Pouf-transformer: features and choice

  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Manufacturers
  5. The nuances of care
  6. How to choose?
  7. Examples in the interior

Smart use of space is of particular importance in small apartments. Transformer poufs allow you to use one item for different purposes, it all depends on your needs. Such furniture can be transformed into a table, chairs or a sleeping place. It is important to choose a quality product so that it is pleasant and easy to use.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

A standard-type transformer pouf when folded takes no more than 90x70 cm. A small object looks harmonious in any room. It can be used as a seating position or folded footrest. When unfolded, the pouf turns into a bed, a set of stools or a full table. Its main advantages are as follows.

  1. Simple mechanisms allow you to transform furniture in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, even children can cope with the task.
  2. High-quality fabrics make the product easy to care for.
  3. Most of the models have a long service life.
  4. The pouf is easy to carry from place to place due to its low weight and dimensions.
  5. High-quality materials are used in the manufacture that do not emit toxins.
  6. A wide assortment allows you to choose the best option for each interior.
  7. Multifunctional furniture serves as a good decoration and can act as an accent color.

It is impossible to call the transforming pouf ideal, because any object has flaws. The main disadvantages are as follows.

  1. In cheap models, folding mechanisms quickly become unusable. Alternatively, you can pay attention to poufs without frames.
  2. In case of careless unfolding, excessive pressure on some parts of the structure, the furniture can break.
  3. Some upholstery fabrics get dirty quickly and require special care.
  4. Sometimes the filler gets into lumps, and the furniture loses its attractiveness.

Most of the negative aspects can be avoided. Competently enough approach the choice of a model for the house. Be sure to follow the rules for caring for the pouf and mechanisms. So, any breakdown can be warned in advance. Do not overload the product.


The pouf itself performs many functions. When transforming, the furniture turns into irreplaceable at all. The transformer pouf can be frame or frameless. Some models are equipped with wheels for easy movement.

A pouf with a removable cover is much easier to maintain in an attractive look.

Pouf bed

The metal frame acts as a basis. A pouf with a berth looks like a box upholstered with fabric. The soft part is located on top, in the form of a lid. When folded, it serves as a seat. The pouf can stand on a scabbard or simply on a frame.

A folding mechanism is located inside the structure. It can be folded out and get a full-fledged single sleeping place. It is enough to remove the lid from the pouf to gain access to the bed. Usually used as a guest bed. Some models are equipped with a heavy-duty mechanism and are suitable for daily unfolding.

Folding pouf

A simplified version of the previous view. The folding mechanism does not differ from the well-known clamshell. The metal frame can be covered with a fabric or a soft mattress. When folded, such a pouf is as compact as possible. For frequent use, it is recommended to select an additional orthopedic mattress. Often such a folding pouf has a removable cover for a sleeping place. This greatly simplifies the care of the furniture. Some models have an additional tabletop. A large number of additions make the pouf multifunctional and comfortable.

With a bench

Such a product is transformed into a bed from a double bench. There is a storage box inside the pouf. The folding principle can be different. In most models, the principle of matryoshka is used, when there is a sleeping place inside the bench... The pouf itself in this case can be square or in the form of a bench.

Poufs can be of various shapes, from standard squares and rectangles to cylindrical and curly. There must be a solid frame, which forms the bench.

Health safety is an important quality criterion. The main body is usually made of wood.

Pouf-cube 5 in 1

Such a transformer consists of 5 stools, which are combined into one cube. The structure is usually equipped with wheels, which makes it as mobile as possible. All stools are made in the same parameters. Stainless steel elements act as a frame. Upper upholstery with soft filling is often covered with artificial or natural leather.

Pouf mattress

This frameless design is easy to operate. Square soft parts are interconnected with fabric. When assembled, the pouf looks like pillows that lie on top of each other. The covers are removable for easy maintenance. A single bed should be selected depending on the height of the person who will use it.

Pouf table

In the usual state, a product in the form of a coffee table stands in front of your eyes. It is small in size and height. It is convenient to use it during rest in order to put a cup or put a book. In the process of transformation, the tabletop rises higher, and the second one gets out from under it. The result is a complete dining table.

Materials (edit)

The pouf has a frame and textile upholstery. The base can be made of wood or metal. The folding mechanism is made of stainless steel or aluminum. The quality of the frame directly affects the period of use and the comfort of interaction with furniture.

Countertops, if any, are made of wood or veneer. The pouf upholstery can be made from almost any material. The most practical are leather models. They can be easily cleaned from dirt. The leather can be either natural or artificial.

Puffs covered with velvet, velor or flock look quite attractive. Such fabrics are soft to the touch and pleasant to the body. An important disadvantage is their soiling and heavy cleaning. It is recommended to periodically clean them with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.


Designer transforming poufs are the highest quality and most attractive. Specialists develop every detail with the utmost care. Often such furniture is stylized in such a way that it becomes a key element of any interior. It is important to understand that designer poufs are of high cost, but they are completely unique.

IKEA and Dormeo produce more affordable, but no less interesting furniture. A wide range of models includes transformers that combine a pouf, bed and table at once. The products are covered with non-marking material, which makes them easy to clean. The range allows you to choose a model for any interior.

Factory "Melody of a dream" pleases consumers with interesting transforming poufs. Regular models are equipped with removable covers that are easy to machine wash. The sleeping place is made of orthopedic foam, covered with jersey.

Additionally, you can purchase an overhead tabletop, which further expands the functionality of the pouf.

Company "Mebel-Holding" has a pretty attractive model "Carney"... The folding pouf takes up very little space and is suitable for intensive use. The product can be used as a bench. This is a good solution for home and apartment.

The nuances of care

Any furniture serves for a long time if you properly monitor its condition. Here are some important recommendations for care.

  1. Inspect the mechanism and frame regularly for damage. It is recommended to do this at least once every 6 months.
  2. The filler in the soft part must be replaced periodically, otherwise it will crumple and sag.
  3. The upholstery should be protected from mechanical stress. Sharp objects can seriously damage the furniture.
  4. If the seam in some place began to unravel and the threads stick out, you should immediately carefully correct this moment. Sometimes it makes sense to involve a specialist if you have to work with a difficult fabric.

If the upholstery has faded, then to change it, you should contact the master or the service center.

How to choose?

Visually, the pouf should be in harmony with the interior of the room in which it will stand. It is better not to take large items, because the main feature of poufs is compactness. Light weight or the presence of wheels will make it easy to move it around the apartment or around the room. Other important nuances of the choice are as follows.

  1. Frame quality... Check the stability of the legs, if any.
  2. Filler density should be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, the functional properties will decline rather quickly.
  3. The quality of the upholstery fabric. It is she who lends itself to the most intense influence during the operation of the pouf. If the fabric is thin or too delicate, it will wear off quickly.
  4. Seam quality... The new product must be stitched with high quality. If threads are already sticking out on some seams, then you should abandon the model.

Examples in the interior

In normal times, the pouf is used as a footrest, bedside table, or seating area. That is why you can put it anywhere. Let's consider the most interesting examples.

  • The pouf is fully compatible with the sofa. A lifting table top provides access to storage spaces.
  • Great use case sleeping place from a pouf on an ongoing basis. Everything can be folded into a fairly high seating position if needed.
  • In the folded position, the transformer is used as a table. The removable top cover is easy to wash.
      • Banquet used as a table until you need to get an extra bed. The decor is quite interesting and eye-catching.

      For an overview of the transformer pouf, see the video.

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