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The sofa is one of the main household items, the load on it is colossal... It is considered an interior item that performs functional tasks and, at the same time, is an island for relaxation or a sleeping place. The sofa can be located both in a small room and in a huge space.

The sofa is located in almost all rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even a balcony, if we talk about apartments. Sofas are installed in gazebos, in summer dining rooms, and in any places where need and imagination wish, if we talk about houses. Of course, you need to decide on the external design, namely the model, textured solution, additional functions, but, first of all, the size of the sofa should be taken into account.


To begin with, you need to decide - for what purposes and in what room the sofa will be purchased. If you liked a suitable option on the trading platform, do not rush to purchase it without knowing the exact parameters.

It is not recommended to buy such things "by eye". At an exhibition, it can look attractive, but if it is placed in a room, the impression may deteriorate due to its unsuitable size.

It is necessary to take into account 2 parameters of the dimensions of the furniture - folded and unfolded. If the sofa is located in a small room, then you need to calculate the free passage from it to other pieces of furniture. It will not be very convenient, and sometimes traumatic, if the product occupies the entire free area of ​​space. There is an easy way to determine the dimensions in relation to the parameters of the room. A large room needs a large sofa, and a small one needs a modest sofa. Agree, if you place a small sofa on a large area, then it will simply get lost, as well as vice versa - in a limited space, a huge sofa will be completely out of place.

Find out the main points to consider when choosing a sofa in the video below.

What are the dimensions?

As a rule, the dimensions of the sofa are:

  • Width... Varies from 90 cm to 210 cm in 10 cm increments.
  • Length. Sizes can be from 150 cm to 200 cm.
  • Height... It is determined in the range from 50 cm to 150 cm.
  • Seat depth... It is 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 cm.

Consider common examples of straight sofas:

  • Double. The most common due to its compactness. Suitable for both apartments and houses, as well as for offices or personal accounts. Standard dimensions are 170 cm long and 80 to 100 cm wide.
  • Triple room. Length reaches 200-250 cm, width - from 80 to 100 cm. Ideal for those who like a little more space than usual.
  • Lorry or children's sofa. It can reach from 90 to 200 cm in length, the width depends on the layout mechanism. If the layout is made forward, then the width will be 170 cm, if along, then 200 cm or more.
  • Baby. Due to its size, it will suit absolutely any room, including extremely small areas. Length sizes start at 120 cm in length and 60 cm in width.

Correctly measuring a suitable product is not difficult. Guided by GOST 19120-93, the sample is installed on a flat horizontal surface, then the width of the product is measured along the outer dimensions (from the protruding edge to the protruding edge), then the width of the seat is measured (excluding the armrests).Determine the height by measuring from the lowest point (foot or floor) of the sofa to the top (highest point). Depth is measured in a similar way. When unfolded, the berth is determined from the extreme point of the extendable structure to the inner point of the back of the sofa.

The choice of models of sofa products is endless, you can choose for every taste and financial opportunity. This is especially true for small rooms, kitchens or balconies. Let's try to understand the variety and choose the appropriate option.

One of the most common sofa models that the modern furniture market presents to us is pstraight or full-size, which is divided into 2 types:

  • 1st type. Most of them use the transformation mechanism "book", "eurobook" and their varieties. This sofa is often used instead of a bed. Its simple geometry and uncomplicated design allows the owners to expand the sofa without much effort, as well as to assemble and, of course, use. The sleeping area is flat and straight. The sleeping place is divided only into two equal sections, due to its peculiarity, they sleep on such sofas along one line. In modern models, the division in half does not cause any inconvenience during sleep, since this "technical moment" is practically not felt. However, when choosing such a sofa, you should pay attention not only to the size of the sleeping area, but also to the overall size of the product, since straight sofas often have massive armrests, the width of which must be taken into account.
  • 2nd type. Sofas that slide forward. The layout mechanism is called the "accordion". You need to sleep on such a sofa perpendicularly. It is widespread due to its diminutiveness, since in the assembled state the size of the sofa becomes minimal. When choosing such a sofa, you need to take into account just the size of the sofa, taking into account the retractable structure. For example, the length of the folded sofa is 90 cm, and taking into account the retractable mechanism, the size reaches 2 meters. Places to sleep have a different texture, with respect to flatness, this indicator depends on the model and manufacturer of the sofa. The dimensions of "accordions" can vary significantly from each other.

