Sofa with "Click-clack" mechanism

  1. What is this transformation mechanism and how does it unfold?
  2. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  4. Styles
  5. Sofa dimensions
  6. Materials (edit)
  7. Filler
  8. Seats and backs
  9. Accessories
  10. Covers
  11. Color and print
  12. How to choose?
  13. Care rules
  14. Reviews
  15. Interior ideas

Does the name "click-blot" make you smile and associate with a children's cartoon? Not surprising, because few people know that it has nothing to do with a magic spell, but refers to a completely ordinary thing - a folding sofa. At the same time, inexperienced owners do not make a difference between this and other mechanisms, but it is, and it is of fundamental importance.

What is this transformation mechanism and how does it unfold?

Not a single sphere of production stands still. Household appliances, gadgets, furniture evolve at the pace of development of society, adjusting to the needs of the modern consumer. Everything becomes more practical, functional and focused on convenience. New models of leisure furniture are no less progressive than a new model of a personal computer or smartphone, because relaxation is the most important part of everyday life.

An innovative solution in the field of furniture production, specifically sofas, is the click-and-gag mechanism, which replaced the “books”. This original name arose from the characteristic sounds that the mechanism makes during the transformation of furniture into a particular position. This should not be a cause for concern. The sofa will not creak, no matter how actively the owners turn and turn during sleep, and the sounds made are not an indicator that the mechanism is failing: it signals that the sofa is laid out correctly. At the same time, it can be laid out in different ways.

The configuration of the mechanism is such that it is comfortable to sit on one sofa during the day, reclining to relax in the evening, and to sleep comfortably at night. You can change the angle of inclination and position of the backrest with a slight movement of your hand.

To lower the backrest at a slight angle, it is enough to smoothly raise the seat until the first "click". It means that the sofa has taken the "relax" position. Continuing to reduce the angle between the back and seat until the second click, you can expand it completely. After the "gag", the seat must be returned to its original position, then the sofa will be completely unfolded into a comfortable bed without a gap at the junction of the seat and backrest.

For a complete set of a sofa, you can choose an orthopedic mattress with the required characteristics.

Many of the click-and-gag sofa models are equipped with functional adjustable armrests. They can be lowered both together and separately, choosing the desired angle of inclination. Thus, if the armrests on one side are brought fully upright, and on the other hand maintain a slight tilt, there will be no need to purchase pillows. Another option is to unfold the sofa completely, thereby increasing the sleeping place by several tens of centimeters.

An important point: when choosing a sofa with folding armrests, you need to correctly measure the required length of the mattress.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

Click-Klyak sofas are an advanced folding system similar to a Eurobook. Its modernization provided a number of distinctive features and advantages of the new model:

  • Originality. Furniture know-how should be practical, but its aesthetic qualities are equally important. Click-clack sofas are an excellent solution for modern interiors, in which old-style models look trivial and boring.
  • Functionality. The main feature of the sofa - three possible positions instead of two, makes it multifunctional. When assembled, it perfectly serves as a place where you can place guests over a cup of tea, the "relax" mode is suitable for a casual conversation or rest after work, and when fully extended, it is a full-fledged sleeping place for one or two adults.
  • Orthopedic characteristics. Click-to-clack sofas feature clever shapes and materials that ensure a healthy sleep. At the same time, you can purchase a ready-made orthopedic sofa or equip an ordinary seat with a special mattress. The dimensions of the mattress ideally match the parameters of the sofa, so sleeping on it is comfortable and safe.
  • Durability. In the production of furniture, high-quality and durable materials are used, which ensure a long service life.
  • Reasonable organization of space. The transforming sofa is very convenient for arranging rooms in which there is not enough space to separate the living room and bedroom, bedroom and study, children's rooms. Such furniture is compact and has a relatively low dead weight, which makes it the best option for small and one-room apartments.
  • Ease of use. Folding and unfolding the click-gag sofa is very easy. The mechanism has a soft and smooth ride, which even a child can handle.
  • Wide range of models and beautiful design. The principle of operation of the mechanism does not limit the possible configurations to simple lines. The click-gag sofa can be straight or angular, narrow or wide, with clear or soft shapes.
  • Replaceable covers... Protect upholstery from dust, can be easily removed and washed. Changing covers of different colors, you can change the appearance of furniture, adjusting it to new wallpapers or curtains. Covers are included.
  • Saving. The complicated mechanism does not affect the price of the sofa in any way. This functional furniture can be purchased at the cost of a regular "book"

