Provence style sofas

Provence style sofas
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Recently, rustic-style interiors are very popular. Not only owners of private houses, but also city apartments apply to such a design. An interesting and simple direction looks great in any home, especially if you beat it correctly. To do this, you need to choose the right finish and, of course, furniture. Today we will talk about stylish and attractive Provence style sofas.


The upholstered furniture in the charming Provence style is characterized by soft and wavy shapes that speak in every way about their unsurpassed comfort characteristics.

A style like "Provence" is a real embodiment of home warmth and comfort. In various furniture options, it assumes the predominance of natural, environmentally friendly materials.

As a rule, sofas in a similar vein are equipped with high and soft backs. There are also models in which this part is completely made of wood.

Most often, such options are bought for country houses or summer cottages.

Some Provence style models are made entirely of wood. They often feature graceful transitions and neat notches. Such specimens look very interesting.

Sofas with wooden armrests or legs made of similar material are in great demand. These details are often graceful and carved. Natural wood is most often used for such elements, which makes them not only beautiful, but also durable.

Wooden details look especially cozy in a general ensemble with textile upholstery in Provencal style. These can be miniature prints, delicate monochromatic colors, stripes of different tones, images of flowers, animals, leaves, etc.

Furniture in the style of "Provence" can have not only straight, but also an angular design. The second option is more impressive in size, so it looks better in spacious and well-lit rooms.

Upholstered furniture in a similar vein is often complemented by pillows. With these decorative details, the model looks more harmonious and comfortable, despite their small size. Pillows are made in the same color scheme as the furniture upholstery or have a contrasting color, but suitable for the seats.

Do not think that Provencal-style interiors are frankly rural and unfashionable. If you choose the right furniture and finishes, you will end up with a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere that neither you nor your guests will want to leave.


Provence style sofas are different. Consider the most popular and attractive options that are in demand among modern consumers.

Straight sofas

The most common are classic straight sofas. Most often they are small and double. Such models are equipped with rounded and soft armrests, spring and plump seats, as well as comfortable high backrests with soft upholstery. They look incredibly gentle and comfortable.

With the help of such a detail in the interior, you can effectively transform the room.

Sofas with armrests

In straight versions, the armrests can be not only soft, but also wooden. Most often in such structures there are wooden legs, made in the same color as the sides.Often, wood inserts completely frame furniture. Beautiful carved edging in such models is located on the sides, back, legs and lower part of the seats. They can be painted in a contrasting color.

These options look very elegant and expensive.

Corner sofas

In furniture stores, you can find a large assortment of corner sofas in the French country style. Such models are larger and take up more space, since they have plump and voluminous parts that are not compact in size.

As a rule, corner furniture in this design has an L-shape and fits well into spacious rooms.

Pull-out sofas

Today, many apartment owners are faced with a catastrophic shortage of free space and are choosing comfortable pull-out sofas. In such options, there is an additional berth located under the upper cushions or backrest, depending on the available mechanism.

Such models are multifunctional. When assembled, they will not take up a lot of free space, but if you unfold them, then these sofas can easily turn into a full-fledged double bed.

Modern manufacturers offer a choice of customers with guest options with simple mechanisms that are suitable for occasional use and accommodation of guests who spent the night at your place or more durable copies that can be operated on a daily basis.

Wrought iron sofas

Elegant forged sofas in a Provencal style look very gentle and romantic. With the help of such upholstered furniture, you can create an attractive French interior.

Forged parts can be painted white or black. Both options look harmonious against the backdrop of soft seats and backs. Legs, armrests and a high back can be forged. Often, these elements are patterned intricacies that give furniture a magical look.

Popular models

Let's take a closer look at some of the popular Provence style sofas:

  • A soft and cozy model of a folding sofa called "Orleans" is in great demand. It has padded armrests, high seats and a mid-height backrest. Sofas are decorated with upholstery in a large or small floral print on a pastel background.

In this version, there is a folding mechanism and a reliable frame made of dry planed timber. Manufacturers offer models with or without an extra bed.

Compact double models "Orleans" are suitable for placement in a small room.

  • A striking model called "Luigi" from the Belfan company has graceful lines and luxurious design. In this product, the frame is completely made of solid wood without the use of cheap chipboard. The sophisticated models are triple and feature charming round and square cushions.

This attractive product will look spectacular not only in a Provencal interior, but also in an Italian-style setting.

