Pull-out sofas without armrests

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Upholstered furniture is a very important component of the arrangement of living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. A soft sofa is not only a decoration for a room, but can also be used as an extra bed. Roll-out sofas without armrests attract attention with a simple and reliable design.

Features and Benefits

Sofas without armrests are characterized by a beautiful appearance. Thanks to the absence of armrests, they save space in the room. Roll-out models are ideal for creating a comfortable and spacious bed.

Main advantages:

  • Small size - when folded, a roll-out sofa without armrests takes up a minimum of free space. If you need to use it for sleeping, then it can be easily transformed into a comfortable sleeping place.
  • Wide model range - sofas with a roll-out mechanism are presented in large and small sizes. They can be either single or double. Depending on personal preference, you can choose a soft or hard model.
  • Beautiful design - modern models can be used to decorate rooms in different styles. They can be used as the main element of the interior of the living space.
  • Durability and reliability - sofas are made of durable materials, and the transformation mechanism, due to its ease of use, is almost impossible to break.
  • Affordable price - manufacturers offer models at different prices, so each buyer will be able to choose an option depending on the level of income.
  • Relevance - a comfortable sofa can be found for each room. For example, for the kitchen, you can choose a corner version with a roll-out mechanism.

In addition to many advantages, sofas without armrests have some disadvantages in use:

  • Low level - the sleeping place is usually located low, from habit it can cause inconvenience.
  • Level drops - when unfolded, the sofa consists of several blocks, at the joints of which some irregularities appear. It may be uncomfortable for a sensitive person to sleep on such a sofa.
  • Small storage box - compact models usually contain a small box, so they cannot accommodate a lot of things or sleeping clothes.


Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of roll-out sofas without armrests. Among a wide range of models, there are such varieties:

  • Straight models are usually roll-out forward. It is customary to install them along the wall. They slide forward using rollers and unfold on brackets in a straight line.
  • Corner sofas are presented in the form of soft corners. They are often bought for kitchen or dining room decoration. In corner models, the pull-out part is longer, and in the short part there is a drawer for storing various items or linen.
  • Sofas with two linen drawers can accommodate bedding. The boxes are usually located under the short section.

Dimensions (edit)

It is quite difficult to correctly estimate the dimensions of the sofa in spacious stores where upholstered furniture is sold. You should not buy a sofa "by eye", you should pay attention to its size.

A soft sofa of standard sizes is suitable for a spacious room. The height of the backrest should be between 35 and 48 cm, in which case you can comfortably sit on the sofa. The total height of the model should be approximately 90 to 100 cm.When folded, the width of the sofa should roughly match its height. The depth of the models mainly depends on the draw-out mechanism.

Small sofas are usually chosen for a children's room. In length, they usually have 160 - 180 cm.If the product is transformed for sleeping from the wall, then the depth of the berth is from 170 to 210 cm.If the sofa is laid out along the wall, then the length of the product does not exceed 150 cm.

Double models usually have a length of 150 to 180 cm. This option is perfect for decorating small living rooms or bedrooms. The length of the berth is usually from 190 to 210 cm. The straight sofas, designed for three people, are among the largest in the range of roll-out models without armrests. Their length ranges from 2 to 2.5 meters. When assembled, such a sofa has a width of 140 cm.

For comfortable accommodation of a large number of people, an angular model is ideal, the length of which exceeds 2.5 meters. This option is usually purchased for spacious living rooms. For small rectangular rooms, it is better to find a narrow sofa, since it will allow you to leave a free passage and will not interfere with moving around the room. Such models can be from 120 to 130 cm wide.

If the stores do not have a roll-out sofa without armrests with suitable dimensions, then you can order a model for an individual order, while you have the opportunity to choose a transformation mechanism, upholstery and, of course, the dimensions of the product.

Selection Tips

When choosing a sofa, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The roll-out sofa without armrests can be used folded. Such models usually have an additional tier, which is hidden under the seat, if necessary, it can be pushed forward. So that there are no differences in height between the parts of the sofa, manufacturers of upholstered furniture often complement the models with soft pillows.
  • When choosing a sofa, you should pay attention to its shape, since the choice is quite large today. Remember that the original shape of the product does not always guarantee convenience and comfort.
  • Before buying upholstered furniture, you need to determine the place where it will be located. This will allow you to choose a sofa of the desired dimensions. If you want to put a sofa without armrests in one of the corners of the room, then you should buy the corner option.
  • Compact models without armrests are very popular due to their versatility. It is suitable for both small and spacious rooms. Do not forget about the manufacturer's warranty, since the warranty period for high-quality and reliable sofas is at least 1.5 years.

You can learn everything about the convenience of this design from the video below.

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