Foam rubber for the sofa

Foam rubber for the sofa
  1. Which is better - a spring or foam sofa?
  3. Varieties of brands and their purpose
  4. What furniture foam rubber is better to choose?
  5. How to replace?
  6. What is the price?

Foam rubber is very often used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. It is used for sofas, armchairs and mattresses. The internal filling of upholstered furniture is very important, since it depends on the convenience and comfort of the product.

Which is better - a spring or foam sofa?

Frequently encountered today sofas of two varieties: spring and foam. Each option has advantages, therefore, it is in demand:

  • Spring block consists of double-cone springs made of high quality wire. They are connected to each other using staples or wire. This design is characterized by rigidity. It guarantees the correct body position during the night's rest. The load is not applied to the entire spring block, but only to those places where contact occurs. When a person lies on such a sofa, the load does not go to the spine, but is evenly distributed throughout the body.

Due to its stiffness and increased strength, the spring block can support a lot of weight, so it is often chosen for people who weigh more than 110 kg. To avoid unpleasant sensations from the springs, batting, spunbond, felt or polyurethane are laid on top of them.

  • Foam rubber or polyurethane foam is a high-volume material with a porous structure. It can be used alone or in tandem with other materials. Foam rubber consists of thick-walled cells that are filled with air. Thanks to this structure, it is characterized by elasticity and lightness. Foam rubber quickly restores its original shape, is durable and reliable. It can be of different hardness, which is especially important for upholstered furniture.

This material is ideal for people prone to allergic reactions. It is safe for health, since it is treated with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal composition before being used in furniture production.

The spring block and foam rubber are durable materials. They are characterized by convenience and comfort in use. But foam rubber is relatively cheaper. Therefore, it is impossible to give an exact answer to the question of which sofa is better. Each option is suitable for a pleasant pastime and sleep.


Modern sofas come in different shapes, colors and designs. We are used to frame sofas, since there are a lot of them on sale. Manufacturers use natural wood or metal for the frame. To create a comfortable and comfortable sofa, filler must be used.

Today, a sofa without a frame made of foam cushions is in great demand. It is often purchased for children's rooms. The frameless sofa is characterized by convenience and comfort.

A sofa without a frame, but with foam cushions, will ideally fit into many styles. It looks luxurious in high-tech and fusion style, avant-garde and pop art, eclecticism and eco-style.

If you like Japanese minimalism, then such upholstered furniture will become a worthy decoration of a fashionable interior.

A frameless foam sofa has many advantages:

  • Minimalism in configuration and style.
  • Convenience and comfort. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Fits perfectly into various styles, and also looks harmoniously in an ensemble with original accessories.
  • It can be easily moved to the desired place and used as an additional seating position.
  • It can be used for zoning space and as a place for spending time together.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the body. You can relax perfectly on the comfortable sofa.

Varieties of brands and their purpose

There are many brands of foam rubber, which provides freedom of choice for both buyers and manufacturers of upholstered furniture.

Main varieties:

  • ST - standard (its density ranges from 16 to 35 kg / m³). Due to its low cost, many manufacturers of upholstered furniture use it. But it will last no more than a year, therefore, if you buy a sofa with such a filler, then for a summer residence.
  • EL - increased rigidity (from 22 to 35 kg / m³). It is not intended for upholstered furniture.
  • HL - hard (density 25 and 40 kg / m³). This option can be used in the production of sofas for offices or home. It is suitable for people who like to sleep on a hard surface. This filler is strictly prohibited for children.
  • HS - soft (from 20 to 45 kg / m³);
  • HR - highly elastic (from 30 to 50 kg / m³). An excellent option for upholstered furniture. This foam rubber is usually called artificial latex, since latex is added during its manufacture.
  • HR * - highly elastic with a high level of comfort (from 30 to 55 kg / m³).

To designate the brand of filler, not only letters are used, but also four numbers, of which the first two are responsible for its density, the last two indicate the compressive stress. For example, the EL 2535 grade is characterized by increased rigidity, has a density of 25 kg / m³ and a compressive stress of 3.5 kPa.

What furniture foam rubber is better to choose?

When choosing a sofa, be sure to pay attention to its convenience and comfort. The filling of upholstered furniture plays a huge role, so it is worth asking what kind of foam rubber was used as a filler for the product. A variety of brands can lead to confusion, but you should not be guided by price when choosing a filler for upholstered furniture, since thickness and density are important criteria for choosing this material.

An excellent filler for upholstered furniture is foam rubber with a density of 30 kg / m³. A sofa with such it is ideal for both sitting and lying. It is practical because the filler does not sag over time.

The service life of upholstered furniture directly depends on the density of the foam rubber.

The higher the density, the longer the product will be like new.

Typically, different density fillers are used for the seat, armrests and backrests. It is customary to use low density material for the armrests.

Another important criterion is thickness.

If you plan to use a sofa for sleeping, then the thickness of the filler should not be less than 4 cm.

Manufacturers do not take this indicator seriously, and in order to save money, they use foam rubber with a thickness of 2 to 3 cm.

To find out the density of foam rubber, you should pay attention to its marking, since the first two digits are used to designate it. If you are looking for a hard sofa, then the last two numbers will help. Usually this figure is 40 units.

How to replace?

If the sofa after long-term use has lost its elasticity, and it is inconvenient to sleep on it, then you can replace the filler. This process is time consuming, but you can do it yourself if you adhere to the main stages and have basic skills in this area:

  • the sofa must be taken apart;
  • remove the upholstery from the product;
  • remove the old filler;
  • make a pattern;
  • attach new filler to all parts of the sofa: sides, back and seat;
  • drag each component part with a new upholstery;
  • assemble the product.

For information on how to replace foam rubber at home, see the next video.

In order for the process of replacing foam rubber to go quickly and correctly, several rules should be followed:

  • When removing old filler, the frame must be thoroughly cleaned and all staples removed.
  • The pattern should be made taking into account the 7 or 8 cm allowance, which is calculated for the inside. The allowance should be done only where the foam comes out to the inside. Otherwise, you will not be able to fold or unfold the sofa later.
  • On the seat, the filler is usually placed on a block of springs, but first you need to lay a dense fabric and, using a strong thread, grab it in several places. After that, you can already put foam rubber.
  • For seats, the filler is usually applied in two layers. This guarantees softness and durability.
  • To increase the comfort of upholstered furniture after fixing the foam rubber to the frame with staples, it should be covered with a canvas cloth.

What is the price?

Modern brands of foam rubber are presented in different prices. The pricing of the filler is influenced by its quality, density and thickness. Typically, upholstered furniture manufacturers order filler directly from manufacturers, bypassing suppliers.

In hardware stores, you can buy foam rubber in solid sheets. They are presented in such sizes - 1000x2000, 1200x2000, 1600x2000 and 2000x2000 mm. If small cuts are needed, then they are sold by kilograms.

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