Choosing a foot pouf

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Selection Tips
  4. Colors and designs
  5. Examples in the interior

A pouf is a low, padded stool used by the aristocrats of the ancient world. Such pieces of furniture were considered luxury, were very expensive, as they were made of high-quality materials, upholstered with overseas fabrics, and decorated with precious stones. Quite often, the pouf was used as a footrest. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right product, determine its advantages and disadvantages, as well as varieties.

Advantages and disadvantages

In modern foot poufs, hard woods or particle boards are used as the basis. They are filled with different materials, among which the most popular are:

  • horsehair;
  • wool;
  • latex;
  • foam rubber;
  • polyurethane.

The following points add to the popularity of this type of upholstered furniture.

  • Multifunctionality. The ottoman can be used as a seat, bedside table and footrest.
  • Variety of models. There are products that are equipped with boxes for storing linen or things, a folding mechanism or a box.
  • Small size. Such a compact piece can fit perfectly in any room.
  • Mobility - the pouf is effortlessly transferred to the right place.
  • Availability - almost anyone can buy it.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then, having carefully studied the information from the manufacturer and customer reviews, we can conclude that there are none.


A large selection is the main advantage of this furniture. The thing is that you don't need a lot of material to make a foot ottoman, but there is a demand for it. Such types are presented on the modern market.

  • With box - this type of ottoman helps to rationally use space and save it. The thing is that such models are equipped with a special compartment in which you can put anything.
  • Modular - these are the most popular poufs. Most often they come with other furniture, such as a sofa or armchair. The upholstery of such a pouf is made of the same material as on the element from the set.

Selection Tips

The choice of an ottoman for the legs, as well as the choice of any other furniture for the home, must be treated responsibly and every detail must be carefully considered. It is necessary to understand that this is not only a piece of furniture that you can admire, but also a piece of furniture specially invented for human comfort. So, when choosing a pouf, you need to pay attention to:

  • the material from which the frame is made;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • what material is taken as a filler;
  • functionality and ergonomics;
  • the style and design in which the item is made;
  • manufacturer;
  • price.

The main thing when choosing and buying a pouf: it should ideally match the general atmosphere and interior design of the room.

Colors and designs

Considering the fact that many now decorate their home in a certain style, adhering to all the features of a particular concept, it is not at all surprising that a furniture manufacturer produces goods in different colors and designs. This also applies to footstools. They are made in these styles.

  • East Is a round or square product with curved legs. The upholstery of this pouf is designed in Moroccan color.
  • English - the puff is characterized by pretentious lines and a calm shade of upholstery fabric.
  • Scandinavian - such a pouf is characterized by white or pastel colors, strict lines. Made exclusively from natural materials.
  • Modern Is a strict leather product with chrome-plated legs.It is made without decor, screeds and in restrained colors.

If you have not found a pouf in the store that would ideally fit the design of your home, it doesn’t matter - it can be made to order. This service can be provided in company stores.

Examples in the interior

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern interior without various multifunctional attributes of furniture, which are specially designed and manufactured to create coziness and comfort. The footstool can be installed in absolutely any room.

  • In the living room - it is better to install a modular model, any product, the frame of which is made of wood, and at the base there is a storage compartment is ideal. It must be strong and reliable, because it is in this room that it is most often used.
  • In the bedroom - here you can choose a rectangular pouf along the length of the bed with a rigid frame and a box for storing linen. It can also be used as a bedside table. Delicate round legged products in the same style as the rest of the furniture are also suitable.
  • In the hall - for a given room, you need to choose a stable model that will be both compact and voluminous at the same time.
  • On the terrace in the cottage you can put a luxurious leather armchair in which you can have a great time reading or thinking in a comfortable position with your feet on the pouf.

It is very popular today to put special covers on foot puffs, for example, knitted ones. You can buy them at a furniture store or knit them yourself.

How to make a pouf from plastic bottles with your own hands, see the video.

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