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  1. Factory advantages
  3. Types of mechanisms
  4. Modular systems
  5. Material and color
  6. Dimensions (edit)
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  8. Sofa addition
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  10. Interior ideas

A sofa is a necessary element of everyday life. They sleep on it, relax, watch TV and read. There are countless options for spending leisure time, therefore in every home there is such upholstered furniture that gives warmth and comfort.

Moon sofas meet the quality requirements and are affordable to fit into almost any home.

Factory advantages

Moon products are assembled at the Living Divany upholstered furniture factory. Its indisputable advantages are quality, modern technical equipment of the production base and a creative approach to creating goods.

The quality is guaranteed by diplomas and certificates of international furniture exhibitions, such as, for example, the National Cabriole Prize.

Equipment for the production of furniture is located on an area of ​​more than 80,000 square meters, it employs professionals in their field. Since the founding of the company, and this is 1994, "Living Divans" are not inferior to competitors in the market and produce modern upholstered furniture in accordance with the company's policy.

The company is constantly evolving, tracking the desires of customers and finding an approach to each of them. Variety is maintained with the original line of corner sofas and the modernization of older collections.

Making high-quality and comfortable things from high-quality materials that will last for many years is what the creators of sofas, armchairs, ottomans and numerous accessories from the Moon company strive for.


All Moon sofas are "alive" thanks to special moving elements. With their help, you can change the configuration of furniture in order to achieve a large number (about fifty) of dissimilar options. There are straight, corner, modular and orthopedic sofas designed to comfortably support the spine while sleeping.


A straight sofa is the most ordinary one, without bends and modules. It is easy to put it along any wall, but not necessarily there, because it is not picky about the place and will easily fit in the corner or in the center of the room.


Corner is a sofa with two main compartments that form a corner. Thanks to its shape, it can be placed in a corner or placed in the center of a large room, visually dividing it into two functional zones.


The modular sofa is assembled from several parts. All its elements are independent and placed in no particular order. There are quite a few combinations, as well as elements, - these are armrests, backs, additional ottomans and overlays that can be used as tables for cups and vases.

Types of mechanisms

The mechanism is called the way of converting the sofa into a sleeping place and vice versa. According to their external similarity with certain objects, they were given the appropriate names.


A simple and convenient way to lay out the sleeping area. To turn the sofa into a bed, you just need to press the edge of the backrest from top to bottom. The deep seat helps relieve the strain on your back and rest well. The relaxing effect is achieved with the help of a special base, which is a steel contour, to which special orthopedic battens made of bent-glued birch are added.


A small sofa equipped with this mechanism can be easily converted into a bed for two people. Having freed the sofa from the pillows, you need to pull the loop up towards you. After all the manipulations, another compartment will appear from the niche.

The frame made of strong steel pipes helps the structure not to lose strength and rigidity. At the headboard and in the lumbar region there is a latticed lattice made of bent-glued birch. At the foot of the mechanism there are elastic furniture belts.

"Floating recliner"

It works like this: following the contours of the body, the chair changes the angle of the back and seat. This does not require any physical effort. The backrest has a comfortable headrest that can be adjusted. To change the speed and softness of the changes, there is a special lever under each seat.

The floor or carpet will not be affected by using the chair. Under the base there are built-in rollers upholstered with synthetic turf. They make it easy to move the chair without leaving any scratches or dents.


Sofas of this design are very popular: you can sit, sleep, lie on them in any comfortable position and not feel discomfort. To unfold it, the seat is raised, and when the mechanism emits a characteristic click of the mechanism, it is lowered.


Like a musical instrument, it consists of three parts, one of which is seated, and the rest are folded like a back. The "accordion" folds out simply: the seat extends forward at the same level as the double backrest.


The design will not cause difficulties during assembly, since it consists of only two parts. Looks good in large rooms and does not take up much space in rooms where there is not enough free space without it.

For example, a dolphin sofa will easily fit in the kitchen.

It unfolds like this: under the seat there is a special block that must be pulled out all the way, and then pulled up and towards you so that the second half of the berth appears.


The advantages include a simple way of unfolding (children and the elderly can cope with it) and spacious linen compartments. The sleeping surface is flat, without folds or bulges. To prepare the bed, the seat is pulled towards itself until the back is lowered into the vacant niche.


In terms of folding technology, the sofa is similar to the Eurobook, but it transforms a little differently. It does not have casters, and when unfolded, the seat and mechanism do not touch the floor. Because of this design feature, sofas with pantographs are called "walking sofas" among consumers.

Even with prolonged use, the mechanism wears out extremely slowly.


It differs from its counterparts in that it is easy to make a comfortable bed for one person out of it, and place the armrests in any convenient way, including turning it ninety or more degrees. The back of the sofa is motionless, but it is suggested to sleep on the seat.

