Folding two-seater sofa

Folding two-seater sofa
  1. Features and benefits of compact sofas
  2. Shapes and models
  3. Transformation mechanisms
  4. Styles
  5. Dimensions (edit)
  6. Materials (edit)
  7. Color solutions
  8. How to choose a baby sofa for a room?
  9. Fundamental rules
  10. Interior ideas

A sofa is a piece of upholstered furniture that brings a sense of home comfort and harmony to any interior. Today, the focus is on models designed for two. They not only meet modern furniture requirements, but also provide the most comfortable rest and sleep.

A folding two-seater sofa is a universal model, it fits into any type of room and is able to change the style of the interior.

Features and benefits of compact sofas

A double sofa bed is an alternative to a full bed. Unlike it, it does not clutter up the usable area unnecessarily, having compact dimensions when folded.

Pull-out sofas are ideal for any room and interior style. If desired, they can stand not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room, children's room, kitchen, unfolding if necessary. Double models of folding sofas are more versatile and comfortable to use. They fit well in any room conditions, are mobile when rearranged and when folded create the illusion of spaciousness, transforming the space and making it hospitable.

The modern furniture industry market produces a wide range of double sofa models. Today, choosing the right option will not be difficult: due to the variety of models, you can purchase a sofa for any interior, according to the most fastidious taste and pocket.

The fold-out double sofas are multifunctional. They can be used as a place to relax, watch TV, family gatherings in the living room. When unfolded, such structures are transformed into a full double bed.

Similar sofas can be seen in office interiors. However, in this case, they are purely aesthetic and do not imply transformation. Here, a compact sofa rather indicates the status and success of the company, especially if it is made of leather.

Such a technique in the interior is more inviting and perfectly replaces the usual office chairs or armchairs.

The advantages of double convertible sofas include a rich color palette of upholstery. Today you can look at an option to match the existing furniture. In addition to the color, the upholstery material also stands out. It lends solidity to any design.

Often, folding double sofas are bought in order to conveniently and efficiently use the free space of the room. They are indispensable where there is a shortage of free space. Compact models are able to fit into the interior of the loggia, changing its appearance and defining a recreation area.

Shapes and models

There are different models of two-seater sofas with a folding mechanism (straight, corner and modular). Each type has its own advantages and is selected for the specific conditions of the room. Often, the width of the seat in such models is equal to the width of the back.

So in the unfolded form, the sleeping place will consist of the same blocks.

Straight sofas

Straight sofas for two seats are considered a versatile option. As a rule, they always save space and are an indispensable choice if it is important to save every centimeter of usable area. Such a model can be placed against the wall or with the help of it to zone the space.

Regardless of the size, such a sofa will not look bulky, whether it is narrow with a berth or wide.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas are as comfortable as straight models. Today manufacturers offer versatile options in which you can change one corner to another. This allows you to experiment with the style of the interior and makes rearranging easier.

Modular sofas

Modular double options are functional and allow you to diversify the design of the room. For example, one of the interesting design solutions is a round sofa bed for two. The modular transformation system allows you to disassemble the sleeping bed into its component parts. In this case, the details can be used as poufs or a small soft table. The rotary folding mechanism is also interesting. When assembled, such a sofa bed looks like a semicircle with a back or soft pillows.

Other models have a transformation mechanism, when, in addition to the sleeping bed, a chic headboard remains. Such models even resemble a wonderful double bed. They can be narrow with a berth, have soft armrests and a fixed back of a different thickness. Classic models can be made in a minimalist style with a straight look with or without armrests.

Each form has a lot of varieties, differing in different styles (modular, office, etc.). Universal models have drawers for linen, which is very convenient and saves space in the closet.

The design of others is made in such a way that their block is hidden inside and until the sofa is unfolded, it is not visible.

In addition, the models and the degree of rigidity of the mat differ. They can be soft, medium hard and hard (alternative to an orthopedic bed).

The first ones, although soft, are not always comfortable, since during sleep they bend down too much, which interferes with proper rest and gives the body an incorrect position. Models with medium hardness of mats are universal. They are designed for the general population, support the average weight of two people and promote more proper rest and sleep.

