Non-folding sofas

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Fixed sofas are one-piece structures that do not have a transform function. Most often, these models have high backs and flat seats. Both expensive and cheaper copies have such characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such sofas have not been on the market for many years, but they are already very popular. They come in a variety of sizes, from compact to very large. Furniture items with such simple designs can be selected for a room of any size.

Many buyers choose such products not only because of their attractive appearance, but also because of their relatively low cost. The democratic price for non-folding sofas is due to the absence of complex and multifunctional mechanisms in them.

Such furniture is most often chosen by people who have at their disposal a spacious living area equipped with a sufficient number of sleeping places. In such conditions, there is simply no need for a folding sofa.

Another advantage of fixed sofas is their sophisticated and elegant style. As a rule, such options are made taking into account that they will play an important aesthetic role in the room.

In static models, the backrests are more comfortable and convenient, since they do not participate in a folding structure and do not play the role of a functional part in the berth.

Do not think that such a sofa cannot be used for sleeping. The non-folding version can also be used as a sleeping place. But it is not recommended to use furniture for such purposes too often, as this can lead to pain in the spine and restless sleep.

There are no serious flaws in these sofas. They are less functional than products with pull-out mechanisms.

Sleeping on such models is not always convenient, since they are primarily seats, and there is too little free space for healthy sleep in them.


There are several types of fixed sofas. They differ from each other not only in external characteristics, but also in configurations.

Not so long ago, fixed sofas with a recliner mechanism appeared on the market. Such designs are most often equipped with two and four-seater models. In such variants of upholstered furniture, the part designed for one person is very comfortable and cozy.

Recliners have several provisions:

  • Initially, there is no footrest in the design.
  • The second option is the reclined back and the raised footrest. This position is considered the most convenient for watching TV.
  • The third position is called "relax". With it, the backrest is fully lowered, the seat changes its angle, and the footrest is raised to the end. It is very convenient to rest on such a structure.
  • The sofas with a drawer are very comfortable and functional. Small storage is most often located at the bottom of upholstered furniture. To access it, you need to raise the seat or simply slide the drawer forward using a special handle.

Such options are very popular, since they can store bed linen, some types of clothing, or simply unnecessary things for which there is no way to allocate space in the room. The boxes can be small or take up the entire space under the seat.

Comfortable and cozy are the models with a berth. They do not have sliding mechanisms, but they have spacious seats, the width of which is equal to a standard sleeping place for one person, an adult or a child. For a children's room, such a sofa is ideal, since it does not take up much free space and replaces a bed. But when choosing a non-folding sofa for a child, you should take into account his height.

For placement in the living room, you can choose a small standard model without additional drawers. Both a straight and a corner sofa are quite suitable. Often, such models of upholstered furniture are placed in the kitchen. For such premises, the best option would be a small rectangular sofa, which will not take up a lot of free space and block the passage.

Static sofas without armrests have an original appearance. As a rule, they are rounded and look very interesting. Such models of sofas can be upholstered with both fabric and leather (natural and artificial). Both of these options are able to transform the interior and soften it if angular pieces of furniture prevail in it.

One of the most beautiful and popular are non-folding corner sofas. They may contain several boxes for linen. Such models of upholstered furniture look expensive and stylish in any design.

Non-folding sofas with legs have a great height. These parts can be made of wood or metal. Recently, options with thick chrome legs are popular. Such elements are durable and fit perfectly into modern interiors.

The legs can be of different heights. For example, a static sofa with high wooden legs will look very original and attractive. But such upholstered furniture is not suitable for all environments, so you should be careful with its choice.

The size

  • Non-folding sofas of compact sizes have the most modest dimensions.... These can be narrow models, the size of which is only 145 x 70 or 113 x 73 cm. There is no sleeping space in such structures, and they are suitable for almost any room, since they do not take up much space.
  • Small double sofas can be 112 x 76 cm. The dimensions of more spacious models can be 180, 200, 220 x 100-105 cm and more.
  • Many manufacturers offer single (sleeper) options, the dimensions of which start from the mark at 196 x 82 cm.
  • Non-folding three-seater sofas have more free space. The smallest are options with dimensions of 180 x 73 cm.

Selection Tips

A fixed sofa is worth buying only if you do not need an additional spacious sleeping place in the apartment. If you often receive guests or you yourself like to sleep on the couch, then you should purchase a model with a sliding mechanism.

Before buying, you should measure the room in which you want to put the sofa. Choose products of suitable dimensions so that nothing interferes with the passage in the apartment.

Decide in advance for what purposes you need a fixed sofa. If you want to use it for sleeping, then you need to choose a more functional model in which there is one sleeping place. If you need a simple model for a seat, then you can get a cheaper copy without a berth.

For the hallway and kitchen, it is better to select small models of sofas upholstered in leather or leatherette. Such materials do not absorb various odors, are easily cleaned in case of contamination and are durable.

For a spacious living room, you can purchase a model of a more impressive size. For example, a chic corner or three-seater sofa will look very nice and harmonious in such conditions.

Choose furniture that matches other interior elements in color and style.

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