Ikea sofas

Ikea sofas
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Ikea products are in great demand in many countries. Under this well-known name, high quality cabinet, built-in and upholstered furniture is produced. Today Ikea sofas can be found not only in home interiors, but also in official or office settings, as well as in shopping and entertainment centers and catering establishments. The wide distribution of branded pieces of furniture is due to their rich assortment and attractive appearance.


Products of a well-known brand are popular, first of all, due to the highest quality materials and workmanship. Sofas with such important characteristics last a very long time and do not lose their attractive appearance even after regular use.

The latest technologies are used in the production of upholstered furniture. Each sofa model goes through a large number of checks and is literally brought to perfection. Such strict quality control results in not only durable and wear-resistant, but also very beautiful products. Branded sofas have a thoughtful design, with the help of which you can emphasize the individuality of the room, be it a living room, a children's room, a kitchen, a bedroom or an entrance hall.

Another advantage of Ikea sofas is their comfortable characteristics. When a consumer chooses a sofa, he is always looking for not only a beautiful and inexpensive, but also the most comfortable model.

Ikea provides customers with a choice of sofas, on which you can not only sit comfortably or lie down after a hard day at work. In the arsenal of the company there are multifunctional folding items that can be easily transformed from simple sofas into full-fledged sleeping places. You can pick up both guest and everyday options with high-strength structures.

It is worth noting the ease of assembly of Ikea sofas. They are delivered to the customer disassembled. Everyone can assemble such furniture, since the whole process does not take much time and effort. All the necessary parts, tools and instructions are included with the product, so you don't have to buy various accessories.

The Ikea brand has won the love of customers due to its excellent value for money. Beautiful and durable sofas from this company can be found for any wallet.


Quality attractive Ikea sofas are presented in a rich assortment. You can buy a suitable copy for any setting, from classic to office. Many products have additional useful options. For example, it can be a folding mechanism, a swing bar, a drawer, maneuverable wheels, etc.


The most popular and demanded are the classic Ikea straight sofas. They can have a wide variety of modifications. Most often, consumers opt for standard models with armrests and compact products without them.

Direct options differ from each other not only in size and configuration, but also in design and stylistic solutions. For example, angular options with strict and clear lines look perfect in modern styles such as high-tech, loft or modern. Instances with rounded outlines and similar armrests can be placed in a room decorated in a classic style.


Ikea corner sofas boast a solid appearance. They fit perfectly into many environments, from home to office. Therefore, they can be confidently called universal. With the help of such a product, you can set the tone for the interior and make it complete. Often in such models there are several drawers and hinged drawers in which you can store many different things.


Solid Ikea office sofas are in great demand. Most often they are upholstered with natural leather or leatherette of different colors. The most common models are cream, beige, brown and black.

With the help of such elements, you can form a positive opinion about a company in whose office there is a leather sofa. The best options are double and triple models of small and medium width.

Such models represent the insanely attractive Bierboux line. It features high quality and elegant sofas with leather upholstery. These sofas are available in beige, red, brown and black shades. They retain their presentable appearance for a long time, especially if they are provided with proper care.

On casters

Mobile sofas on wheels are no less popular among modern consumers. They can be not only stationary, but also folding, with the function of a bed. Such copies can be easily rearranged from one place to another, which makes them very practical. The sofas on wheels can be placed in any room, from the living room to the kitchen.

With chaise longue

The assortment of the famous brand includes a large number of different sofas with a chaise longue. In many designs, the chaise longue can be installed to the right or left of the main seats of the product. The combinations can be changed at any time at your discretion.

In most models, chaise longues are equipped with a compartment for storing various things and items. The lids of such storages have a special latch, which is necessary for the safe use of the department and for finding the necessary objects in its inner part.

Such options look especially harmonious at home. They are often approached by large families who like to spend evenings watching TV together.

Sofa bed

Today, many people are faced with the problem of a shortage of living space. For such premises, the owners often purchase multifunctional and soft sofa beds. Convertible furniture is a good choice for small-sized areas, as it takes up a minimum of free space, and becomes more functional when unfolded.

Such pieces of furniture from Ikea are equipped with various mechanisms. They can be double or triple. Such instances are laid out very easily and simply, so even a child can cope with them.

Many types of sofa beds can be fitted with an orthopedic mattress for a healthy sleep. Such options are not only very comfortable and cozy, but also beneficial for the health of the spine.

Baby sofa

For a children's room, you can purchase a functional narrow baby sofa. The assortment of the company is represented by static and sliding products with an additional berth. Such options are compact in size. They easily fit into children's rooms without taking up much space. Quality models from Ikea are presented in a wide variety of colors, from neutral to very bright and positive. With their help, you can revive the nursery and fill it with rich colors.

Often, such options are purchased for small living rooms and hallways. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they easily find their place even in the smallest spaces. The colors of such products are also different. The most popular and attractive are black, beige, navy blue, red and burgundy models.

Transformation mechanisms

Ikea produces practical and multifunctional sofa models with an extra bed. Such copies can be used not only as seats, but also transform them into a spacious two or three-bed bed.

