Folding sofas

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Currently, no living room can be imagined without upholstered furniture that brings coziness and comfort not only to apartment owners, but also to guests. Furniture such as a folding sofa will help to make the room as comfortable as possible. It is on it that you can not only relax and watch TV, it will also serve as an excellent place to accommodate everyone who steps on the threshold of the apartment. There is a wide selection of sofas on the modern market, among which there are both high-quality models and models of the middle class. In order to purchase really good furniture, you need to disassemble all the pros and cons of this design.

Features, pros and cons

Pull-out sofas are quite interesting and practical furniture, which has a number of positive and negative ratings. They are equipped with several features including comfort, convenience and coziness. The main feature of folding sofas is space saving. If during the day such a sofa is an excellent place to accommodate several people in a sitting position to watch TV, then at night it will serve as a double bed for two family members, which is very convenient.

Absolutely everyone can transform it, because the system is quite simple to assemble, even for an elderly person or a teenager. Another plus is the reliability of this design. In addition, the possibility of breaking such a sofa is extremely small. The fold-out sofa is compact enough to be easily converted into a regular sleeping area, giving it a spacious sleeping area. Some models contain built-in shelves in which you can store many things that do not fit in the closet. The main positive feature of this design is the maximum savings in square meters; from the outside, it looks very compact and neat.

But, despite the prevailing number of advantages, it carries several disadvantages that need to be considered. The design has only two main provisions, and it simply cannot be unfolded. In addition, it cannot be firmly supported against the wall, since free space will be required for reassembly. Some models have rollers that, when rolled out, spoil the parquet or linoleum, which is the main disadvantage.

Layout types

Each type of sofa is endowed with its own inherent qualities and functional characteristics. Therefore, before choosing the first model you like, you need to study all the features and only then make a really correct and correct decision. Among the huge number of sofas on the modern market, the choice should fall on precisely those types that have the most suitable transformation mechanisms for an apartment:

  • Roll-out. This type of folding system is one of the most common. The sleeping place is designed by extending the lower part; it is necessary to make a single movement, just pulling the handles. On the extended surface, pillows are placed, which when folded play the role of an ordinary backrest. There is another subspecies of a roll-out sofa - flash. Its backs are one-piece, folding to the side along with the cushions, making the surface solid and soft. Sofas with such a mechanism as a scissor layout are also gaining popularity.It is very durable and easy to use, which undoubtedly appeals to the buyer.
  • Dolphin... It is usually referred to as a corner sofa with a roll-out mechanism. This is a rather complex structure, consisting of three parts and elements. Its layout is based on the following principle: the corner seat is completely pulled out and transformed into a berth. This type of sofa has many advantages. Thanks to it, you can get not only a large area for sleeping, but also perfectly save space, since when folded it takes up little space.

But it must be borne in mind that such a design is not suitable for small-sized apartments, since the sofa is rather bulky when unfolded.

  • Folding sofa. He has very interesting systems and methods of unfolding: the mechanism unfolds along with the existing mattress. When assembled, it is located under the seat. You can put such a structure into action only by lifting the mattress and pushing it aside. There are also sofas that fold out according to the accordion principle, in which the main part moves forward on its own. Such furniture has many advantages, since it saves space and, when unfolded, does not take up much space even in the smallest apartment. In addition, the furniture that has the name "accordion" is very reliable and practical. Other clamshells, for example, the French one, unfolds in three stages, and the American one - in two. The only drawback is the missing storage box for laundry and other items.
  • Sofa-book. The layout is quite simple, since it follows the principle of a book. In order to make a comfortable sleeping place, it is necessary to raise one part until it clicks, and then lower it down. Currently, there is a subspecies of this design, which bears the name "click-gag". This is an improved model that allows you to sit in a half-sitting or reclining position. A sofa-book is a fairly durable and strong model, which is difficult to break. But it should be noted that such models cannot be placed close to the wall, you need free space for a full move. Although they are deprived of a large design assortment, they have a reasonable price. A feature can be considered that they are easily transformed, and if a decision is made to buy a sofa of this type, you need to choose domestic manufacturers, since they have long established themselves on the market with the best quality and reliability. Imported manufacturers focus on appearance, and therefore, frequent unfolding can simply lead to breakdown.
  • Eurobook. It is considered not only the most durable type, but also the most popular. With a number of advantages such as reliability and a flat surface for sleeping, this sofa is in great demand among buyers. The kit usually includes cushions or armrests. When buying, you also need to pay attention to an orthopedic mattress, because healthy and long sleep depends on the quality of the lamellas.
  • Accordion. Such furniture is not only comfortable, but also compact. It consists of three main parts: a seat and two backs. This mechanism is suitable for daily use, since it does not require special movements, and the sofa will perfectly fit into a small apartment, because it has a rather miniature size.
  • Cougar. The layout of such a sofa is very original: one part rises, moves forward and is installed on a stand, the other half of the entire structure is installed in the free part. It can be noted that this type is intended for everyday use, because it has a reliable mechanism that will serve the owner for many years.
  • Pantograph. Assembling this kind of sofa is quite simple.The design does not have casters and therefore hardly touches the floor, which is an integral plus, since the flooring will remain intact. The folding methods are pretty simple. With just one hand movement, you can make a cozy and comfortable sleeping place out of an ordinary sofa without any effort.


