Choosing a sofa in the office

Choosing a sofa in the office
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Models and selection
  3. Style
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Examples in the interior

There is a popular misconception that an office in a house is of interest to some entrepreneurs, respectable officials, writers and other people of the same circle. In fact, this is not the case. Whoever you are, the apartment should have an area that allows you to retire, read books and documents, hold an important meeting, or just make a serious decision. And since such things can be tedious, it is very important to choose a good sofa for the office.


Many apartments cannot boast of a significant area, and therefore it is impossible to allocate a separate room for an office. Then they organize a built-in place for work, which must be taken into account when thinking about furnishing such a place.

The key parameters when making decisions are:

  • The exact amount of space.
  • Basic rules of ergonomics.
  • Room arrangement style.

The main colors for furniture in the home office are considered to be dark brown and dark cherry (although you can choose their separate shades to emphasize a particular idea). These colors adjust to the working mood, and also enhance concentration, reducing the likelihood of error.

Models and selection

A sofa bed, an ottoman or even a sofa are types of upholstered furniture for the office that are not always used, but help to make the space more comfortable. In an expensive interior that emphasizes the respectability of the owners, the role of the sofa is very important. It can become the semantic center of the entire composition as a whole.

In order to avoid mistakes when choosing, it is recommended to draw up a design project. Most often it is formed when the working area is located in a separate room. This is important for the selection of furniture of the optimal size and its competent placement. But even in a smaller space, these circumstances are also extremely important.


It is necessary to select furniture specifically for the dominant style of the house or apartment.


In a classic interior, massive options based on natural materials will harmoniously look. In addition to the colors listed above, pastel and cream tones are suitable.

You can use rich greens and browns, but it is better to coordinate such moves with experienced designers.


A minimalistic environment will suit those who are young (at least internally) and full of energy, creative plans and ambition. The predominant color is white, interspersed with gray tones. Straight geometry, strict functionality of the furniture is preferable.

High tech

Choosing high-tech, you need to focus on single-color sofas with strict geometric shapes.

Country and Scandinavian styles

Country-style furnishings are not the most comfortable in home offices, but if the whole house is decorated this way, it is not recommended to get out of the general row in this part of it either. In such a case, you need to choose upholstered furniture with checkered or striped textiles in the upholstery, and from flowers, prefer natural and not too bright tones. The Scandinavian format is much better suited for the office - in it, all furniture products must be strictly functional and practical, and the absolute dominance of white is only welcome.


As for such an approach as a loft, it is recommended not only to creative and energetic people, but to those who like to surround themselves with all non-standard ones.Then there is a very rough brickwork, wooden beams, large windows letting in a maximum of light. Of course, in such an environment, the simplest and most familiar sofa will not look full.

Selection Tips

It is preferable to use a folding sofa where there is not enough space.

The leather look of upholstered furniture, in comparison with the usual one, emphasizes your solidity and seriousness of intentions much better. Of course, this is not so important for a purely private person, but if you decide to use your home office for business negotiations with business partners, investors and creditors, then this is much more significant. And for the reception of clients, such a solution turns out to be preferable.

Think carefully about the purpose for which the sofa is purchased in the office:

  • It's one thing if you need it as a seat for yourself and for guests.
  • Another, when the sofa will play the role of an interior organizer, will help in the zoning of the space.
  • And third, if you need to organize an extra bed (this is more important for those who constantly spend time in offices).

For small rooms, a two-seater sofa turns out to be the best solution, and large corner products are not suitable.

Leather and flock are two materials that don't stain easily, making everyday care easier.

A very important selection criterion is the rigidity of the armrests. This requirement will ensure comfort and coziness at work. Always check in person to see if it is comfortable to sit on the couch, and in various positions. Ask for proof of the safety of the materials used.

When choosing the size of the sofa, attention should also be paid to the height of the room. So, if the room is relatively low, a tall piece of furniture will look ridiculous and inappropriate. If you want to be able to easily and freely move the sofa, then it is worth considering that a wooden frame will be better than a metal one. But if considerations of strength and stability come first, the situation will be reversed.

Examples in the interior

You can choose any sofa to decorate your workspace. The main thing is that it fully satisfies your tastes and allows you to solve all problems. A product with a high back looks very attractive, with a harmonious combination of white upholstery and its sophisticated dark brown base.

A white piece of furniture set against a chic wooden wall decorated with beautiful and thoughtful patterns is one of the best options. But it is more correct to combine a green sofa with immaculately white or discreet light walls. It should be decorated with light pillows and a vase of flowers.

You will learn how to make a sofa with your own hands in the following video.

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