Inflatable sofa

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If guests unexpectedly come to your house, do not worry that there is nowhere to arrange them for the night - buying high-quality and original inflatable furniture will quickly solve all your problems. The most popular model of such furniture is an inflatable sofa - a convenient device that is easy to store for the time being on a cabinet shelf. If necessary, it can be used to quickly organize a comfortable sleeping place.

Features, pros and cons

When choosing the most suitable type of inflatable furniture, you should pay attention to an interesting inflatable sofa that can be easily and quickly transformed into a sleeping place - such a device usually consists of 2-3 sections or blocks that quickly unfold like a "book".

Choosing a quality inflatable sofa with a sleeping place, you get both a comfortable seating place and a comfortable bed.

Among the main advantages of such products are:

  • Compactness. When your guests are gone, you can quickly release the air from the inflatable sofa and send it to storage either in the closet or in the closet, where it does not take up much space.
  • Mobility. You can always take such a sofa with you to the dacha, to nature, or on a hike. In this case, you just need to purchase a good bag for the most convenient transportation of such an inflatable model.
  • Convenient operation. The sofa can be inflated quickly enough - and just as quickly folded for later storage.
  • Ease - you can easily move the sofa to the part of the room you want.
  • Hygiene. Thanks to the materials from which such furniture is made, it will not allow moisture to pass through, absorb sweat and liquids spilled on it.
  • Quite affordable price. Purchasing an original inflatable sofa will cost you much less than purchasing an extra bed or folding bed.

It is worth immediately highlighting the disadvantages of an inflatable sofa, which are characteristic of inflatable furniture in general:

  • Spine problems. If you intend to sleep on such a couch every day, then you cannot avoid such problems in the end. During operation, this product bends under the significant weight of the person who is sleeping or sitting on it, so there is no necessary support for the spine. Some inflatable sofas can be both denser and harder than other models, but they still cannot be called orthopedic.
  • Fast wear. Usually standard and familiar to all beds last for years, because a good manufacturer makes furniture for sleeping as soundly as possible. Inflatable furniture models sometimes wear out after a few months.
  • Low strength. If you have animals at home, they can quickly damage your new sofa and you will no longer be able to use it.

Device, shapes and sizes

If you certainly want to know how an inflatable sofa is arranged, then you will obviously be interested in the information that all inflated sofas today are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). By itself, this material is a thin vinyl film with the addition of various types of polymers, which makes this film as strong as possible.

However, it is very sensitive to punctures, so it is best to keep sharp objects away from inflatable items.

Inside the PVC chamber there is a frame that allows the sofa to hold the desired shape. In this case, the frame is of two types:

  • from longitudinal stiffeners, which are interconnected;
  • from transverse ribs, which are independent from each other (therefore, such frames are more durable and reliable).

Modern furniture factories offer consumers inflatable sofa beds of various sizes, for every taste:

  • single beds - with a width of 60-90 cm;
  • one and a half - with a width of 100-120 cm;
  • double - with a width of 150-190 cm.

A single puffed sofa is most suitable for a teenage child; for an adult of a standard build, it is still better to choose a more comfortable one-and-a-half sofa model. A large two-seater sofa is suitable for a family couple to relax.

If you finally decided to purchase such comfortable inflatable furniture for your home, then before going to the store, think about which shape is best to choose:

  • Inflatable sofas for sitting and sleeping are usually rectangular in shape, but they are produced for home decoration models of oval and semicircular shapes... A round sofa can be of different shapes. It can be designed for two people, or it can accommodate more than six at the same time.
  • Rectangular sofa, which can be 180-200 cm in diameter, so many buyers today opt for the round version. The mini rectangular sofa is a great sleeping place for a young child.


The first inflatable sofas appeared in the 19th century, they were quite actively advertised and were intended mainly for use on trains. Today there are a large number of all kinds of varieties of this type of furniture, among which you will surely find the model that suits your taste the most.

Sofa bed

This is a very good option for transforming inflatable furniture. The sofa bed can quickly change its shape from a regular inflatable seating area with large padded armrests to a double bed. The material from which such furniture is created does not actually wrinkle, even tolerates serious loads and constant transformations.

To make the product pleasant and soft to the touch, many models are coated with a flocked coating that has antistatic properties.

Even the largest sofa beds, when folded, take up very little space, which allows them to be stored in a small case or box.

If you like multifunctional things, then you should buy a 5-in-1 sofa bed, because if necessary, it will play a role:

  • double bed;
  • when folded in half - a comfortable baby cot;
  • comfortable three-seater sofa for relaxing and watching TV;
  • a large berth with a backrest for a large family;
  • an ordinary chair.

Chaise lounge

An excellent transforming piece of modern inflatable furniture is a sofa chaise longue "Air Sofa", which can act as a hammock, and as a chair, and as an ordinary sofa.

