Double sofa

Double sofa
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The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. With the help of this detail, you can create a very cozy and harmonious interior.

The comfort of modern sofas cannot be ignored either. They are conducive to a pleasant and relaxed pastime. Comfortable two-seater models are especially popular today.

Features and Benefits

Modern manufacturers offer customers a wide range of different sofas. You can choose a suitable copy for any interior.

Comfortable two-seater models are found most often and are in great demand. Such items are present in almost every home. They can be placed not only in the living room, but also in bedrooms, in the kitchen and in the nursery.

It is worth noting the versatility of the two-seater models. For example, folding options can be used as a berth for guests. When folded, they will not take up much space, and when unfolded, they can easily turn into a double bed for sleeping.

Often, such small sofas are used to complement the kitchen set. They make the space more functional and the interior complete.

Double sofas find their place not only in apartments, but also in summer cottages. This is due to their mobility and compact size, which allows them to be placed in almost any environment.

Slightly less often you can find such pieces of furniture in the hallways. But the corridor for this must be spacious.

The compact sofa will easily fit in such areas.

No less popular nowadays are static non-folding models. They can be placed not only in living rooms, but also on a balcony or loggia. Such a piece of furniture significantly transforms the space and makes it more hospitable.

In a balcony room, you can supplement such a sofa with a small coffee table and you get an attractive tea drinking area where you can invite friends.

Such models of sofas are used in offices. In such conditions, furniture fulfills not only an aesthetic function. For example, a leather sofa will emphasize the solidity and success of the organization.

Such patterns can be observed not only in the offices, but also in the reception area. They are able to win over visitors who are waiting for their turn. Two-seater sofas are more attractive and comfortable than regular chairs or hard benches.

Today in furniture stores you can find models of sofas of different configurations. For example, they may have no armrests or wicker elements. Each buyer will be able to buy a sofa that will not only suit his taste, but also can afford it.


Double sofas are different. Let's take a closer look at all the possible modifications of these popular pieces of furniture.

Sofa without armrests

A 2-seater sofa without armrests looks very compact and original. Such models are most often chosen by those who are tall, since they can stretch out and not rest their feet on the armrest. These models often have convenient drawers for storing pastel linen at the bottom.

Instances without armrests fit even into small rooms.

Many sofas come with pillows. Such details can replace standard armrests and become harmonious decorative elements.

The popularity of models without armrests is also due to the fact that they have no sharp corners, and they are not only safe, but also incredibly comfortable. Such details can soften even a rough interior in cold shades.

Sofa with armrests

The most common are small sofas with armrests. Such models are comfortable.

Armrests are not only soft and covered with various materials, but also wooden. The second option looks more interesting and more expensive, especially if the handles are lacquered and made of natural wood.

The armrest can be made entirely of wood or with a wooden top. Such pieces of furniture look solid, so they can often be found in offices.

Natural materials are effectively combined with natural leather upholstery.

Sofa on legs

Double models with neat legs have an elegant appearance. These parts can have not only a standard, but also a graceful curved shape. Carved legs can radically change the look of a compact sofa and give it a special chic.

If the furniture is sheathed with materials such as velvet or brocade and has beautiful legs, then it will ideally fit into luxurious interiors in the Rococo or Baroque style.

Eurobook sofa

Euro sofas are in demand. In another way, they are called Eurobooks. They are folding models that can be easily transformed into full-fledged sleeping places.

Such models are notable for their affordable cost, so they can be found in many interiors.

In the unfolded state, these options for two-seater sofas are suitable for constant sleep. Eurobooks are equipped with a reliable and durable mechanism that is resistant to wear and tear. When folded, euro sofas take up a minimum of free space and can be placed even in small rooms.

Rattan sofa

The rattan wicker two-seater sofas boast an original design. This material is high quality and environmentally friendly. Unusual sofas in this design are distinguished by soft and harmonious outlines.

Wicker models look great both in living rooms and on balconies and loggias. Often, such sofas are placed in dachas and in country houses.

Transformation mechanism

Multifunctional folding sofas are equipped with various mechanisms.


For example, the common sedaflex system is simple and reliable. You can use sofas with similar designs on a daily basis.

This folding mechanism can be easily transformed. Even a child can cope with this. Such sofas have a handle in front that you need to pull towards yourself, raise the structure up and straighten the legs.


In the production of sliding upholstered furniture, another mechanism is used called the recliner. Such systems work due to the fact that a seated person rests his hands on the armrest and presses his whole body against the back of the sofa. This lowers the backrest and raises the comfortable foot.


The Eurobook mechanism is widespread. Sofas with such designs consist of two identical and soft parts. One of them plays the role of a seat, and the second is a backrest. These models unfold by rolling out or pulling out the seat. The backrest must be lowered onto the freed up space, and a comfortable sleeping place will be ready.

French clamshell

Less reliable and durable is the classic mechanism called the French clamshell.

