Round sofas

Round sofas
  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Varieties and mechanisms of transformation
  3. Color solutions
  4. Material
  5. Where to put and what to combine with?
  6. How to choose?
  7. Interior ideas

A round sofa is an original and attractive product that can become a highlight of the interior. Designers offer a wide variety of models and colors, which will allow everyone to choose the perfect option for their taste.

Features and Benefits

  • Round sofas should be reliable and practical, regardless of shape and size. Many of them are equipped with convenient mechanisms for transforming the sofa into a comfortable sleeping place. The draw-out model is a practical choice.
  • Manufacturers offer stylish products using different materials for upholstery and filling. Most options include roomy and practical drawers.
  • Round sofas of a concave or convex type are in great demand, as they look great in an ensemble with coffee tables.
  • Compactness and practicality are the indisputable advantages of round models. They can be used as a main or additional bed.

But besides the dignity, this furniture also has some disadvantages. The price for round models is higher compared to rectangular sofas. There may be problems with the selection of bed linen, although many manufacturers of textile accessories are already taking into account the possibilities of round designs.

Varieties and mechanisms of transformation

The round sofas are equipped with various transformation mechanisms to be used not only as a place to spend time together, but also as a sleeping place.

  • The semicircular model called the "reverse eurobook" is transformed by pulling the folding segment out from under the seating area, while the backrest easily reclines back. The central part remains stationary.
  • Models with a convertible back are equipped with a special podium made of metal, which is pulled forward, and the back is already reclined back. The seat remains fixed.
  • The swivel sofa can be folded out with a seat, which consists of two semicircles. The back remains fixed and the lower part slides forward.
  • The rounded corner sofa features a rounded back. This model helps to save space in the room. She fits perfectly into a variety of styles.
  • Modular options are in great demand as they allow the rearrangement of elements for ease of use. The options without armrests are more suitable for sleeping.
  • Soft design products are the embodiment of the most daring and unusual ideas. They can be presented in unusual shapes or bright color combinations. So, the sofa looks spectacular in the form of a gnawed apple or a tiger rolled into a ball.

Color solutions

Round sofas in different colors are on sale today. Some options surprise with brightness, others attract with tenderness and restraint.

The highlight of the interior of a bedroom or living room can be a pink or yellow sofa. This approach will create a stylish and original interior.

The play of contrasts looks spectacular. For example, a white round sofa can be placed in the center of the room, complementing it with other pieces of furniture in black.


Modern manufacturers use a variety of materials for the manufacture of such furniture to satisfy the wishes of all buyers.

In the classic design, the sofas have a wood base with the addition of plywood and chipboard elements. But the most durable and demanded options are considered to be on a metal frame. The main advantages are that it can withstand heavy loads, does not deform over time.

The metal frame can be collapsible or all-welded. A collapsible frame allows for a breakdown of one of the parts to make repairs and easily replace the defective part. If the welded frame breaks (which is rare), then it is easy to replace it entirely. It is for this reason that sofas on collapsible metal frames are more expensive.

Synthetic batting is often used as filler for a round sofa. It can be of different density and thickness. If you are looking for a model for sleeping, then the ideal solution is the option, complemented by an orthopedic mattress.

Many round models have a synthetic winterizer or high-density polyurethane foam as a filler. Such models should not be used for daily sleep, as they are characterized by increased rigidity to maintain shape.

A good solution would be sofas with combined fillers. They are characterized by an increased service life, functionality and practicality, which positively affects the price of the product. For example, the back can contain polyurethane foam, and the sleeping place is already represented by an orthopedic mattress. Batting is used here as a filling, which is characterized by softness.

Manufacturers usually produce the same model in several upholstery options, so when choosing, you can choose the option that suits your preferences perfectly. If you are looking for a sofa for sleeping, then it is better to opt for silk or tapestry, but it is better to refuse a leather product.

The fabric upholstery is characterized by a beautiful appearance, it is also pleasant to the touch. The leather sofa is highly durable.

Where to put and what to combine with?

Round sofas are usually purchased for spacious rooms. They can be used in the living room or bedroom. Kitchen options are not in demand because they take up a lot of space.

The round sofa will perfectly fit into any interior design, giving it wealth and luxury. It is ideal for a sleeping place.

A round sofa for a spacious room is usually placed in the center. It can be supplemented with a coffee table and poufs. To create unusual design solutions, curved ottomans are often used with a round sofa.

This option will perfectly decorate the interior with non-standard architectural forms. The sofa can be placed in front of the fireplace, and the free space can be filled with a carpet decorated with an animal print.

Even a few round sofas can be used for spacious rooms. This will create coziness and comfort.

For a small room, you can choose a compact version without additional modules and structures. It should be placed near a wall or in a corner. But remember that when unfolded, such a model will be quite bulky for a small room.

The rounded sofa is suitable for the embodiment of a variety of interior styles. For example, models in restrained shades look perfect in high-tech style. It can be supplemented with a glass table with metal legs.

A sofa, decorated with various decorative elements, should be combined in the interior with wide armchairs and chairs, floor lamps with ornate ornaments.

How to choose?

When choosing a round sofa, you must first decide where it will be located, as well as for what purposes you are purchasing it - sleeping or sitting down.

Many buyers prefer convertible sofas.These models can be easily transformed from a small seat into a large and comfortable bed. Usually, when unfolded, they have a width of 130 cm and a diameter of 200 to 250 cm. Tall people should pay attention to such options. The backrest and armrests are usually folding.

When choosing a round sofa, you should pay attention to the strength of the frame, as well as the filling and upholstery. Leather sofas are perfect for relaxing, fabric upholstery for a night's sleep. The mechanism for transforming a sofa into a bed should work easily, be durable and practical.

Interior ideas

The round white sofa looks luxurious and beautiful in any interior. It can be combined in design with furniture in light or dark colors. The presence of a backrest makes the model practical and comfortable.

In spacious rooms, you can combine two round sofas at once. Models look beautiful in contrast. The white and black sofa can be positioned in the center of the room. Such a tandem looks beautiful in an ensemble with black furniture.

A round red sofa will become a bright decoration of the restrained interior. The combination of a red body and a brown mattress looks original. A comfortable backrest will allow you to relax and unwind. The color of the mattress matches the brown walls perfectly. To decorate and visually separate the place under the sofa, you can use the elevation and use a different color scheme for the flooring.

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