Folding poufs: features, models and choices

  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  2. Varieties
  3. Materials and colors
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Accommodation in the interior

An extra bed will be useful in any apartment, but in a small one it is simply necessary. Folding poufs decorate the interior and can be transformed into a bed at any time. Such a berth can not always be used as the main one, but it is suitable for guests. The main thing is to choose the right pouf so that it is of high quality and beautiful.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

The folding pouf has a mechanism that allows you to transform it into a sleeping place. The transformation resembles a simple clamshell. The pouf itself is small and designed for seating.

The main advantages of such furniture are as follows.

  1. When folded, the pouf is compact and mobile.
  2. Various designs allow you to install furniture in any room, even in the living room, even in the hallway.
  3. The product is more commonly used for seating, but this is not its only function. Additionally, it can serve as a footrest and bench.
  4. A wide assortment with different designs allows you to choose furniture for any interior style.
  5. A simple transformation mechanism is used. Even a child can handle unfolding.
  6. Various materials are used in the manufacture, however, they are all completely safe for health and do not emit toxins.

    It is enough to buy a few ottomans to easily accommodate guests at home. There are minor drawbacks to such furniture.

    1. Cheap models are not suitable for everyday use. The mountings in them are rather fragile and are designed for rare folding.
    2. You should periodically inspect the transformation mechanism and repair it in time, lubricate the hinges.
    3. The dimensions of the folding pouf do not allow you to hide it anywhere.
    4. The upholstery needs to be cleaned. Especially complex care for light and soft tissues.


    The folding pouf is practical and comfortable. Modern models can be divided into 3 main types.

    • On a metal frame. This type of pouf bed has a pull-out mechanism. It provides a transformation into a full-fledged sleeping place for one person.
    • Frameless. The pouf mattress consists of several square pillows. Folding is similar to the process of assembling a nesting doll. Such a pouf-box with a sleeping place when folded can be used as a chair.
    • Folding beds. Visually, the pouf resembles a rather large cube with a lid, on which two people can sit freely. An ordinary clamshell is hidden inside. The sleeping place is for one person.

    For greater comfort, it is recommended to select an orthopedic mattress.

    Otherwise, using the pouf as a permanent bed will be extremely uncomfortable. The metal frame has fabric upholstery. Maybe a soft mattress.

    • Harmonic. When assembled, such a pouf resembles a cube. It is soft and lightweight. All pillows are interconnected, so it is quite easy to expand the bed. There are no metal mechanisms, which makes the product more reliable.
    • Banquet. Large pouf with storage boxes. The pillows are folded inside with a matryoshka, however, the product is equipped with a frame. It is convenient to install in the living room or in the hallway. You can sit on a large soft bench when a sleeping place is not required. The organizer is quite spacious and allows you to store a lot of things.

    The folding structure can have a different transformation mechanism. However, this is not the only thing that discourages many models. Poufs are divided into classes depending on the load they can withstand.

    1. Models that are designed for weight up to 100 kg.
    2. Poufs with improved mechanisms and high wear resistance, which can withstand a load of up to 200 kg.
    3. Basic versions for people weighing no more than 85 kg.
    4. Elongated models that are suitable for people with a height of 182 cm.

      Most of the models are intended only for periodic unfolding.

      If a pouf will be used as the main berth, then you should pay attention to expensive models.

        Some manufacturers divide their assortment into puffs for adults and children. In the latter case, natural materials and high-quality mattresses are used.

        Materials and colors

        The ottoman should be beautiful, comfortable and functional.

        It is important to pay attention to the material of the upholstery. Marking fabric will take a lot of trouble.

        Some materials do not allow you to relax on a folding pouf because they create a greenhouse effect. Flock, velvet and velor are considered good upholstery for such furniture.

        The surface of these materials is soft and pleasant to the touch. When used, there is a feeling of comfort and warmth. The only drawback is that these fabrics quickly become dirty. It is difficult to clean upholstery of this kind, often you have to go to dry cleaning.

        Some firms offer special folding poufs. Their upholstery is impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt and liquids. This simple solution avoids the appearance of stains. This significantly increases the lifespan of the furniture.

        Many models are covered with leather. In more expensive options, natural is used, however, and artificial shows itself well. The material looks attractive and practical. To remove dirt, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth or rag.

        Folding poufs are made in any color and there are many options for combining different shades. Models of neutral and dark colors are especially popular among buyers. In the first case, the pouf is suitable for almost any interior. Black and dark models perfectly hide small dirt.

        Manufacturers often make puffs with contrasting elements. The combination of white and red, green and black, yellow and purple is especially popular.

        The main thing is that the color of the product is in harmony with the palette of the room.

        You can choose a model to match the main furniture or act on the principle of contrast.

        Selection Tips

        Before buying a folding pouf, you should clearly define the purpose of use. Here are the nuances to watch out for.

        • The style of the pouf should also match the interior.
        • If the main goal is to save space, then you should not take oversized models. The key feature of the pouf is its compactness.
        • If you have to move furniture from room to room, then it should be light. An alternative would be models that are equipped with wheels.
        • The most practical upholstery is leather, both artificial and natural. This coating can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
        • It is important to focus on the height and weight of the person who will sleep on the transformer.

        Accommodation in the interior

        The folded pouf bed is versatile and can stand anywhere in the apartment. In this case, the furniture fulfills its standard functions. This is exactly what happens when the fold-out pouf is used as a guest berth. But if the owners of the house are sleeping on it, then it is better to immediately send the pouf to the bedroom.

        Here are some examples of location.

        • The bright bench is used as a storage box. She plays the role of a color accent in the interior of the bedroom.
        • The model is used as a table until you need to unfold it. The product is in perfect harmony with the sofa.
        • Folded design provides extra seating space. The lightweight and small pouf can be easily rearranged from place to place.
        • Folded design provides extra seating space. The lightweight and small pouf can be easily rearranged from place to place.
          • A great example of a clamshell pouf for everyday use. The product is in perfect harmony with the interior.

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