The best options for two-seat folding sofas are designs with a hard mat and a back. Such models are considered orthopedic and, although they do not cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system, they can be their prevention. It is in such models that the type of block with an orthopedic effect is provided, when, in addition to the main filling of the filler, a hard material is added from above and below (such a mat does not bend).

Sometimes additional protection is provided in the unit, which is activated under heavy load. Such folding sofas are chosen by those who need full rest and maximum comfort after work associated with heavy physical exertion, or those who have a sedentary type of work in the office.

Transformation mechanisms

Models of folding sofas for two seats differ in the type of transformation mechanism. It differs in the principle of folding the sofa:

  • Book. The book-like transformation mechanism is the simplest design. To unfold the sofa, you need to raise the seat unit and lower the back, forming a full-fledged sleeping bed from two identical parts. If the sofa is bought for the purpose of using it as a bed, you need to pay attention to the fact that the width of the back and the seat is the same.

In addition, it is important to take into account the type of filler: it must be the same in density and thickness.

  • Eurobook. The transformation mechanism resembles a book: in order to unfold the sofa, you also need to raise the seat (while the back starts to go down). The only difference is that in addition to raising the seat, it needs to be pulled slightly forward.
  • Click-clack. The principle of folding a two-seater sofa resembles a book, but has a slight difference. In order to turn the sofa into a double bed, you need to lift the seat up until it clicks.After that, the seat is slightly lowered, the back is moved and both parts are laid out in one sleeping bed.
  • Accordion. One of the most reliable designs. The mechanism of unfolding the accordion is quite simple and resembles the unfolding of an accordion. When unfolded, a sleeping place for two consists of three identical blocks. To transform the model into a full bed, you need to pull the top seat and pull it forward. In this case, the double part unfolds itself.
  • American clamshell. The name "clamshell" indicates the way the sofa is transformed. The sleeping bed consists of three identical parts, which are laid out as follows: first, the first block is raised and placed on the floor, then the next mat with legs is taken by the handle and placed on the floor. This model does not have a laundry box.
  • French clamshell. This model has a slight difference from the American clamshell. In order to make a double bed out of a sofa, you must first remove the pillows located on the seat. Then the sofa is laid out forward, while the back is motionless and remains in place.
  • Recliner... The transformation system of such a sofa is somewhat different from other models. It is activated by the following method: sitting on the sofa, at the same time resting on the armrest and resting the whole body weight on the back. In this case, the foot rises, and the back falls down.


The entire interior depends on the design of the folding sofa. Therefore, when buying, you need to take into account many factors. In modern design, various styles of models are relevant, from classic and modern to imitation of antique models.

There are many different styles, each with its own history and design shape:

  • Chesterfield. Leather sofa with curved arm and backrests of equal height, quilted effect and no back cushion.
  • Camelback. Upholstered furniture with a curved back, reminiscent of the back of a camel with a hump, without a back cushion.
  • Lawson. A sofa with low armrests and cushions, combining metal and wood in the frame.
  • Tuxedo. A variant in the Art Nouveau style of the early 20s of the XX century with the obligatory presence of pillows and armrests of the same height as the back.
  • English. An aristocratic sofa with smooth rounded handles, made in the style of the British countryside (construction with a hard back, large soft seat cushions and very small soft handles).
  • Knowle. A distinctive model with a high backrest and armrests that can be adjusted using cords that tie the backrest and armrests.
  • Bridgewater. An elegant informal model made in a classic style. It has a rounded back, low curved handles and cushions.

In general, sofas differ in the height and shape of the back, the rigidity and height of the armrests, the presence of cushions and the mobility of the back. Each model is unique in its own way and should match the design of the room.

Dimensions (edit)

The standards of folding double sofas for each manufacturer are somewhat different. The average figures are 160 x 190 cm. The dimensions of the sofa depend on the area of ​​the room, the allotted space and the desired parameters of the sleeping bed.

When folded, the sofa can be very small, narrow.

Models also differ in width. Among the options, you can choose a small, small, wide or mini sofa:

  • On average, the width of ordinary straight models is 60-100 cm, the height is up to 1 meter. Depending on the model, the length can be 190-196-200-206 cm. Some models when unfolded are 140 x 186 cm and 150 x 190 cm. The height of the armrests varies from 48 to 70 cm and above.
  • Usually, the dimensions depend on the length of the sofa: the larger it is, the more spacious its sleeping place. Depth of small-sized models unfolded is 120 (130) x 180 cm, folded - from 70 to 91 cm.

