Forward-folding sofa

Forward-folding sofa
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  2. Classification
  3. Dimensions (edit)
  4. Materials (edit)
  5. Selection Tips

Probably, one can hardly imagine a modern interior without a cozy, soft, comfortable sofa. Today it is an invariable element of a residential apartment, office space, medical institution, and consumer services.

The forward-folding sofa takes up a minimum of space in any room. It looks harmoniously in the setting of various functional rooms. You can sit, lie, sleep, relax, dream, read a book, dine and more on it!

The modern abundance of all kinds of models can sometimes baffle the inexperienced buyer. Our article will tell you about all the intricacies associated with the choice of such sofas.

Features and Benefits

A stylish and beautiful sofa is one of the first pieces of furniture purchased when moving into a new apartment. It not only creates a comfortable and comfortable sleeping place, but also helps to equip the living room, bedroom, hallway or children's room. The sofa compares favorably with the bed with its compact size, and this is especially important for small apartments.

When folded, it can accommodate several people at once. Moreover, many models are equipped with a special niche for storing bed linen, blankets, pillows and other things. This allows you to keep everything you need to sleep close at hand and save space and money on the purchase of additional cabinets or shelving.

Sofas can differ from each other in material, dimensions, models, cost, design features and type of mechanism. It is the last point that is the most important feature of the classification of a particular model. To imagine what a sofa is, it is enough to find out what the type of its sliding mechanism is called.

Sliding sofas are durable and multifunctional, they are practical to clean and attractive in appearance, affordable and comfortable to use.


The main types of classification of sofas:

  • By the type of transforming mechanism. Furniture can be folded out, rolled out or unfolded. The choice of a sofa based on this criterion depends on the overall dimensions of the room, its purpose, and the degree of operation.
  • The form:
  1. corner (such sofas compactly occupy space in the corner of the room);
  2. straight (the most common, classic version);
  3. island (they have an oval shape, therefore they are most often located in the central part of the room).
  • Appointment. Depending on the location, sofas can be made for a children's room, hallway or corridor, office, living room, bedroom. Such models differ in size, shape, material of manufacture, colors, additional features.


The number of seats directly depends on this indicator. The standard model can accommodate 2-3 people at the same time. More compact options can be single or double, spacious models are designed for 5 or more people.

The forward folding sofa can have the following transformation options.


The first version of a folding sofa. Even when folded, it is great for sitting, lying or sleeping comfortably on it. The variant got its name for the similarity of the unfolded sofa with the open book.

To open the sofa, it must be slightly raised until it clicks, and then lowered back.

The sofa is folded in the reverse order: lift it up until it clicks and fold it back to its original position. The unfolded model provides a fairly spacious and comfortable sleeping area.

In addition, most models come with a laundry drawer at the bottom.

The disadvantage of such a model: in order to bring it to the unfolded state, it is necessary that the sofa is about 10 cm farther than the wall. That is, it is not possible to put furniture close to the wall.


The furniture got its name for the specific sound that occurs when unfolding. The model is similar to the first version, but more improved. Its big plus is the ability to fix the backrest in several positions at different angles.

This creates opportunities for a more comfortable stay.

Among the advantages of these two options:

  • reliable mechanism;
  • ease of use;
  • comfortable sleeping area;
  • affordable price;
  • compact overall dimensions.

Disadvantage: the inability to move the sofa tightly against the wall due to the design feature of the folding process.


The obvious similarity of names (book - eurobook) has nothing to do with the principle of operation of these mechanisms.

The sofa unfolds as follows: the seat stretches towards itself, and the back is lowered into the free part.

The model is placed close to the wall or in the center of the room. Very often it is used to decorate a work area or living room. Sofas are often fitted with decorative cushions for a more comfortable pastime.

The advantages of this option include:

  • perfectly flat bed surface;
  • the optimal height of the berth;
  • reliability of the mechanism (only hard wood is used for its manufacture);
  • long service life;
  • easy and quick unfolding process;
  • the presence of a deep and spacious box for bedding.


  • during unfolding, the seat moves on the floor covering or carpet, therefore, it can be damaged or scratched;
  • a fairly large model.


The design consists of two separate parts: the main one and the one for sleeping. When folded, the model is a corner sofa. When unfolding, it is necessary to pull on a special loop and jerk to unfold the sleeping place.

Among the advantages of such a model, one can note the simplicity of unfolding, small size, flat, smooth sleeping place, convenience and reliability in use.

The disadvantage may be the use of such a model in a room with a long-naped carpet - it will be problematic to expand the lower part to get a berth.