  • The sofa "Amethyst" from the furniture factory MaestroMobili has an unsurpassed appearance. This corner model is dominated by rounded shapes. It is equipped with a spacious linen box under the side seat. Delicate model "Amethyst" is equipped with thin and neat armrests, as well as multi-colored pillows that look amazing against the background of a spring floral print.
  • Elegant and sophisticated design has a triple copy of "Lady Marie" by Fabian Smith. It is equipped with neat dark wood legs, which look impressive against the backdrop of high-quality textile upholstery with floral prints.

More than 10 variants of multi-colored fabrics with different images are presented for the choice of consumers.

Decor options

Original pieces of furniture in the direction of "Provence" look even more interesting if they are supplemented with suitable decorative details:

  • The most common options are throw pillows. There can be many of them. As a rule, such parts are small to medium in size. The shapes can be different, but the most popular are round and square pillows.
  • Many Provencal models feature decorative furniture carnations. As a rule, they are located on soft backs, forming a beautiful embossed pattern.
  • Capes with floral prints and a flared bottom that form beautiful flounces or folds of fabric look very beautiful on Provencal sofas. Often, such decorative details in the Provencal style adorn ottomans and armchairs, forming a harmonious ensemble in conjunction with a sofa.

Beautiful photos of design in the interior

Let's take a closer look at several attractive examples of design in the popular Provence style:

  • A double soft sofa of dull yellow color with pale purple flowers will look spectacular against the background of light peach-colored walls, a white wooden floor and a light stretch ceiling. The room should be complemented by a large ceiling chandelier in a classic style with light fabric shades, an ottoman with yellow and purple stripes, a soft flesh-colored rug and a decorative white lantern.

You can also arrange potted flowers around the sofa.

  • Arrange two light yellow three-seater sofas in the shape of the letter D. In the resulting free corner, place a white wood coffee table in front of them. Place light wooden tables with glass tops on the sides of the sofas and place lamps with pink shades on them. Such a simple ensemble will harmoniously look against the background of beige or pale yellow walls, a white ceiling and laminate flooring, large windows with orange curtains.
  • The cream three-seater sofa with curved soft armrests will look harmonious against the wallpaper with the image of golden patterned prints. Near the armrests on the right and left, you can put small white tables for round lamps with yellow shades. The white ceiling should be decorated with an elegant dark brown chandelier with white shades, and the white wooden floor should be decorated with a brown-yellow carpet.

A large painting in pastel colors should be hung over the sofa.

  • If you are the owner of a studio apartment, you can put a double sofa with floral prints and wooden armrests near one of the walls and complement it with two wooden bedside tables with table lamps. These details look interesting against the background of the walls decorated with decorative aged wood. The wall on the side of the sofa can be pasted over with photomurals with French motives. The ensemble is completed with a large white hanging chandelier and a small gray carpet on the laminate.

This area can be separated from the rest of the space with a low, light-colored fence in the form of a decorative fence.

  • A corner white sofa with a textile cape can be placed in the corner of a room with beige or dull gray walls. If there is a window behind the sofa, then it should be decorated with white curtains with blue floral prints. A low table made of bleached wood should be placed in front of the sofa, and small paintings in retro style and decorative plates should be hung above the back of the furniture.
  • A three-seater yellow sofa with small green prints against a background of dull lemon or light orange walls will look gentle and cozy. Chairs with similar upholstery can be placed to the left and right of the sofa. A light table with curved legs will find its place in front of the sofa.

The white ceiling can be supplemented with a white hanging chandelier with light shades, and a soft brown carpet can be laid on the floor.

  • A set of a white sofa with red prints and an armchair in a similar design will look spectacular against a background of wallpaper with similar images and a light floor lined with laminate. A small picture with a white frame will find its place above the upholstered furniture, and in front of the sofa you can put a small square table for a tea set. A red carpet with yellow prints should be laid on the floor in front of the furniture.
  • An interesting cream-colored sofa with fringed armrests can be placed in a room with pale coffee walls, a large window, light wood floors and tiered ceilings. In such an area, you can install a couple of Provence style armchairs, high blue and white bedside tables for table lamps, a hanging chandelier and luxurious green curtains on the window. To prevent the wall behind the sofa from looking empty, you can complement it with a small rectangular painting.

The room will not appear dull and gloomy when decorated with a large peach-colored floor carpet.

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