For everyday use, the most suitable dimension is 190-200 cm in length and 120-140 cm in width, while for guests a practical option would be a length of 185-190 cm and a width of 110-120 cm.

Other models include:

  • U-shaped. Sofas of this type may or may not have a folding mechanism, which directly affects the price. When choosing a sofa for sleeping, you can be sure that there is more sleeping space in these sofas in comparison with other models. The standard dimensions are 300 cm long and 220 cm wide.
  • Angular. These sofas enjoy well-deserved popularity due to their convenient location in space, although they are quite massive and bulky. The sleeping area also has a large space and a flat texture. It is difficult to find a sofa without a folding mechanism. These sofas are purchased for full functional use.
  • Corner sofa with ottoman, which is the corner part of the product, and it remains unchanged and does not fold. The ottoman can be used as a couch, you can sit on it or take a reclining position and even lie down. At the same time, the sofas of this group have a place for bed linen, which is undoubtedly the advantage of the sofa. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account that the "prominent" part of the sofa does not interfere with the passage and, moreover, does not obstruct it. The dimensions of the sofa can be selected based on height and purpose. Standard models are 140 cm long and 195 cm wide.
  • A chaise longue. A chaise longue couch is a small couch for two people. The classic version always involves two armrests with a curved back. Modern models have only one armrest, sometimes a chaise longue is an addition to a corner sofa.Sizes are standard: 240 cm long and 140 cm wide.
  • Euro sofa... The Eurobook is an excellent example. A sofa that will not break, because there is simply nothing to break in it: it has no transformation mechanism. Durable, easy to use and practical. Common sizes: 140 cm by 200 cm.
  • Couch... It is a kind of small sofas that are intended for use in places with a strictly limited area. As a rule, the berth is suitable for one person. The peculiarity of such a model lies in its modest dimensions, however, the layout method is longitudinal, which indicates the need for additional space for the complete unfolding of the mechanism. When unfolded, the width of the product increases to 170-180 cm, the depth depends on the model and can vary significantly. The advantage of such a sofa is that there is little free space in front, which allows you to put it in a narrow room.
  • Ostrovnoy. Premium sofas, for the most part, are not intended as a sleeping place, but serve as an interior decoration and are located in the center of the living room. The shapes are mostly rounded - a circle, a semicircle, an oval. Sizes from small (for one or two people) to solid (for several people).
  • Modular. Sofas consisting of separate modules. They can be combined and also interchanged. The shape can be varied: from straight to bizarre polygonal. The cost of sofas in this category is not cheap, but the attractiveness and special charm make them in demand. The sizes are determined individually for each case.

Sofas are also distinguished by size features:

  • Standard. The most popular samples are 180x200 or 220 cm in length, 80-100 cm in width, about 100 cm in height, the size of the berth is 150x200 cm. In furniture centers, sofas of standard dimensions are most often found.
  • Individual... It is very easy to highlight the interior of your home with an unusual sofa. It is enough to choose a design and specify the dimensions. Model parameters range from small to obscenely huge. The size grid is quite varied, as well as the design. If you have your own ideas, then they can be easily implemented, of course, for an appropriate fee.
  • Non-standard. For various reasons, furniture is chosen that is different from standard dimensions. Whether it is the features of the room - when you need a narrow model, or it is a conference room - where you need a very long sofa of more than 3-4 m.Large or small sofas can also be made to order, the main thing is to have an understanding of what result you want to achieve in the end ...

How to choose according to the number of seats?

The sofa can be used by one or two people, or it can be a faithful assistant to a large family or company. Let's analyze the main dimensions recommended by specialists:

  • For two people, furniture with dimensions of 140 or 130 x 180 or 200 cm will be quite enough.
  • If the product is used by a married couple, then the size in the range of 150-160 x 180-210 cm will be optimal.
  • For 3-seater models, for example, for a family with children, a sofa with a width of 210-250 cm is best suited.
  • For four-seater and more, the length can be calculated independently 80-100 cm per seat.

As for the rest of the dimensions (height, depth), the size will depend on the style direction and additional accessories. For example, a sofa without armrests will take up less space than a similar model with armrests. Armrests can be designed laconically, or they can act as an accessory on the product and be non-standard large sizes.