Furniture such as a sofa is the main and indispensable attribute in the bedroom or living room. After all, it is he who gives the owner maximum relaxation, comfort and a feeling of coziness. Modern models differ in the type of designs, colors, and some built-in mechanisms. Therefore, in order to opt for a really high-quality and suitable sofa for the room, you need to consider some models on the modern market:

  • Unfolding. Such designs are a kind of lifesaver, because they fit perfectly into the interior when folded, saving space. And by expanding such a sofa, you can get a comfortable and comfortable place to sleep. Each owner wants to save as much square meters as possible, manufacturers also take this moment into account, making sofas multifunctional and practical. With the help of them, you can easily abandon the bed and acquire the ability to invite more guests.
  • With a box for linen. These sofas can easily replace a regular bed. This is a kind of classic of this type of construction. It should be noted that the retractable system is quite easy to use, you just need to roll out the part in which the linen compartment is located, and let go of the backrest, thus, you get a single integral place for sleeping. Some models have two compartments for storing laundry. By the way, they can serve not only for placing a bedding set, but also for things that simply do not fit in a closet or in a dressing room. Such designs are perfect for a children's room, since they will fit all the small parts and toys that lie randomly on the floor. Due to their compactness, roll-out sofas with drawers will become irreplaceable furniture not only in the bedroom or living room, but also in the children's room.
  • Semicircular. Nowadays, few people are adherents of traditional things and objects. Everyone strives to acquire something special and non-standard, in order to make the room original and not like any other. It is the semicircular sofa that will become the focus of comfort and will help accommodate a small number of guests. A semicircular modular sofa, consisting of a pouf, a table and, accordingly, a sofa, will perfectly fit into large rooms.

This design is suitable not only for the living room or bedroom, it can be successfully placed even in the kitchen. This is a great option if you are aiming for something different, new and versatile.

  • On legs. Models with thin or thick legs look great in the interior, bring richness, luxury and laconicism to it. Sofas with thin legs are in the least demand, since from the outside there is a feeling of a rather unstable structure. But in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, since they are made of iron or wood, and provide accommodation for more than two people of different weight categories. Thick legs look very impressive, they create the impression of genuine luxury inherent in this particular sofa.
  • Orthopedic. Such a sofa is the key to a good and healthy sleep. When choosing such furniture, it is necessary to rely on the models of domestic manufacturers, since they are aimed at daily operation with a minimum number of breakdowns. Its height should not be less than 20-25 cm. For overweight people, you need to purchase sofas with dense filling or with a block of springs.It is the orthopedic sofas that are recommended for people who have problems with the spine, regardless of their age.
  • With a berth. A small sofa that has the ability to unfold will not only become an excellent assistant in a small room, but will also make the sleeping place as comfortable as possible. In addition, he is able to solve such a problem as the accommodation of guests. It is believed that a large bed promotes good sleep, but this is not at all the case. Modern manufacturers are trying to adapt to the interests of buyers and make furniture multifunctional and super comfortable. It is such a miniature sofa, despite its small size, that can accommodate one or more people, bringing them only comfort.
  • With a carriage coupler... This is a kind of technique used to decorate sofas or other pieces of furniture. With the help of the screed, it acquires a rich and aristocratic look. In addition, the upholstery makes the sofa voluminous and as soft as possible. It should be noted that such a design solution is gaining more and more popularity every year. Such a surface is finished with buttons or nails. Performing a screed on your own is a rather difficult task, but, having responsibly prepared for this matter, it can be realized with some difficulty.
  • Frameless sofas. Such a sofa easily takes the shape of the body of any person and seems to envelop it. In the modern market, there are a huge number of variations of this model: from the usual sofa to everyone in the form of flowers or animals. In simple words, it does not have a frame, and is filled with certain fillers, which, in turn, support the person's back, repeating its bends. There will be no problems with the top cover, since it can be easily removed and washed, which is very convenient. Moreover, it is always made only from durable fabrics.

The main distinguishing feature is that such a sofa is not afraid of moisture, since it is equipped with such a property as air exchange. Therefore, a person lying on it will never feel hot. It is light enough and will perfectly fit into any interior, as it has a huge number of design variations.

