for storing shoes, hooks for bags and a compartment for placing umbrellas.

The service life of upholstered furniture largely depends on the upholstery, when choosing which one should be guided by your income level:

  • The tapestry model will be an excellent choice for the hallway, as it is characterized by practicality and a long period of use.
  • A leather sofa is considered to be no less popular. Many sofas are upholstered in faux leather because of its charming appearance. But, unfortunately, it quickly loses its original appearance. It can be very easily scratched or stained, so this material is not recommended for use in a home with small children or pets.
  • The seats for the hallway sofas can be upholstered in various fabrics: flock, wool, cotton, chamois or velor. They are characterized by durability and practicality.

How to choose?

A wide range of stylish and attractive models of sofas in the hallway allows you to find the best option for everyone. To make the right choice, you should take into account several nuances:

  • The sofa will be in the hallway, where everyone will come from the street and undress. The material of the product will often get dirty, so it is worth choosing an upholstery that is easy to clean or wash.
  • Remember that the sofa can be damaged by the buckles of shoes or bags. Therefore, it must be sturdy and practical.
  • Since ordinary hallways are small in size, then the dimensions of the sofa should be small. A corner or two-seater model will help save space.

To choose the right sofa in the hallway, you should pay attention to the reliability and durability of materials, structural strength, and its functionality.

A compact sofa will look great in an ensemble with a wardrobe. Upholstered furniture will be used as a place for waiting or changing shoes, and it will be possible to conveniently place outerwear, shoes and various little things in the closet.

For any hallway, you can pick up a compact sofa that does not take up much space. The main thing is to make his choice, starting from the shape of the room.

For a narrow and long corridor, a narrow sofa with an additional drawer for a convenient location of shoes is ideal. It is worth choosing models with a minimum amount of decor, the emphasis should be on simplicity.

If you want to achieve an antique effect, it is better to purchase a forged model with stylish engraving and metal drawers.

Many solutions are suitable for a square hallway. You can put a classic model with a cozy and large seat, or a modern sofa with ottomans. The choice of color scheme depends on the interior of the room.

Modern sofas are worth buying for a rectangular hallway. They may have slightly curved lines. Such an exquisite element of the interior will become the main accent. The choice of colors should be carried out depending on what effect you want to create. Sofas of red or orange shades look bright and impressive. For the embodiment of restrained interiors, you should give preference to pastel or dark shades.

If the corridor is presented in a round shape or non-standard, a round sofa or a small ottoman is perfect. The interior of the hallway can be either classic or modern.

If there is a deep and wide niche in the hallway, then it can be used to position the sofa-cabinet. Under the comfortable seat there will be a box for shoes, and at the top there will be several wall cabinets for storing various little things.

It will be very interesting to roll off a sofa made of pallets.

It is quite possible to make such stylish and non-standard furniture with your own hands. The detailed manufacturing process is described in the following video.

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