It should be noted that the model has some drawbacks.

Since it is based on a book mechanism that folds out on two sides, there must be space between the back of the sofa and the wall so that it can be brought to a horizontal position.

The second feature of click-and-gag sofas is weight restrictions. The maximum allowable weight is quite large, but it is better to check it before purchasing. With constant overload, the mechanism will quickly become unusable, and replacement will be expensive.


Among the "click-clack" sofas, there are only a few varieties: straight and corner. Each of the models can be presented both with adjustable armrests and without armrests, and can have distinctive features: an orthopedic base for daily sleep, boxes for linen, covers and pillows included.


Narrow or wide, long or short, the straight sofa is characterized by its laconic design and simplicity of the internal structure. He is characterized by:

  • intuitive operation of the transformer mechanism;
  • variety of design solutions;
  • intermediate position at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • durable upholstery;
  • reliable metal frame;

Straight sofas are used in the design of work areas, living rooms, children's rooms and large kitchens in one-room apartments. For bedrooms, models with a box for linen are relevant. Inside there may be one or several compartments that can easily accommodate all the sleeping accessories.

Also popular are sofas with anatomical and orthopedic bases. Anatomical has no springs, it consists of several alternating layers of latex and coconut coir or latex blocks.

The orthopedic base can be presented in two types: with a spring block on a system of dependent springs and on a block of independent springs. In the first case, the base of the mattress is a one-piece structure of snake springs or five-coil bonnel springs, which are shaped like an hourglass, tapering towards the middle and expanding along the bases. Such a mattress provides an even distribution of the load and a healthier sleep. In the second case, the base is formed by a block of springs, each of which is packed in an individual cover made of dense material. The distribution of the load is pointwise, due to which the mattress takes the shape of the body. It is much more expensive than one-piece models.


The upholstered corner sofa is a spacious, but at the same time, compact design.

Its features:

  • modular. Corner sofa "click-gag", regardless of size, consists of several attached parts. There can be a different number of them, which can be arranged both with a turn to the left and with a turn to the right. Some freestanding elements can act as armchairs;
  • spacious sleeping place. It is possible to form one very large bed or several spacious separate beds;
  • Availability regulated armrests;
  • reliability constructions.

Corner sofas are best suited for living rooms and spacious kitchen areas.


The ingenuity of designers knows no bounds. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to select furniture that will organically fit into the style of the room, but click-and-clack sofas are beyond competition. The lineup is so wide and varied that it meets the needs of any style:

  • Classic, combining Art Nouveau, Romanticism and modern interpretations of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance, prefers light shades, simple lines, minimal decor and clear accessories. Naturalness, monotony, lack of cheap-looking things are welcomed.
  • Ethnic style implies the reproduction of the characteristic features of a particular nationality, recognizable attributes, traditional patterns, animalistic colors.
  • Modern youth trends such as provence, country and loft, combine romantic prints, an abundance of colors, unusual colors and accessories. They are characterized by some primitivism, rough natural materials, negligence. At the same time, urban features can be traced. So furniture can be a combination of modernity and antiques, for example, chrome sofa legs and upholstery that mimics material from the last century. The presence of pillows, dummies and ottomans will be characteristic.
  • An older audience prefers modern trends such as minimalism, art deco, hi-tech... This is elegant luxury, expensive simplicity, clarity and clarity of lines, modernity, convenience and comfort. Furniture in this style will be as functional as possible and loaded with accessories to a minimum.