Such options are equipped with various mechanisms that allow them to be transformed into a sleeping place and back into a sofa. Let's take a closer look at what transformation mechanisms are present in Ikea sofa beds:

  • For corner models, the Dolphin sliding system is most often used.... It is very easy to use, reliable and durable. To decompose a sofa with such a mechanism, it is necessary to roll out the sleeping block, then carefully lift it and install it next to the seat;
  • Another common mechanism is the folding "Accordion"... The assortment of the famous brand includes a large number of sofas with such designs. These simple mechanisms can be found even in the smallest sofas, such as a baby. It is very simple to unfold the "Accordion": the seat together with the rest of the mechanism must be pulled towards you, holding the handle on the front, after which it will unfold like an accordion;
  • For daily use, a mechanism such as the "American clamshell" is suitable.... To transform it into a sleeping place, you need to pull the mechanism towards you, then lift it up and put it on the supporting legs;
  • A functional transformation system called "Click-Klyak" is able to form a very spacious and comfortable sleeping place. To do this, you need to throw the seat over the back until you hear a click.

Materials (edit)

Various materials are used to upholster quality and beautiful Ikea sofas.

  • Products upholstered with natural leather of different colors have a solid design. Such pieces of furniture can transform the interior and make it truly luxurious. Of the advantages of such a finish, one can single out its wear resistance, durability and ease of maintenance. From the surface of the Ikea leather sofa, you can quickly and easily remove dirty and dusty stains. They do not need to be treated with special cleaning agents. Often such models of sofas are purchased for offices. For such conditions, the most suitable options are black or brown. Models upholstered with natural leather are distinguished by their high cost, so not everyone can afford them.
  • Eco-leather and leatherette have no less attractive appearance. Such materials are widely used for upholstered furniture upholstery. They are cheaper, but they look no worse than options with natural finishes. It is worth noting the fact that artificial and synthetic leather is less durable and durable. Over time, scuffs or scratches can form on the sofa with this upholstery, which cannot be removed. They do not like such materials and temperature changes. This can lead to cracking of the upholstery. It is not recommended to sit on such a sofa wearing clothes with metal rivets, buttons and other similar details. They can snag on the material and ruin it.
  • Models with textile upholstery are cheaper. They also have an attractive appearance, but they are not recommended to be installed in rooms such as a kitchen or a balcony. This is due to the fact that fabric materials quickly absorb various odors, and they are not always pleasant. For example, cigarette smoke from the street can saturate furniture in a couple of minutes and it will be very difficult to remove it. Ikea sofas are upholstered with materials such as cotton, linen and polyester.

The most common frame materials are solid wood, chipboard, beech veneer and plywood. Such raw materials provide durability and strength of upholstered furniture.

The multifunctional fold-out units with built-in berths feature steel frames, finished with a powder-coated pigmented finish.

Not only for a city apartment, but also for a private house or a country cottage, a charming rattan sofa is perfect. This material comes from tropical wood, which is characterized by elasticity and high strength. Recently, such pieces of furniture have become especially popular, as they have an original and harmonious appearance. Such models of sofas can have both standard rectangular and round shapes.


For the interior filling of Ikea sofas, foam rubber, highly elastic polyurethane foam, non-woven polyester and polyester wadding are most often used.

Color and print

The range of Ikea upholstered furniture includes sofas in a variety of colors, from solid colors to bright ones, complemented by contrasting prints. Consider them:

  • Orange, green, red and yellow colors look very juicy and impressive on sofas. These palettes look great in well-lit environments. If you correctly beat such furniture, then the room will acquire a positive and harmonious look. It is not recommended to go to too rich decoration of walls and floors if you have chosen such pieces of furniture. Otherwise, you run the risk of making up a too pretentious and catchy ensemble, which over time will begin to annoy you;
  • Pink looks gentle and calm on Ikea textile and leather sofas. Such colors look harmonious on both textile and leather upholstery, especially if they have a lighter and softer shade;
  • Versatile are sofa models whose color refers to the timeless classics. It can be white, black, beige, brown, or navy blue. Such products look great in many interiors. Darker shades are more durable. Light-colored products (beige, white) get dirty quickly, and they need constant care. The most non-capricious are sofas upholstered with natural or artificial leather in this design. Dirt is much easier to wipe off such surfaces;
  • Ikea offers a choice of interesting sofas, decorated with various prints. These can be multi-colored stripes, geometric shapes in contrasting shades or images of patterned weaves. One of the most popular are the compact flowered sofas.

Dimensions (edit)

You can choose a high-quality and practical Ikea sofa for a room of any size and layout, since the brand's assortment includes models of various sizes:

  • The length of two-seater sofas (both regular and folding) is 200 cm. Width parameters start at 119 cm and more;
  • The sizes of mini sofas can be only 75x90, 105x90, 115x90 cm, etc. Such models are most often placed in children's rooms, but you can place them in the hallway or in the kitchen;
  • Large corner models can be over 300 cm wide and 280-290 cm deep;
  • The average length of the Ikea straight sofa bed is 200x230 cm.

Before buying a sofa, you need to measure the room in which you plan to put it. Only after that it will be clear what size model will suit you.


