Sofa cushions

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Decorative elements and decorations will help you quickly refresh the familiar interior and add a touch of originality and freshness to it: beautiful curtains, an unusual lamp, wall paintings or panels. The same goes for renovating furniture. Bright, catchy accents will help to update the sofa and draw attention to it: a bedspread, a blanket, decorative pillows.


Decorative pillows, as an element of decorating upholstered furniture, appeared many hundreds of years ago. They were sewn from silk, satin, brocade and trimmed with silver and gold threads. They were a luxury item and were found only in palaces or houses of very wealthy people. By how many pillows were in the owner's arsenal, it was quite possible to judge the degree of his financial well-being.

Decorative pillows were used not only for decoration. Soft, compact products were used for riding, they could be lowered during church rituals. Finally, in the winter cold, they perfectly warmed their feet.

Today these elements can be found in almost every home. They are used for sleeping, comfortable and comfortable sitting on the sofa, as an interior decoration. They are carried out in a variety of shapes, have different sizes, and are sewn from different materials.


For stuffing the pads are used:

  1. Natural materials (down / feather, cotton wool, buckwheat, wool). A pillow with buckwheat filling has a good massage effect. Feather, cotton and wool pads perfectly keep warm and give a comfortable feeling when you touch them.
  2. Artificial fillers.

The latter include:

  • foam rubber (reliable, durable material, perfectly keeps the shape of the pillow);
  • latex;
  • memory foam (a new generation material capable of taking the shape of the head and supporting it gently);
  • coconut;
  • polyurethane foam (used for orthopedic models).

If the pillow is regularly used for sleeping, then it makes sense to pay attention to the spring blocks for filling it. They are quite soft and comfortable. To make the pillow harder and harder, a layer of coconut fiber or thermal felt can be added to the blocks.

For sewing covers, strong and fairly durable materials are used (tapestry, flock, chenille).

As for the forms and models in which modern decorative pillows are presented, the following options are the most common and popular today:

  • dumka (square pillow);
  • Turkish (can be square or round with opposite folds or gathered);
  • roller (a dense cylindrical pillow, which is placed under the legs or neck);
  • quilted (the model is decorated with decorative stitching).

Apart from decorative properties, sofa cushions also have purely functional characteristics. To update your old favorite sofa, it is not at all necessary to change it to a new model - it is enough to purchase new pillows. Many manufacturing companies offer several options for pillows for the "Malyutka", "Molodezhnaya", "Yubileinaya" sofas and other models.

Selection Tips

When choosing pillows for a sofa, you need to build on the following nuances:

  1. Appointment. If the sofa is used for sleeping and relaxing, then the pads should be soft enough, elastic, and of optimal size.
  2. The size. For a small, neat sofa, the same miniature cushions are suitable. For more spacious and dimensional furniture, it is better to choose decorative elements of a larger size.
  3. Contrast. For a bright, saturated with colors and colors of the interior, pillows can be selected in a calmer and more restrained color and vice versa.
  4. The form. For elongated rectangular sofas, elongated cushions are best suited. For a sofa made in a classic style with high curved backs, square models are perfect, and the beauty of elegant furniture with carved legs is perfectly set off by rounded pillows with decorative tassels.
  5. Ornament. The pads can be plain or printed. In a classic interior, a floral or geometric print looks great, an oriental interior requires an appropriate pattern.

How to do it yourself?

It is very simple to decorate your interior in an original and unusual way - you can make a decorative pillow of any shape, size and design with your own hands.

Here are some simple and uncomplicated options:

  • To create a classic square cushion, you need to purchase polyurethane padding. Several layers of this material will create a tough, resilient cushion. The cover can be sewn from teak pillowcase or any other suitable fabric. The outer cover is sewn from a special upholstery fabric, and in order to make it easier to remove and wash, it is necessary to provide a side zipper.
  • Upgrading spring cushions is easy too. To do this, you need to purchase felt, good density polyurethane foam and special glue for it.

The order of work is as follows:

  1. The spring block is lined with felt on all sides.
  2. With the help of glue, a polyurethane box is formed - the basis of the new pillow.
  3. Then two covers are sewn - an inner and an outer one.

Decorating a finished pillow is the most creative and enjoyable process. It is he who allows you to create a truly unique decoration for your home interior. For decor, you can use the following materials and design options:

  • monochromatic and variegated braid, with which you can make a beautiful edging or create a small applique;
  • scallops, fringe, lace, satin ribbon, tassels (used to trim the pillow around the perimeter);
  • pieces of materials of different colors and textures (decoration in the "patchwork" technique - a patchwork quilt);
  • buttons, rhinestones, sequins, stones, metal rivets, beads, bugles;
  • application;
  • embroidery;
  • hand-painted;
  • use of a knitted or crocheted cover.

Finally, a visual video tutorial on creating original decorative pillows.

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