Clamshell pouf: features, models and choices

  1. Features, pros and cons
  3. Colors and designs
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Examples in the interior

For the owner of a small apartment, every meter is valuable. For this reason, furniture is selected in accordance with the size of the home. The lack of free space is especially felt when guests arrive. And if one of them missed the bus or decided to stay overnight, the question arises about its location. Folding beds or beds with two tiers are a good solution to the problem. Furniture of this kind takes up a lot of space in the room. The clamshell pouf is more compact. The features, models and selection of a multifunctional bed are described below.

Features, pros and cons

In the mind of every person, a pouf is a small double or single seat. It is placed in a living room, bedroom or hallway. Such furniture is not equipped with supports for arms and back, it has a soft seat and a cube shape. Folding poufs are used as attachments to soft corners or seats in different rooms. The peculiarity is that, if necessary, the pouf bed can be converted into a comfortable sleeping place for an adult or a kid. A folded pouf is usually cube-shaped. But they produce seats in the form of a cylinder or round.

It is easy to place such a piece of furniture in any corner of the room without taking up a lot of free space.


  • when assembled, the small-sized seat occupies a small area, can be easily placed in the corners;
  • looks good in any room;
  • frame materials are durable, ensure the durability of the product;
  • widely presented assortment;
  • convenient to transport;
  • upholstery material is non-toxic, does not cause allergies;
  • can be purchased as a set or as an independent piece of furniture.

The disadvantages of furniture include the fragility of individual parts of cheap models.

The main parameter that influences the durability of the mechanism is the supported weight. For a child, the basic model is quite suitable. An adult needs to select furniture individually. Standard poufs are designed for a weight of up to 100 kg, models with wear-resistant mechanisms are more expensive and can hold up to 200 kg, middle-class poufs are designed for 85 kg.

There are also elongated poufs for people over 182 cm tall.


The variety of poufs lies in their mechanism. There are three main types.

  • Transformer on a metal frame Is a pouf made of metal frames with a retractable mechanism. When unfolded, it can be used in tandem with a mattress.
  • Frameless - poufs of 3-4 pillows that connect to each other. When unfolded it looks like a mattress. When folded, it has a cubic or rectangular shape. The pouf can be transformed into an armchair by lifting the top cushion of the furniture. The price for this model is affordable. Good quality, durable in service.
  • Folding - the folding pouf is larger than the others. It can accommodate two people. Easily transforms into a clamshell. To do this, pull the built-in bed out from under the top of the furniture. The life of the pouf as a whole depends on the quality of the folding structure.

    The mechanism of these types of poufs is simple and reliable. Allows to extend the life of the furniture.

    Colors and designs

    The color scheme for ottomans is very diverse. The assortment of furniture is presented in various shades. The most popular colors include classic (black, brown) and neutral colors (beige, gray).

    Sand color and burgundy come in second. More saturated colors - terracotta, blue, yellow.

    There are also contrasting seats:

    • white and orange;
    • yellow-violet;
    • black and red, etc.

      For furniture upholstery, textiles of various qualities are used. They choose it in accordance with the interior of the customer's premises and his individual preferences. For ottomans, the most popular upholstery is velor and leather. These are expensive materials. They look impressive in any room. The soft texture of velor creates an effect of coziness and comfort. The material is susceptible to rapid contamination with daily use. At home, cleaning the seats is not advised. The skin is more practical. It is easy to clean and adds solidity to the interior.

      Selection Tips

      For a children's bedroom, the main criteria for choosing furniture are environmental friendliness and safety of materials. Besides, they must be of high quality and durability as children jump and play. Under the influence of force, low-quality frame strips can break, upholstery seams can disperse.

      Before buying, the pouf needs to be spread out. This will help make sure the sleeping area is large enough for you. Find out from the seller what kind of padding is used for the furniture, what is the density of the material. It is worth trying to assemble and disassemble the bed without the help of a consultant.

      Before you buy a seat, you should read the product reviews and find out the opinion of friends who have already bought such an item.

      When buying, you should also familiarize yourself with:

      • availability of guarantees, compliance with hygiene standards;
      • the quality of the retractable mechanism;
      • the size of metal supports - no more than 1.5 cm;
      • the dimensions of the folded pouf;
      • models that can replace sleeping mattresses.

      The filler is an equally important aspect when choosing a transformer. It must be of high quality. Otherwise, the service life of the pouf will be short-lived.

      Examples in the interior

      The living room is the main place for placing ottomans in the dwelling. They don't clutter up the room. A correctly selected bright upholstery allows such furniture to be the main decoration of the interior. The pouf adds luxury to the atmosphere, for which upholstery made of expensive materials was used: velor, velvet, leather.

      Furniture is easy to move. Near the sofa, the pouf can be used as a coffee table or a footrest. At the table - like a soft stool for guests. The bottom of the ottoman is made of solid materials. This is convenient for small apartments where it is difficult to arrange furniture.

      Do not forget about the cleanliness of the furniture. For a seat to last longer, follow the manufacturer's recommendations:

      • the upholstery of the pouf must be cleaned regularly;
      • it is worth assessing the condition of the folding mechanism, especially for the designs of accordion poufs - they need to be lubricated periodically;
      • the iron elements of the pouf should not be wet, they quickly rust and fail;
      • the bed should be laid out neatly;
      • change the filler of the pillows in time, otherwise the furniture may shrink and the seams may come apart.

      And remember that the ottoman bed is still not designed for daily use. He becomes a "saving stick" when guests come.

      What a clamshell pouf looks like, see below.

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