Modular systems

Such systems do not have a strict configuration or a single template for all. The size and shape is determined by the buyer himself, depending on the modules offered to him. An indisputable advantage is also the fact that a sofa from modules can be assembled independently or you can contact a specialist from a furniture salon. Each model is unique and its dimensions depend solely on the customer's requirements.

However, the choice does not stop there - modular systems are fixed and free. They differ in the rigidity of fastening the elements to each other and the ability to change anything in the finished sofa.

A fixed system does not have such an opportunity: all its parts are firmly adhered to each other, so it is impossible to disassemble furniture without special tools or a specialist.

A free modular system, on the other hand, makes it possible to experiment and change the shape of the sofa depending on the goals and desires of the owner.Each element of the sofa can be used as an independent piece of furniture, whatever its original purpose.

Material and color

Appearance is of great importance when choosing furniture. Basically, buyers look first at the "clothes", look closely at the models that suit them according to the color scheme, the design of the room, the material used and the quality of the finish.

They make the "face" of the sofa unique and pleasing to the eye with the help of various materials. These include the leather version (natural and artificial, eco-leather, anti-vandal coating), velor, jacquard, matting, scotchguard, flock, chenille and fabric.

The filling of the sofa is chosen depending on who will sleep on it, where the sofa will be placed and what function it will perform in the room.

For people with a sore back, it is better to choose orthopedic mattresses and frames that reduce the load on the spine. The softness or firmness of the sofa can be adjusted using a variety of mattresses.

Moon company offers its customers the following types of furniture filling:

  • Spring block "Bonnel". Differs in softness, durability, strength, good moisture exchange, practicality and sound insulation.
  • Independent spring block... Each spring is a separate element, due to which the surface completely follows the contours of the body and makes sleep comfortable. The block also has a beneficial effect on the spine, which does not experience stress all night and is in the correct position.
  • Polyurethane foam (PPU). Bulky and resilient material. Distinguish between high resilience and high elasticity polyurethane foam. These properties are achieved with the help of a complex composition, and, consequently, a heterogeneous structure. It consists of pores or cells that bend at will under the weight of a person. It is popular for its wear resistance and durability.
  • Natural latex. Hevea juice is added to it (a plant growing in the tropics, the main source of rubber). Products made from it do not lose their properties for over twenty years. From them, substances harmful to health will not get into the air and water, in addition, they have a disinfecting effect.

The surface seems to "breathe" thanks to a special structure that resembles a honeycomb.

  • Expanded polystyrene. These are light balls that are made from polystyrene by foaming it. The size of the balls is varied. The material is used for stuffing bags, ottomans, armchairs and other things that do not have a rigid frame. Resistant to chemicals and extreme temperature changes. Differs in ease and ease of use.
  • Periotec... It has a large volume, it contains a very high quality polyester fiber. Periotec gives excellent shape due to its ability to recover from damage. It is used to give softness to the upper covers of sofas and beds, backs, seats and other elements of upholstered furniture.

By its properties, periotec is harmless to nature and the environment, since it does not contain glue. Safe for allergy sufferers.

  • Sintepon. It is also a non-woven fabric and consists of synthetic fibers. The fibers are bonded during heat treatment. The synthetic winterizer is used as a base for upholstery to add extra volume. The second layer in the mattress and pillow makes the surface softer. Stays soft and pleasant to the touch for a long time, no matter how many years it is used.

Dimensions (edit)

Sofas are bought for different premises and purposes. Someone needs compact, small-sized products that fit between the refrigerator and the dining table. Someone prefers to be accommodated with all the amenities and is not satisfied with anything except a "giant" in the entire wall. Therefore, sofa manufacturers develop a wide variety of models, both small, designed for two or three people, and large, where many guests can be accommodated.

It should be noted that there is no single standard that would regulate the size of upholstered furniture.

Some manufacturers produce a double sofa with a length of about one and a half meters, while others specialize in large furniture up to two meters. When choosing a model, it should be borne in mind that the sofa should not take up all the free space, block the exit and the balcony door, and also interfere with walking around the room.

Experts advise before buying to measure the area allotted for a new thing, find a suitable option, or order an individual assembly from the manufacturer.

Popular models

Popular models attract, first of all, by their presentable appearance, ease of use and reliability of the folding mechanism. Most buyers need a beautiful high-quality item that will be a great addition to the interior and will last for many years without breakdowns and complaints.

Chester, Baxter, Karina and Baron sofas fully meet these requirements.


The frame of the Baxter sofa is made of solid wood. Genuine leather is used as upholstery. It is decorated with a decorative capitonné stitch, and in the catalog you can choose the color and shape to your liking.


