Convertible sofas

Convertible sofas
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Since ancient times, people have furnished their homes with upholstered furniture. Most often these were various modifications of sofas. Today this piece of furniture has become more functional and comfortable in comparison with the models of the past. Currently, the transforming sofa is very popular.

Features and Benefits

The transforming sofa has a lot of advantages in comparison with other interior items. As a rule, this piece of furniture has compact dimensions, and therefore it is the best option for small-sized apartments and small premises. The functionality of transforming sofas allows them to be used not only as a cozy and comfortable place for evening gatherings of households and guests, but also for sleeping. Some models are equipped with additional storage systems (shelves, niches), and others even with small tables.

The variety of modern models offered today by many manufacturers allows you to choose a model in any configuration.

Their versatility allows you to install this piece of furniture in absolutely any room, be it a living room, bedroom, nursery or even a kitchen-dining room.

The transforming sofa is especially in demand among the owners of studio apartments.

Due to the fact that the models of such sofas are small, as a rule, a lot of dust does not accumulate under them and therefore cleaning will not take much time and effort. All modern models have strong and reliable designs, since high-quality materials and proven transformation mechanisms are used for their manufacture.

Built-in mechanisms are characterized by ease of use. It is not only easy to manage them, but also very convenient and therefore any person can cope with the transformation mechanism, be it a fragile woman or a small child.

Another argument in favor of choosing a transforming sofa can be called significant cost savings, since the design of such a sofa replaces two, and in some cases more interior items.


Today, manufacturers of transforming sofas are trying to take into account the tastes and preferences of buyers, releasing models of various shapes and designs. The shape of any model can be straight, angular, semicircular and U-shaped. There are also variants of irregular shape. The most common shapes are straight and angular models, the rest are a variation of these two shapes.

  • Straight sofa in the classic style, it can have absolutely any look: a book, a roll-out model, a couch or an accordion. A book, a couch and models with a click-gag mechanism are varieties that unfold in the shortest possible time.
  • For options with draw-out or draw-out mechanism it takes a little more time due to the setting in motion of special mounts. In addition, when transforming such models, the berth can be located both along the straight line of the sofa, and parallel to the armrests.
  • Recently gaining popularity bunk transformer models... A feature of such a sofa is a complex composite mechanism, with the help of which an ordinary-looking straight sofa turns into a completely comfortable bunk bed. The transformation into the second tier can be done with the backrest, seat and lower part of the product.During the day, such a sofa is a complete resting place, and at night it turns into two cozy single beds.
  • An interesting variation of the direct option is sofa with retractable corner... Thanks to the transformation mechanism, such a model turns from a straight structure into a small corner version. In order to turn this option into a comfortable bed, it is enough just to push the remaining part forward and the sleeping place is ready. The corner model consists of two parts, where, as a rule, one part is longer than the other, but there are more modern options in which both parts are the same size. Thanks to various transformation mechanisms, any model turns into a comfortable bed with a berth of a certain size.

In addition, corner sofas are equipped with spacious drawers for linen, and some models are equipped with retractable shelves and niches of various configurations.

  • A variety of corner options are models in the shape of the letter P... They are usually installed in large rooms and are usually located in the center of the room. They can be equilateral or versatile. During the transformation, the sleeping area has significant dimensions.
  • Round convertible sofa refers to a variety of U-shaped options. Both the back and the armrests can be transformed in such a model. When folded, the product looks like a semicircle or an arc.
  • The varieties of products that transform into a comfortable double bed include frameless option... Convenient and at the same time compact inflatable sofa when folded does not take up much space. For decomposition, you only need to fold forward the two sections connected to each other, and the sleeping place is ready. Despite its lightness, it can withstand a load of up to 200 kg.

By the number of berths, direct transformers can form one, two, and sometimes three berths. The one-bed version is endowed with miniature dimensions and, as a rule, looks like a couch. The double version is versatile and most often used in various modifications.

A three-seater sofa is a type of two-tier option. During the transformation, one sleeping place is formed in the upper tier and two places in the lower part with an orthopedic base consisting of lamellas.

By configuration

The configuration of convertible sofas can be different. In addition to a bed for sleeping, such models can be transformed into other pieces of furniture.

The most common is the roll-out version, in which there is a table. The three-in-one model is at the same time a double bed, a soft sofa and a dining table. When folded, the table is part of the sofa. The table top is located at the back and acts as the back of the sofa, while the table legs act as armrests. To transform, you just need to remove the pillows, pull the back of the sofa (table top) towards you and a great dining table is ready to use.

