Leather sofa bed

Leather sofa bed
  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Varieties
  3. Types of material
  4. Excipients
  5. Transformation mechanisms
  6. Colors
  7. Dimensions (edit)
  8. How to choose?
  9. Where to put it?
  10. Beautiful ideas in the interior

Leather sofas have a special charm. Such furniture is distinguished not only by its stylish, but also by its expensive appearance that can transform any room, from an ordinary living room to an office of a reputable company. Designs of leather sofas equipped with folding mechanisms are especially in demand today. Let's get to know them better.

Features and Benefits

Many buyers opt for leather models with folding structures, since it is much easier to care for them than for textile counterparts. From the surface of such furniture, you can easily wipe off a dirty stain or dust, without much effort and without resorting to special expensive products.

This feature of the upholstery allows you to purchase a model in a light shade. For example, a white leather sofa will not lose its attractiveness even after many years, while a fabric version is likely to quickly lose its presentation.

It is worth noting the stunning furniture design in this design. It looks harmoniously in a variety of interiors. It can be an ordinary city apartment, a large country house, an office, a reception, etc.

In any conditions, such a model will look beautiful and expensive.

Folding models are an excellent choice, especially if your home is not the most spacious... Such copies have been popular for many years, as they are multifunctional, but they do not take up a lot of free space.

It is possible to choose the ideal option for any purpose. The cheaper ones are the ones in which there is a simple design that is not designed for daily use.

Most often, such products are bought to accommodate guests staying overnight.

But if you plan to use a sleeping place in the sofa often, then you can turn to more modern and reliable systems designed for daily use.

The choice of various mechanisms is very large. You can choose the perfect option for any wallet and living space.


Folding leather furniture can be equipped with different designs.

Straight sofas

For both large and small rooms, conventional straight models are suitable. They take up little space and look great in many interiors.

Such options are unlikely to ever go out of fashion, because they are available in a large assortment and belong to the timeless classics.

Often, in such designs, folding mechanisms are located under the seats or under the backrest. They transform very quickly and easily, so even a child can easily cope with them.

Corner sofas

Stylish corner sofas with folding mechanisms are no less popular today. Such options are more suitable for spacious rooms, as they take up more space. Corner structures are L-shaped and U-shaped.

In such multifunctional models, there are more spacious and comfortable sleeping places.

Spectacular sofas with corner structures are often equipped with additional options. For example, it could be:

  • small bar;
  • shelf for books and magazines;
  • linen box;
  • music Center;
  • safe, etc.

Many manufacturers offer a service for the selection by the customer of the necessary functions, which are subsequently equipped with furniture.

Corner sofas upholstered in leather look very stylish. Such models look great in modern interior styles.

Types of material


Genuine leather is durable and wear-resistant. This material retains its presentation for many years and looks expensive.

Soft and smooth leather is not subject to mechanical damage. There are no traces of iron inserts on clothes or accessories on it.

But this does not mean that the sofa does not need to be protected at all.

The main disadvantage of natural leather is its cost. Not every consumer can afford a beautiful and durable sofa upholstered in leather with a folding mechanism.


There are more affordable alternatives to this material. For example, models of sofas are very popular, for the upholstery of which high-quality leatherette is used, resistant to color fading.

Such material has a less smooth texture and higher density. It is not as soft as real leather.

Leatherette looks expensive and attractive, so furniture with such upholstery has been very popular for many years. However, it is worth considering the fact that over time, small cracks and scuffs will appear on the surface of such sofas, which cannot be gotten rid of.

Leatherette does not tolerate temperature extremes. Due to the negative environment, noticeable defects may appear on its surface.

Eco leather

Today, synthetic eco-leather is widely used in various industries. In its design and texture, it practically does not differ from natural raw materials, but the process of its manufacture is less energy-consuming and more humane.


The following materials are used to fill leather sofas:

  • Elastic polyurethane foam. It can be block or cast:
  1. Block is large layers that result from gluing sheet material.
  2. Cast polyurethane foam is made by filling special forms with a special composition that resembles sour cream in its consistency. It is cast only in certain forms of the product. A little later, the cast filler hardens and takes the desired shape.
  • Natural latex acts as a filler in high-quality luxury furniture. It is environmentally friendly and is made from hevea or the sap of a rubber tree. Latex is breathable and highly durable. The average service life of this filling is 10 years.

