Poufs on legs: varieties and tips for choosing

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Today the market is represented by a huge assortment of practical and comfortable furniture, which allows you to beautifully decorate empty corners in a room, but an ottoman with legs deserves special attention. With the help of it, the interior of any room acquires a complete look and is filled with comfort. This piece of furniture comes in a variety of models, each with a different functionality, shape, design and placement.


A pouf with legs is a compact chair in the form of a large pillow, inside of which there is a frame. It differs from ordinary upholstered chairs in height, which is much less. There are also frameless models, the design of which consists only of legs and a soft seat. As for the back, it is absent in all types of poufs.

The main advantages of this type of furniture include the following.

  • Multifunctionality. In the bedroom, it will simultaneously serve as a bedside table, a chair by the mirror and a play element. In the hallway, it will facilitate the process of shoeing.
  • Huge selection of equipment. On sale you can find models with a small clamshell and built-in drawers. In addition, manufacturers produce poufs, in which the lower part acts as a storage box, and the upper (folding) one serves as a convenient stool.
  • Compactness. This type of furniture has a small size, which saves space in the room. There are also massive models, but they are usually purchased for spacious rooms.
  • Mobility. The design is lightweight, so even a child can move it from one place to another.
  • Huge selection of shapes and colors. Thanks to this, furniture can be quickly matched to any style of the room.

    As for the cons, there are none. An exception is the high cost of luxury models. But manufacturers also produce budget options that are affordable for everyone.


    Poufs with legs are available in a huge assortment. The most popular are open frame models, outwardly they resemble ordinary soft stools. Closed-type structures are distinguished by the presence of leather or textile upholstery; they are made on metal, chrome-plated and wooden legs.

    Looks beautiful in a modern interior and frameless poufs, inside which there is a free-flowing filler. They fit perfectly into the design of any room, as they allow you to organize a cozy and original corner for relaxation.

    In addition, manufacturers produce puffs-transformers, which can be retractable or folding. Thanks to the transformation system, they can be easily converted into a comfortable folding bed with a sleeping place or a small sofa.


    Like other pieces of furniture, poufs on legs are produced not only in various designs, but also in shapes. The most ergonomic are considered rectangular (square) models... They easily find a place to be placed in any room.

    Round and oval pouf it is distinguished by its elegance, since it has strict lines that fit perfectly into the geometry of the room.

    They look no less interesting in the interior and semicircular structures, they complement the atmosphere with originality. Also deserve special attention curly poufs, which are usually available in hex, diamond and triangular shapes.

    For children's rooms, manufacturers specially make furniture in the form of animals.

    Selection Tips

    Thanks to comfortable and soft poufs on legs, you can create a beautiful design both in bedrooms and in living rooms, hallways. In order for this piece of furniture to reliably serve for a long time and complement the interior in an original way, the following nuances must be taken into account when choosing it.

    • For bedrooms it is best to buy ottomans on legs with a linen drawer, preferring upholstery made from natural fabrics in light shades.
    • Into the corridor an excellent choice would be a square pouf on wooden legs, additionally equipped with a footrest. As for the upholstery, it is necessary to choose models upholstered with a material that is resistant to wear and dirt.
    • In the living room the frameless model on chrome or metal legs will fit well. In this case, the shape must be chosen round. The color of the furniture should be combined with the colors of the textiles and wall decoration in the interior.
      • For children designers recommend purchasing frameless models in the shape of a pear or a cut cylinder. Their color should be vibrant.

      In the next video, you will learn how to make a do-it-yourself pouf with a coach tie.

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