There are more complicated models, where sofa combined with wardrobe... The 3-in-1 design consists of a sofa frame with soft pillows, a bed frame, which is also a supporting back of the sofa, supporting legs of the bed, which are at the same time a shelf when the bed is raised and a pencil case into which the bed base is removed. At night, the bed reclines, and becomes a comfortable bed for sleeping, and in the daytime, the bed frame is removed into the closet and a soft cozy sofa opens up.

A variation of this modification is sofa wall... In addition to the wardrobe designed to hide the base of the bed, the design includes additional wardrobes with many shelves and open niches of various sizes and purposes. Such models belong to folding structures. They usually use straight or angled sofas.Some models of transformers can also combine the function of a chest of drawers. A folding sofa chest of drawers allows you to store bedding and other things in the drawers of the structure.

More expensive configurations include designs that combine many functions in a single product. These include modular sofas... The modular version is assembled from armchair and sofa sections, which can be interchanged, disconnected and rearranged some of the elements to another place. This unique design is more than 5 in 1. The seating position is transformed into a comfortable sleeping place using an electrically driven mechanism.

Using the same mechanism, a part of the sofa can be used as a chaise longue. In addition, these models have a built-in table and bar.

The cost of these sofas is very high, but there are modular options at an affordable price. These include sofas, the basis of which consists of ottomans... Due to the mobility of structural elements, you can create various options at your discretion. A straight version or a sofa corner can be assembled quickly and easily, due to the fact that the elements are not fastened to each other.

The ottomans themselves are boxes for storing various things. Mobile ottomans make it possible to create a double bed or two single beds. All modules can be additionally equipped with open shelves, pillows and tables. Ottomans can be in the shape of a cube or have a different look (circle, arc and other types).

Modular options include block sofas... Thanks to the blocks, you can design not only an excellent double or two single beds, but also build a sofa by creating a back and seat at your discretion. Simple configurations include a foldable inflatable transformer that can be used not only as a sofa and bed, but also as a sun lounger, mattress and couch.

By appointment

Most of the convertible models are universal products. But there are options that are suitable for specific premises.

For a small room small options are suitable that combine two, and sometimes three pieces of furniture. The model that folds out into a bunk bed is a great option for teenagers. Especially if there are two children living in the room and they require two different beds. The recreation area in this case remains common.

When assembled, this roomy sofa is a great place to relax and receive guests.

This option is an excellent solution not only for children's rooms, but also for a small apartment, since the transformation takes place vertically upwards and no free space is required in front of the sofa. The vacant space can be taken with other furniture. In addition, the bunk option is an excellent solution for two people living in a small space and not a couple.

For the living room, depending on the available area, slightly different options are suitable. In a small room, a sofa table or an option that combines a comfortable seating area and a bed will look good.

If the living room is at the same time sleeping, then the best option would be a sofa wall or sofa wardrobe.

In larger living rooms and studio apartments various modular systems of the usual U-shaped or L-shaped shapes, as well as options for a round or arched appearance with various transformation mechanisms, will look equally good.

Transformer products can be selected not only for standard apartments and studio apartments, but also for country housesintended for summer vacations for all household members. For a summer cottage, a mobile inflatable transformer is suitable, capable of taking several positions, as well as a block modular version. Thanks to the mobility of the blocks, various options can be made and installed anywhere in the gazebo.

If the gazebo is closed, then you can install a sofa corner or a small U-shaped version, which can be transformed, if desired, into a comfortable sleeping place.

Dimensions (edit)

All transformable products have different sizes. The dimensions of the sofa depend on the transformation mechanism and the purpose of the product.

Compact products include sofas that transform into bunk beds. As a rule, they have a length of no more than 212-230 cm, the width varies between 90-95 cm, and the height of the product depends on the position taken. When folded, such a product has a height of 77-80 cm, and after transformation into a bed position - 152-155 cm.The width of the upper and lower berth is in the range of 80-90 cm, and the length is 195-200 cm.

Products in which the berth is perpendicular to the backrest, with the transformation mechanism, the accordion can be attributed to mini-versions. The length of the sofa in this case does not exceed 90-150 cm, and the width depends on the position taken. When folded, the width has a value equal to 90 cm, during transformation it increases to 200-210 cm.

For overall corner products and U-shaped options, as a rule, large sizes are characteristic. The length of a standard corner sofa varies between 230-280 cm, and the width is between 150-180 cm. Modular sofas can form a structure that reaches a length of 3 meters or more. Round and semicircular transforming sofas are more suitable for living rooms with an area of ​​more than 25 square meters. m. The diameter of such products varies within 2-2.5 m.