Materials (edit)

The main components of the sofa are the frame, base and block. They determine the lifespan, functionality and design of the model.


Usually the structure consists of wood and metal. Recently, metal elements are increasingly used in production. The tree fades into the background, although it is often found in models of the classical style.

In the transformation mechanism, metal parts are more often used. The base can be either steel or wood. The only thing that is no good is the use of chipboard - such a basis will not last long.

A good base is a design with lamellas (narrow wooden battens across the length, attached to the frame). This frame is ideal as a base for an orthopedic sofa. It is well ventilated, resilient and in great demand among customers.

Due to the lamellas, the mat can "breathe" freely, which excludes the formation of fungus or mold.


Several types of fillers are used in the production of modern furniture. Based on the structure of the sofa, the base of the model can be spring-loaded and springless.

Springless filler

To make furniture soft, two types of foam rubber are often used as a springless mat: standard and dense polyurethane foam (polyurethane foam). Conventional PU foam is a sponge-like sheet material that is glued together to obtain a block of the desired thickness and stiffness. Such a filler is the most budgetary, although in terms of quality it is the most unreliable.

As a rule, the sleeping bed with it quickly sinks, forming dents in the center.

Injected polyurethane foam is a more advanced type of filler. It is cast in the desired shape according to specific dimensions for each model. It is more elastic, has a longer service life, although over time it sometimes changes its original shade. Such a mat will not creak, it may be somewhat compressed, but it will not give strong dents.

In addition to this material, the following is used as a filler for a folding two-seater sofa:

  • natural latex (foam-shaped material made from the sap of the hevea tree);
  • synthetic latex (a derivative of polyurethane foam),
  • coir (coconut fibers in the form of a fleece);
  • holofiber (polyester fiber product);
  • struttofiber (a composition of polyester and woolen, bamboo fibers).

In addition to these fillers, felt, quilted jacket, synthetic winterizer are used in production. If the model has pillows, they are filled with synthetic down, holofiber or padding polyester.

Spring block

A folding sofa with a spring block is a controversial topic. These are not at all old-fashioned designs that have been remembered by many since Soviet times. Today, springs are connected according to a different principle, which reduces the abrasion of parts against each other and their fragility.

Three types of springs are used in the production of models: snake, bonnel and independent elements:

  • The first type represents rounded zigzag springs of a flat shape, which are attached to the frame from both sides and have elastic fixation between them.
  • Full bonnel springs are placed vertically. Such a filler is called a block, since structural elements externally connected to each other at the top and bottom form a mesh with a frame. Unlike a snake spring lattice, such a block is laid on a wooden frame with a lattice base. To prevent the springs from tearing the upholstery, the block is supplemented with a layer of foam rubber along the upper, lower edges and side edges.
  • The springs of an independent type are arranged differently. Each of them functions separately from the others. The mechanism of the block is somewhat different from its spring counterparts: each element is packed in a separate textile cover. The metal parts are not connected with each other: the integrity of the block is created by connecting the textile covers. Therefore, under load, the surface will be flat without rolling into the middle.

An interesting variant of the block is the version with double springs, when one is inserted into the other. The second element adds elasticity to the structure and is only activated under increased load.

Upholstery materials

The choice of upholstery material is a matter that requires a careful approach. Today, in the production of upholstered furniture, natural and eco-leather, chinil, flock and furniture tapestry are used. In addition, some companies cover upholstered furniture with Korean textiles with a velor texture ("chinchilla").

When choosing the type of upholstery material, take into account its care and durability:

  • For example, a leather folding sofa is not whimsical to care for: the decorative coating allows cleaning with detergents and does not wipe off during operation.
  • The fabric option for two seats is better suited for a bedroom or living room, where there is not much dust and dirt. It is more difficult to take care of textiles, especially if food, paint, ink from the pen gets on the upholstery during use.

The fabric wipes faster, fades and accumulates dust.

Color solutions

The color of the sofa depends on the style of the room and should fit well into the interior. The most popular shade today remains brown, ranging from a light range to a chocolate shade.

Office options are more diverse: among them muted tones of green, olive, orange and purple stand out.

