Choosing a pouf for a dressing table

  1. Pros and cons of models
  2. Manufacturing materials
  3. Shape and dimensions
  4. Colors
  5. Selection Tips

Poufs are furniture that visually resembles a stool. They have a soft and comfortable surface for sitting, miniature dimensions. The vast majority of models are not equipped with a backrest. Poufs can have medium-length or short legs, be produced without supports or equipped with castors. This furniture is often chosen as an addition to the dressing table, as it is stylish and comfortable.

Pros and cons of models

The pouf allows a woman to sit at the dressing table with maximum comfort for applying make-up. According to some, such pieces of furniture are absolutely useless in the interior of an apartment. However, it is not. Most of the models are functional - they are equipped with drawers for storing small items. There are models with a hinged lid - removing the soft top, a spacious box is formed. You can put things, textiles or other accessories in it.

Other advantages of dressing table ottomans include:

  • a large assortment - products have different dimensions, are made of different materials, their colors and designs differ;
  • multifunctionality - you can sit down on an ottoman, put your legs on it, "throw" magazines, things or use it as a compact table;
  • small size - traditional poufs are distinguished by their compactness, due to which they do not take up much space (this is especially true for small rooms);
  • a light weight;
  • high mobility of products on wheels;
  • safety provided by the absence of sharp corners and rigid elements in the structure.

The disadvantages of ottomans are minimal. These include the high price (compared to stools) and the difficulty of selecting the optimal model for obese people.

Manufacturing materials

    Dressing table poufs are made from a variety of materials. Usually their frame is made of chipboard, MDF or wood, much less often - of plastic. Basically, budget furniture is made from these materials.

    For the production of expensive solutions, metal and natural wood are used. Metal frames are strong, reliable and durable, but they greatly burden the structure. Poufs with a natural wood base are especially appreciated. Such pieces of furniture look solid and have good performance.

    Cast polyurethane, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, expanded polystyrene granules and other materials can act as a filler. Manufacturers sheathe soft poufs:

    • natural or artificial leather;
    • tapestry;
    • velor;
    • jacquard;
    • satin with carriage brace;
    • velvet;
    • fur.

    The most practical upholstery are durable and thick fabrics, genuine leather and high-quality leatherette. Manufacturers also offer rattan products to customers. Such solutions are suitable for minimalist designs.

    Shape and dimensions

    Poufs can be frame and frameless. Products that do not have a rigid base are called ottoman bags. However, they are not suitable as an addition to a dressing table. Modern poufs can be:

    • round;
    • oval;
    • semicircular;
    • curly (triangular, diamond-shaped, hexagonal);
    • square;
    • rectangular.

    Most models of poufs are cylindrical or cubic in shape. However, solutions with backs are sometimes found on sale. Such products are tougher than traditional ottomans, but they are considered the most comfortable.

      The sizes of poufs vary greatly. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of such products with non-standard dimensions. Sizes of traditional ottomans:

      • height not less than 30 and not more than 45 cm;
      • length and width are also from 30 to 45 cm.

      There are larger solutions designed to accommodate 2 people.


      Dressing table poufs are available in a wide range of colors, so you can easily find a solution to any interior and bedroom style. Models in neutral colors are especially popular. White, gray, light brown, pale pink, beige and cream colors are in fashion. They are able to harmoniously fit into the existing environment. Such solutions are most suitable for classic styles.

        There are poufs with bright colors:

        • red;
        • purple;
        • blue;
        • yellow;
        • green;
        • orange;
        • silvery;
        • burgundy.

        The use of poufs with spectacular "flashy" shades is a great opportunity to dilute the same type and boring design. With the help of such products it is quick and easy to add "colors", brightness and freshness to the interior. Black and white colors of poufs are also relevant. These colors are classified as classic.

        White and black furniture can add style and showiness to the interior of the room.

        Selection Tips

        Before you go to the store for a pouf, you should find out what to look for when choosing. There are several important factors to consider.

        1. The vanity pouf should be stable for ease of use and of medium height.
        2. Wood solutions are considered the best. If you are purchasing furniture with a metal frame, it is important to make sure that there is no rust in visible places.
        3. The upholstery should be tight, the stitching should be straight without protruding threads.
        4. If you prefer fabric variations, you should choose dark shades of upholstery. Light-colored ones will require frequent cleaning.
        5. If the pouf has compartments for storing small items, it is important to check their performance. Drawers should slide out freely, without extraneous noise.
        6. Design. It is important to select furniture based on the overall design of the bedroom, the colors and styles of the furnishings available.

        Dressing table poufs should be as easy to use as possible. To make sure that the product is comfortable, you should sit down on it before buying. When sitting, the muscles of the back and legs should be relaxed.

        Poufs are useful pieces of furniture in any bedroom. With the right choice, they will decorate the familiar environment and will serve as an excellent addition to the dressing table for many years.

        For an overview of the dressing table pouf, see the following video.

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