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Sofa covers are very useful accessories. They not only protect furniture from negative external influences, preserving its attractive appearance for a long time, but also complement the interior. Today we will take a closer look at various options for upholstered furniture covers and learn about their performance characteristics.


With a suitable cover, you can protect your sofa from many adverse influences. It's no secret that furniture, the surface of which is complemented by high-quality and dense textiles, retains an attractive appearance for many years.

With a slipcover, you can prevent the sofa from fading. This problem is not limited to fabric upholstered furniture. Many owners of sofas made of colored eco-leather or leatherette also notice that over time, these interior items have lost their bright colors and become less attractive.

You can protect furniture from the aggressive effects of sunlight by using covers.

Many people buy such additions in order to hide the imperfections and defects of the furniture. For example, ugly and visible scratches or scuffs cannot be removed from the surface of an old leather sofa. This problem can be solved only by covering the damage with a suitable cover. So, with the help of protective coatings, you can transform upholstered furniture and breathe a second life into it.

Modern manufacturers offer a choice of buyers high-quality models of covers, made of special materials that are not afraid of pets' claws. Today, such options are very popular, although they are more expensive than conventional textiles. One cannot fail to note the stunning visual effect that beautiful cases with thoughtful design have.

Such little things can add an attractive flavor to the interior, making it more lively and original.

Often, covers for upholstered furniture play the role of bright accents of the room. For example, against the background of pale purple walls and a white floor, a cozy two-seater sofa with a soft dark crimson cover will look rich and attractive.

There are many different modifications of furniture covers. They can be equipped with different fasteners: comfortable elastic bands, buttons or zippers.

You can choose the right option for sofas of various shapes and configurations.

Varieties of covers

Let's take a closer look at the most popular and functional varieties of sofa covers:

  • Eurocovers are among the most popular. These varieties are made from special textiles that easily take any shape. This is due to the presence of special rubber and elastic fibers in the fabric. Euro covers are very practical. They have an interesting relief structure. These materials are non-marking and not easy to stain. It is worth noting the unpretentiousness of such protective accessories. You can wash such covers in a conventional automatic machine with a low water temperature program. After washing, the euro covers do not lose their presentation and retain their original shape. They are easy to install. To do this, it is not at all necessary to carefully measure the dimensions of the sofa.

That is why such products are often ordered in online stores, without fear that they will not fit furniture.

  • Today, popular euro covers for sofas with corner designs are produced. It is very difficult to make such a copy with your own hands, but you can simplify the task and buy a dimensionless version that will easily take absolutely any shape. Eurocovers are suitable for corner sofas of all modifications, be it a U-shaped or L-shaped copy. The main advantage of these covers is their ability to stretch strongly. For this reason, the product is suitable even for decorating furniture that is much larger than it.
  • Stretch options on an elastic band are no less common today. They simply stretch over the sofas and sit securely on them thanks to the sewn-in elastic band. Such products can be made by hand. Today on the Internet you can stumble upon high-quality and beautiful cases, sewn by needlewomen. Of course, many companies offer models with elastic bands. You can choose the ideal option in online stores or textile stores in the city.
  • There are also simple, versatile sofa covers. They are elastic and highly stretchable, like the popular European products. To select such options, it is not at all necessary to know the exact dimensions of upholstered furniture. They consist of two layers of special stretch textiles.
  • Replacement protective covers are available with or without a skirt at the bottom. Details like this are charming ruffles. Most often they are located at the bottom of the covers, but there are also models in which ruffles are present on the armrests. Capes with a skirt are often found in frivolous interiors in the style of "Provence" or "Country".
  • You can make furniture more comfortable and comfortable using an orthopedic topper. With this cover, you can make the sofa seat softer or harder, depending on personal preference. Toppers provide additional hygiene for upholstered furniture. With their help, not only the seats are protected, but also the mattresses, if any, are present in the sofa.