In such models, the structure moves forward one and a half or two meters. The frame parts of such products quickly fail and are not intended for frequent use when unfolded.

Material and filler

The two-seater sofas are upholstered and filled with different materials. Most often, there are available fabric models.

Furniture can be upholstered in both plain and colored materials, complemented by prints. But it should be borne in mind that over time, textile sheathing will lose its original appearance. It will wipe down on the seats, fade and build up dust and dirt.

It is recommended to clean it regularly with special furniture cleaners. But even this is unlikely to return the material to its presentation.

Natural leather is often used for upholstery. Compact two-seater sofas in this design will cost the buyer a tidy sum, but their luxurious looks and durability are worth it.

Cheaper sofas are used for upholstery in leatherette or eco-leather. Such materials outwardly are in no way inferior to the natural version, but are less durable.

Over time, cracks, scratches or scuffs may appear on them.

Modern sofas are made from chipboard, fiberboard and MDF:

  • Particleboard is the most common and cheapest material. It contains wood waste, which is bound together by formaldehyde resins. Such compositions are harmful and toxic, therefore, the production process has recently been modernized and the resin content in particleboard has decreased.
  • A material such as fiberboard is slightly different from particleboard. It contains wood fibers compressed under the influence of high temperature. Such raw materials are processed with special strengthening resins and paraffin.
  • More expensive is MDF furniture. This material is environmentally friendly and safe. It is made from dried wood fibers, then hardened with protective agents and polished.
  • Natural wood sofas are the most durable, environmentally friendly and beautiful... They do not emit harmful substances even at high temperatures. These models are classics and are in harmony with interiors in a similar style.

Wood products are of high cost, so not every buyer can afford them.

  • Rattan sofas have been in great demand lately. This material consists of peeled calamus or rattan stems. Such wood is flexible and resilient, so strong and durable furniture is obtained from it.

Most often used for filling high-quality double sofas:

  • soft padding polyester;
  • spring and springless blocks;
  • padded jacket flooring;
  • furniture polyurethane foam, which takes the form of a person lying on a sofa;
  • holofiber, repeating natural down and feathers in its properties;
  • wear-resistant struttofiber that keeps its shape and does not crumple.

The size

Of the straight options for double folding sofas, models with a length of 180, 200 and 220 cm are common. Their width is most often 85-105 cm, and their height is about a meter.

In the products, whose length is 180 cm, there are berths measuring 150 (or 140) x 200 cm. The longer the sofa is, the more spacious and wide the berth will be.


Comfortable two-seater sofas are available in different colors. The most common models are brown. It can be a beige, caramel, coffee, chocolate or dark brown model.

Such details look great in many interiors.

White options look spectacular, but they are not chosen very often due to the fact that dirty and dusty traces easily remain on them.

Black and mahogany look especially harmonious on leather upholstery. These sofas are luxurious and expensive in appearance, but not suitable for all environments. In a bright and cozy room, such elements will look inharmonious.

Bright pieces are popular today, the upholstery of which has orange, red, pink, green, purple and other rich colors.Such models should overlap with the colors of other elements in the interior in order to get a harmonious and attractive ensemble.

What room should I put in?

Most often, two-seater sofas are placed in living rooms. They become one of the main details of the room. Sofas and armchairs look harmoniously in one design. Such sets can be supplemented with a coffee or coffee table.

Such pieces of furniture are also appropriate in children's bedrooms. For such premises, a bright and soft model of a rounded sofa is ideal.

For example, it could be a charming little sofa with no armrests.

Often, double sofas are placed in the hallways. But for such areas, it is recommended to choose darker models, since it is far from always perfectly clean at the entrance, and light upholstery can quickly become unusable.

Small sofas are suitable for balconies and loggias. Most often they are placed at the side walls.

How to choose?

If you want to buy a sofa in the living room, where you can accommodate guests for the night, then it is better to purchase a folding model. For rare use, a cheap "French clamshell" is quite suitable. When folded, such specimens will play the role of soft and comfortable seats that do not take up much space.

If you plan to lay out mechanisms on a daily basis, then it is better to turn to more expensive and durable options.

For a simple rest, it is worth buying an ordinary non-folding sofa, since you will not need an extra bed in it. Today, there is a wide variety of double sofas, from classic options with textile upholstery to eco-friendly wicker rattan options.

Choosing the right product is based on the overall style of the interior.

Interior ideas

A chic leather sofa with legs will harmoniously look in a rough-style room with neutral gray walls and a soft cream-colored laminate. It should be played with other dark elements. For example, it can be a dark brown wardrobe or a black cabinet.

A delicate cream-colored sofa without armrests will look harmonious against the background of beige walls and light brown laminate. The interior can be complemented with white and brown side tables and glass wall shelves for books.

The sofa with fabric upholstery in bright red can be placed in a dark brown living room with light flooring. In such a room, you should hang light pictures and place plants in multi-colored pots so that the situation does not seem too dark.

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