Sizes of corner sofas

Sizes of corner sofas
  1. Features and varieties
  2. Equipment
  3. Dimensions (edit)
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Accommodation options
  6. Beautiful photos of the sofa in the interior

Currently, multifunctional, comfortable and beautiful corner sofas are in great demand. Many consumers mistakenly believe that such upholstered furniture is only suitable for large and spacious living rooms. Not everyone knows how to choose the size of corner sofas. In fact, a correctly selected sofa with a corner structure can be placed even in a small room, and it can be not only a hall.

Such items can be placed in the bedroom, nursery and even in the kitchen.

Features and varieties

Modern manufacturers offer consumers a large number of corner sofas. You can choose a worthy option for both a large and spacious room, and for a compact room.

The opinion that a corner sofa is only suitable for a large room is wrong. In fact, owners of small apartments often turn to such structures.

There are two types of corner designs:

  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped.

The first option is appropriate in a small room.

L-shaped sofas

A small L-shaped sofa can be placed in a free corner of the room, significantly saving free space. Such upholstered furniture can easily accommodate 4-5 people. For this reason, corner sofas are most often placed in living rooms.

If you put a neat coffee table next to them, then you get a very hospitable area, conducive to pleasant communication.

Corner structures look no less harmonious in the kitchen. When buying furniture for such areas, it is recommended to choose models with non-brand upholstery. It can be natural or artificial leather, eco-leather.

If the living space allows, you can choose a large-sized corner sofa. Such specimens are distinguished by their large capacity. This furniture is suitable for five people.

U-shaped sofas

Luxurious U-shaped sofas have large sizes. In a large and free room, some owners place two or more sofas. So you can select an area for gatherings with relatives and friends.

These options are ideal for people who like to welcome guests at their home. If you pick up a copy with a high-quality finish in a pleasant shade, then you can create a very attractive living room interior.

It is worth noting the versatility of such pieces of upholstered furniture. The most common are models equipped with retractable and folding mechanisms. These sofas have additional sleeping places.


Today in furniture showrooms you can see corner sofas with different systems. More affordable cost options differ with simple double folding beds. However, such berths are suitable exclusively for rare use.

They will prove to be very useful for accommodating guests overnight at your home.

A corner model with a mechanism that can be used on a daily basis will cost a little more. Such options are distinguished by a long service life and excellent performance. Over time, they do not sag, and the details of their mechanisms do not fail with regular use.

Even this is not the limit of the functionality of the corner sofas. Today, products equipped with small bars, comfortable shelves in the armrests, music centers, pull-out tables - and even reliable safes with combination locks are very popular.

Even the most demanding customer can find the ideal option. Many companies today offer the service of self-selection of a complete set of upholstered furniture. You will be able to assemble upholstered furniture with functional additions that are right for you.

Most models have drawers at the bottom. Often, one corner sofa is equipped with several such products at once. In such copies, you can arrange not only bed linen, but also things for storage of which there was no place in the room.

Today, in furniture stores, you can look for a suitable option for an interior in any style, from classic to modern. One can not but rejoice and a large selection of upholstery. You can buy a high-quality and beautiful model for every taste and wallet.

Dimensions (edit)

Today, the trendy corner sofa can be matched to any size of the room. The main thing is not to be mistaken when determining the size of the room in which you plan to arrange upholstered furniture.


If square meters allow, then a spacious corner sofa can be placed in the room. Many people choose a comfortable model with 5-6 sections and a spacious berth (over 220 cm). The length of such options can exceed the mark of 300 cm.The depth of the seats in roomy models averages 170-200 cm.

Such furniture is absolutely not suitable for a small room, be it a kitchen, bedroom or living room.


For a small room, you should choose a small corner sofa. As a rule, one of the free corners in the room is allocated for such options.

Mini sofas are often purchased for children's bedrooms. Such copies take up a minimum of free space, without losing quality and functions. They may also have an extra bed, but it is more compact than in a large roomy model.

In many catalogs, the minimum size of a corner sofa is 210 × 132, 140 cm. Of course, it all depends on the specific manufacturer. Someone produces small models, the dimensions of which do not exceed 212 × 152 cm or 218 × 158 cm.

Do not think that the sleeping place in such products is cramped. In the product, the dimensions of which are 210 × 132 cm, the unfolded bed has a size of 190 × 130 cm.


Compact corner sofas are among the most popular today. These models are ideal for small and cozy spaces. The multifunctional roll-out sofa can have a depth of 65-80 cm and a berth length from 160-190 to 200-220 cm.

Most often, these models are placed in small living rooms or dining areas.

Selection Tips

Today in furniture showrooms you can see a wide variety of corner sofas. It is very easy to get lost in such a rich assortment, so you should pay attention to some nuances when choosing a suitable model of upholstered furniture:

  • For a small home, you should choose a mobile L-shaped sofa on wheels. Such a model can be easily rearranged from one place to another without damaging the floor covering.
  • Collapsible sofas are very comfortable, individual elements of which can be swapped at any time. Such simple transforming models can be modified at will.
  • Luxurious U-shaped corner sofas will harmoniously look in a spacious room. Such models are not suitable for small-sized premises.
  • If you are looking for a model with an extra bed, then it is worth deciding in advance how you will use it. The most unreliable is the so-called French clamshell. It is suitable only for rare use, it is inexpensive.
  • If you plan to use a folding sofa on a regular basis, then you should overpay a little and purchase a model with an accordion, dolphin, book or eurobook mechanism. When choosing such furniture, it is necessary to take into account its unfolded dimensions. The sofa should fit perfectly into the layout of the room without blocking the passage.
  • Before buying, be sure to make sure that all the mechanisms of the sofa are working properly. To do this, you should contact a sales consultant who must demonstrate to you all the features of the model you like.
  • You shouldn't pay extra for a corner sofa equipped with various functional additions that you don't really need. It can be a coded safe or a retractable music center. Not everyone needs such details in upholstered furniture, so there is no point in spending extra money on them.
  • Pay attention to the materials from which the upholstered furniture frame is made. The most durable and wear-resistant structures are solid wood, but they are more expensive. Chipboard options are not expensive, but they do not last as long as models with a natural wood base.
  • The supporting structure of the corner sofa is equally important. It is recommended to opt for products with solid sheet steel parts. These options are strong and durable. These structures ensure that the sofa's attractive appearance will remain for years to come.
  • An unreliable fastening method is a metal mesh. A sofa with such a design will quickly sag and lose its presentation. The only advantage of these models is their affordable price.
  • An important role in the selection of upholstered furniture is played by its upholstery. More durable and attractive are models trimmed with natural leather. However, such specimens are expensive.
  • Furniture with leatherette or eco-leather upholstery will cost less. Outwardly, these materials are in no way inferior to natural leather, but they are less durable and strong. The main advantage of this upholstery is its ease of maintenance. Dirty spots and dust can be easily removed from the surface of artificial or natural leather.
  • Less practical upholstery material is textiles. It is recommended to use such a model if you are going to put a sofa in the living room. For a kitchen or loggia, this option is not suitable, since the fabric tends to absorb extraneous odors, which are not always pleasant.
  • For a children's room, you can pick up a small L-shaped corner sofa. As a rule, for such premises, people select bright models with non-brand textile upholstery, decorated with positive prints and drawings. If you want to buy a plain sofa, then you should take a closer look at delicate and pleasant colors.
  • The design of a corner sofa should match the interior in which it is located.

Accommodation options

In the living room

Most often, corner sofas are placed in the living room. With the help of such models of upholstered furniture, you can create a very cozy and harmonious interior in which it will be pleasant to meet guests.

On the kitchen

Such furniture can be placed in the kitchen. For such environments, it is recommended to choose non-marking models with artificial or natural leather upholstery. Most often, for the dining area, people buy L-shaped copies of small sizes or mini sofas.

Stylish corner sofa for the kitchen, designed in black tones, will perfectly fit into almost any interior. Such an option is quite capable of making it yourself. The following video will tell you more about how to do this.

In the nursery

Corner sofas are also suitable for placement in a children's room. For such an environment, it is worth choosing a sufficiently bright model that will not take up too much space.

In the office

Competently selected upholstered furniture of a corner design looks spectacular not only in cozy home interiors, but also in respectable offices. Most often, in such environments, there are expensive products with genuine leather upholstery. Variants of classic colors (black, brown, beige, white) are suitable.

In the office

The elegant leather sofa can be placed in your office. To do this, refer to the model with wooden parts (armrests or shelves). If you add such furniture with a solid wooden work table, then the result can be a truly luxurious tandem.

Beautiful photos of the sofa in the interior

So, here are a few attractive environments that feature corner sofas:

  • L-shaped gray sofa with fabric upholstery will look harmonious against the background of cream or beige walls, brown laminate and white ceiling with recessed lights. Opposite the upholstered furniture, a white bedside table will find its place, as well as a TV mounted on the wall. You can complete the interior with a white coffee table, a white wall shelf with black and white paintings and photos, as well as cream curtains on the window.
  • A small crème brulee textile sofa can be placed in a gray living room with a glossy white floor. A bookcase should be placed next to it, and a dark brown wooden table for a tea service should be placed opposite the upholstered furniture. You can complement such a cozy ensemble with a tall white lamp, gray curtains on the windows and a picture with a dark brown frame above the sofa.
  • A large and luxurious gray U-shaped sofa will look spectacular against the background of an accent blue wall and a white floor with a gray fleecy carpet... Windows in such interesting rooms can be decorated with white roman blinds or translucent curtains. Hang an oblong painting with bright colors on one of the walls.
  • A small L-shaped sofa in a gray-beige shade will harmonize with dull purple walls and a light laminate floor. Decorate this setting with a low ebony coffee table, cream shag rug and large peach-colored paintings.
  • If you like to turn to contrasting solutions in the interior, then you can pick up a white fabric sofa with black seats and backs with black and white floral prints.... Such interesting furniture will look spectacular against the background of dark coffee walls and a beige floor. Lay a cozy beige carpet on the floor, and hang a large painting of delicate flower petals on the wall behind the sofa. Complete the interior with a tall, cream-colored floor lamp.
  • In a blue nursery with accent white walls, a corner sofa with a purple body and white seats with multi-colored polka dots will look harmonious. A striped ottoman and a light-colored floor carpet with purple patterns should be placed next to it. Decorate upholstered furniture with bright flowered pillows.
  • The corner sofa can be placed in the kitchen. Against the background of a pale pink or peach headset with glossy surfaces, a contrasting dark gray fabric sofa and a black table with swamp-colored chairs will look spectacular. A wrought iron ceiling chandelier in the Gothic style and a tiled floor with classic pistachio patterns should be used to beat such a non-standard interior.
  • A cream sofa can be put in a kitchen with white walls, white flooring and contrasting set with peach countertops and dark brown doors. Pictures with dark frames should be hung over the sofa.
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