Covers are also distinguished by purpose:

  • For a comfortable and functional sofa-book, models with an accordion mechanism or click-gag are the best options. simple universal covers.
  • In textile and furniture stores, one of the most common are covers for double, triple and quadruple straight sofas. They can be complemented with skirts at the bottom, or they can be simple without drapery.
  • Ideal for a corner sofa and model with a ledge (right or left) or ottoman Euro cover or option with an elastic band.
  • For upholstered furniture with wooden armrests, it is recommended to buy covers that will cover these parts with themselves. On the surface of wood (both natural and artificial), scratches or scuffs are easily left. To maintain an attractive appearance, armrests should also be covered with covers. However, there are also products that leave furniture handles open. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the style of the interior and the personal preferences of the owners.
  • You can put on a shell sofa cover-cape with skirt or without it, depending on the style of the interior.
  • It is recommended to complement the sofa on a metal frame removable fabric cover, which can be removed at any time and sent to dry cleaning.

Materials (edit)

A variety of materials are used to make high-quality protective covers. You can choose a suitable option for every taste and wallet:

  • The most attractive and durable are leather cases. Their main advantage is that dusty and dirty spots can be easily removed from their surface. It is impossible not to note the wonderful appearance of such options. A quality leather cover can transform simple fabric upholstered furniture. Do not think that removable leather upholstery can only be painted in classic colors.In fact, today you can buy a cover of any shade. The most popular and beautiful products are black, cream, beige, milk, cherry and dark green shades.

Leather covers serve for a very long time without causing any problems. They are resistant to mechanical damage and are not afraid of temperature changes. However, such options are not cheap.

  • Cases made of artificial leather and eco-leather are an excellent alternative to natural products. The appearance of these options is in no way inferior to the more expensive options from natural leather, but they differ in their performance characteristics. So, leatherette is denser and coarser to the touch. Over time, small cracks and scuffs will appear on its surface, which cannot be removed. It is not recommended to expose such cases to temperature extremes. In such conditions, leatherette cracks and quickly loses its presentation. Such a cover on the sofa will absorb colors from clothes, so it is not recommended to sit on eco-leather in too bright and colorful things. If you decide to decorate the sofa in this way, then you should take into account the fact that the surface of the skin (both natural and artificial) is cold and human skin quickly adheres to it. It will be uncomfortable and cold to sleep on such furniture, especially if it is cold season outside the window.

High-tech eco-leather is more pleasant to the touch. But this material can fade over time.

  • More practical are covers that use fabric. These options are the most common. The textile cover can be matched to any wallet.
  • Many consumers choose cozy velor covers. They have a velvety surface and are pleasant to the touch. Such products are inexpensive. The villi on the velor fabric can point in one direction or be directed in different directions. During the production process, they are laid in different ways, but more often they are combed and smoothed in a special way. Velor can be perfectly smooth, embossed, etc. Such fabric on the sofa will not cause allergic reactions and activate static electricity. If dirty or dusty spots appear on the surface of the velor cover, they can be removed with a washing machine or dry cleaner.

The popularity of velor covers is due to their undemandingness to special care. These options are very practical.

  • Another popular type of textile used for the production of covers is flock. This fabric has a soft and delicate texture. People call flock a substitute for velvet, as it has a similar surface. This material contains polyester and natural cotton. A cover made of such raw materials will last as long as possible and will not lose its attractive appearance even under conditions of regular use. Over the years, flock does not lose the brightness of colors. A sofa with a similar cape can even be placed near a window. Aggressive sun rays will not affect the color quality of such a fabric cover in any way. It is worth noting that this material is waterproof and waterproof. This property is especially true if small children live in the house, who can spill something on the surface of the furniture. The only drawback of flock is that it often causes allergic reactions. Allergy sufferers should refuse furniture covers made of such material.

Flock is durable. It does not deform over time.

Flock can be ordinary and Teflon. The second option is distinguished by the presence of a special impregnation made of liquid Teflon. Such textiles are high-tech. Teflon sleeves are dirt resistant. They do not accumulate dust on their surface. But even if you managed to stain such material, then you should not be upset.Teflon flock is very easy to clean and dries quickly.

