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In modern conditions, very often many are looking for such a multifunctional piece of upholstered furniture, which would be successfully and simply transformed into various other products. The most popular type of sofas these days are not everyone's usual transforming sofas, but bunk sofas, which give the opportunity to build a bunk bed from an ordinary place to rest and sleep.


The most important functional feature of such a sofa is the fact that it can be used to expand the sleeping place by one and a half to two times, while significantly saving space in the room in which such a piece of furniture is installed.

Such a sofa unfolds upwards.

This is just a great solution for small apartments., where there are a lot of people, and a great way out for parents who have children of different sexes. Such a bunk sofa will help you easily accommodate some family members without cluttering the room with folding beds, other folding furniture and other bulky sleeping places.

Not all sofas of this type unfold quickly, sometimes it is necessary to make some efforts in order to turn such a versatile sofa into a bunk bed. However, there are also such models of transforming sofas that even a child can turn into a bed.

When choosing, you must clearly understand what kind of model you really need.

So, among the main characteristics of such structures, the following can be distinguished:

  1. When assembled, it is an ordinary standard piece of furniture.therefore this product can be installed in any room of your home. It will perfectly take its place in rooms with limited space.
  2. Availability of several types of sofa designs. Such items can become not only bunk beds, but also wardrobes. They are complemented by tables. These sofas are often equipped with convenient storage containers for various household items.
  3. These sofas are equipped with durable ladders, which in the design play the role of a limiter, which is important if the sofa model was originally assembled incorrectly.
  4. The design of the bunk sofa can support up to 150 kg of weight.


There is still no unified classification of such transforming sofas, which can be turned into a double seat in a couple of minutes. Such pieces of furniture are usually divided into several types.

Cabinet-shaped model

This is a fairly popular model of a transforming sofa, which allows you to significantly save space in small rooms. Usually, outside of such a structure there is a wardrobe that can be originally decorated (to match the style of the entire interior) and has shelves and drawers where you can store all kinds of useful things and clothes.

In such products, you can often find doors made of wood, glass, mirror surfaces.

Sometimes they are equipped with a table or chest of drawers.

Retractable models

The main role here is played not by the main frame of the structure itself, but by its body:

  • On its two levels there are planes for sleeping and resting.
  • Large boxes for linen are located under the lower seat of such products.
  • In the daytime, the lower tier of such an impromptu bed is hidden in a separate niche, at night the transforming furniture becomes a double bed.

It is worth noting that in many models of such beds, sleeping places are often used separately.

Folding option

This is a fairly simple and most reliable design, in which the upper tier of a bunk bed is formed by a quick "pulling" of the seat and (if any) - armrests. The lower tier is transformed from the back. It should be borne in mind that such an uncomplicated design requires the installation of special brackets on the wall - for enhanced support of the tier.

The gas lift sofa is also related to folded transformer models. - as usual, the bottom shelf of the sofa is located under the main seat. For unfolding, the bottom bunk swings up and the top seat folds back and becomes another sleeping place.

A very popular among consumers is such a folding model of a two-story sofa, in which the lower sleeping place is located inside the structure itself. During the transformation, the "hidden" seat leans upwards onto special folding supports, and a lounger is taken out of the box under it. The upper tier of such a "bed" is fixed with a reinforced support with a solid ladder and comfortable sides.

Loft sofa

Another very interesting version of the transforming sofa is the loft sofa, whose design is due to the location at the level of the second tier of a full double bed.

Most often, such a piece of furniture can be found in children's rooms - these are the safest types of bunk beds. You can climb up the stairs, which at the same time can be drawers for storing various things. Under the bed of the upper tier, there is most often a spacious wardrobe, as well as a desk, convenient for work.

Such a functional set takes up two times less space than a regular children's headset.

Popular models and brands

Having decided to purchase a stylish and modern bunk sofa for your home, you will need to get acquainted with the main manufacturers of this type of furniture and those brands that have already earned positive consumer reviews and have proven themselves well in the furniture market.


It is worth paying attention to the products of the Italian furniture factory Proteas, the production of various transforming sofas is their strong point. Among the wide range of sofa products, you can choose any bunk sofa for your home - both for a children's room, and for a living room, bedroom.

It is very easy to lay out such a sofa. The following video will tell you more about how to do this.

Coupe sofa

Coupe Sofa sofas are made in Greece, but have many fans in our country. This furniture has a minimalistic design, and the transformation is carried out in 10-15 seconds. You just need to remove the sofa cushions, pull the loop over yourself, raise the structure and fix the ladder and stopper.

According to the transformation principle, the “Coupe Sofa” bunk sofa resembles the popular “dolphin” design, when a piece of furniture turns into a bed with two berths using a special mechanism on the hood.

Unlike the "dolphin", where the movement is horizontal, for this sofa it is moved to a vertical plane.


If you want to buy a two-story sofa from a domestic manufacturer, then you will not find anything better than Andersen products on furniture sites. Here you can choose for yourself an original wardrobe bed "Solo", "Veritas" or a comfortable bunk bed "Duos".

All furniture is characterized by high performance characteristics.

Advantages of buying transforming sofas from Andersen:

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Strength, reliability and durability of mechanisms, their silent operation.
  • Sofa upholstery materials are durable and easy to clean.
  • Practicality and functionality - in any apartment you can find a place for a bunk sofa from the Andersen company.

Selection Tips

Consider the following helpful tips:

  • First you need to clearly understand what size and height sofa-transformer you need. To do this, you need to consider whether you buy it for use by adults or children. The height of a standard bunk sofa is usually about 180 cm. Children's models are usually no higher than 115-120 cm. The length of the sleeping place for an adult and a child will also differ significantly.
  • Pay special attention to the quality of the construction. It must be made of high-strength materials, there must be no scratches, chips and deformations on it - a confirmation that it has not been previously used. It is important to carefully consider the control mechanism, make sure that all fasteners are strong, and that they are in full serviceability. These criteria are very important.
  • The selected model of a two-tier sleeping place should be moderately soft and as comfortable as possible, so check it out in the store without hesitation.
  • It should also be borne in mind that the assembly and disassembly of this piece of furniture should be carried out without problems. If you are going to use this sofa for its intended purpose every day, then it is best for you to immediately choose a model that has a mechanism of gas lifts and springs. Such a model is worth a lot, but it is easy and pleasant to operate it.
  • You should think about which model of a two-tier structure will best fit into the existing interior of the room., and for this it is necessary to take into account the color, the originality of the design, the finishing elements of other types of furniture.
  • Consider the level of functionality of your new piece of upholstered furniture. Decide whether you need drawers or a wardrobe, shelves in a small room where such a sofa will be installed, or it is not very important for you whether your transformer will have additional features.
  • Never buy bunk sofas with legs. Sooner or later, three or four people will sit on the lower tier, and these legs will simply break.
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