Sofa dimensions

The parameters of the selected furniture depend on the size and purpose of the room. So a folding sofa for a bedroom of two adults will differ significantly from a sofa in a nursery, and a furniture group for a living room will differ from a sofa in a kitchen.

The main parameters of the product are length and width. The height of the back is determined by the number of berths that the sofa has when unfolded. The height above the floor is also important, it should not be too low or too high.

According to their size, folding sofas are usually divided into large, or maxi, medium and small (mini). In the assembled form, single-bed mini sofas, which are most often chosen for a nursery, a teenager's room or a bachelor's apartment, have a width of 130-140cm. The dimensions of the berth are 190-200 by 80cm. Compactness does not affect the package bundle. Mini sofas are equipped with a box for linen, removable covers, decorative pillows.

Larger sofas have parameters of 110-140 x 200cm. Sleeping space 140-160 by 200, plus the length that armrests add, if any.The largest double representative differs in overall dimensions from 160x200cm. At the same time, the berth is expanded into a spacious bed 180x200cm.

Materials (edit)

The service life of the furniture will depend on the quality and type of materials used in the manufacture of furniture. When evaluating a click-clack sofa, you should pay attention to the frame structure, upholstery, and the type of filler.


Available in two versions: solid wood and steel. Timber frames were widely used when click-clack was first introduced to the furniture market. Today they fade into the background, but some manufacturing firms still prefer the array for its strength and environmental friendliness.

Lamellas are made of wood - special plates with shock-absorbing properties, which make up the orthopedic basis of the frame. They provide good, healthy sleep on the sofa and enhance the effect of orthopedic mattresses. In this case, the base frame can be either wooden or metal. The first requires a more careful attitude, the second is less capricious in leaving.

For the manufacture of lamellas, birch, pine or beech wood is used. Beech products are the most expensive and most durable. You should pay attention to them if the sofa is purchased for two or for a sleeping person with a lot of weight.

Birch and pine products are cheaper, lighter and less durable. This is the best option for one or for children's furniture.

Structures on a metal frame are distinguished by their high dead weight, low cost and durability. They are durable, reliable, and can withstand almost any load.


The color of the sofa isn't everything. It is important to choose the right upholstery material in accordance with the location of the furniture in the house and its functions. It is wise to purchase expensive and durable fabrics for the living room that reflect the style of the room. For a nursery, budget options that are easy to clean and wash are more suitable. In the bedroom, soft coatings with an anti-slip effect will come in handy, and in the kitchen, washable surfaces that do not absorb odors will be appropriate.

The most popular upholstery materials:

  • Flock. It is a fabric with a soft, velvety surface. A universal option in terms of cost and quality; suitable for most areas in the house. In terms of external characteristics, it is not inferior to more expensive materials. In addition, the use of different nap in the production of furniture flock allows you to imitate noble fabrics: suede, velor, chenille. Flock upholstered furniture is available in a wide range of colors and price ranges. As for the operation, the flock performs well in different conditions. It is durable, does not shine, repels moisture. The flock is treated with a protective impregnation, so it is not afraid of stains from food, felt-tip pens, drinks, which makes it convenient for children's rooms and living rooms. This material is not afraid of claws and hair of pets, since it is very difficult to tear it, and it is easy to clean. Does not fade in the sun, resistant to temperature extremes.

Not suitable for the kitchen due to its odor-absorbing properties. Over a long service life of the transformer furniture, it is wiped at the folds.

