3 seater sofas

3 seater sofas
  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Views and styles
  3. Folding mechanisms
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. How to choose?
  7. Where to put it?
  8. Interior ideas

Modern manufacturers produce a huge number of sofas of various modifications. The most popular are two and three-seater models. The latter option is most suitable for a spacious room. Today we will analyze in detail the spacious three-seater sofas and their varieties.

Features and Benefits

Three-seater models of upholstered furniture are not compact in size, so they should be purchased for large rooms. With the help of a well-chosen product, you can set a certain tone for the interior and make it more functional.

It is worth noting that large sofas, consisting of three sections, are very practical and useful. On static non-folding models, you can have a great rest, since the dimensions of the seats are quite suitable for this. If the three-seater sofa is equipped with sliding structures or folding beds, then you can easily transform it into a full and spacious sleeping place.

Large and comfortable furniture can have different designs. Today, not only classic straight lines, but also angular options are very popular. They look stylish and modern. Three-seater sofas are perfect not only for home, but also for formal and office interiors. For example, a luxurious leather model of large sizes will look spectacular in the office of a reputable company.

Do not think that large-sized models can be placed only along one of the walls. In fact, a spacious three-seater sofa can be placed in the center of the room or near a window. It all depends only on your personal preferences and the area of ​​the room in which you plan to place the furniture.

Views and styles

There are several types of three-seater sofas. Each model is ideally suited to a particular style of interior. Let's take a closer look at the most popular options and environments with which they are in harmony.

  • If you want to create an interesting and creative interior, then you should take a closer look at the soft modular options. Such products do not have a rigid frame and can be transformed to your liking. Simply put, modular sofas are uncomplicated constructors. The seats in these variants can be separated from each other and placed in different rooms.
  • Three-seater sofas with corner structures take up much less space as they can be placed in the corner of the room. Often in such products there is a mechanism called "Dolphin", which allows you to transform an ordinary sofa into a comfortable and spacious sleeping place. Such models look best in interiors made in modern styles. For example, a laconic gray model with angular shapes will harmoniously look in a loft or high-tech ensemble.
  • The three-seater sofas without armrests have a modern design. Especially often, such options for upholstered furniture are chosen by people with high growth. It is a pleasure to rest on them, since the legs can be easily extended without resting on the side part. Such models are in harmony with many styles, but they should not be purchased for a room made in a classic style.
  • It's no secret that today many people are faced with a lack of free space in apartments.If you need to purchase separate lying places, but the area does not allow them to be placed, then you can turn to a three-seater transforming sofa that turns into a bunk bed. Often, parents turn to such folding sofas, who need to organize two separate sleeping places for their children.
  • Another common option is the business visitor sofa. Such furniture most often has a laconic appearance. These sofas are designed with mid-height legs, a rectangular flat seat and a small backrest. These types of sofas are hardly suitable for the home. Most often they can be seen at the reception, in the foyer and in the corridor of office buildings. They usually have leather upholstery that looks best in these types of environments.

Such pieces of furniture are placed in office buildings for visitors. They are not as soft as home sofas and are outwardly simpler.

  • Three-seater sofas for relaxation have a non-trivial design. They are very soft and airy. Such models take the shape of the human body. Their characteristics contribute to the complete relaxation of muscles and the release of tension accumulated over the course of the day.
  • Euro sofas or Eurobook sofas are very popular. They have improved mechanisms that surpass in their characteristics the designs of conventional books. To transform this model, you need to pull the seat forward. Behind him, the backrest will lie in the vacant space, forming a comfortable sleeping place.

Folding mechanisms

The folding sofas, which can be easily transformed into a spacious and comfortable bed, are equipped with various mechanisms. Let's consider the most popular ones.

  • The most widespread and reliable mechanism is called "Sedaflex", which is popularly called the "American clamshell". Furniture with such a system can be used daily, and it will not sag. To unfold such a sofa, you need to pull it towards you and lift it up.
  • Sofas with accordion mechanism can be easily and quickly unfold. You just need to pull the structure towards you using a special strap on the front under the seat. It slides forward, and the back folds out like an accordion.

