Sofa with mechanism "Accordion"

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A folding sofa is an irreplaceable piece of furniture. It can serve not only as an additional seat, but also become an excellent night bed for sleeping, and during the day it again turns into compact upholstered furniture. And if the transforming sofa is equipped with additional storage modules, then it will perfectly fit into any interior and will help save space and maintain order in the house.

Sofa manufacturers offer a variety of models to choose from with different types of transformation and folding methods. Constructions with the "accordion" transformation mechanism are considered quite popular and easy to use. A large selection of colors and shapes, versatility and compactness of accordion sofas allow them to harmoniously fit into any interior - from classic to modern.

What is this transformation system?

The sofa with the accordion system can be folded out according to the accordion principle and has a three-part roll-out mechanism:

  • The three sections of the sofa are interconnected by means of hinges-locks, which are securely attached to the frame.
  • The back includes two sections and when assembled it turns out to be double.
  • The seat is the third part of the mechanism.
The principle of operation of the transformation system resembles the addition of the fur of an accordion, which is the reason for this name.

In order to activate the design of the accordion sofa, it is enough to raise the seat slightly up until it clicks, then pull it forward, the back will straighten and form a horizontal area of ​​two elements. The result is a comfortable sleeping place that is free of seams and bends.

The frame of most models is made of metal, which ensures reliability and extends the life of the product. The berth consists of lamellas and armor (wooden planks) attached to the frame. The locking mechanism is attached to the frame and is responsible for the layout and assembly of the sofa.

Folding the accordion sofa is also easy: the third section (seat) rises and returns to its original position without much effort. The sections will move almost independently due to the castors on the bottom.

Even a child can assemble and disassemble such a sofa.

Advantages and disadvantages

A functional and practical sofa with an accordion mechanism has a number of positive aspects:

  • The accordion mechanism has a long service life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Availability of models with built-in storage chambers, shelves and minibars.
  • Rubber-coated castors make the mechanism easier to use and prevent damage to the floor.
  • When assembled, the accordion sofa is quite compact and takes up little space.
  • The sleeper can withstand heavy loads and provides an orthopedic foundation for daily sleep.


  • A breakdown of the internal folding mechanism is likely to make the sofa unusable;
  • The back of the sofa on some models looks bulky.
  • The sofa takes up space like a full double bed when folded out.


Manufacturers produce sofas with an accordion transformation mechanism in three variations:

  • Chair-bed. Designed for one person, great for small rooms or children.
  • Angular. In addition to the main ones, it contains a fourth corner section, the berth at the corner sofas is large in size, and the number of seats increases several times.
  • Straight. Classic sofa model.

In addition to the standard model range, additional elements may be included in the kit:

  • Coffee tables, built-in additional shelves with a bar and a box for storing linen.
  • In many furniture salons, buyers are provided with a choice of a full-fledged designer furniture set, which can consist of armchairs, sofas and additional interior items, such as pillows and a removable euro cover, available in various colors.


The armchair-bed with the accordion mechanism is disassembled and folded according to the same principle as other models. The surface that forms the bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress. Chair-beds, like sofas, can be of two types:

  • With armrests;
  • Without armrests.
Such furniture is an excellent solution for owners of small apartments or those who wish to ergonomically manage the space of their home. Furniture without armrests, unlike models with them, with the same dimensions, has a larger bed width.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas are considered to be more functional. The berth can be laid out both along and across, and the corner modules can change their configuration on some models.

A sofa like this is a great piece of furniture for zoning when set in the center.

Straight sofas

Straight sofas are equipped with more spacious storage units. They look great in both large and small spaces. A wide range of designs is presented in various sizes. The presence of an orthopedic mattress and wooden armrests makes the sofa a comfortable seating area, and when unfolded it becomes a great place to sleep.


When arranging a room, it is important to take into account not only functionality and comfort, but also a harmonious combination of the interior with pieces of furniture. Accordion sofas look stylish and easily fit into any design solution. Depending on the interior of the room or taste preferences, the color and texture of the material is selected.

Classic style

The classic interior is perfectly complemented by a sofa with carved wooden armrests, for example, beech or ash. The same type of wood can be used for the lower panel of the seats. In addition to its luxurious appearance, the tree is durable and perfectly serves its owners along with the sofa for many years.