It is designed for people who like to relax comfortably in parks, outdoors and at home.

Beavan: use cases

Inflatable bivans appeared not so long ago, but have already become an extremely popular type of inflatable product - due to their convenience, high quality and safety during use. Everyone who has ever had a chance to sit or lie down on this unusual inflatable product notes just amazing comfort.

Bivan is an original portable inflatable "sofa" that can be easily moved with you and inflated without hassle in 15-20 seconds, without using a pump. Beavan exists in various varieties (sofa hammock, bag, banana), each of which has the following properties

To inflate such a bivan, you need to spread it out, wave it, filling its frame with air, and very quickly the product will be ready for use. A specially designed valve will securely keep air inside this versatile sofa. A camping bivan can be distinguished - it is light enough for moving, for swimming.

This is a wonderful beach lounger if you enjoy sunbathing.

Many models of bivans are perfect for any interior:

  1. Your kids will love jumping on the bivouan because it is made of durable material that can withstand even active children's play.
  2. It will be useful to you in the country, for relaxing in the shade under a tree or sunbathing.
  3. If you often visit places where you have to wait for a long time (for example, airports, train stations), then with the help of a comfortable bivan, the waiting time will pass for you in the most comfortable conditions.

If you prefer to use inflatable furniture with a pump, then you can always find a folding bivan model with a built-in pump. It will be convenient to fold it into the car when going on vacation.

The bivan is a portable version of inflatable furniture, and therefore usually comes with a convenient storage bag.

Pumping types

To inflate such a PVC sofa, in any case, you must use a pump, since with your own lungs you will inflate it for too long. For many modern models of such sofas, special built-in pumps are used. In other models, the pumps are sold complete with the product itself. However, there are also models for which you will have to buy pumps separately.

By their type, pumps for inflatable furniture are hand, foot, electric. It is preferable to immediately purchase an electric pump, because it inflates the sofa in just a couple of minutes, but for this you must have access to the mains. In hikes, cheaper pumps (hand and foot) are used, but when using them, you will have to make significant physical efforts. If you need the most compact model of an inflatable bed, then it is better to immediately choose lightweight models with a built-in pump.

There are models such as the Lamzac sofas. In strong winds, they inflate without using a pump, which is all the more advantageous if you go for a walk and do not want to waste time organizing a place to rest.


Many buyers buy an inflatable sofa bed they like or any other models of inflatable furniture without even thinking about their color. This is quite understandable if a bivan model is purchased that will be used everywhere. It will be incredibly difficult to match the color to the ever-changing environment and interior.

Another thing is if you purchase a model that almost certainly will not leave your home, and you intend to use it often enough in your home. In this case, color matching to the interior design is simply a must:

  • Bright colours inflatable sofas are best used in children's rooms - crimson, light green, yellow sofas will come in handy here.
  • Neutral or classic colors inflatable furniture will come in handy in the bedroom, hall, living room, where they should be in harmony with the decor.
  • Black sofa bed with contrasting cushions will look great in a bright room

Manufacturers offer a simply gorgeous palette of colors - from black, white and gray shades to fuchsia, military and ivory tones. In any case, you can purchase colored inflatable furniture to your liking, but do not forget that the wrong color can completely ruin the impression of your guests about the home.


At the present time, a fairly large number of manufacturers are ready to offer you their original models of inflatable sofas of various shapes and sizes, functional parameters and quality characteristics. However, not everyone knows which brands are worth paying attention to in the first place.


One of the most famous and large manufacturers of inflatable products is the Dutch company LamzacDream, whose inflatable products under the Lamzac brand have been very popular among consumers for a long time.

A distinctive feature of such inflatable sun loungers is an excellent price with high quality, durability and hypoallergenicity. "Spring" is an inflatable sofa, nicknamed "flying". In a couple of seconds, with a gust of wind, it inflates and quickly prepares for operation.


Intex offers the consumer a choice of different sizes of excellent inflatable beds, pillows, mattresses, sofas and armchairs - in various color variations, for children and adults. Strength and durability are the main features of the products of this manufacturer.


The world famous BestWay brand is an impressive range of premium inflatable products, among which you can easily find inflatable beds and mattresses (both for home use and for travel purposes). Sofas from BestWay are distinguished by their bright design, reliable materials, and excellent performance properties.


Airbliss offers inflatable sofas with an unusual design that differs from the standard options and allows you to more comfortably spend time at home or outdoors. The main material for the production of sofas is lightweight and elastic polyester, and the sealed cover is made of durable polyethylene.

For more information on how to use Airbliss sofas, see the following video.


Inflatable products from the Ukrainian manufacturer Tamac differ from the products of other manufacturers by their quite affordable price and very low weight.

Banana "Air Sofa"

The Belarusian company producing stylish and comfortable Banana "Air Sofa" sofas is also very popular today in many countries of the world. Its products are distinguished by such remarkable characteristics as durability, resistance to temperature changes, and shape retention for 72 hours.