  • Bunk. Such a sofa is just a godsend for both a child and an adult. It is not only convenient and practical, but also compact, which is very important for small apartments, where you need to try to save an extra couple of square meters. The children's bunk structure will serve as an excellent place for both sleeping and playing. The sofa can be decorated with images of the kid's heroes from your favorite cartoons. For teenagers, such a sofa can serve as a sleeping place and a place for training sessions. Particularly suitable for the latter function is the corner bunk sofa with armrests. It can be noted that it is ergonomic, soft and compact enough.

For adults, it will prove to be just as practical. Firstly, it can accommodate guests, and secondly, it will be an excellent solution if several adults live in the same room.

  • Inflatable. Such a sofa is able to change shape, turning from an ordinary chair into a double bed. On top, it consists of a special coating that does not wear off and has anti-static properties. The main advantage is that such a sofa can be moved and, moreover, it takes up a fairly small area.
  • Sofa table... This design combines several functions at once. Nowadays, you no longer need to buy a sofa and a separate table. The owner himself can move the modules, changing them at his own discretion. The transformation involves poufs, backs, armrests and other built-in details. A folding sofa table requires more attention and more space. For him, you need to find a place where he will be located permanently.

It can be converted not only into a bed, but also into a table with the help of a high-backed back.

  • With a metal frame. Every year the furniture is being improved, and the materials from which it is made are replaced by cheaper ones. But buying inexpensive furniture without evaluating its quality is a rather rash act. If in a store you see that it is made of metal pipes, you should know that this is a quality mark. With this material, furniture can be transformed without any subsequent breakdowns.
  • Three-section. Such a sofa is often called "French folding bed". Before unfolding it, remove all pillows and unfold three parts one by one. This type of furniture is neat and has a spacious sleeping area. The only drawback is the lack of storage space.
  • With ears. Such a sofa will perfectly fit into a classic interior. Its frame is usually made of wood, and the legs and iron, which gives it nobility. The protruding back with ears is a great addition that decorates not only furniture, but also the room as a whole.

By appointment

Each piece of furniture has its own characteristics, which are designed for a specific room and for specific people. Therefore, for example, a teenage sofa should be chosen with special attention and care. It is necessary to adapt to the taste preferences of the teenager in order to fully please. Don't forget about the interior.

A sofa in a teenage room simply has to fit into the design and not knock out of it. And the fundamental feature is its functional features, since the furniture should not harm the health of the child.

Any type of sofa is suitable for the bedroom, the main thing is that it matches the existing or planned interior design. The main criterion when choosing such a design for adults is reliability and maximum comfort. It should be ready for daily transformation, fold and unfold quickly. A light wooden sofa, which is compact and functional, should be placed on the balcony. A folding mini-sofa will be an excellent solution and the most suitable one.

For the office, you need to purchase a large massive sofa with wooden legs, it is he who will give the room an aristocratic impressive look. For a small room, accordingly, a mini-sofa with a folding structure is suitable. It will serve as a great place to accommodate guests while watching TV, and then easily fit a couple of people.

By the number of seats

A double sofa is currently the most common type of furniture due to the convenient transformation possibility. It should be noted that it has several more subspecies, which cannot be ignored:

  • sofa accordion;
  • with a withdrawable mechanism;
  • book;
  • eurobook.

A two-seater sofa is the most versatile, since it does not take up space and is able to fit several people on it at once, besides, it is small.

Even if your living room has impressive dimensions, with the help of such structures you can equip a cozy soft area by placing them opposite each other, placing a small table in the middle.

A three-seater sofa on the modern market is presented in a large number of variations, as well as a triple one. For example, a leather sofa is suitable for a living room or an office, which will add rigor and style to the room.

A one-and-a-half sofa, like a single one, is suitable for small rooms in which every square meter is important. Many models of such designs are equipped with boxes for linen, which significantly saves space. The double sofa will find application in the hallway and living room. It has a fairly compact size and stylish design.

Dimensions (edit)

The sofa, as a rule, is the focus of coziness and comfort in a room, be it a living room or a bedroom. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room and the size of the desired furniture.A small single sofa with a width of 120 cm, as well as 130 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, and a very narrow mini-sofa 160 cm will fit into a small room like no other. The length of such structures intended for both relaxation and sleep can be completely different and vary from 100 cm - 110 cm to 170 cm - 180 cm. As a rule, a sofa with such parameters is small and compact enough, so it will fit in any room - be it a hallway or a nursery.

There is such a thing as the depth of the sofa. In simple terms, it is the distance from the wall to the edge. Most often, furniture is chosen with parameters such as a depth of 80, 70 cm or 60 cm. A large and high sofa with a parameter of 90 cm or 2 meters is less popular among buyers. Different designs also have different widths, most often pieces of furniture are in demand, the width of which is 1400 mm, 190 cm or 1.5 meters. Such parameters are possessed by a short sofa, which is not intended for a large number of people.