  • Chenille. Soft, "fluffy" coating that does not repel moisture well. Chenille is durable, does not rub on the folds, does not fade, does not absorb odors, does not cause allergies. It is easy to remove any stains from the upholstery surface, but animal claw marks will be clearly visible.
  • Jacquard. Jacquard upholstery looks and is expensive. It is very dense, "solid", resistant to damage and sunlight, pleasant to the touch and variable in colors and patterns. Jacquard does not tolerate moisture, requires delicate care (only dry cleaning), slips, which is not very comfortable during sleep. Pets can easily tighten their claws on the upholstery surface.
  • Tapestry. Natural cotton cover that looks luxurious, lasts a long time, is resistant to all types of cleaning, and is available in a large number of colors. The naturalness of the fabric is both a plus (environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic) and a minus (it is easily abraded and loses its appearance).
  • Leather... Leather sofas are practical, beautiful and elegant, and expensive. But the price of luxury furniture is justified by its aesthetic qualities and impeccable service for a long time. The upholstery made of leather is practical, amenable to various types of cleaning, and is resistant to moisture. It is natural, durable, prestigious, but requires some care. The skin is afraid of animal claws and fire, it should be placed away from the fireplace and smoking area. The color spectrum of genuine leather furniture is very limited.

Not everyone can afford natural leather, but there are several alternatives that are not inferior to it in terms of quality of service and appearance. These include leatherette and eco-leather. Upholstery made of these materials will cost several times cheaper, but will perfectly fit into the interior of a rich living room, study or kitchen.


Upholstery and accessories ensure the successful integration of new furniture into the space of the room, and the comfort and reliability of the product depends on the "filling".

Seats and backs

The base of the sofa is made either on spring blocks or using polyurethane foam.

The spring block can be dependent ("bonnel" system) and independent. A variant with a snake block (oblong, horizontally curved springs) and with orthopedic lamellas is possible.

All systems are good in their own way, the choice depends only on the preferences and needs of the owners.

Advantages of shock-absorbing systems:

  • long service life;
  • reliability;
  • withstand a lot of weight;
  • take the shape of the body, ensuring healthy and comfortable sleep;
  • keep the surface of the sofa elastic and even;
  • air circulates inside, which ensures good moisture exchange and the absence of dust accumulations;


  • over time, the springs will begin to creak;
  • expensive block replacement;
  • limited number of forms;
  • high price.

Furniture polyurethane foam (aka PPU, FPPU and foam rubber) is a budget alternative to spring blocks. This material is distinguished by varying degrees of density (you can choose a more or less rigid sofa), hypoallergenic, variety of shapes, elasticity, elasticity and reliability. Due to its unique structure, it does not accumulate dust.

In terms of service life, it is inferior to shock-absorbing systems. Cheap polyurethane foam will quickly deteriorate and begin to squeeze in places where they often sit or lie.


Continuing the topic of fillers, it is worth mentioning accessories: pillows and covers for sofas.


They come in different sizes, from large to decorative, made of several types of filler: synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer, holofiber:

  • Sintepon products cheaper than the rest. They are a multi-layer non-woven fabric made of polyester fibers. The material is used both for the manufacture of accessories and for the processing of backs and seats. It is lightweight, resilient, moisture resistant, not susceptible to dust and fungus accumulation, and does not cause allergies. But over time, it can crumple up inside the pillow.
  • Synthepukh - a synthetic substitute for natural down. Pillows are made of this fiber, less often backs and armrests. It does not clump, is not afraid of dust, does not accumulate moisture. It retains its softness, elasticity and shape for a long time.
  • Holofiber - the best choice for filling cushions and cushions. They do not lose their shape for a long time due to the fact that they are densely packed with siliconized balls of polyester fibers, while dust does not accumulate inside, odors are not absorbed, and they are easy to wash. After wet processing, the cushions will remain firm and soft.


Any model of the click-clack sofa comes with a removable cover with an elastic band.It protects the upholstery from dirt and damage, makes it easy to change the appearance of furniture, replaces the bedspread.

The covers are made of soft fabrics that are easy to wash while maintaining the vibrancy and density of the fabric. The most common models are from flock, velor, chinilla, cotton, microfiber.