Ikea sells not only furniture, but also accessories for it. The assortment of the company contains a variety of covers, capes, decorative pillows and other interesting things, with the help of which you can give the sofa a more attractive and stylish appearance.

The cover can be purchased not only for the seats, but also for individual sections of the sofa, back cushions and armrests. Practical cases with an elastic band will hold more reliably. Such parts are most often made of non-capricious polyester and cotton.

Removable covers for sofas and their accessories can be machine washed and ironed at medium temperature, but bleaching is not recommended.

Popular models

The beautiful three-seater Bedinge sofa with a built-in berth is very popular. There are no traditional armrests in it. Bedinge is equipped with a classic "book" mechanism with a strong steel frame. It is impossible not to mention that this model is one of the most affordable in its class. In addition to this option, you can purchase a linen box.

Another popular Ikea model is Solsta. This sofa has a folding structure and is in great demand due to its low price. Within 8 thousand rubles, each consumer will be able to purchase for himself a high-quality double sofa of small dimensions. Such a product has a very comfortable sleeping place. High quality artificial leather is used for the upholstery of the Solsta sofa, and polyurethane foam with non-woven propylene is used for the filling. The wooden frame of this model is durable, as it is made of environmentally friendly solid pine.

The Ikea sofa bed model Monstad has a laconic design. This product has an angular design and is small in size. Due to its dimensions, it can be installed even in a room with a modest area.

A small double sofa Bigdeo has an additional bed in its configuration and can be easily transformed into a spacious bed with a length of 195 cm... In this model there is a high-strength frame made of natural wood and plywood, which is distinguished by its durability. In the Bigdeo sofas there is an inner filling made of non-woven polypropylene and high-quality plastic polyurethane.

The Friheten sofa has a corner modular design.... It also has a portable chaise longue, which can be easily put in the place you want. In this version, there is a compartment for storing linen. Friheten's frame is made of solid and sustainable pine.

Ikea's Baccabru sofa is equipped with a high-quality mattress module.... This product is available in two versions: with and without a chaise longue. This example has a removable cover. This sofa bed folds out very easily. Even a child can handle its design.

The chaise longue is complemented by another popular sofa called Lugnvik... It also has an additional double sleeping place in its configuration. The owners of this model note its attractive appearance and durability.

The neat two-seater Klippan sofa has a sturdy solid wood frame and small steel legs. This model has a laconic and neutral appearance that blends perfectly with many interiors. The interior of the Klippan sofa is filled with polyester wadding and polyurethane foam.

Vimle sofas from Ikea have different designs. Buyers can choose a model for themselves with or without armrests. Both options look beautiful and harmonious in a home environment. Vimle can be either straight or angled, with or without a chaise longue.

Comfortable Ectorp models are filled with polyester fiber and flexible polyurethane foam... These options have sleek, rounded backs and armrests that make them attractive and very cozy. Ectorp sofas are distinguished by strong and durable structures that do not fail even with regular use.

How to choose?

So, what you should pay attention to when choosing an Ikea sofa:

  • First of all, you need to decide in what room and for what purposes you want to place upholstered furniture. For spacious rooms, you can turn to large sofas of different designs and mechanisms. If the living area does not allow purchasing such a model, then a compact folding or sliding sofa would be the best option;
  • Choose such models that would suit the interior, style and color of the room;
  • Inspect the sofa for damage or other defects. Make sure all mechanisms are in good working order. A sales assistant should help you with this;
  • If you want to put a sofa in the kitchen, then you should not buy a product with textile upholstery. It will quickly deteriorate in such conditions. It is better to purchase a model with leather or leatherette upholstery.

How to assemble and decompose?

In the process of assembling the sofa, you must follow the instructions. Ikea provides a very simple and straightforward guide with visual images of how the sofa should look at one stage or another of the assembly.

First you need to assemble the main frame and place the mattress on it. This part must be secured with Velcro or other parts (depending on the sofa model). Next, you should proceed with the installation of the box in the lower part, if any, and raise the structure. Similar elements are attached to the frame using ordinary bolts. A variety of details can be present in the set of a sofa: mechanisms, drawers, poufs, etc. These parts are installed very easily and quickly, but it is still not recommended to assemble them without instructions.

You can learn how to assemble an Ikea sofa bed by watching the video below:


Most buyers were satisfied with the Ikea sofas. First of all, they were pleased with the chic assortment of upholstered furniture of the company. You can choose a suitable copy for an interior of any style and color.

Here's what customers say first of all:

  • The popularity of folding sofas is also due to their affordable price. Many consumers buy such pieces of furniture for apartments and dachas without leaving large sums of money in the store;
  • Owners of sofas with extra sleeping places note their durability and durability. Convenient and durable mechanisms with steel frames are very comfortable, when folded they do not take up much space. Such models are often acquired by owners of small apartments and put them not only in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in kitchens;
  • The thoughtful design of high-quality sofas from Ikea could not fail to please the buyers. They do not lose their presentation even after many years, especially if they are provided with easy care and careful operation.

Today, Ikea sofas can be found in a wide variety of places, from residential apartments to reputable organizations. This indicates their focus on different categories of consumers and interiors in different styles.

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