We choose by purpose

From the choice of use and destination of the sofa, the following categories can be identified.

Home use

Location variations:

  • Living room. To choose a suitable option, it is advisable to decide whether it will be the main resting place or whether it will be used as an additional seat, as well as how often it will be attracted. For small spaces, a sofa with a roll-out accordion mechanism is ideal, as it unfolds perpendicular to the back, leaving free space on the sides.

And if it uses orthopedic filling, then the sleep will be not only comfortable, but also beneficial to health.

  • For receiving guestsmore than ever, models with retractable elements, such as "Eurobook", "dolphin", "French clamshell" and other samples with a similar transformation, will do. For a pleasant stay, you can opt for the "click-gag" or "book" models; it is better not to choose such sofas for sleeping, due to the uneven surface. And for a pleasant pastime, they are suitable like no others. The upholstery must be durable, non-marking. Jacquard, leather, flock, tapestry will be perfect as upholstery materials.
  • Bedroom. Corner sofas or linear sofas for 2-3 seats are perfect, thanks to their functional characteristics, sleep will be comfortable and complete. In addition, they have additional laundry boxes. It is better to use flock, tapestry, suede for upholstery.
  • Kitchen. Modern interior solutions often use a variety of sofas as kitchen equipment, and for small apartments it is an indispensable option for an extra bed or a convenient location for households and guests. In the first case, materials can be used non-staining, easy to clean - flock, tapestry. In the second case, it is reasonable to use leather and eco-leather.

The transformation mechanism can be absolutely any, the main thing is that when unfolded it fits within the perimeter allotted to it.

  • Balcony. The fashion to make recreation and relaxation areas out of balconies is gaining momentum, and this is understandable. It's so nice to go out on a balcony on a warm evening, get comfortable and listen to the sounds of the city or birdsong. Comfortable will be a sofa that fits into the area of ​​the balcony and, of course, which is pleasant to be in. Roll-out mechanisms or a sofa without transformation will be the best solution at all. Upholstery material depends on the preference of the owner and climatic conditions.
  • Children's. The most demanding room for the choice of furniture.

It is important to note a few principles here that will help you make your choice:

  1. Security - the materials from which the sofa should be made must be natural and not emit harmful substances. It is also worth paying attention to the surface, it should be flat, without joints. Otherwise, there is a risk of curvature of the spine. Linen, cotton, microfiber, chenille are best suited as upholstery materials. The design of the sofa itself should not have sharp corners and protrusions.
  2. Functionality. The layout mechanism must be chosen one that the child himself can handle. An excellent option would be "accordion", "eurobook", "dolphin".
  3. Practicality. You can save space in the room if there is a drawer in the sofa where you can put toys.
  4. Design. As you know, children love bright colors and cartoon characters. In any case, the little owner will really like to participate in the process of selecting a sofa for his room.


Placement variations:

  • Office. A suitable option would be a model made of eco-leather or leatherette, these materials are resistant to abrasion and fading. The size of the product depends on the parameters of the room. As a rule, in office premises, sofas are installed without transformation.
  • Cabinet. A place where everything should be conducive to fruitful work and comfort. The sofa can be put either as a transformer or as a simple one, exclusively for seating. The material depends on taste and purpose.

How to choose according to height?

The modern furniture manufacturing market offers standard sizes of products based on the average indicators of human height and weight. However, not all are statistically appropriate. People whose height reaches 2 meters or is less than 150 cm, standard sofas will not work. There are other criteria as well:

  • The growth figure is taken into account not only for using sofas as seats, but also for a berth... Therefore, this indicator is extremely important. For tall people with a height above 190 cm, the length of the berth should be at least 210-220 cm or more. It should be noted that such parameters are not taken into account in mass production, and, most likely, you will have to order furniture according to individual calculations.
  • For short people or children less than 150 cm tall, you can look at models with a berth length of 170 cm. Sofas of this size range can be found, but not as often as standard samples. Seat depth and product height are of secondary importance. The standard depth is 80 cm. If the sofa is planned to be used as a guest sofa, then in this case 60 cm will be enough. Following simple tips, it will not be difficult for you to correctly measure and choose the appropriate option. And competent specialists can tell you what to turn your attention to.
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