The minimalistic design will ideally be in harmony with the white sofa, but for practicality it is better to choose a model with dirt-repellent properties of the upholstery material.

Contemporary interior designs such as high-tech, modern and classic also welcome solid color pieces of furniture.


Bright upholstery and unusual shapes of the sofas characterize the avant-garde style.


Calm pastel colors and unpretentious soft sofas in combination with correctly selected interior items will create a cozy atmosphere in Provence or country style.

The variety of colors and design solutions presented by manufacturers allows you to choose upholstered furniture with an accordion mechanism for any interior.

Dimensions (edit)

All models with the "accordion" transformation mechanism are laid out according to a single scheme. Designs differ only in their dimensions, color and structural scheme of the upholstery.

The minimum width of the sofa is about 140 cm - these are the most compact models.

The most common and popular design among buyers has a rectangular shape, but there are some differences between the models. They consist in the number of landing and sleeping modules:

  • Single bed. The height of the sofa does not exceed 80 cm, the sleeping place is about 120 cm wide. The sofa is designed for one person, but if you wish, it can also fit two.
  • Double. The sofa model contains a two-person mattress and is the most common one. The sleeping place reaches 150 cm wide and is comfortable - an excellent solution for one-room apartments and small rooms. When assembled, the structure is a two-seater sofa.
  • Triple room. Three-seater models do not differ much from double sofas, but the length of the sleeping module is 200 cm.
  • Child... The standard construction of this type is about 120 cm long and fits harmoniously into any interior. The sofa is not double, although it is slightly larger than single models.

Materials (edit)


The supporting structure of the accordion sofa is made of two types of materials:

  • Wood;
  • Metal.
A wood frame is a budget option, but it is less durable. The metal frame is reliable, but it is more expensive. Most of the models with a metal frame are equipped with orthopedic mattresses and spacious storage boxes, since the metal bars can withstand more weight and do not sag.

Mattress and filler

The mattress is included in the kit immediately and is made of polyurethane foam blocks, which have the orthopedic rigidity necessary for healthy sleep. Such filler takes the shape of the body during sleep, distributing the load evenly, it quickly regains its shape after use.

There are several types of spring mechanisms for orthopedic bases:

  • With dependent spring block. Consists of interconnected springs covered with polyurethane foam. When pressure is applied to the block, all springs react to deformation.
  • With independent spring block... Consists of individual cone springs. The more their number, the higher the orthopedic rigidity of the mattress.
The mattress is environmentally friendly, highly resistant to wear and tear and elasticity. Orthopedic bases have different levels of rigidity. The most popular is polyurethane foam with a density of 20 to 55 kg / m2. The thickness of this mattress is about 10 cm.


When choosing an upholstery for a sofa, characteristics such as:

  • color spectrum;
  • strength;
  • price.

If the color of the accordion sofa is selected taking into account the interior and the owner's taste preferences, then the degree of strength of the material also depends on the purpose and location of the sofa. The cost also depends on the estimated parameters.

Each type of upholstery material has certain pros and cons.

Natural materials differ:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • high breathability.

The disadvantages of natural upholstery include:

  • loss of color and shape after washing;
  • the need for regular delicate care.

Artificial materials, in turn, attract:

  • wear resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • unpretentious care.

Negative sides:

  • static electricity;
  • poor breathability.
The most budget options are materials such as jacquard, chenille and tapestry.... Flock, plush and velor will cost a little more. Many manufacturers are leaning towards Teflon flock. Owners of furniture with such upholstery also note the strength and durability of this material.

Fabric similar to ordinary flock is impregnated with a special solution that repels moisture and dirt.

The most expensive materials are natural and eco-leather. But luxurious-looking leather upholstery materials require more scrupulous care than leatherette. Of the total cost of the product, the cost of the material is about 20-60%, so the choice of upholstery should be given a sufficient amount of time when buying.


The sofa is one of the main interior items, its color scheme should not come into dissonance with the surrounding space. The color harmony of the sofa-wall pair is the main key to stylish interior design. Experienced designers have developed several basic principles for choosing the color scheme of furniture for the already formed style of the room.

