Pull-out sofa with laundry box

Pull-out sofa with laundry box
  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Models
  3. Types of laundry boxes
  4. Materials (edit)
  5. Selection Tips

Many people cannot imagine a bedroom without a bed and prefer to sleep only on it. However, in conditions of limited space, it is not always possible to place this piece of furniture. In this case, a roll-out sofa with a box for linen will become indispensable.

Features and Benefits

The main advantage of the model is called its compactness. When assembled, a piece of furniture corresponds in size to a small sofa; when disassembled, it is not inferior in size to a bed. Thanks to this, during the day, the product is used for reading books, watching TV or eating, and at night it turns into a full-fledged sleeping place. The distinctive features of a roll-out sofa also include:

  • The presence of a built-in box. It is used to store bedding or seasonal items that do not fit in closets.
  • Ease of transformation. Any family member can disassemble the sofa: just pull the handle and push the seat forward.
  • Affordable price. The model is cheaper than a full bed, however, it is not inferior to it in terms of functionality.
  • Durability, long service life. High-quality furniture will serve for more than one year, while maintaining its aesthetic characteristics.

Roll-out sofas are present in the collections of many brands, therefore the choice of designs is huge: you can find a model for any interior. A piece of furniture is placed not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room, study, and kitchen. The latter layout options are suitable for those who do not plan to straighten the piece of furniture every day. However, such sofas will come in handy when relatives or friends suddenly arrive.


There are several types of sliding furniture. The selection criteria are the dimensions of the product, the features of its device and transformation. First of all, attention is paid to the size of the sofas. They are single and double and, accordingly, are intended for one person or a couple. You can also find medium-sized products for those who are not used to sleeping on a narrow sofa.

The design features of the furniture can act as a defining criterion. Sofas are divided into straight, island and corner sofas. The first option is the standard, most common model. The advantage of corner items is compactness, while island items, on the contrary, are located in spacious rooms.

Forward pull-out sofas by transformation type:

  • Accordion. The sofa folds out like an accordion. To straighten it, you need to raise the seat until it clicks and pull it forward. Even a child can cope with the transformation mechanism, since the back is lightweight and does not require a large amount of force. Covers can be made for each component of the sofa.
  • Dolphin (Kangaroo). Most often, such a mechanism is installed in corner sofas. There is a platform under the seat that rolls out and rises, forming a flat berth. The advantages of the model are durability and resistance to heavy loads. In addition, these sofas do not sag over time. At the same time, pieces of furniture are bulky, massive and do not fit in all rooms.

We should also highlight the models with a spring block. The comfort and service life of the furniture depends on the choice of filler. Springs, unlike foam rubber, do not sag over time, they have a beneficial effect on the spine.Those with a sore back can choose an orthopedic mattress that follows the curves of the back and allows you to rest with maximum comfort.

Types of spring blocks:

  • Bonnel. Consists of four double cone springs installed in one row. A budget option for those who are not going to regularly use the sofa as a sleeping place. Large springs form a single unit and are located in the same row. It is recommended to use high-quality filler complete with the block, so that the model becomes softer and more comfortable for rest.
  • Independent springs. The design is based on many small springs, the maximum diameter of which does not exceed 20 mm, while there can be no more than eight coils. The elements located inside the block resemble barrels. They withstand strong physical forces well and are suitable for couples with a large difference in weight. Each coil is placed in a cover, which contributes to an even distribution of the load and the achievement of an orthopedic effect. There are both standard and reinforced models, differing in the density of the springs.
  • Pocket Spring. A type of independent springs used in the creation of most modern mattresses and seats for upholstered furniture. In the corners there are special fasteners that fix the products, make them more durable. The system lasts longer, the spring block remains resilient even after prolonged use.

Types of laundry boxes

The presence of boxes for linen is a characteristic feature of the model. They are conventionally divided into two kinds depending on size and location. This criterion should be paid attention to those who plan to hide a large number of things from prying eyes:

  • For storing linen. The recesses are located under the seat, as a rule, occupy the entire interior space of the sofa. The presence of built-in drawers allows you to save space and not to put bed linen in the closet every time.
  • In the armrests. Compact drawers for storing small items that are rarely used.

The final size of the products depends on the dimensions of the built-in drawers. The more deepening, the more massive the sofa will be.