The Baron sofa has the following features:

  • It is made on a metal frame. Thanks to this, the sofa is completely disassembled and assembled.
  • Metal frame well complemented by accordion mechanism, as a result of which the buyer receives a flat surface without joints.
  • Polyurethane foam is used as flooring.
  • There is a coconut layer under the mattress, imparting rigidity.
  • Armrests are made of leather substitute, the upholstery itself is cotton.
  • At the base there are orthopedic armor.

The advantages of this model include a reliable mechanism, small size and removable covers that are easy to clean.


Karina sofa will appeal to those who appreciate modern interior design. Karina's features are called:

  • Decorative quilting for the cover, which gives a surface relief.
  • The armrests are narrow and supported by chrome struts.
  • Birch slats (lamellas) at the base give the mattress elasticity, and the high-quality polyurethane foam filling gives elasticity.

The decorative armrests can be used as coasters: you can place drinks cups, notepads, electronic devices or reading glasses on them. The laundry compartment is sold separately.

Sofa addition

Often, after a hard day, tired people want only one thing: stretch their legs, relax and not think about how to reach for a cup of tea. For such purposes, a variety of pleasing to the eye and body accessories have been invented. Ottomans, ottomans, chaise longues and benches, pillows and mattress toppers are designed to make life easier. However, their functions are not limited to practicality and convenience.

The furniture fittings are made in the same design as the main furniture, they have a variety of decorative elements - edging, embroidery, patterns and appliqués.

What are all these seemingly "optional" subjects for:

  • When there are many guests in the room and there is nowhere to sit down, ottomans and small armchairs perfectly save the situation.
  • Even a child can easily pick them up and carry them to another room., which is not so easy to do with more solid upholstered furniture.
  • The accessories are convenient to use as a stand. A book, a plate of food, a laptop or a cosmetic bag - all this will fit on an ottoman or drawer.
  • This is a great replacement for a coffee table.
  • Ottoman or any other attached upholstered furniture give rest to swollen legs during the day.
  • Banquets are indispensable for a large companywhich are much smaller than chairs, but softer and easier to use and maintain.

Usually add-ons purchased with the sofa are made in the same style as itself. So, in most cases, it is supposed to take a rounded object of the same height for corner and modular sofas.

Moon sofas come with transformer ottomans, sections and bedside tables, decorative pillows and mattress toppers. The latter are equipped with comfortable fasteners so that the fabric does not slip while sleeping. They are extremely comfortable and pleasant to the body due to the cotton material.

In addition, they are useful to prevent premature abrasion of the mattress and the ingress of dust and dirt. A mattress topper is easier to machine wash than a whole mattress.

The Moon 100 model is an original find: it looks like an ordinary sofa, but with a twist. A small sofa can be made of both suede and artificial leather, its frame is wooden, and softness and comfort is provided by movable rollers. This is a modular sofa that can surprise you with unexpected solutions in terms of shape and size. For example, it easily converts from a sofa to an armchair, and from an armchair to a chaise longue.

A pillow is used as an accessory.

You can see in more detail the features of modifying this model in the next video.

Reviews about the quality of furniture

The most honest thing about a product is not its appearance and not the price, but the buyer himself - he liked it or not, whether he is satisfied with the quality or he has complaints against the manufacturer. Based on the analysis of opinions on the quality of Moon sofas, the following result was obtained.

In a positive way, consumers speak about the price-quality ratio, since for the indicated amounts they receive solid furniture that pays for itself in a few years. They are also satisfied with the convenience and comfort of sofas, the materials used are pleasant to the body and do not deform from the claws of pets or accidental damage.

Women, first of all, noted the roomy linen compartments and the opportunity to remake the sofa in their own way.

The disadvantages were extraneous noise that appeared some time after the start of operation. This was noticed in sofas with accordion mechanisms: when consumers lay down on it, it made unpleasant sounds, which interfered with proper sleep. The reason lay in the lagging layer of polyurethane foam, which had to be tightened and reattached over time.

Interior ideas

With its discreet colors and decorative elements, the Moon Trade Rhine 123 sofa perfectly complements the interior of a small room with a balcony. The severity of the lines and the dark brown design of the armrests contrast with the bright purple or blue cushions. The well-arranged overhead lighting gives a special charm, which allows you to visually connect the sofa itself and the table in the foreground.

The light green straight sofa is perfect for veranda-style rooms with large windows. This is a summer option that will not lose its freshness and juiciness even in cold winter. The white pillow echoes with the light edging of the carpet and the cream frameless ottoman.

An excellent solution for a country house, as well as if you need to maintain a high spirits in the room.

Upholstered in velvet-looking Prado fabric, the sofa awakens the desire to run your palm over it. The smooth lines of the base emphasize the round shape and soften the sharp angle, which is additionally concealed by pillows of different colors and textures. Such a thing will always find its place in the interior, especially if you add accessories and decorative elements from the same fabric.

With a slight movement of the hand, the sofa can turn into a bed or even a chaise longue, which makes it not only beautiful, but, undoubtedly, comfortable.

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