How to choose?

If you decide to purchase such furniture, then you should know the basic criteria in order to ultimately buy a quality product, and not a cheap fake. Please note the following:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, check with the seller exactly what materials the inflatable sofa or chaise longue that you decided to purchase is made of. If you have even the slightest doubt that this material is of high quality, refuse such a purchase. A sofa made of low-quality material will quickly tear.
  2. Latch, which is designed to keep air in the product for a long timemust be large enough and sturdy. If it is small, then under the pressure of a stream of air it will constantly "take out" from the sofa, and it will be blown away quickly enough.
  3. Appreciate the smell coming from the product... Do not assume that pre-existing unpleasant odors will dissipate over time.
  4. Take a close look at the surface of the inflatable furniture you choose - connecting seams by their appearance should not cause you any suspicion.
  5. The look of the sofa can also have a special meaning to you, therefore, when buying, ask the seller to show the model in an expanded (inflated) state, so that you can make sure that this is exactly the model that you originally wanted to purchase for yourself.
  6. It is possible that you will be interested in sofa models with additional built-in accessories. - like a product for inserting cups, built-in pumps, storage bags.

How to care?

Inflatable sofas do not require any special maintenance:

  1. After use, they just need to be wiped with a damp cloth.... If dirt appears on the surface of the sofa, then they can be removed with a mild soapy solution, but various strong bleaches cannot be used.
  2. You can use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust and crumbs. However, this must be done with utmost care so as not to damage the surface.
  3. Check the inflated sofa for any sharp or sharp objects before placing it on the floor. Sometimes even an ordinary children's toy can seriously damage the upholstery of such a sofa.
  4. At low temperatures, PVC loses its elasticity. If you store your deflated sofa in a cool place, then before using the product must stay indoors for several hours and “get used to” the room temperature, otherwise it may deform.

Keep your pets away from inflatable furniture. In order not to damage the inner partitions of the sofa, do not stand or jump on it for a long time.


If you are going to go to the store and buy an inflatable sofa there from a certain manufacturer, you should carefully read the reviews of those consumers who have already purchased the product that interests you - this way you will quickly make a choice:

  • Inflatable sofas from Intex are ergonomic, they fold out into a large berth, withstand up to 200 kg of weight, which allows a whole family to fit on it. These products unfold quickly, they are very comfortable for rest and are great for sleeping.
  • Inflatable sofas from Lamzac can be used in various temperature conditions - even on snow in the mountains. The sofas can withstand loads of up to 250 kg, they are mobile and ergonomic.
  • Banana inflatable sofas can be used by adults and children, students on vacation and businessmen during lunch, housewives at home, drivers and tourists at a halt. The material of the product is waterproof and durable.
  • Inflatable Convertible Sofas from Sofa Bed are moderately rigid products with a service life of at least three years. They move perfectly both folded and unfolded.
  • Airbliss sofas hold air for about 12 hours, they are great for a picnic, have many color variations, soft and comfortable, suitable for relaxation and pleasant dreams.
  • Products and services BestWay differs in a variety of sizes, decent appearance, the material of the product perfectly holds the bed linen. During sleep, it does not slide to the floor thanks to the embossed surface of the sofa.
  • Intex sofas are very popular with consumers, who speak very well about the convenience, compactness, versatility of this product. Judging by the reviews, it can be noted that inflatable sofas from this manufacturer are an excellent option for both home and outdoor recreation.

Beautiful and original ideas in the interior

When purchasing stylish and inexpensive inflatable furniture, it is also worth considering options for its placement in the interior of your home. This is especially important for those inflatable sofas that you are going to use constantly, and not from time to time, taking them out of the cover just to organize a sleeping place for your guests.

Many designers believe that inflatable furniture (regardless of whether it is an armchair or a bed, a sofa or a mattress) is too unpresentable and undignified in appearance. Such furniture can create the illusion that its owners are simply not able to purchase an ordinary solid soft sofa. Other designers believe that an inflatable sofa is an irreplaceable achievement of progress, and you should only be proud of the presence of such furniture in your home.

The best idea would be to place an inflatable sofa in your living room. So you will immediately have several additional seats for those family members who do not always find a place for themselves on an ordinary sofa.

Given the mobility of the product, you can move it to the place you need as needed.

A bright and round inflatable sofa will look great in a children's room or in your bedroom. Here you can have a good rest, relax, read a book, and the bed can only be used as a sleeping place.

Children on this sofa can also play and relax.

A bright orange sofa will look great in a bright room. Monochrome white scale will only emphasize the stylish design.

The right choice will allow you to purchase a new original piece of furniture to decorate the interior of your home. You should take the choice of the most suitable product as seriously as possible, so you will get the perfect furniture and will not regret your decision.

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