Materials (edit)

The raw materials used in the manufacture of sofas are divided into three groups. We are talking about the skin, filler and frame material. The service life and appearance of the product depend on them. To create premium furniture, only natural raw materials are taken:

  • Leather sofas look stylish and conceptual, suitable for decorating modern interiors. However, these models are expensive and are not suitable for pet owners: cats can scratch the material easily.
  • Tapestry, silk, velvet look bright, unusual and require special care. The tapestry is used to make sofas in a classic style: such products are suitable for traditional interiors and luxurious premises. At the same time, these sofas will look ridiculous in the average apartment. For small rooms decorated in neutral colors with a minimum of decor, cotton is suitable. A variety of colors, patterns, combined with ease of maintenance make the fabric popular in the middle price segment.
  • Sofas look original, for the upholstery of which several types of fabrics are taken. The combination of textures and shades is appropriate for modern interiors. You can use both contrasting elements and similar colors. In the latter case, a combination of light sandy, brown, vanilla shades looks advantageous.

The service life of the product depends on the choice of material for the frame. The metal base is practical and durable. The structure can be composed of thin elements - in this case, it will be lightweight, easy to fold. The wood frame looks expensive, representative, but it is not very convenient to lay out such a sofa.The parts weigh a lot, in addition, over time they dry out, therefore the option is not suitable for those who plan to regularly use furniture as a sleeping place.

Mass production of roll-out sofas requires minimizing raw material costs, because fillers are often made from synthetic materials. Polyurethane foam has a memory effect and is able to adapt to the curves of the human body. The advantages of padding polyester are hypoallergenic and lightweight, however, it rolls easily and quickly loses its elasticity. Synthetic fluff is able to recover its shape after crushing and is used to stuff individual elements of the sofa - backs, armrests. Those who are ready to spend money on high-quality filler can choose natural latex, the service life of which reaches more than 10 years, subject to the rules of operation.

Selection Tips

Interior design is made up of many criteria, furniture occupies one of the leading positions in it. Usually, the sofa is matched to the existing finish: it should match the color of the walls, floor and ceiling. The general style of the room also plays a role. So, for a loft interior, leather monophonic models are suitable, which are placed both against the wall and in the center of the room.

The second option is when the finish is matched to the existing furniture. When it is not possible to choose the perfect color combination, you can "update" the sofa by decorating it with a bedspread or pillows. Upholstered furniture should also blend in with carpet, curtains, cabinets and even wall decorations. When a room is decorated in the style of French Provence, sofas should also be in harmony with paintings and other decorative elements.

What else is taken into account when buying roll-out sofas:

  • Dimensions. We are talking about both the number of berths and how many people will sit on the couch in the daytime. Hospitable hosts should pay attention to models that can accommodate 5-6 people at a time.
  • A type of filler or spring block. It depends on how comfortable it will be to lie on the couch. For people with a sore back, it is better to pay attention to the spring blocks with an orthopedic effect. They will not only help a sore back, but also make your sleep more sound.
  • Materials. Both the appearance of the product and its service life depend on the casing.
  • Transformation mechanism. He is chosen depending on how often they plan to straighten the sofa, who is going to disassemble the furniture and personal preferences of the person.
  • A kind of box. Roomy recesses are needed for those who are going to put bed linen there every day.
  • Price - one of the defining criteria when choosing a sofa. Not everyone needs luxury furniture, decorated with carved details, gilded elements and intricate patterns, however, you should not buy the cheapest items either. A well-made roll-out sofa will last for several years or even decades, however, and the price for it will be higher. The highest quality includes upholstered furniture made in Italy. The country is famous for its large number of factories and holds leading positions in international markets.

The products of other European countries are somewhat inferior to the Italian ones, however, and it belongs to the standard. In contrast, such products include Chinese products. Asian companies use cheap raw materials and often produce purely forgeries that are inferior to the originals in all respects. There is also an option when well-known brands produce furniture at cheap factories in other countries. In this case, the original design is preserved, however, there is no question of exclusivity and exceptional quality.

In general, the choice of a suitable sofa is characterized by a high percentage of subjectivity. Before buying, it is recommended not only to compare the models in terms of external and operational characteristics, but also to sit on them.This is the only way to determine how comfortable it will be to rest on the model you like.

You will see even more models of roll-out sofas with a box for linen below.

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