To begin with, you can generally divide all sofa models into two groups according to color schemes:

  • plain;
  • with print.
It is easier to fit the first group into the interior and choose the color corresponding to the design of the room. Printed sofas require more attention and serious work, in this case it is necessary to choose not only shades, but also the shape of the print, its rhythm to the overall picture of the interior.

The color of the sofa also depends on the texture of the upholstery material. For example, a delicate vanilla color on natural leather and velor will look completely different.

Each type of texture reflects light in its own way.

The next step is to choose the design of the structure for the type of room:

  • In the living room, for example, calm and gentle tones will look more advantageous, while in the playroom you need a rich and stimulating color for activity.
  • For a bedroom, neutral shades of beige, blue or, for example, pink are suitable. It is better to choose a smooth and discreet drawing.

But in general, any color scheme directly depends on the taste preferences and psychological type of the home owner.


In addition to the sofa, furniture showrooms can also purchase accessories that will not only help create a cozy atmosphere and increase the level of comfort, but also protect the product from damage.

The following accessories can be used as accessories:

  • pillows for a more comfortable position;
  • covers and mattress toppers.

Covers for an accordion sofa are made of materials of different characteristics and are of two types:

  • removable;
  • non-removable.

Models with removable covers have obvious advantages - it is not difficult to wash and replace the covers in case of damage. It would be more correct to call the furniture cover not an accessory, but additional protection of the product. Covers add not only aesthetics, but also become an additional barrier against dirt, scratches and chafing.

Sofa owners get an additional opportunity to save money. Any piece of upholstered furniture sooner or later will need a complete replacement of the upholstery; its service life is much shorter than that of the transformation mechanism. Replacing the upholstery material is a very expensive process; a complete disassembly of the structure and a constriction will be required.

The use of removable covers prevents wear on the upholstery, the sofa and mattress will last much longer and will delight the eyes of their owners.

Where to locate?

The compactness of the accordion sofa makes it an indispensable piece of furniture in one-room apartments and small rooms. In small areas, it is better to put the sofa close to the wall, this will not only save space, but also visually enlarge the room, especially if you decorate it in light colors.

In rooms with a larger square, you can install a sofa in the center; using this type of furniture arrangement, it is easy to zone the space in a house or studio apartment.

In the living room, due to the larger number of seats and a spacious sleeping module, it is better to place an angular structure.

In a nursery, a sofa can become a permanent sleeping place and reflect the individuality of the interior. The ease of use of the transformation mechanism will instill in the child independence and responsibility for cleanliness in his room.

The armchair with the "accordion" transformation mechanism is used either in the smallest rooms, or it is an additional berth and, together with a sofa, forms a full-fledged set.

How to assemble and disassemble?

The transformation system "accordion" is very easy to use, the unfolding of the structure is very similar to the movement of the bellows of the musical instrument itself. Here are some simple steps on how to unfold and fold an accordion sofa:

  • until the sound of a click of the safety lock of the structure sounds, you need to lift the seat up;
  • after clicking, pull the seat towards you and fully unfold the sleeping module.

For reverse transformation:

  • raise the extreme section and move it in the opposite direction from you;
  • push all three sections to their original position until a characteristic click sound: this will again work the lock.

Some models have a cover with a zipper and must be removed before starting the transformation. To get to the storage room, you need to lift the seat up and, after clicking, fix it in an upright position.


Manufacturers note several models of accordion sofas that are especially popular with buyers. These include:

  • Sofa accordion "Baron", factory "Hoff". Luxurious upholstery materials, voluminous shapes and traditional colors make this model in demand among those who want to purchase a functional piece of upholstered furniture for a living room or bedroom with a modern interior. The range of upholstery fabrics is striking in its variety: from African motifs to French Provence tapestries.
  • Sofa "Milena", factory "Fiesta Home". The romantic design of this model fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom. Lightweight, comfortable and reliable sofa-accordion "Milena" attracts many buyers with a wide range of models and a rich selection of upholstery materials. It is pleasant to relax on such a sofa with a cup of aromatic coffee and a book in your hands.
  • Corner sofa "Madrid", the company "Much furniture". The Madrid accordion sofa is perfect for small spaces. It is made from natural materials, but despite this, it is a budget option when buying furniture. The structure is based on a solid wood frame. Durable and durable materials support heavy weight and moisture resistance.
  • Sofa accordion "Bella", manufacturer "Mebel-Holding". Softness and comfort are the main characteristics of this model. The elegant sofa body, wooden inserts on the armrests, a large selection of upholstery materials and comfortable cushions in the set are the main arguments when buying Bella.
  • Samurai, Hoff factory. All the best from the accordion sofas was collected in this model: a discreet design, a wide range of upholstery materials, a bed 160 cm wide and 200 cm long with an orthopedic base for daily sleep and a removable cover.
  • "Tokyo", manufacturer "Charisma-furniture". The model's beautiful design, compact shape and robust construction are in demand among customers. The frame of the accordion mechanism in the assortment is presented both from wood and from metal. A comfortable padded back with cushions and a durable removable cover is a good choice for a living room or loft. The ergonomic design fits easily into any interior.


The owners of sofas with the accordion transformation mechanism, regardless of the manufacturer and model, characterize the design as a comfortable, practical and affordable product. Most buyers speak flatteringly about sofas on a metal frame with an orthopedic base, but consider a very practical and wooden structure. Users note that the miniature and easy-to-use folding and folding mechanism is suitable for small-sized apartments, and a comfortable sleeping place, after years, does not even begin to creak, due to the absence of springs in the mattress.

Positive reviews refer to models with lamellas and battens made of wood or leather, they are durable and can withstand heavy loads. What can not be said about the mesh base, which sags over time, and with it the mattress.

Models with polyurethane foam are not subject to deformation, therefore, when unfolded, the accordion sofa continues to maintain a flat surface for a healthy sleep. The transformation mechanism, according to the owners, serves for a long time without jamming and squeaks, but in most cases, after 3-4 years, it is advisable to lubricate the structure. The following video will tell you more about how to do this.

Stylish ideas in the interior

The modern interior design of the living room is made in sand and brown colors. The harmonious combination of wall colors, decor and furniture creates a simple yet cozy and very stylish atmosphere.

A large amount of free space and comfortable furniture turn a relatively small area into a comfortable rest and relaxation area.

The laconic combination of dark wood in wenge shades with beige walls is an interesting design solution.based on color contrast. The floral-print green cover on the accordion sofa evokes ideas of the Art Nouveau style of interior design, and small pillows with delicate geometric patterns confirm this.

The excellent design of a small living room is made in beige tones, the interior evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. A comfortable sofa with an accordion transformation mechanism in combination with interior items looks very stylish.

The modern high-tech design of a teenage room for a girl is made in white colors. The accordion sofa, which contrasts sharply with the rest of the objects, looks very stylish.

Due to the competent layout and volumetric color scheme, a room with an area of ​​no more than 15 m2 seems spacious and roomy.

Simple and not overloaded with unnecessary details, the red sofa creates a pleasant impression of the design of the room. A harmonious combination of the color of the sofa and the beige and brown tones of carpet, laminate and walls.

This color combination is one of the most popular design moves.

Oriental style with its inherent harmony and comfort is presented in this living room. A cozy area for relaxation, full of light and warmth due to terracotta color in a monochrome combination of shades of walls and pieces of furniture. A sofa and an armchair-bed with the "accordion" transformation system create a full-fledged soft living room set.

A cozy living room in a classic English style is designed in beige and woody wenge tones. The classic style with elements of French Provence gives the interior an elegant yet romantic colonial charm.

A simple and laconic design project for a minimalistic living room interior with elements of the Eastern ethnic group. The contrasting effect of the black color of the accordion sofa and the armchair-bed with white walls visually expands the space, creating a more comfortable seating area.

And the red details complement the tricolor range common in minimalist designs.

A bright and at the same time cozy children's room in the Art Nouveau style is made in soft blue and turquoise colors. The sofa bed with accordion mechanism with its soft shapes and delicate print fits perfectly into the interior of a child's room for a girl. The harmonious combination of all shades of furniture together gives a feeling of lightness and airiness, which will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the child.

The living room is filled with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, beige and terracotta shades are soothing and soft, positively affecting the psychological state of a person and creating an ideal zone for relaxation. A comfortable sofa accordion harmoniously fits into the overall ensemble of shelves and side tables without cluttering up the space.

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