Corner sofa in the interior

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Models and shapes
  3. We transform into a sleeping place
  4. Choosing for the kitchen and hall
  5. How to put in the room?
  6. What to look for when choosing?
  7. Interior design ideas

Corner sofas have a stylish, attractive design. Such upholstered furniture is rightfully recognized as the most functional and practical. Today, the choice of such models is greater than ever. You can find the perfect piece for any interior.

Features and Benefits

Corner sofas have an aesthetic design that is in harmony with many interior styles. With the help of such furniture, you can radically change the external design of the room.

Many people think that corner models are too large and unwieldy, but they are not. In fact, such products save space. For example, an L-shaped sofa can fill empty corners. In this case, you can use both a compact and a large-sized specimen.

It is impossible not to mention the spaciousness of furniture with corner structures. Even on a small sofa of this shape, five people can easily fit and everyone will be very comfortable.

Beautiful models are also practical. They may contain various additions in the form of spacious linen drawers, bookshelves built into the armrests, a small bar and even a safe with a combination lock.

Sofas equipped with functional mechanisms that turn them into a full-fledged sleeping place are in great demand.

On sale you can find a huge number of corner sofas with a variety of systems, from the usual "French folding bed" to the modern Eurobook. You can choose the right option for both rare and daily use.

Such pieces of furniture are especially relevant if the living area of ​​an apartment or house does not allow organizing a more spacious sleeping place.

Models and shapes

Corner sofas can be L-shaped and U-shaped:

  • The simplest and most popular are L-shaped models. They are small in size and look great in both spacious and small rooms. In a furniture store, you can also find a larger version, which is a real constructor, in which the parts can be swapped at your discretion. For example, outwardly, they can look like a simple linear sofa with a separate bedside table or ottoman. Often, the latter in such cases is used as a small berth.
  • U-shaped corner sofas are modular. These models look great in medium to large rooms. As a rule, such furniture becomes the "heart" of the room, its bright accent. These sofas are equipped with folding mechanisms and can be used as an extra bed. If the living area allows you to choose a large U-shaped sofa with a corner structure, then you can use it to create a luxurious interior. Often, such furniture is placed in the center of the living room, placing other items around it. Sometimes in U-shaped sofas there are several functional details at once, from linen drawers to a small bar.

We transform into a sleeping place

Today, models of corner sofas are in great demand, which have folding or sliding mechanisms that easily turn them into a spacious sleeping place:

  • A popular system is the Eurobook. It is an improved version of a regular book.In use, sofas with these mechanisms are very comfortable and simple. Even a fragile girl or child can decompose such a model. "Eurobooks" are transformed by pushing the seat forward and lowering the back to the vacant space. It is recommended to choose models in which the lower part is equipped with casters. These details are needed so that over time, no ugly marks remain on the floor from the retractable part.
  • Another common mechanism for corner sofas is the "pantograph". This system is a modified "Eurobook". It does not harm the flooring. In such structures, additional springs are attached to the metal frame complete with the mechanism. They allow you to transform the sofa into a sleeping place using a kind of "steps" along the arc. Because of this, this mechanism has received another well-known name - "walking" or "tick-tock".

It is worth noting that multifunctional corner sofas with such a mechanism cost a little more than an ordinary "book" or "eurobook", but they are very comfortable, they can be used every day.

  • Not so long ago, folding sofas with a system called "dolphin" appeared on the upholstered furniture market... The transformation of such models is carried out by extending the box with the mechanism and raising the berth. Today, such options are popular, as they unfold very easily and quickly. Additional boxes for storing linen in these systems are provided for the corner segment only.

Sofa beds with dolphin mechanism are suitable for daily use.

  • It is impossible not to mention the sofas with the system "accordion". They literally unfold in one movement, but they also have their drawbacks. The transformation of accordion systems is difficult as it requires pulling half of the sofa towards you with some effort. A convenient spring block or orthopedic mattress cannot be installed on the frames in these mechanisms.
  • The mechanism is less popular today Sedaflex in sofas with a corner structure. This is because it cannot be used for regular use. Such furniture can be used exclusively as a simple guest bed to accommodate guests who have spent the night. Another name for "sedaflex" is "French clamshell". To transform this mechanism, it is necessary to remove the upper cushions, pull it by the special handle located on the front part and set it horizontally. Then you need to unfold the upper sections onto the support legs.