Color and print

For the living room, plain fabrics in rich dark or light shades are suitable. Beige, ivory, pastel peach, blue, pink will look good. When choosing easily soiled colors, it is important to consider the type of fabric and the presence of several removable covers, especially if there are children and pets in the house.

An alternative to the light range can be a classic black, brown or cherry sofa made of leather or eco-leather.

The choice of color and pattern depends on the style of the room and its purpose.

A room in a modern style will be complemented by furniture with patterns or unusual materials. A small floral print or velor imitating vintage will look good. You can choose absolutely any shade: green, golden, red, dusty rose, blue.

If the room functions as a living room and a bedroom at the same time, non-marking colors with replaceable covers will be appropriate.

Bright drawings, letters, inscriptions, cartoon characters will organically look in children's rooms.

Accessories in the set can be either plain or contrasting, with tassels, lace, fringe, or no frills. This will create an interesting effect and provide an opportunity to diversify the interior, simply by changing the covers on the pillows and sofa.

How to choose?

When choosing a transforming sofa, you should consider:

  1. Appointment of the premises. So, in the living room it will be much more convenient to place a straight wide sofa with armrests, and in the kitchen - a corner model without armrests. It is better to choose furniture for a nursery with your child, so that even when buying, you can make sure that he can easily fill and straighten the sofa on his own.
  2. Transformation mechanism type. Wood and metal have different characteristics and different service life, while wood belongs to natural, but more fragile materials, and metal is durable;
  3. Filling type. Models without an orthopedic base will cost much less, but you should not save on health, especially when buying furniture for a nursery.
  4. Upholstery material. It makes sense to take care in advance that the sofa in the kitchen does not absorb food smells, the furniture in the bedroom is not too slippery, and in the nursery it is too branded.
  5. Additional finishing of the upholstery. Spraying, impregnation, protection against burnout, moisture, tobacco smoke, washable coating - all this increases the cost of the product, but greatly simplifies the life of the owners in the future.
  6. Build quality. Fasteners and accessories should not have cracks, defects, gaps. The movement of a well-assembled mechanism is smooth and almost silent.
  7. Availability of accessories. Laundry boxes, cushions and removable covers are attributes that will come in handy in interior design. Storage compartments for bedding will save space, pillows will create coziness, and covers will protect furniture from frequent cleaning.

Care rules

A sofa will last longer if you use it wisely.

First of all, it is worth taking care of the "click-gag" mechanism itself. Over time, it inevitably wears out due to constant loads, therefore it is recommended to lubricate its active parts with thick technical oil for prevention.

It is also worth taking care of the condition of the upholstery. It is important to place the sofa away from sources of heat or moisture. Do not use household chemicals that are not intended for sofas and bleaching mixtures when cleaning.

Burn-out fabrics should be protected from direct sunlight.


The click-clack sofas that have recently appeared on the furniture market have won the recognition of experts and consumers. Among the advantages of this mechanism are convenience, beauty, comfort and functionality.Models with an orthopedic base deserve positive reviews.

Separately, it is worth noting a wide range of models, a wealth of colors and prints.

Interior ideas

The sofa is able to set the style for the whole room. Straight and clear lines will make it simpler and stricter, rounded and depressed surfaces will add coziness, high pillows and elegant decor - theatricality and chic. Bright models with a large number of pillows, pouches and bolsters are conducive to friendly conversations, elongated armrests form a comfortable reading bed. Wide leather models in dark colors look prestigious and status, to match the study or reception.

Interesting options can be created on contrasts and an abundance of accessories, or you can purchase a ready-made model of an unusual design. Sofa nest in the bedroom? Why not! Sofa cactus 160x200 in a teenager's room? Try take my place! A plush cat sofa in the living room for a friendly family? Of course yes!

An overview of the sofa model with a click-and-gag mechanism can be seen in the following video.

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