Types of children's sofas

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Varieties
  3. Transformation mechanisms
  4. Selection Tips

Modern children's sofas have a wide range of designs and types, which makes it possible for them to easily fit into the interior of an apartment or house. These sofas can be functional furniture for children. Firstly, such products can be quickly and easily laid out in a place to sleep, and they can be folded back to their original state. The child will be able to cope with these tasks on his own. Secondly, modern sofas are of reasonable size and fit perfectly in small children's rooms without cluttering them and giving space for play.

Features and Benefits

Each parent asks the question of which furniture to choose for their child so that it is of high quality and beautiful. These are very important criteria because they guarantee a healthy sleep and also create a good environment for the development of the child.

At the moment, the market offers buyers a large and varied range of children's furniture from different materials, types, shapes, sizes, designs.

When choosing a children's sofa, the consumer should consider the features and benefits of each bed. The beautiful and light design of the modern sofa makes it a fun for children and an addition to the interior of the room. The availability and attractiveness of such a product for the price is important for parents.

People who have children know that their children like everything soft, including comfortable furniture, which has a soft back and armrests. Manufacturers of children's furniture are guided by this, adjusting to the interests of consumers. Babies feel safe on such wonderful sofas.

In addition to saving space, this piece of furniture makes it possible to fold the sheet, pillow and blanket into a drawer located at the bottom of the product. And some sofas have built-in orthopedic mattresses, so they are superior in comfort to ordinary children's beds.


When choosing furniture for sleeping for their child, parents should first familiarize themselves with the variety of children's sofas. Since for a child from 3 to 5 years old, the design of the bed is not so much important as its safety, the most adequate option for this group of babies will be a sofa bed with sides. This design will protect the child from falling at night, as well as prevent the bed linen from crumpling. Experts advise for a small child to choose sofas with unsteady boots.

There are even more sofa models available for older kids. Parents who have a desire to teach their child how to be organized and how to create their own space, it is better to buy a sofa bed with drawers underneath.

It is known that a child can use the bottom drawers for their own purposes (games). Therefore, when buying this type of furniture, I recommend immediately explaining to the child about the insecurity of these fun.

Some parents choose extendable sofas that fold and unfold easily. Such models are typical for saving room space.

The most common models with drawers are the Eurobook. Its main disadvantages: uneven sleeping place due to joints, lack of armrests.

In the click-gag model, the pillows lie on the sides and act as armrests.

Safe armrests are available in the accordion sofa model... This sofa is distinguished by its comfort and easy folding of the berth.

A cross-couch or a couch, an ottoman and a sofa are furniture for daytime rest (short-term), therefore, such products are not intended for constant night sleep of children. It is more expedient to use these items as accommodation for guests, that is, temporary use. However, if there is not enough space in the apartment, you can put children to sleep on them, although this is not very good.

Transformation mechanisms

Usually, there are two types of transformation mechanisms in children's sofas: roll-out and folding.

The first type of furniture is very compact, has boxes for storing children's linen, there is no deformation of the sleeping place after sleep. But it should be borne in mind that when unfolded, such a model will seem lower than when assembled. Models of the second type are distinguished by their rigidity and weight. Because of this, a child of 3-7 years old will not be able to lay out the sofa on his own.

Selection Tips

Children are all different, and therefore their tastes too. There is a huge variety of sofas on the market for small users, but you should choose furniture according to the age of the child so as not to get lost in the ocean of offered models.

The smallest ones will be interested in sofas in the form of toys: cars (for boys), carriages, soft toys (for girls).

Little girls will love the sofas made in the Hello Kitty style (a character created by a Japanese artist who has become popular with children and teenagers). For boys, you can consider models such as a sofa gnome, Vinnie, McQueen. Younger preschoolers may be interested in house or rainbow models.

Children would like to live in a fairy-tale world with fairy-tale creatures, in which there is a place to sleep and play. All these dreams can be realized by the ideal “fabulous” furniture.

The hearts of little boys in elementary school are eager for adventure and travel, so they may like sofas in the form of ships, racing cars. But at the same time, such a sleeping place should look interesting and easily transform.

To choose the right furniture for your child, you need to choose the correct size of the sofa bed. The size of the furniture depends on several criteria: height, age and size of the child's room itself. For a child up to 7-10 years old, a single bed will be enough, for older children -1.5. The most important thing is that the child is comfortable and free for a restful comfortable sleep.

It should be borne in mind that your child is constantly growing and furniture is bought for more than one year, so you should select the length of the bed with a margin of about 30 centimeters more than his actual height.

A low sofa is suitable for preschool and younger children, and taller products for schoolchildren and adolescents.

The best offer for a child is a semi-soft sofa, which after sleep does not squeeze and does not take any shape. Naturally, such a sofa has an orthopedic function.

It is necessary and even necessary to pay attention to the material of the product. Naturally, first of all, you need to look at the upholstery and the inner filling of the soft parts - it must be hypoallergenic. It is recommended to choose a slightly soft fabric with a small lint that is pleasant to the touch. As for the material, everything must be natural. Otolichny option - a wooden sofa with cotton decoration.

Experts advise against buying furniture with leather and synthetic surfaces. Before buying, you need to ask the seller about the composition of the adhesive joints. The manufacturer of children's furniture usually provides information in the accompanying documents, so it will not be difficult to find out such data.

Before buying, furniture should be unfolded and folded many times in the store in the presence of a child - let him try to do the same.

It is advisable to choose a sofa bed according to the child's taste, not yours. After all, he should be comfortable and comfortable, nothing, even if this furniture contradicts your color scheme of the room.And it is important that the future owner likes it. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, it must be present.

So, these are the requirements that an ideal children's sofa must meet:

  1. Padded armrests.
  2. Bumpers (if for a child under 7-9 years old).
  3. Round corners.
  4. Environmentally friendly material.
  5. The color of the sofa should be bright, but not in any way poisonous.
  6. Design furniture.
  7. Orthopedic insert in the sleeping place of the sofa (optional).
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