Sofas with the mechanism "Accordion" on a metal frame

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Everyone dreams of comfortable and comfortable upholstered furniture. Most modern models have different folding mechanisms, thanks to which the sofa can be used for sleeping. It is very important that the design of the sofa is strong, and the mechanism itself does not cause any inconvenience when unfolding. Such characteristics are possessed by a sofa on a metal frame with an accordion mechanism.

Features and Benefits

The accordion sofa has a number of features and benefits. A metal frame, a reliable transformation mechanism, a comfortable sleeping place when unfolding and compact size when folded, distinguish this model from others.

The presence of a metal frame provides the product with a longer service life, because the alloys contained in the metal components make them more resistant to deformation processes. The frame itself, as a rule, is treated with a special compound that prevents the development of corrosion.

In addition, a sofa on a metal frame has a very durable and convenient transformation mechanism, which got its name "accordion" thanks to a musical instrument with the same name, or rather, an identical operating principle. In order for the sofa to turn into a comfortable sleeping place, you just need to pull the seat forward and a flat surface for sleeping is ready. The compact size when folded is achieved thanks to the special design of this amazing sofa. The seat, like other models, consists of one part, but the design of the back is somewhat different from the usual specimens: it is built in two parts.

In the assembled state, the backrest folds in half, and when decomposed, both halves close together and with the third part, forming a perfectly flat surface without drops and irregularities.


There are different types of sofas with accordion transformation mechanism. They are straight and angular in shape, and in the presence of various additions: with armrests, without them, with a box for linen.

Corner option will look good in the living room and, if necessary, can be easily transformed into a wide berth.

Direct option, due to its compact size, it fits perfectly into a small room, and the reliable accordion mechanism that even a child can handle will allow it to be installed in a nursery. The presence of such a sofa will save a lot of money that would go to buy a bed. In addition, this product does not clutter up the space in a small room, especially if the model is without armrests. Their absence contributes to free movement in a small room. The laundry box is present in almost all sofa variants.

Thanks to its presence, you can place bedding.

Dimensions (edit)

Such a sofa, when folded, is usually very small in size, depending on the size of the metal structure. When unfolding, the berth can reach a length of 200 cm, which is especially convenient for tall people, because standard-sized furniture does not always suit such people.

The width of the sofa with the accordion mechanism is in direct proportion to the length of the assembled product, and does not exceed 180 cm. This width allows you to comfortably accommodate two people. Small-sized pieces are only 120 cm wide. This size is perfect for a child's room.

Materials (edit)

Any model of upholstered furniture consists of a frame, backrest and seat filling and upholstery fabric.

The metal frame of the sofa is equipped with wooden blocks of a certain thickness. These parallel elements are usually made of beech. The bars are called lamellas, the distance between which affects the degree of the orthopedic effect. These slats, bent at 15 degrees, are almost impossible to break. They form a fairly strong springy base on which the mattress is laid with various types of modern fillings.

The most common mattress filler is polyurethane foam.

This material has many advantages. It is resilient, resilient and durable. This hypoallergenic material is able to provide comfortable conditions for sleeping and resting. The density of this material affects the firmness of the mattress.

The use of polyurethane foam as an independent filler eliminates any creaks and noises during operation. A cover made of upholstery fabric is put on the polyurethane foam, as a rule, it is removable and equipped with zippers for convenience. On the inside, the upholstery fabric is quilted with padding polyester and lining fabric. The removable covers make it much easier to care for the furniture.

How to choose?

In order to choose the right sofa on a metal frame with an accordion mechanism, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances and pay attention to the components. You need to start by determining the size. It is necessary to take into account both the width and the length of the product when unfolded. The width can be selected in accordance with your desires, but the length resulting from the layout, as a rule, ranges from 180 to 200 cm, and takes up a significant place in space.

Having chosen a copy of the appropriate size, you need to pay attention to its mechanism, which can be produced either in Russia or in China. The most durable and durable is a domestic copy. In addition, the metal from which the frame is made must be strong and without damage with the least number of joints, the wheels of the mechanism must have rubberized pads.

After inspecting the mechanism, you should inspect the filler and mattress cover. As a filler, many manufacturers use polyurethane foam of various densities and thicknesses. The optimal thickness should be 10 cm, and the density can be checked empirically. To do this, you need to put pressure on the mattress, your hand should not reach the base of the sofa. The mattress cover must be removable; for this, zippers are sewn into it.

The color and type of fabric from which the cover is made should be chosen from the catalog according to your wishes and preferences. It should contain synthetic fibers, which significantly increase the life of the cover and prevent shrinkage during washing.

If you follow all the rules when choosing a sofa on a metal frame, then it will serve you for more than a dozen years due to its high performance characteristics.

You will learn more about sofas with the Accordion mechanism on a metal frame from the following video.

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