Corner sofa with sleeper

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A corner sofa with a sleeper is a piece of furniture that can be used in different ways - depending on the needs and requirements, as a sofa to relax during the day, or as a bed to sleep at night.


Many people choose the corner sofa because they just want the sleeping area to not be used frequently. Some use it as a guest sofa, providing their guests with a great place to sleep well.

With such a sofa, accommodating guests at night will never be a problem for households.

Some of the corner options are available without a backrest, while others boast a sturdy backrest. Most designs have retractable straps that can be pulled out to reveal the mattress hidden in the base. The same straps also extend the base on casters, and the hidden mattress can be stowed on the base to create a comfortable and luxurious sleeping platform. Corner options can be a great solution for small rooms.



Modules are components of furniture, the combination of which allows you to modify upholstered furniture in any convenient way. Corner sofa with a turn to the left and with a turn to the right, a U-shaped sofa, a zigzag, a semicircle are just some of the possible options.

At the same time, the modules may well function as independent elements.


  • variability of forms;
  • independence of elements;
  • the presence of compartments for storing linen;
  • simple transformation mechanism;
  • the ability to organize several separate beds or one large;
  • convenience in zoning the room.

It should be noted that the mobile modules are relatively lightweight, so the berth can turn out with gaps. Heavy modules, which do not dislodge and form a single, large berth, will be inconvenient to move.

Folding sofas

Unfolding sofas include all types of folding sofa beds. They are distinguished by the original design, as well as the way of transformation of the mechanism - everything unfolds like a roll. In total, there are three types of "clamshells":

  1. French. With a thin foam mattress and cushions. They are laid out in three stages. They can be with two separate berths.
  2. American (sedaflex, Belgian bed). Two-step transformation, perfectly flat sleeping area with anatomical properties. May be with a recliner.
  3. Italian. Unlike most models, the transformation of which begins with the seat, the Italian systems use the backrest. Sinking down, it supports the orthopedic mattress lying on top.

There are no linen drawers in "folding beds" of any type.

Roll-out sofas

The forward-folding sofa is similar to a standard sofa, but it has a metal frame tucked into a section. You just need to remove the seat cushions - and you can simply pull out the metal frame to get a sleeping place in no time. The structure can be easily folded back into the sofa frame when the bed is not needed.

It is a convenient, efficient and durable mechanism for using a piece of furniture in a variety of ways.This will serve as a fully functional bed with ample comfort and support, as well as a sofa to relax on during the day.

There are the following types of mechanisms:

  • The dolphin mechanism is incredibly simple. Raise the front to apply the click mechanism, and put it back down to get the converted bed.
  • "Eurobook" (or "book"). In most designs of such a sofa, the back cushion is first removed, and then the rest is disassembled. With a sofa like this, it's important to make sure it has enough front space to unfold.
  • Accordion mechanism is available in a variety of styles, but simplicity and convenience are the main design elements. A sofa usually consists of two elements: a wooden or metal frame and a mattress on top. In most designs, the backrest is equipped with a click mechanism - to convert the sofa into a bed. This kind of furniture is great for places with limited space.

Dimensions (edit)

To make sure that the furniture will fit in the room, you need to carefully measure. There are some tips on how to measure everything. To do this, you need to use a tape measure (for accurate results):

  1. You need to measure the place of entrance to the room. The height and length or width of any corridors and doors, openings should be measured.
  2. Then you need to measure the furniture itself. Measure the width and diagonal depth. You can do this right in the store.
  3. A sofa with a size of 200 × 200 cm is considered large. This sofa is wide and long enough to accommodate two people. It is also called double.
  4. Single sofas are rather small and narrow products: 180 × 200 cm in size. They are considered small. The compact options also include a small mini sofa measuring 160 × 200 cm.
  5. It is necessary to compare the dimensions of the apartment and the furniture. Any other obstructions should be considered: ceilings, lights, interior walls, stair railings, and curves. The diagonal depth of a sofa can be determined by measuring the straight edge from the highest point of the back surface (excluding the cushions) to the front of the armrest. Then, using a measuring tape, measure from the bottom rear corner of the sofa to the point that bisects the straight edge.