  • Suitable for furniture covers and materials such as microfiber. Today, many manufacturers position this fabric as a good substitute for velvet suede. Microfiber is a synthetic textile that first appeared in faraway Japan. The fabric is highly durable. Covers made from such raw materials will not lose their visual appeal and excellent performance even after many years under conditions of regular use. Many people choose such a material not only for its durability and attractiveness, but also for its hypoallergenic properties.
  • Today in stores you can find a large assortment of furniture covers from a beautiful tapestry. Currently, this fabric is produced exclusively on high-tech and modern equipment. Often, a variety of patterns can be seen on the surface of a multi-layer tapestry. The tapestry itself is dense and not subject to mechanical damage. The appearance of this fabric is its main advantage. Many designers turn to tapestry, as it is a real work of textile art. Such an element will harmoniously fit into a luxurious and elegant interior. The most successful for tapestry covers are such directions as Rococo, Baroque or Empire.

Such a cover on the sofa will last a very long time.

  • Recently, practical and durable anti-claw fabrics (popularly - "anticoshka") have been insanely popular. Such covers with stretch effect will perfectly protect upholstered furniture from the sharp claws of pets. Most often, the protective layer is applied to regular flock fabric. After anti-claw treatment, the material becomes not only more durable and wear-resistant, but also soft and pleasant to the touch.

Dimensions (edit)

Before purchasing a sofa cover, it is recommended to measure the upholstered furniture, especially if you are going to purchase a non-universal product. For small double, triple or four-seater rectangular sofas, covers are produced, the size of which is 120x240 cm, 160x250 cm, 123x310 cm, 250x100 cm, etc.

For popular corner options, covers are produced with dimensions starting at 140x200 cm.

Today in many companies you can order a custom-made sofa cover. These options are more expensive, but as a result you will get a protective cover that will ideally fit your upholstered furniture.

Color solutions

For the sofa, you can pick up a beautiful cover of absolutely any color. Modern manufacturers produce quality products in a variety of colors. Let's take a closer look at the properties of popular options:

  • A black cover will look very interesting and attractive on furniture. However, such a copy should not be addressed if the room is made in dark and gloomy colors. A black cape made of leather or leatherette will look especially luxurious and attractive on the sofa. This model can be installed not only in the living room, but also in the office. The main advantage of this color is that dirty spots remain invisible on its surface. For this reason, a sofa with a black cover will look good not only in the living room or study, but also in the hallway or on the balcony.
  • The classic beige color is insanely popular. With this cover, you can give the sofa a special charm. Such upholstered furniture will look very stylish and attractive. With a beige sofa, you can freshen up the room and visually make it more spacious.
  • Natural and calm colors look spectacular on upholstered furniture. So, for a cozy and welcoming room, you can pick up a nice green or pistachio furniture cover.
  • In many interiors, a classic brown sofa will look harmonious. Many consumers opt for covers of this range, as they go well with many colors in the interior, be they classic or bright colors. The discreet brown version will find its place in a variety of styles. It can be popular classics, French "Provence", ultramodern hi-tech, ornate Empire style.
  • For light and rustic interiors, a tea rose-colored fabric cover is ideal. Options with flirty skirts at the bottom look especially attractive and gentle.
  • You can transform upholstered furniture using a rich red cover. Such a detail can serve as a bright accent in the interior. Use a contrasting scarlet cape to dilute boring finishes in whites, grays, or blacks.

How to do it yourself?

Many types of sofa covers can be made by yourself. To do this, you should study in detail several master classes and choose the best option for yourself that you can cope with. Let's take a closer look at one simple method of making a sofa cover (for beginners), for which a pattern is not needed.

You should stock up on the following tools:

  • textiles;
  • pins;
  • a couple of skeins of thread;
  • centimeter;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • with a special pencil or crayon for fabric.