It is recommended to lubricate the spring parts in such mechanisms with special agents so that they last longer and do not emit squeaks.

  • The mechanism of Dolphin corner sofas is convenient and simple. To unfold such a sofa, you need to pull on a special strap, after which part of the seat will move forward, forming a single bed, which can compete with a double bed in size.
  • The click-and-gag is a strong and durable mechanism. Sofas with such systems must first be moved away from the wall, since when unfolded, the backrest tilt changes in them. You can rest on such furniture half-sitting, sitting and lying.

Dimensions (edit)

The most common are straight three-seater sofas, which are 210-240 cm long and 95-106 cm wide. Corner models are larger. The length of such options ranges from 200 to 350 cm or more. The depth of corner structures can be 150-200 cm.

Materials (edit)

For the upholstery of large sofas, different types of fabrics are used, as well as artificial and natural leather.

Jacquard is a noble material. Such textiles are highly durable and wear resistant. Furniture with this finish is not cheap.

The most common and inexpensive fabric is flock. It is very similar to velvet to the touch. Flock is durable. Scratches and other defects do not remain on it, even if animals live in your home.

A fabric such as a mat is very environmentally friendly, dense and durable. But it should be protected from the claws of pets, as they often scratch such upholstery.

Leather sofas are distinguished by their high cost. But it should be noted that such upholstery does not lose its attractive appearance even after many years. With proper care, cracks and scratches will not appear on the surface of such furniture, since genuine leather is not susceptible to mechanical damage.

Today, sofas for the upholstery of which are used in leatherette and eco-leather are very common. These materials look attractive, but are less durable and durable than genuine leather.

Sofa frames are most often made of wood or iron. Combined options are also relevant today.

Models made of natural wood must be regularly treated with special protective equipment. Most often, wood species such as knotless pine or durable tropical rattan are used for such structures.

Inexpensive sofas are equipped with chipboard frames. But this material is harmful to health, since at high temperatures it emits dangerous vapors of formaldehyde resins used in its manufacture.

How to choose?

  1. Before buying, you need to decide on the location of large upholstered furniture. The sofa must not block the passage.
  2. If you need an extra bed for yourself or your guests, then it is better to purchase a folding sofa with an extra bed.
  3. Please inspect the sofa carefully before purchasing. All details and seams in it must be done as accurately and professionally as possible.
  4. If you buy a transforming model, then you need to make sure that the mechanisms are in good working order. A sales assistant should help you with this.

You should not buy a sofa with thin textile upholstery. It will cost less, but it will not last long, since the fabric on it will quickly fray and lose its attractiveness.

Where to put it?

The three-seater large sofa is ideal for the living room. You can place it in the following places:

  • back to the window (if there is one in the room);
  • back to the bay window;
  • along the wall;
  • back to the doorway;
  • the back to the central part of the room and the front half to the wall or the second sofa.

It is necessary to place upholstered furniture in accordance with the area and layout of the room.

Interior ideas

A fabric red sofa will look spectacular in a room decorated in monochrome colors and complemented by decorative stone or brick. The floor can be covered with dark brown laminate and decorated with a white, high pile carpet.

The orange sofa can be placed in a room with white walls and light brown laminate flooring. A large white and brown painting should be hung on the wall behind the furniture, and a glass coffee table and designer chair should be placed in front of the sofa instead of an armchair.

The light beige leather corner sofa matches dark wood walls and brown laminate flooring. Opposite it, you can lay a white carpet with a high pile, and arrange glass tables for lamps on the sides.

The yellow sofa will look harmonious against the background of milky walls and a light wooden floor. On the side of the upholstered furniture, you can put tables for a tea set or flower vases. For decor, book wall shelves made in brown tones, bright lamps, fresh flowers or carpets are suitable.

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