Elite sofas

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Expensive and high-quality repairs made under the patronage of designers require appropriate furniture. An elite sofa can become one of the key items in the entire interior.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

A sofa is considered elite if it is made of quality materials, has a unique design, and is produced by a well-known brand. Often, such furniture is very expensive and may not be inferior in cost to freshly made repairs.

Elite pays off the disadvantage associated with the price, because it is assumed that the sofa from a renowned manufacturer is of high quality. It is durable, it will stand for more than a dozen years thanks to a reliable frame, the upholstery will not lose color, it will not be erased. For a lot of money, the buyer receives durable furniture, and sometimes even designed according to an individual project.

The choice of even a sofa in a premium cabin should be taken responsibly. An expensive piece of furniture is taken in order not to change it after five years, so it should not disappoint. Such a sofa can be a worthy addition to which it is not a pity to spend a lot of money.

In the catalogs of luxury furniture, there are many models that can amaze with their unusual design or an interesting pattern on the upholstery.


One of the classifications affects the number of seats. There are both compact double-triple sofas and rather bulky designs for five or more people.

Another classification concerns the possibility of transforming furniture. Thus, two categories can be distinguished: classic sofas, couches and folding models. The first is a single structure, the parts of which do not move apart. The second category is more extensive and, in turn, is divided depending on the transformation mechanisms.

There are three different types of them:

  • Unfolding. These include models such as "click-gag", "book". The mechanism in such sofas is quite simple - one part must be raised to characteristic clicks, after which the parts of the structure must be leveled. Such furniture is compact when assembled, but when installing, you should take into account the spare distance necessary for unfolding from other objects and the wall.
  • Retractable. This type involves rolling back the seat and lowering the back to the vacant seat. Another option is to roll out the lifting platform. This category includes the mechanisms "eurobook", "dolphin", "pantograph", "puma", "conrad". Among their advantages is the resulting large berth. However, when placing the sofa, you should take into account a sufficiently wide roll-out part, in front of which nothing should stand.
  • Unfolding. These are the so-called clamshell sofas. The usual seating positions are rolled up like a scroll, and in their place is a cot with a mattress. The French and American models are the simplest ones. More complicated and expensive is Italian.

Also, sofas can be divided into different types depending on the upholstery - soft or hard, and additional functionality. So some models include linen drawers and compartments. There are models with or without pillows, without armrests, completely straight or with them.

Classification by purpose

There are no specific rules that would classify certain sofas in specific categories. The choice of the model is due to the taste of the owners and the goals that they assign to the future sofa.A decision should be made about the required functionality and characteristics. So, the same sofa can become part of both the nursery and the kitchen.

For the home, you should choose comfortable, soft and design-friendly sofas. They perform an important function - rest during the day, and sometimes a night's sleep, so the criterion of comfort is very important. At the same time, the design and mechanisms may be different, and their choice depends on the preferences of the owners of the apartment or the characteristics of the room.

Outdoor sofas and verandas are often simple in design. They do not fold out and are seating. Their designs are predominantly simplistic, in natural shades to blend in with their surroundings. It should be remembered that on the street furniture is subjected to many tests - changes in temperature and humidity, exposure to sunlight, proximity to insects, which not all materials can withstand.

The sofa for the living room can be either fold-out or not. It all depends on how often guests stay overnight and whether the size of the room allows you to accommodate disassembled furniture.

For daily sleep, transforming models are suitable, first of all, because they significantly increase the size of the berth. However, some oversized sofas, even when assembled, are quite suitable for sleeping on them every day.

Kitchen sofas must be odor and grease resistant. Expandable models are allowed or not. Often, corner options are chosen for the kitchen in order to save space.

Nursery furniture should be comfortable, safe and easy to clean. A profitable solution is sofas with built-in drawers in which you can store bedding or toys.

Materials (edit)

Elite sofas differ from others in that they use mainly natural materials and upholstery in their production. The frames are made of hardwood, treated in a special way to increase their service life. There are different fabrics as upholstery, their choice depends on the tastes and design of the room.

Leather sofas, due to their striking appearance, are suitable for both the office and home. For elite sofas, natural material is most often used, but artificial high-quality analogs are also possible. The material is processed by different technologies, getting a matte, lacquered, wrinkled, embossed, aged texture. Basically, this material does not tolerate competition with textiles, so they cannot be combined with blankets and covers. Only pillows are possible as decor.

Suede is also leather, but treated in a special way to obtain a velvety soft surface. She is more finicky and requires special care.

Velvet and velor look especially luxurious. These are fluffy materials that can be embossed and patterned. Silk is mainly used for luxury sofas. It has a decent cost, but also high aesthetic and practical qualities - it is a smooth, comfortable at any temperature, hypoallergenic material.

Tapestry is used for sofas in the empire, baroque, classic style... Its peculiarity lies in the woven pattern, which is patterns and paintings.

Jacquard is used everywhere in the production of sofas. The elite segment also affected this material, as it is wear-resistant and durable, undergoes different processing, application of color, patterns.

Dimensions (edit)

There is no single accepted standard for dimensions; in general, it depends only on the design of the sofa and the intention of the manufacturer. The choice should depend on the purpose for which the furniture is purchased. To sleep on the couch, the length of its own or a folding part should be from 150 to 190 cm, depending on the height of the person. For comfort, a width of 140 cm is enough.

Corner models are the most bulky and large, since they have a non-folding part - an ottoman.This should be taken into account and ensured that the furniture does not block access to the cabinet or door. The total length of a corner sofa can be from 150 cm, for example, in the nursery or in the kitchen, up to 210 cm and, rarely, even more.

For straight sofas, an average value of about 150-170 cm is most often relevant.There are also products that are small in length - 120 - 130 cm, but at the same time unfold in width - up to 200 cm. On such sofas you need to sleep perpendicular to the back. There are simple, compact models for one person - couches and ottomans.


The following forms for sofas are possible: straight, angular, round and semicircular.

Straight sofas are the most common, since they are easier to fit the rest into any interior. A similar model can be placed both against the wall and in the middle of the room, dividing it into zones.

Corner sofas fit perfectly into the setting of a small room, because they significantly save space. In this case, it is not at all necessary to place them directly in the corner.

Round sofas are not the most popular but stylish option. It is quite difficult to fit them into an already finished interior, but when creating it from scratch, such furniture can be made the center of the composition.

Semicircular sofas are large enough to show the shape they form. Most often these are models that are intended only for sitting, that is, they cannot be disassembled.

Selection Tips

Factories in many countries are engaged in the production of luxury furniture. Sofas from Italy, Germany, Spain are especially famous. In Russia and the CIS countries, there are also companies dealing with expensive designer furniture.

When choosing a premium sofa, you should take into account the specifics of the interior. So, leather will be appropriate in a minimalist modern style, but for refined classics or French luxury, for example, tapestry is more suitable.

Quality sofas, such as Italian ones, should be sought in salons, large furniture centers, official and trusted stores, or in brand or designer catalogs. Counterfeits are not as common as in the fashion industry, but many informal stores have underground production and make copies rather than the original.

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