Choosing for the kitchen and hall

Corner sofas are often placed in the kitchen. It is not recommended to buy models with light textile upholstery for such rooms, as they will quickly become unusable. If you have purchased furniture with a fabric finish, then it is better to buy covers for it.

An ideal option would be a luxurious corner sofa upholstered in genuine leather. Outwardly, such pieces of furniture look expensive and beautiful, and their surface is easily cleaned of stains and does not absorb foreign odors. If you have purchased a more affordable version, upholstered with leatherette, then it is also recommended to protect it with covers, since such a material is less wear-resistant.

Such upholstered furniture in the interior of the kitchen can be a great way to distinguish the dining area from the cooking area. To do this, you can choose a model in bright or contrasting colors.

For the kitchen, L-shaped sofas are more often bought. They can be placed in the corner, and a dining table can be placed in front of them and supplemented with chairs, placing them near the free edge.

Corner sofas look very harmonious in the living room.... In the conditions of the hall, both practical leather and less wear-resistant options with textile upholstery look great. Such furniture allows you to competently dispose of the available space.The folding models can accommodate friends and relatives who stay overnight with you.

Modern manufacturers produce a huge number of beautiful sofas in a variety of styles, from classic to Provence. With the help of such a detail, you can set the tone for the room and create a fashionable interior, surrounding this piece of furniture with elements that are suitable in style.

The popularity of corner structures in a living room is also due to the fact that several people can be accommodated on it at once. A small coffee table will look harmoniously opposite the furniture. Such a cozy atmosphere will surely attract friendly conversations.

How to put in the room?

Accommodation options:

  • The most common is the placement of a corner sofa near one of the walls. This will free up enough space in the center of the room.
  • Not so long ago, it was not customary in our country to place such furniture. near the window, but today such a solution has become very popular. In any case, it will not be possible to arrange large-sized furniture by the window, and a corner sofa with a low back will not cover the window opening and will not interfere with the natural lighting of the room.
  • If we are talking about a studio apartment, then upholstered furniture with a corner structure is most often placed in it. against the wall or behind the kitchen area... Thus, sofas become not only comfortable seats, but also dividers of the living and dining areas.
  • In a large area, you can put two corner sofas opposite each other... This option for placing upholstered furniture will form a separate recreation area.

What to look for when choosing?

Before buying a corner sofa, you need to measure the room in which you plan to put it. This will allow you to select the model that has the most suitable size.

The color of the upholstered furniture should match the tone of the room. You should not buy too bright and colorful models if the walls in the room are made in a similar way, as you run the risk of making an interior that is too catchy. This also applies to dark wall and floor finishes. Against such a background, models of pastel or snow-white shades will look more harmonious. Otherwise, the ensemble will turn out to be too gloomy and gloomy.

Pay special attention to the upholstery. The most expensive are models upholstered in genuine leather. More affordable prices differ options from eco-leather, leatherette and different types of textiles.

Before buying, you should carefully inspect the surface of the furniture. All seams and lines on it should be perfectly straight and neat. Check the working order of all the mechanisms of the sofa.

Interior design ideas

Popular design options:

  1. A stylish laconic ensemble will turn out if you put beige L-shaped sofa with dark armrests in a room with cream walls and dark brown laminate flooring. A glass coffee table and a white fleecy carpet will find their place opposite the upholstered furniture. Small monochrome paintings should be hung over the sofa.
  2. Gray fabric sofa will look spectacular against the background of decorative white and brown bricks, as well as a wooden floor and ceiling. Some bright details should be added to such a setting: a round hanging chandelier with a red shade, red decorative pillows and a black wooden table in front of the sofa.
  3. Black L-shaped sofa can be placed in a small room with white walls and ceiling and light brown laminate flooring. Dilute the contrast of furniture and decoration with monochrome paintings on the walls, a gray carpet on the floor and decorative pillows in neutral colors. Opposite the upholstered furniture, a coffee table and a TV stand will find their place.
  4. Bright red sofa can be placed in a room with cream walls and light laminate. Opposite the furniture, you should put a wooden table in a red shade and lay a shaggy brown rug on the floor.Indoor windows can be decorated with light curtains.

For information on how to choose the right sofa, see the next video.

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