It is important to note that this is just a measurement guide. It does not guarantee that the furniture will fit. Size limits need to be considered - from the delivery truck to the destination.

Materials (edit)

The choice of this or that material not only determines the resistance of the furniture to various influences. It is an element of creating style in the room. The appearance and service life of the sofa also depend on the upholstery and filler of the sofa. The options are most often the following:

  • Flock. It is a dense fabric with a velvety surface, pleasant to the touch. It is universal for most areas in the house, excluding the kitchen (it will quickly become saturated with food smells). Thanks to a special production technology (using different piles), flock can imitate suede, velor, chenille coatings in a wide range of colors.
  • Chenille. Differs in softness and "fluffiness" of the coating. In terms of strength, it is not inferior to flock, does not fade, poorly absorbs odors, hypoallergenic, washable.
  • Jacquard. The densest of the listed fabrics, solid, but pleasant to the touch. It softly wraps around furniture, withstands daily use and constant exposure to sunlight.
  • Tapestry. A soft colored coating made of natural cotton that can give a luxurious look to furniture of the most laconic form. The tapestry is easy to care for, it does not fade, there is no allergy from it. However, its natural origin is both an advantage and a disadvantage, since the material without the addition of synthetic components wears out faster and loses its appearance.
  • Leather. A leather sofa is an indicator of taste and wealth.The leather sofa is notable for its practicality, beautiful appearance and high cost. However, the price of a luxury product is justified by its aesthetic qualities and impeccable service over the long term. Many people choose to replace it - eco-leather.
  • Leatherette. Not everyone can afford natural leather, but there are several alternatives that are not inferior to it in terms of quality of service and appearance. These include leatherette and eco-leather. Upholstery made from these materials will cost significantly less, but it will perfectly fit into the interior of a rich living room, study or kitchen.


Monochrome options look interesting. The white leatherette sofa is almost universal for most modern interiors. It looks very stylish, thanks to the peculiarities of the coating, it remains in perfect condition for a long time.

For those who still do not dare to purchase snow-white furniture, there are a number of models in other colors. Black leather (not always natural) is relevant, as well as brandy-colored furniture, cherry, green, blue, red and mustard shades.

Solid color sofas are widely available in other upholstery materials. Flock with imitation of velor or velvet looks "expensive" and original, chenille and jacquard are interesting. As an alternative to monotony, sofas in the so-called bicolor act.

It can be a combination of contrasting colors, and a light pattern on a dark background in the same color palette, and accessories that differ in tone.

A more striking element in the interior is plain sofas with a large number of multi-colored pillows. They can be large or small, high, flat, blown, round, elongated, in the form of rollers. Any drawing is suitable. The color combinations are very different. The main thing is that they are in harmony with each other and with the main color of the furniture.

Pillows can be decorated with fringe, tassels, lace, made of a material other than the sofa upholstery.

The combination of textiles and wood is very relevant in modern design. Not all types of transformation mechanisms allow showing parts of the wireframe, but in some cases it is possible, and not taking advantage of this advantage would be an oversight.

Natural plain fabrics and velvet in combination with brushed (aged) wood are at the peak of popularity.

A distinctive feature of sofas for the living room, in which tea parties often take place with guests, are tables. As a rule, the table is located next to the armrest, it can be extended and retracted. Chipboard, as well as MDF, wood, plywood are used as a material for the manufacture of the table.

How to choose a room?

There are some very important things to consider before buying furniture:

  • It is necessary to determine if the new piece of furniture will be used as a sofa most of the time. If you plan to use it more often as a sofa, you need to choose furniture with soft armrests and a comfortable back. If the product is more often used as a bed, then it is better to choose a sofa without backs and with a spring mattress.
  • It is important to decide who will sleep on this couch. Children can get good sleep on almost any surface. If the sofa will be used to accommodate older guests, a support mattress should be purchased.
  • You should know in advance the size of the room in which the furniture will stand. There is no point in purchasing a piece of furniture for a room if it is too small or too large for her. Make sure there is enough room in the room for a corner sofa. You can face the problem of setting up furniture in a small room, where a more elegant and smaller sofa will look much better.
  • It is important to consider the design of the room, in which the furniture will be located.
  • Reasonable shoppers never purchase anything without first trying to learn it. Since the sofa bed will serve two purposes, double research needs to be done to ensure that all family members get the most bang for the buck from the furniture.
  • It is worth checking how the sofa unfolds, whether all mechanisms work freely. It is also important to make sure that it does not squeak.
  • For many people, it is enough to sit on the sofa to check how comfortable it will be to relax on it. However, you need to check the level of comfort that the sofa offers when lying on it. It must be remembered that a sofa is bought for more than one day, so it must be checked properly. The typical sofa bed option offers a 4.5-inch mattress thickness. To be comfortable while sleeping, you should avoid the option where the thickness is less than 4.5 inches.
  • While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be a real nuisance if you don’t think about where to put the sofa in advance. For the living room, corner furniture options with leather upholstery or microfiber upholstery will work, but you cannot put such a sofa in a nursery. Instead, it is better to choose other options.
  • This is one point that many people tend to overlook. Affected by the look, quality or mechanism of the pull-out sofa, they may not consider its weight, which can later become a real problem.
  • Buying a product with guarantees from the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product. The main thing is to make sure that the product is sold with a manufacturer's warranty, so as not to doubt its quality.

Where to place?

The options are as follows:

  • In the living room. The living room is the "face" of the living space. In this room, the corner sofa not only provides a comfortable pastime for conversations and a cup of coffee, but is also a style-forming element. It is important to ensure that the fabric, color, shape of the sofa and accessories match the overall style of the living room.
  • In the children's room. Whatever size it may be, parents always try to provide their children with as much free space as possible for games, using various techniques for competently filling the room with furniture. Most often, a bunk bed appears as a berth, but this option raises doubts among parents who consider tall structures in children's rooms to be unsafe. You can choose transforming corner sofas, they will perfectly fit into the children's room.
  • In the kitchen... There are two options: fixed and folding sofa type. Non-folding is simple and in appearance resembles a bench with a back, upholstered in flock. If the sofa folds out, this is a great option for turning the kitchen into a second bedroom in a studio apartment (and in case guests arrive).
  • In the bedroom. It often happens that there is not enough space in the house in order to divide some vital areas into two separate rooms. The living room is combined with the bedroom, the bedroom - with the study or the parent's room.

In this case, the berth should be mobile and equipped with a transformation mechanism. The smaller the area it takes during the day, the more convenient it is to work in the room and go about your business.

Popular models

There are different options. The most popular models can be identified.


Corner sofa "Senator" with removable armrests not only has a solid name, but also looks the same. By all characteristics, it belongs to the luxury models. All sofas of this model are equipped with decorative pillows.


The classic version of the Palermo sofa will become a laconic and elegant decoration of the living room. When folded, its capacity is 4-5 people, and a 152 cm wide berth is designed for two adults. The transformation mechanism is the "Eurobook". The basis of the bed is an orthopedic spring block.


This is a soft kitchen corner with a sleeping place equal to a lorry bed.Corner execution both right and left. You can assemble the sofa into a one-piece structure against any wall in the kitchen. At the junction of furniture modules, you can place a shelf for things. It perfectly fits a cookbook, a landline phone, napkins and any small things you need.

A distinctive feature of the model is its relatively low cost. In the production of "Quadro" sofas, inexpensive materials are usually used: laminated chipboard, plywood, metal, plastic, "snake" spring block. The upholstery is made of washable, odor-free fabrics.

The transformation mechanism is "pantograph". There are spacious storage compartments under the seat.

The model is similar in form - "Tokyo".


Design with armrests of complex geometric shape. In the classic version of the model, there are no sofa cushions. The execution is monophonic, often in leatherette or flock. Overall dimensions - 2100 × 1100 × 820 mm. Sleeping area - 1800 × 900 × 480, which is equivalent to a single bed. The transformation mechanism is "dolphin".

There is a wide chest of drawers inside the seat.

There are also Vegas Lux and Vegas Premium options, which are larger than the standard model. These models are supplied with accessories.