The main disadvantage of natural latex furniture is its high cost.

  • The non-woven material is a light and airy synthetic winterizer. Such filling for upholstered furniture is made of polyester fibers that do not cause allergic reactions.
  • For filling modern sofas, a material such as periotek is often used. It is a voluminous fabric consisting of natural woolen fibers or cotton.

In cheaper models, there are fillers made of artificial perioteca.

  • One of the cheapest is foam rubber. But when buying furniture with such filling, be prepared for the fact that it will very soon lose its presentation and get wrinkled.

Transformation mechanisms

Pull-out sofas are complemented by special mechanisms. Let's take a closer look at the most common options.


Models with a "book" mechanism have a simple and reliable design. To unfold the berth, it is necessary to raise and lower one of the halves of the sofa.

Book sofas are durable and wear-resistant, but in the process of unfolding such structures, you have to put a little effort.


In many ways, the mechanism with the catchy name "click-gag" is similar to a book. It differs from its prototype by the presence of additional positions: half-sitting, reclining.

These models are ideal for relaxation.

French clamshell

A popular mechanism is the French clamshell. It unfolds quite simply: first, the upper cushions are removed, then the entire structure must be lifted and pulled towards you... After that, the mechanism should be placed on the support legs.

"French clamshell" is not the most durable and reliable option.


Sofas with the accordion mechanism are transformed according to the folding bed principle. In such products, the edge of the structure rises to a characteristic click, after which you can push the mechanism forward.

These systems are very comfortable and spacious, but take up a lot of space and are not suitable for small rooms.


One of the most reliable is the Sedaflex mechanism. The structure in sofas with such a system must first be lifted up, pulled towards you and put on its legs. Sofas with the Sedaflex system can be used regularly as they are very sturdy and reliable.

But they are not suitable for small rooms, since they take up a lot of space when unfolded.


The most common are leather sofas in black, brown, white, cream, beige, red, gray, blue, burgundy and green.

The suitable model must be chosen based on the basic color scheme of the room and interior in which you want to put it. Be careful with black and dark brown products - they are not recommended for small or poorly lit rooms.

Such options are not suitable for areas with a dark finish, because against such a background, the furniture will simply be lost, and the overall ensemble will become darker.

Dimensions (edit)

If the free area of ​​the room allows, then you can turn to large models of a straight design or corner sofas. Their length starts from 180 cm.Larger options have a length of 350 cm or more.

The most popular are the two-seater and three-seater sofas. Such options can be selected for rooms of medium or small size.

Most often, the length of these sofas is 170-300 cm.

How to choose?

  1. It is necessary to select the color of the sofa in accordance with the main color palette of your home.
  2. Measure the room in which you are going to place the upholstered furniture.
  3. Be sure to inspect the seams on the upholstery before purchasing. In leather goods, they should be perfectly smooth and neat.
  4. Choose options with a strong and reliable frame.
  5. Make sure the folding mechanism is working properly. To do this, it is recommended to contact the store staff.

Refer to trusted manufacturers. High quality and beautiful sofas with leather upholstery are produced by many brands from Italy.

For example, the Italian factory "Chester" offers a choice of luxury models with studs on the back.

These sofas are characterized by durability, striking designs and unsurpassed quality materials.

Where to put it?

Most often, folding sofas are placed in living rooms. But the luxurious leather model can also be placed in a study or bedroom.

The compact model will find its place in the hallway or in the kitchen. Leather is not a brand, so the conditions of such premises will not affect its appearance in any way. In addition, some manufacturers specially design miniature models that will not only fit perfectly in limited conditions, but also become a bright accent in the interior.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

The white sofa will look great against the background of a wall decorated with decorative wood and stone and a light floor, complemented by a fleecy white carpet.

Next to the furniture, you can put contrasting lamps with black shades and a white coffee table with metal legs.

A red leather sofa with metal legs should be placed in a room with beige walls and a glossy white floor.You can put a red armchair and a light wooden table next to it.

The ensemble is completed with small paintings on the walls and a dark gray floor carpet.

An original and bright set of pink sofa and armchairs will look harmonious against the background of a dark gray and white wall. You can lay laminate on the floor and complete this combination with a small wooden cabinet next to the chair, vases with plants on the wall shelves and white pillows with pink flowers.

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