Knitted poufs in the interior: what are they and how to choose?

  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  2. Shapes and design
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Examples in the interior

When creating coziness in the house, you need to take into account all the little things. It is from the nuances that the character of the interior and its individuality are formed. These details include poufs. Small but functional and beautiful products find use in any family. Knitted products are gaining more and more popularity today. Let's figure out what are good puffs decorated with yarn, and how to choose the right option.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

Knitted home furnishings came into vogue in 2012. This happened thanks to the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Today, many decorate their homes with knitted rugs, rugs, cup holders, decorative pillows. Such things touch, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. At the same time, they look quite stylish and do not spoil the modern interior at all.

The designers also paid attention to poufs. These are compact pieces of furniture without a back and legs.

Shapes, sizes, colors and patterns of covers can be different, which allows you to choose an option for every taste. At the same time, knitted poufs are very functional.

The advantages of such a piece of furniture are obvious.

  • Extra seating. Unlike chairs and armchairs, a pouf takes up very little space. This is especially important in small rooms, which are undesirable to overload with bulky furniture. You can sit on a soft pouf yourself or invite guests to relax on it. The rest of the time, the item can be left in plain sight for beauty or put under the table to make room for free movement around the room.
  • Mini table. If necessary, the pouf can successfully function as a coffee table. You can place a tray of drinks and snacks on it. This idea will appeal to those who like to drink tea while watching TV. Such a "table" will come in handy in case of the arrival of guests. You can comfortably sit on the couch with your friends by placing a knitted item with a tray next to it.
  • Footrest. If you place the product next to a sofa or armchair, it will allow you to stretch your legs and completely relax after a working day.
  • Storage space. If you put an object next to the bed, it will act as a bedside table. You can put a phone, a book and even clothes on it in the absence of a special hanger. If you choose a pouf with a hollow inside, this will allow you to store any things in it (toys, household items, etc.).
  • A joy for children. Kids love soft knits. They are happy to sit on bright poufs, preferring them to chairs. In the nursery, the product will serve as both a stand for books and a subject for fun games. The absence of sharp corners minimizes the risk of injury, which is also extremely important.
  • Spectacular decor. Finally, a knitted pouf can be the highlight of a room. You can choose a delicate color or a juicy shade, any shape. The product will harmoniously fit into the environment, will warm the soul on cold winter days, surprise guests and delight the household.

    The knitted piece of furniture has practically no drawbacks. Of course, some may note the not too low cost of products offered by professional firms and talented craftswomen. However, if desired, such a pouf can be made with your own hands. It only takes a few knitting skills and a little patience.

    Shapes and design

    The design of knitted poufs is different. The product can be round, cylindrical, flattened-oval, triangular, square. The yarn can fit snugly around the object or be loose at the top. In the second case, the pouf-bag has funny "ears", which gives it a special charm. Some people make puffs in the form of fruits (pears, apples). In this case, a leaf is additionally knitted. As mentioned earlier, the product can be completely filled with soft material, or it can be hollow inside. Poufs with the possibility of internal storage have a frame and a lid.

    Such products keep their shape better. They are also more practical. However, completely soft options are still more popular.

    As for the knitting method, it can also be anything (classic ornaments, narrow and wide braids, unusual patterns). Uniform knitting also looks beautiful. The colors are also different. Calm tones (white, black, gray, brown), and delicate shades (beige, pink, blue), and bright colors (red, yellow, orange, green), etc. are also successful. Two-tone products are interesting. Some models combine more than three tones.

    Materials (edit)

    The pouf cover can be made from woolen or semi-woolen threads... A good option is acrylic with wool. Many people make similar products from knitted yarn. These poufs look great and are pleasant to the touch. The basis of the subject can be one of several materials suitable for this. More often, expanded polystyrene is used as a filler. Foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber are also used.

    Selection Tips

    When choosing a knitted pouf, there are a few key points to consider.

    The size

    Think about how you will use the item. For example, a low soft option is more suitable for a nursery. It will be easier for a small user to sit on such a product. If the pouf is needed as a seating place for an adult, a bedside table or a coffee table, you can take a higher model.


    Here it is worth considering where the item will be located. For a nursery, a bright model will be the best choice. (pink, blue, turquoise, etc.). If the pouf will stand in the bedroom, a product in soothing colors will be the best choice. Usually, beige, light gray, white products are placed in this part of the house. Variants of powdery colors and shades of "coffee with milk" look beautiful.

    For the living room, you can purchase a pouf of any color. In this case, the style of the interior and personal taste should be taken into account. If the situation is strict, closer to the classics, it would be appropriate to buy a product in black, brown, gray, milky shades. All shades of gray, brown, blue are characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Muted brick, mustard tones are often used. Both neutral and bright products look good in modern style.

    You can make the pouf an effective accent (for example, red, yellow or purple), or you can match the item to match other furniture or decor. For example, sets from a pouf and a knitted blanket or rug of the same color range look good.


    Check with the seller if the cover is removable. Usually, manufacturers take into account the possibility of washing the knitted component of the product, but there are exceptions.

    Examples in the interior

    • The charm of the shabby chic style is perfectly emphasized by handmade poufs in turquoise and pale pink colors.
    • Even in gray color, such products look original. Ideal for those who prefer discreet colors.
    • The dark gray and orange shades fit perfectly into the autumnal Halloween atmosphere. A great addition to a country house.
    • A pouf can attract not only with its shape and color, but also with the beauty of knitting. A wide braid and a pale lemon tone give the item a special decorative effect.
    • A rug and a pouf made in the same tone is a great set that creates an atmosphere of home comfort.

    How to knit a pouf made of knitted fabric, see the video.

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