Materials (edit)

Any transformable sofa is made from certain materials. Products with a rigid structure consist of a frame, filler and upholstery.


The frame can be made of chipboard, solid wood, metal, or a combination of these materials.

Less reliable is the frame made of chipboard. The best options for these products are wood and metal structures.

Wooden frames are strong and reliable; various tree species are used for their production. To protect them from insects, they are impregnated with special solutions, and so that the frame does not creak during operation, it is dried for a long time.

In some models with a complex transformation mechanism, the frames are made of metals. Since a complex step-by-step mechanism requires not only strength, but also the flexibility of the elements involved in the transformation. In modern models that provide for the placement of an orthopedic mattress, the base of the frame is equipped with lamellas, made, depending on the model, from a certain type of wood.


The types of filler depend on the specific model and location. The most common material is polyurethane foam. In seats, it is used either as an auxiliary layer in spring blocks, or it is stacked as an independent filler. For pillows and sides made of plywood, synthetic winterizer, holofiber or synthetic winterizer are used.


Today, thanks to modern technology, various materials are used as upholstery. The most popular and basic ones are leather, suede, jacquard, flock and velvet.

  • Leather sofa has a presentable appearance and can be installed in almost any room, be it a living room, study, bedroom or even a kitchen-dining room. The leather surface is less prone to dust accumulation. Such upholstery breathes, as the leather is capable of water absorption and water loss. In addition, a sofa upholstered in leather lends itself well to cleaning, especially with a damp wipe.

An alternative to leather upholstery is an artificial analogue that does not differ in appearance from a natural material.

  • Velvet upholstery has a soft fleecy surface. This fabric looks great on sophisticated sofas. Flock is a good alternative to velvet.This material, pleasant to the touch, is characterized by enviable strength and durability. In addition, flock is often coated with special agents, as a result of which the fabric acquires dirt and water repellency.
  • No less popular today, lint-free jacquard... It has sufficient strength and durability. In addition, it is unpretentious in maintenance, so this sofa can be installed in any room.

Transformation mechanisms

Each design has its own transformation mechanisms. Folding structures include models in the form of a book, a couch, as well as options with a click-gag system. The expanding types include models with an accordion system, as well as sofas with a French or American folding bed. But the most common mechanisms in transformable versions are withdrawable and withdrawable systems.

  • The most popular, simple and reliable mechanism is considered eurobook... In order to unfold a sofa with such a mechanism, it is necessary to pull out or roll out (if there are wheels) the seat forward and lower the back. The result is a fairly flat surface that is a sleeping place. This mechanism allows the product to be installed close to the wall.
  • Pantograph is a kind of Eurobook and refers to the improved transformation mechanisms. In order to prepare a sleeping place, you just need to pull the seat up a little, and then towards you. Gently lower the back of the sofa to the vacant space. This mechanism is equipped with a special synchronizer bar and a spring, thanks to which the seat of the product is transformed smoothly, without distortions.
  • Stepper sofa does not scratch the floor surface and forms a wide and level sleeping surface. The mechanism itself is robust, reliable and durable.
  • Nowadays, it is gaining more and more popularity rotary transformation mechanism (scissors)... Corner sofas are equipped with this mechanism. In order to turn the sofa into a double bed, you just need to turn the moving part of the product towards the fixed module and fasten both parts with a special latch. This mechanism does not scratch the floor surface and is easy to use, even a child can handle the transformation.

Selection Tips

When choosing a super multifunctional convertible sofa, you need to pay attention to many factors. In addition to the fact that a stylish sofa must have a modern look and high-quality upholstery, it must be equipped with a reliable transformation mechanism and correspond to the area of ​​the room. First of all, it is necessary to determine the place of installation and dimensions of the product. To do this, you need to measure the area of ​​the place where you plan to install the selected model.

It is necessary to take into account not only the dimensions in the folded state, but also calculate the area that will be needed when the sofa is unfolded.

When choosing the dimensions of the product, you need to pay attention to the size of the berth. For a good product, the width of the bed should be at least 140-160 cm.

When choosing elite modular systems endowed with many smart functions, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of fastening of individual modules, as well as to the ease of rearrangement of individual elements, if necessary. This selection rule also applies to original, unusual-shaped sofas.


Most of the people who bought transforming sofas were satisfied with their purchase. According to many people, sofas, combining several pieces of furniture in their design, helped not only save money, but also get a universal comfortable model for sleeping and relaxing. Many agree that a transforming sofa is the best option for small spaces.In addition, the presence of modern transformation mechanisms greatly facilitates the process of folding the sofa.

For information on how you can use transforming sofas, see the next video.

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