Choosing a pouf in the living room

  1. Features, pros and cons
  2. Varieties
  3. Colors
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Examples in the interior

Living room furniture should combine functionality and aesthetics. The choice of a pouf should be given special attention. Such an object can replace the usual chairs or simply fill the void in the room. Ottomans come in different types and colors, so there is plenty to choose from.

Features, pros and cons

Poufs in the living room are purchased to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • Soft and small items can be used as a footrest and placed in front of armchairs, sofa. They will allow you to relax after a hard day.
  • Rigid poufs with a frame can be used as a coffee table.

The advantages of such furniture:

  • multifunctionality;
  • easy care;
  • compactness;
  • mobility.

There are no significant drawbacks to poufs. Some models do not have feet, so they need to be cleaned quite often. Pets can spoil the appearance of furniture with their claws, in which case you will have to change the upholstery. However, the advantages of poufs are much more, they can be used for different purposes. Everything directly depends on the type of product.


Poufs can be used as seating, footrests and even a table. For each purpose, a specific model is selected. Let's consider the main types.

  • Wireframe. Outwardly, it resembles a chair without a backrest with a soft seat. Such furniture may have legs, sometimes hidden.
  • Frameless. Looks like a large cloth bag with loose filling inside. Designed for sitting, relaxing. Typically equipped with removable covers for easy maintenance.
  • Transformer. The product can be retractable or folding. The most popular are the pouf table and pouf sofa.
  • On legs. Visually resembles a low and wide stool or even a bench. The legs are quite high, which makes it easy to care for both the product itself and the floor covering.
  • On wheels. The most mobile option. Small wheels allow you to quickly move furniture to the desired location.
  • Inflatable. Outwardly, it looks like an inflatable chamber with a removable cover made of dense fabric. Allows, if necessary, to make an additional resting place. Takes up little space when folded.


Poufs can have plain or multi-colored covers. In some models, the upholstery is not removable, so it must be carefully selected for the interior.

It is recommended to choose a color that matches the main furniture in the living room. In modern interiors, it is permissible to use poufs as an accent. For this, products or covers for them in contrasting shades are purchased.

Selection Tips

Choosing a pouf in the hall should be especially careful. All family members and guests of the house rest in this room. The interior item will be used intensively and will not be left unattended.

  • Safety comes first. It is worth carefully studying the quality certificates so that the material of the product does not emit toxins. This is especially important if there are children and pets at home.
  • The pouf must be stable. Make sure the legs are securely attached.
  • If the lid is hinged, then you need to make sure the quality of the hinges. You should also carefully check all the mechanisms in the transformer poufs.
  • If the model is designed for seating, then it will be useful to experience its convenience directly in the store. Separately, it is worth finding out how much the pouf frame is designed for.

When choosing a frameless option, you need to pay attention to other details.

  • The poufs are located on the floor, which means that the cover should be removable for easy washing.
  • The inner cover must be made of thick fabric. The quality of the textiles directly affects the durability of the pouf.
  • Usually the outer cover is closed with a zipper. Its length must be at least 100 cm. Otherwise, the risk of damaging the product when removing the top cover is too great.
  • The handle is a big advantage. This characteristic does not affect functionality, but it makes it easy to carry the product if necessary. Otherwise, raising the volumetric pouf is problematic.
  • The best filler is primary polystyrene foam granules. Some manufacturers use cheaper crushed particles. In the latter case, the pouf will quickly deteriorate and lose its softness.
  • Make sure you have a repair kit. You should immediately find out where to buy the filler in case you need to fill it up or update it.

Examples in the interior

    Poufs look harmonious in the living room, making the decoration more comfortable and homely.

    • Pouf-transformer allows you to use the tabletop in two positions and store things inside. The color and style are fully consistent with the basic furniture.
    • A small piece serves as an accent color. It can be used as an additional seating area.
    • The large frame pouf is in harmony with the main furniture. The model can be used for various purposes, including as a footrest.
      • Frameless model in combination with a small table, it serves as a complete seating area. The soft and beautiful case can be removed and washed at any time.

      How to make an ottoman with your own hands, see the video below.

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