Garden sofas

  1. Peculiarities
  3. Styles
  4. Transformation mechanisms
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. Color solutions
  7. How to choose?
  8. Where to put it?
  9. Interior ideas

Cottage sofas are very popular because they are indispensable attributes of a comfortable stay. They can be placed inside a country house or used for arranging gazebos, verandas, terraces. The main selection criteria are functionality and convenience.


A sofa for a summer residence is a rather vague concept. Some country houses are decorated with prestigious and expensive furniture. If you are looking for a sofa for a country house, where you usually live only in the summer season, then you need to give preference to practical, comfortable and simple furniture.

Models made from natural materials are very popular. A rattan sofa looks beautiful and attractive. Wicker models, complemented by soft, removable seats, are an ideal choice for a garden or outdoor seating. They are characterized by lightness and comfort.

For a summer residence, you can also pick up a traditional sofa, which is upholstered with linen fabric or imitates burlap. But it is better to give preference to models that are characterized by ease of care.

Options made of high-quality plastic are practical. They are moisture resistant and durable. For summer cottages, many acquire frameless models, thanks to this design, they can be placed in the open air or in the house. A folding model will be a great solution for sleeping.

The cost of a sofa is influenced by its upholstery. For a summer residence, it is worth choosing models with a practical and dense fabric. Velor, jacquard, chenille and leatherette are in great demand. The mechanism for transforming the product should be convenient to use.

Fillers can be different, the most practical solution is a natural environmentally friendly material - coconut coir. It has bactericidal and orthopedic properties, and is not afraid of moisture and does not lose its shape.


If you decide to buy a sofa for your home, then you should choose a lightweight option in order to save internal space. Folding furniture is the ideal solution. Corner models are popular, because they do not take up much space and can be used as an additional bed.

The sofa bench is ideal for outdoor use. On it you can relax perfectly after a hard day with a cup of tea in the fresh air. A sofa bench can even be made independently from improvised means.

Wicker models attract attention with their practicality and lightness. Such furniture can be moved to any place by yourself. It will be appropriate both inside the house and outdoors.

Hanging sofa swing is a convenient type of country furniture, designed for two or three people. This model often has a canopy to protect it from rain or sun. The swing sofa can be both stationary and folding, small-sized or designed for a specific number of people.

Overy often an economy class sofa swing is purchased for a summer residence. The frame consists of polymer coated metal pipes. Cotton fabric is used as upholstery, but treated with a special waterproof impregnation. If you want to fix such a model, then you should use special stoppers.

Garden sofas should be waterproof and not afraid of sun exposure.You can buy a wicker version made from natural or artificial rattan that can withstand both sun and rain without fading or cracking.

For the garden, you can pick up a spacious corner sofa. Do not forget about metal products. Forged models look impressive and attractive.

A country outdoor sofa can be made of a variety of materials, but it should be comfortable and comfortable. It is worth remembering about the collapsible options, which are used only during the warm period, and are dismantled for the winter and are waiting for the next season.


A sofa for a summer residence should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the interior. Country houses are often decorated in Provence style. In order for the upholstered furniture to emphasize the chosen style, it is worth choosing a sofa with floral designs.

Provence style sofas are soft, deep, complemented by "antiquity". Simplicity is achieved thanks to well-chosen decors: discreet carvings, bright fittings and the presence of small cushions.

Among modern styles, Japanese is ideal for giving. Laconicism and minimalism combined with simplicity. Sofas should be made from natural materials. Such models are low, and sometimes there are no legs and back at all. They attract attention for their lack of decoration.

Transformation mechanisms

If you are looking for a sofa not only for a pleasant pastime, but also for a night's sleep, then you should purchase a model with a convenient and easy transformation mechanism. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of folding sofas for summer cottages. The choice is completely individual.

The most reliable and simple mechanism is considered to be the "Eurobook". It is worth remembering that the sofa must be located at a distance of 20 cm from the wall, otherwise the mechanism will not work.

An actual option is the accordion mechanism, since it folds like an accordion. This model is compact when folded.

The most common is considered to be a sofa-book, which is suitable for both sleep and daytime use. The seat must first be lifted to unfold and then lowered into place. The sofa should be at a short distance from the wall so that it can be expanded.

No less popular is the roll-out transformation mechanism, which includes three parts. When folded, one part of the product is in the backrest, and then moves to the headboard, it is enough to pull the mechanism towards you.

Materials (edit)

Manufacturers use high-quality and practical materials in the manufacture of sofas for summer cottages. Many buyers prefer natural materials.

A sofa made of wood - environmentally friendly and durable furniture. The wooden frame is covered with varnish or paint for the practicality of the product. This solid pine product, protected with a special coating, is ideal for outdoor use. Pine is distinguished by its reliability and durability, and also has an attractive appearance. Such a sofa will ideally fit into landscape design.

Often sofas are made of rattan due to its lightness and increased durability. Willow, reed or bamboo are excellent substitutes for this material.

The plastic sofa is moisture resistant but will fade in direct sunlight. A significant advantage of plastic is its lightness. Such a sofa can not only be moved around the site, but even take it to visit a neighbor.

Color solutions

Furniture for a summer residence should be beautiful, graceful and light, so you should carefully choose the color scheme. Usually for a country house they choose furniture in soft, pastel colors. You can opt for sofas that are decorated with floral motifs or unobtrusive ornaments.

For lovers of bright colors, a yellow or red sofa is ideal.Such furniture will become a highlight of the design and will attract attention. The green sofa looks attractive, as it harmoniously combines with the greenery of the garden.

The usual solution will be a beige sofa. The pleasant color will perfectly fit into the interior, and will also help to create a harmonious ensemble with other garden furniture.

How to choose?

In order not to get lost in a wide variety of sofas and find the best option for a summer residence, you should pay attention to several important criteria:

  • Comfort - a sofa should not only be beautiful, but comfortable and functional to use. Upholstered furniture is made for a comfortable and pleasant rest and must take the shape of the body. Before buying, you should definitely sit on the sofa and relax. If you do not feel comfortable, then you should immediately abandon such a model.
  • Practicality - the care of such furniture should not be difficult, and it itself should serve for many years.
  • Materials - it is better to purchase a sofa made of wood, since it belongs to environmentally friendly materials. Such a frame must be well dried and processed.
  • Transformation mechanism - a sofa is bought not only for sitting, but also as a berth, therefore, you should check the operation of the transformation mechanism, because they will have to be used often.
  • Upholstery - the practicality and durability of upholstered furniture depends on its quality. Manufacturers often offer natural or mixed materials, as well as leatherette. The most comfortable is microfiber, which belongs to synthetic fabrics and is not afraid of frequent washings.

In addition to the above criteria for choosing a country sofa, you should also pay attention to the dimensions, product design, and, of course, the price-quality ratio.

Where to put it?

The choice of the location of the sofa in the country is quite large. It can be placed in the relaxation room, where you can relax in front of the TV or read your favorite book.

Many people prefer to be more outdoors, then a soft sofa can be conveniently located on the veranda. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise, or relax in the shade during the peak of the heat.

Interior ideas

The design of a country house does not require adhering to the established rules, on the contrary, they must be violated in order to create an original, attractive interior. Incompatible things emphasize your uniqueness, help to show your individuality, to create an interior in which you will feel comfort and coziness.

A sofa for a summer residence can be bright or matched to the tone of the cabinet furniture. You can independently make a convenient model from available tools or purchase a ready-made version in a specialized store. The choice is yours!

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