Roll-out sofas are presented in a wide model and size range. They allow you to choose the ideal bed dimensions for a particular room. The mechanism of such models is very convenient and easy to use, but from daily unfolding it can quickly fail.


The folding mechanism resembles the principle of operation of a musical instrument. Structural strength and ease of use allows this model to be used for a long time.

Among the advantages of such a sofa:

  • ease of unfolding and folding;
  • flat, high and smooth sleeping place;
  • multifunctionality;
  • compactness when folded.


  • carpet flooring will accelerate the process of failure of the transforming mechanism;
  • significant dimensions in the unfolded position.


This variant got its name from the external resemblance to a telescope or telescope. All parts of the sofa are pulled out from the inside in stages.

Almost all models are equipped with a special linen box.

Sofas of this design are very attractive in appearance, quite comfortable, ergonomic, provide a wide, spacious area for sleeping and resting with an orthopedic frame.However, the sleeping place has a small height above the floor level (no more than 28 cm).


The best option for infrequent use. For example, when it becomes necessary to accommodate several people at home. Previously, for such purposes, there was a folding bed in every apartment. Today it has been replaced by such light, compact sofas. The sleeping place is a foam mattress, which, when folded, is inside the sofa.

The clamshell model is a "travel" option, lightweight, compact, inexpensive, but not very comfortable.

Such clamshells are found in several variations:

  • French sofa that folds out three times;
  • the American model, unfolding in two stages;
  • an Italian sofa is the most expensive and comfortable of all those presented in this category.


"Verona" is an improved version of the combination of folding beds and roll-out models. Even a small child can expand such a sofa - it is so simple and easy to do it through a special loop.


The Konrad design combines the best features of the draw-out models and the Dolphin mechanism. Comfortable sleeping conditions are provided by the spring blocks provided by the design.

Single, double and triple sofas are equipped with different mechanisms. The larger the sleeping area, the more reliable, stronger and more durable the mechanism should be.

Dimensions (edit)

Sofas differ in overall dimensions and number of seats. The compact sofa is designed for simultaneous seating of 1 - 2 people, the widest models can accommodate more than 5 people. There are no clear standards for the size of such furniture. A small, one-and-a-half or double sofa from different manufacturers can vary greatly in width.

Small sofas can have a width of 100, 120, 140 cm. Larger sofas are made with a width of more than 150 cm: 160, 180, 190 cm. The choice of a suitable model depends on many parameters, the most important of which are the overall dimensions of the room itself, where the furniture is planned to be delivered.

Materials (edit)

The materials used to create sofas can be divided into several groups:

  • for the manufacture of the frame;
  • transforming mechanism;
  • padding and decorative trim.

Spring mechanisms, foam rubber or polyurethane foam are usually used as filling for sofas. The frame can be wooden, metal or combined.

Upholstery materials make up a significant part of the cost of the finished product. The most inexpensive options are synthetic and textile (jacquard, velor, satin). They are attractive in appearance, but impractical to care for. Exceptionally dry cleaning is required for their care.

Of the more practical options, flock and microfiber can be distinguished. These materials are very beautiful, easy to clean, resistant to all kinds of dirt and even pet claws.

Natural materials (linen, cotton, leather) are highly valued for their high performance properties, hypoallergenicity, excellent breathability.

Selection Tips

In order for the sofa to serve faithfully for many years, its choice must be approached with special care:

  1. Manufacturing material. Its choice depends on the functional purpose of the model. For example, for an office or kitchen space, it is best to choose the most practical and durable materials. A child's room needs a sofa made of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, bright and practical material to care for.
  2. The size. When folded and unfolded, furniture should not impede free movement around the room or block the path to other furniture and interior items.
  3. Spring fillers will last much longer and more efficiently than foam and polyurethane foam.
  4. The solid block sofa creates a smoother, more solid sleeping space than single cushions.
  5. It is better to choose a smooth upholstery material. It is easier to care for than to remove dust between the fibers of fluffy upholstery. Smooth fabric and looks more attractive. The ideal option is a material with dirt and dust repellent properties.
  6. If there are pets in the house, then the upholstery of the sofa should have a very strong weave.
  7. Transformation mechanism. If the sofa unfolds / folds daily, then the mechanism should be as simple and easy to use as possible.

The most reliable sofas are eurobooks, spacious - dolphins, compact - roll-out, affordable - books, functional - Eurobooks and roll-out, comfortable for sleeping - roll-out and accordions.

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