White tone is aristocratic, but completely unacceptable for constant use. Those who love light colors choose diluted grays, pinks, lilacs and similar soft tones.

Black looks gloomy, so it is not in great demand.

How to choose a baby sofa for a room?

Often the choice of a sofa is based on the external characteristics of the model. The buyer pays attention to the size, upholstery and design of upholstered furniture. Such selection criteria are relevant only if you rarely plan to use the sofa (for example, at the dacha for guests). If a purchase involves daily or frequent use, there are a number of factors that you must pay attention to.

In this case, you will have to spend much more time on inspection, asking the seller about all the nuances of the model.

In choosing a durable option, everything matters, from the size and structure of the transformation mechanism, the presence of boxes for linen, convenience of location and ending with the components of the filler. In addition, when choosing a model that will be more a bed than a sofa, you can envisage the possibility of repairing blocks.

The fact is that with constant use of any sofa, sooner or later a block sags, springs weaken or the upholstery becomes unusable. Few people know, but upholstered furniture can be reanimated and thereby extend its service life. Moreover, often the repair is not laborious, if you know how to replace the unit yourself, it will not take much time and will save your budget. The following video will tell about this:

Fundamental rules

When choosing a compact folding sofa for two seats, experts recommend paying attention to the following nuances:

  • stiffness indicator (the average option will prolong the operation, withstand the weight load and will not cause back pain associated with the unaccustomedness to hard or overly soft mats);
  • the type of filler (the larger the size of the sleeping bed, the harder the surface should be, otherwise the middle will fall through);
  • the service life of the filler (so that the mat does not roll too quickly, there are three options to choose from: natural latex, dense polyurethane foam and an independent type spring block);
  • the thickness of the mats (they should not be thinner than 8 - 10 cm);
  • impeccability of the transformation mechanism (no looseness of the structure - this is a marriage that will shorten the life of the sofa);
  • when buying an orthopedic option, you should take a closer look at a model with beech or birch lamellas;
  • the transformation mechanism should be convenient and suitable for the dimensions of the room (light and not difficult to unfold due to lack of space);
  • frame material (chipboard is not suitable for permanent use, therefore it is worth choosing such an option in which there is a combination of metal and wood);
  • the diameter of the parts of the transformation mechanism (the larger it is, the more reliable the model and the longer it will last).

In addition, the level of tailoring of the cover and its material is an important indicator during inspection. Since a folding sofa is bought for a long time, the upholstery should be made of a dense and abrasion-resistant material.

It's good if it can be wiped clean - this will prolong the operation.

It is also important that the upholstery is made with high quality: there should be no crooked stitches, defects in the form of scratches, holes, scuffs of the material. If the seller says that the fabric will straighten out over time, this is not the case: the textiles will remain the same.

Interior ideas

A fold-out two-seater sofa changes any interior. It can stand in the kitchen, complementing the kitchen set. In this case, he adds functionality to the space, complements the interior.

The black-and-gray folding sofa with curly legs will successfully fit into the laconic interior of neutral tones if you put it against the wall. Light laminate flooring, a geometric curbstone are excellent components of a room's design.

To create harmony, you need to choose a decor or cabinet in the same tone as the sofa.

If a light gray sofa is chosen for a beige bedroom with beige walls and a light floor, you cannot do without accents. You will need bright turquoise pillows and drawers of a similar color. To prevent the sofa from blending in with the tone of the floor, you can repeat the accent color by placing a carpet on the floor to match the furniture or pillows.

For those who are used to contrasts in the interior, you can buy a sofa in cream or milky colors with armrests and cushions. To prevent the model from merging with the color of the wall, it is better to place it on a dark background, and put a carpet on the floor to match the wall.

The dark color of the interior can be repeated by picking up the shelf and lamp in the same shade.

If the room is made in beige and gray-blue tones, it is better to buy a folding model of a milky shade with a print and small wooden legs. To liven up the design, you can decorate the sofa with pillows, put a vase and a cabinet in a white and brown tone.

Such a sofa will look good in the bedroom, living room, against a wall with glass shelves for books.

When choosing one or another model, it is worth considering that, in addition to functionality, it can delimit space. For example, if you put a sofa in the middle of a studio room, you will be able to separate the border of the dining area. This is another advantage of such furniture.

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