Corner sofas without armrests

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Upholstered furniture gives the interior comfort, home warmth and attractiveness. As a rule, it is the sofa that is the key in interior design. Modern options attract attention with a variety of models, the use of new materials and upholstery.

Angular sofas without armrests are a great solution for both small and large living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hallways and kitchens.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Sofas without armrests often found in various styles.
  • They save space in the roombecause they are compact. The corner model is located in one of the free corners of the room, providing complete freedom of movement.
  • Models without armrests are usually chosen by tall people, because you can sit comfortably on them, because the legs do not rest on the armrest.
  • Corner models characterized by compactnesstherefore ideal for small rooms. The ergonomics of this sofa are complemented by an attractive decor. Designers offer non-standard shapes, a wide selection of high quality upholstery and colors. Among the materials for upholstery, natural leather, eco-leather and textiles are often used.
  • Most models are angular without armrests equipped with pillows. They can be used as armrests or for a comfortable pastime on the sofa.
  • Young parents like the absence of armrests, because such models do not have sharp corners and you do not have to worry that the baby will hit or get hurt.

Main advantages:

  • The absence of armrests has a positive effect on the size of upholstered furniture.
  • These models are sleeker and lighter than the armrests.

Sofas without armrests have no drawbacks, so modern models are increasingly produced without them, sometimes part of the back is missing.


Corner models without armrests are in great demand today, so many upholstered furniture manufacturers include such stylish and attractive sofas in their new collections. They are often equipped with transformation mechanisms to create a spacious and comfortable sleeping place. Folding mechanisms allow you to choose a convenient layout method.

  • The most popular in corner models is dolphin mechanismas it is ideal for everyday use. The principle of operation is that a platform leaves from under the seat, which rises upward thanks to the lift mechanism. The strength and durability of the product depends on the reliability of this system.
  • Very popular is sofa-book on a metal frame without armrests. This model is suitable for both lying and sitting. The transformation mechanism makes it easy to make a sleeping place. First you need to raise the seat a little, and then gently lower it. To unfold the sofa, there must be free space behind its back.
  • Folding sofas "Click-gag"Have three provisions. You can comfortably sit on it in a sitting, lying and half-sitting position. This mechanism is often used for compact models, which will be an excellent choice for small living rooms, bedrooms or children's rooms.
  • Many corner sofas are equipped with a mechanism "accordion"which is characterized by ease of use. To form a berth, three parts are required: two backrests and a seat.The seat moves forward, after the mechanism claps, it goes down. The backrests are lowered to a horizontal position. This option is suitable for small rooms, since the sofa does not need to be moved away from the wall for unfolding.

Dimensions (edit)

Corner sofas without armrests are conventionally divided into compact models and options designed for spacious rooms.

  1. Small sofas usually have an L-shaped shape, since they have an elongated protrusion. For example, the corner version with the dolphin transformation mechanism easily becomes a comfortable and comfortable sleeping place. Unfolded sofas have dimensions of 1950x2100 mm or 1400x1600 mm. Corner mini-sofas without armrests are often used to decorate the kitchen. It is used as an upholstered corner. Such models, as a rule, have a box for storing various little things.
  2. Large size models are intended for three or more people, therefore they are often purchased in living rooms, where you can spend an evening together. A good solution is a sofa, the overall size of which is 2000x1500 mm. It can be folded out to create a sleeping place that has 1900x1500 mm. It is usually equipped with a convenient storage box for bedding.

Examples in the interior

Corner sofas without armrests can be used to decorate small and spacious rooms. Thanks to their compactness, they do not take up much space. A variety of models and colors will allow you to find the ideal option for the embodiment of different styles.

  • To create a cozy atmosphere, you can use a beautiful beige corner sofa, complemented by four pillowsmi. Small pillows can be used as armrests or to create a comfortable seating position on the sofa. The original print in gentle colors is the adornment of the model.
  • Large corner sofas are often used for spacious living rooms.NS. Luxurious model in light cream shade, decorated with cushions in brown tones, looks great in a modern style, where beige and brown tones are used. The sofa, located in the center of the living room, is the focal point in the design of the room.
  • A spacious corner sofa in white and gray seats looks beautifuland. Such a mix will ideally fit into many styles, and will also create an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. A small ottoman to match the sofa harmoniously fits into the overall concept. A large company can comfortably sit on such a sofa.

For an overview of the popular model of a corner sofa without armrests, see the video below.

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