There are a large number of sofas on the modern market, different in color, design solution and type of mechanism. Each manufacturer tries to bring his product as close as possible to the desired needs of the buyer.

In order to opt for a really high-quality option, you need to consider several forms of sofas that fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

One of the most common forms is the round sofa. It is only suitable for a room with a large area. When assembled, this design looks quite interesting. And when disassembled, it can fit a fairly large number of people. This shape consists of a swivel mechanism that turns the sofa into a full-fledged place to relax, and some models even have a linen drawer. Suitable for tall people as it is large enough.

The straight sofa is also in high demand among buyers. It is long and therefore even unfolded it will be able to fit one of the guests. The main advantage of this design is that it can be located both against the wall and in the corner of the room.

Materials (edit)

The quality of a sofa depends not only on the strength of the structure, but also on the selected upholstery. In modern times, there is a huge amount of upholstery materials. They differ in composition, color and care requirements. In order for the furniture to serve for many years, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of the material from which it consists:

  • Leather. It is the leather upholstery that endows the sofa and the whole room as a whole with an atmosphere of luxury, chic and genuine wealth and aristocracy. It is quite easy to care for, as it only needs to be wiped with a damp or dry cloth. In addition, the leather is wear-resistant, durable and reliable. A sofa made of this material will serve for many years and will not cause problems for the owners.
  • Eco leather. This option is suitable for those who cannot afford to buy a genuine leather sofa. It should be noted that such a sofa will look no worse, and its properties will not lag behind those of a natural leather sofa. Leatherette is pleasant to the touch, it is wear-resistant, easy to clean and durable.
  • Wood. A wooden sofa fits perfectly into a small living room or a country house, giving warmth and comfort to any space. Such furniture, made of wood, is durable, reliable, and can be decorated independently by the owners of the house.
  • From pallets. This option will not only save the budget, but also bring a special, unique flavor to the interior. Such a self-made structure can be easily washed, disassembled, redesigned, moved or removed from one room to another.
  • From rattan. These sofas are durable because the material they are made of is strong enough to resist fading.They are relatively lightweight, so almost everyone can move them.
  • Velor. Such upholstery fabric makes the sofa aristocratic and rich in appearance. But when choosing velor, it is necessary to match the color and the material itself with other objects in the room. It is quite specific and does not always fit into the existing interior design.
  • Fabric. These sofas are one of the most common because they combine quality and a relatively low price. The colors on the modern market are very diverse, so finding such furniture that, like no other, would fit the chosen interior, will not be difficult.


The style of the room as a whole is a reflection of the owner himself. Each piece and piece of furniture plays a role, complementing the room, making it unique. There are many styles currently available, but the most common styles should be mentioned:

  • Provence. A sofa made in this style is distinguished by graceful lines, a back that pours out of the armrests, specially aged forged elements, delicate patterns and pastel upholstery tones. It is suitable for children's room, living room and bedroom.
  • Classical. This is the usual straight sofa, made in different colors and from different materials. The folding systems for such structures are quite simple, so the models will perfectly fit into both the children's room and the bedroom.
  • English style. Such furniture should have bright upholstery, large pillows, the presence of which will emphasize aristocracy and elegance. Rollers and bent legs are a sign of furniture made in the English style. Red color or a large cage used in the upholstery brings a certain restraint to the interior, coupled with nobility.
  • Loft. This style assumes a large space for the implementation of ideas. A loft-style sofa is simply obliged to fit into the interior and emphasize textured minimalism. It is against the background of an uncoated or unplastered wall that such structures should stand out and attract attention.
  • Chesterfield. As you know, such a sofa is part of history, it is simply impossible not to recognize it. The main characteristic features of such a sofa are: diamond-shaped stitch, armrests in the form of scrolls, passing into the back and inconspicuous legs.

Selection Tips

When buying, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • As you know, you do not need to choose a sofa just by its external characteristics., it is necessary to take into account its mechanical component. Modern and really high-quality structures should be made of dried wood; this particular item can be considered one of the keys to good furniture.

It is necessary to select a structure that is most suitable in terms of rigidity or softness. A comfortable sofa will not harm your back or spine.

  • Design advice cannot be ignored.: any furniture is simply obliged not to stand out from the general concept of the interior, and skillfully maintain it.
  • Very often, beautiful and expensive elite Italian sofas are in demand among buyers, but if there are no funds to purchase such models, you can get out of the situation and buy unusual premium sofas, which will not only serve for many years, but also become a decoration of one of the rooms.

It should be noted that the key parameters when choosing a quality sofa are the frame, filler, upholstery and mechanism.

Do you want to make a sofa quickly and easily? Watch the master class in the next video.

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