Manufacturing technology:

  • First you need to measure the product for which you will be making a cover. Divide the furniture into two sections. All parts must be cut in the form of rectangles, even if the model has an unusual structure. Then you should find out the dimensions of the backs, seats, handles and a pair of liners for the front and handles. As a result, you should have 6 rectangular templates.
  • After taking all measurements, you must add 7.5 cm to them. This applies to all four sides of the rectangular patterns. This technique is necessary to ensure sufficient allowances and seams. After that, you can transfer the resulting drawing of all rectangular parts to paper (with the addition of an extra 7.5 cm). Then the drawings need to be cut.
  • For upholstery, you can use a thin solid canvas or several large sections. Prepare the material for the cover in advance: wash in low temperature water and dry.

It is recommended to arrange the trim for the future cover on a flat surface.

  • Now, based on the previously made measurements, you can cut 6 rectangles, starting from the back. When all the details have been cut out, they need to be placed on the same section of the sofa with the back side. Using pins, pieces of fabric should be attached to upholstered furniture so that they do not fall off or roll off its surface. Now they can be swept away, but not removed from the couch. For this, it is best to use noticeable contrasting threads. Be sure to consider all the corners and curves of the furniture.
  • After that, you can remove the attached and sourced pieces of fabric. Then they should be sewn on the sewing machine at a distance of 2.5 cm from the basting seam and turned out to the right side. After this stage, the cover can be put on the sofa and find places in which it does not sit well. In these areas, preliminary outline should be made. Now the material needs to be turned inside out again.
  • Next, you need to remove the surface seams of the basting, turn the product to the front side and put it on the sofa. After that, you need to adjust the edges and edges, secure with pins and sweep them. Now you need to remove the cover and process its edge elements on a typewriter. After these steps, the basting seams can be removed from the material.

If necessary, the cover should be re-stitched based on the changes made. Unnecessary pieces of material must be cut off.

How to put on a sofa cover?

When putting on and replacing the furniture cover, you must not damage or spoil it. To properly tighten and remove the cape, follow these steps:

  • First you need to find out where the armrests are on the cover. There should be short seams on them, which will play the role of guidelines in further actions.
  • If the furniture is equipped with beautiful frills, then you can focus on the frill seam. Most often it is located on the back or handles.
  • Place the cover on the furniture so that the armrests rest on the armrests of the sofa.
  • After that, put one armrest of the cover on the sofa and pull the cover over the back (and then on the second armrest).
  • Now the cover needs to be straightened on the handles and back. If there is a frill in the protective cape, then the same procedure must be carried out with it.
  • Finally, align the bottom edge of the cover around the entire perimeter.

After removing and replacing the factory cover with a new cape, you must carefully fold it in a separate insulated package and hide it in the closet.

In the next video, you can clearly see how to put on the cover.

Selection Tips

The choice of beautiful and high-quality covers for upholstered furniture today is greater than ever:

  • The most reliable and attractive options are genuine leather, but their main drawback is their high cost. Products made of leatherette or eco-leather will cost a little cheaper. However, they should be used more carefully and carefully.
  • The most affordable are fabric covers. They look beautiful and harmonious in many interiors. But such options will require constant care. It is more difficult to remove dust and dirt from their surface.
  • The best and highest quality covers are from Italian manufacturers. Today, many consumers opt for durable and beautiful Euro covers that look great on any furniture: from traditional to non-standard.
  • To decorate an old sofa, a stylish euro cover from manufacturers from Spain is suitable. These products have proven to be very durable and durable. Such options are not cheap, but their performance will not make you disappointed in the purchase.
  • Do not forget that the design of the covers must match the style of the room. They should not be knocked out of the interior, attracting too much attention to themselves or making the ensemble inharmonious.
  • Before purchasing, inspect the surface of the protective cover for damage and discoloration of the fabric.


Most consumers were satisfied with the purchase of furniture covers. With the help of these details, you can preserve the presentation of the sofa for many years, which undoubtedly pleases buyers. Many people advise turning to trusted manufacturers that produce exceptionally high quality and durable capes. Products that are too cheap can quickly deteriorate.

This is a problem faced by many buyers who have saved on their purchase.

Consumers also note the stunning visual effect of properly selected covers. Many people use them to transform interiors and make them more attractive. So, an old textile sofa, complemented by a beautiful leather cover, can give the interior of a living room or study a special chic and shine.

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