The peculiarity of this model is that the upholstery is made of genuine leather. There is also a more budget option - leatherette.

A leather product itself looks “expensive” and elegant, so any accessories have been eliminated. High armrests are also made in the most simple style. There is no inner linen compartment. The robust dolphin mechanism is designed for everyday use and designed for heavy loads.

The aspect ratio is 260 × 94 × 178 cm.Sleeping place - 130 × 204 cm.


Beautiful appearance, convenience and nothing superfluous - this is how this model can be characterized. This is how it attracts many consumers.

In the presence of a large and flat berth, it has other advantages: a convenient roll-out mechanism, an elastic mattress, a built-in box, a universal variable angle.

In addition to the sofa, you can order a bench made in the same style.


Sofa "Prestige" is an indicator of taste, prosperity and simply functional and beautiful furniture in the house. A distinctive feature of the design is in monochromatic design and picking. Pikovka is a special type of upholstered furniture stitching, in which the stitching points are closed with buttons and form beautiful embossed "rhombuses" on the furniture surface. Buttons can be located on the upper side of the product, picking without them is also possible.

The elastic material at the base of the sofa does not squeeze and retains its shape, how often and for how long you sit on it. If necessary, it can be easily transformed into a spacious sleeping place. The armrests are adjustable with the backrest and seat. They are soft, comfortable and can serve as head restraints when set at the correct height.

The corner of the sofa is equipped with a box for bedding. The model is equipped with cushions with removable covers.


The model is convenient because it is completely collapsible. You can adjust the height of individual parts, add and subtract soft modules to change the parameters and appearance of the sofa. The corner section contains a laundry box with ventilation slots.

A convenient transformation mechanism, a variety of colors and an adjustable angle make this model universal for any room in the house.


The modular corner sofa is a creative solution for decorating a living room. Soft modules can form left-sided and right-sided corners, function separately from each other. They have linen compartments. Some parts are equipped with sloped armrests.

It is possible to increase the dimensions of the sofa by adding new modules.


Judging by user reviews, it can be noted that many apartment residents prefer to maximize their living space with a modern corner sofa with a sleeping place.

Buyers say the corner sofa is a combination of comfort and style. A large number of design options allows you to place it in any interior. This is very popular with buyers. Moreover, many of them make their own corner sofas.

For an overview of kitchen sofas with a berth, see the next video.

Beautiful interior design ideas

Many furniture designers offer modern, elegant designs without compromising on the functionality of the space. Modular and sectional sofas are extremely practical for small spaces as they take up very little space and provide enough space for a large number of guests:

  • Combined with a coffee table made of glass or complemented by beautiful tables, the sofa becomes the centerpiece of the living room interior. Gray is a monochrome color and this is its unique feature. It can be combined with any other color. The design of the gray sofa can be easily changed by simply changing the decorative pillows.
  • Many people think that gray is a boring color that is not very expressive and looks too boring. This is not true. Gray shades can be interesting, modern, sophisticated, classic, “welcoming”. You can create different types of designs with different shades of gray. A gray sofa will be attractive and will give the interior a sense of calm and serenity.
  • Here, pallets are used as foundations for this wooden corner sofa. It is installed a short distance from an open area to provide additional space. This can be a living room or an additional room in the house. The combination of pallets and blue cushions is so unique that it harmonizes perfectly with the rustic style and creates comfort.
  • This corner sofa is the best option for small living rooms. It occupies the corner perfectly, which gives more space for the coffee table.
  • The corner sofa in the corner makes this living room look spacious, although the space is actually limited. A white carpet helps create the illusion of space. Since the sofa is installed on the corner, there is enough room for one soft chair.
  • There is not much room for large or wide furniture in this interior. This is why this L shaped corner sofa will be the best choice. By installing it next to the walls with two windows, you can enjoy the view of the street.
  • This luxurious living room is designed for relaxation and rest, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. The curved corner sofa provides relaxing comfort, while large glass windows provide visual access to the outside world.
  • Red on white is a combination that gives this room a very stylish contrast. The red corner sofa is wide enough to be comfortable, and the cushions add a splash of vibrant color to the room.
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