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No home is complete without upholstered furniture. It is convenient to sit on it with friends, and if necessary, accommodate guests for the night or go to bed yourself. One of the current models in demand among buyers is a corner sofa-eurobook. This model has a number of features and advantages.

Features and benefits of the mechanism

The design with the Eurobook mechanism is quite simple and convenient. It will take no more than 10-15 seconds to turn a sofa into a bed. The transformable structural elements are the back and the seat.

To unfold a corner sofa with such a system, you need to slightly raise the seat, push it forward, lowering it to the floor. Thanks to the videos, this can be done in literally 3-4 seconds. Then you need to put the hinges on top of the back (depending on the specific model there may be one or two of them) and lower the back block down.

The advantages of the Eurobook transformation mechanism include:

  • simplicity and convenience of design, which can be handled not only by an adult member of the family, but even by a teenager;
  • system reliability, allowing long-term use of the sofa;
  • no need for a large space for unfolding the sofa;
  • safety of the transformation system;
  • gentle type of pressure on the frame during transformation, not loosening the sofa body;
  • the possibility of daily transformation for a long time;
  • calculation of the mechanism for the universal and spacious dimensions of the sofa;
  • the possibility of replacing the transformation mechanism in the event of its breakdown.

Sofas with the Eurobook mechanism can replace a bed. Manufacturers produce models that, depending on the block filler, can have not only a massage, but also an orthopedic effect.

Corner structures have many advantages.

Sofas with Eurobook mechanism:

  • comfortable regardless of whether they are assembled or disassembled;
  • fit in any room of the house;
  • allow you to save literally every centimeter of usable area where it is needed;
  • they look compact and neat even in a transformed form (they do not clutter up the room);
  • have spacious drawers for bedding, with which you can save space in the closet;
  • differ in different degrees of rigidity of the mats, allowing you to choose a model based on your own preferences;
  • in most cases, they are mobile and do not complicate the rearrangement of furniture in the room;
  • are distinguished by a wide variety of models of different sizes and designs.

In addition, corner sofas can easily fit into different room styles. They can be matched to existing furniture or chosen as an accent to one of the areas of the room, indicating the design idea. As a rule, due to the simplicity and versatility of the transformation mechanism, such designs are distinguished by an affordable price. This allows you to purchase a model based on your budget.


According to the type of design, corner sofas are of two types: regular and island.

Simple sofas

The first options can have a different or universal angle, which can be changed if necessary. Such transforming sofas consist of two main parts, one of which looks like a straight sofa, and the other looks like an armchair.

Moreover, the uniqueness of the latter allows you to easily change the angle from right to left, if a rearrangement requires it.

Island sofas

Island variants often have a larger number of seats and modules. In addition, they can be equipped with a bar table, an ottoman, one or two drawers for linen and overlays on the armrests in the form of a small bar table, with which you can organize the workspace of a small room. Both those and other designs can be with or without armrests, with one long armrest or a small side part. In addition, they come with a berth located both parallel to the wall and perpendicular.

Interesting sofa options include corner models with an armrest with shelves or a niche. This design technique increases the functionality of the design and increases the customer's rating of the model. In addition, the armrests can be soft or hard (made of wood).

According to the degree of hardness

Depending on the packing material, the hardness of the block can be soft, moderately hard and hard:

  • Soft sofas They are distinguished by a lush block up to 20 cm in thickness, the latter are the most demanded (the height of their mat is approaching 15 cm).
  • Rigid structures have an orthopedic effect and, although they do not treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, they are their prevention. They have a flat surface of the berth, like other models, are equipped with a box for linen and can be without or with armrests.

Dimensions (edit)

Due to the large selection of models, the sizes of sofas may vary. Conventionally, all varieties are divided into large, standard and small (compact). In some cases, you can even order a mini-sofa, which will perfectly fit on a 12-meter loggia, adding a cozy atmosphere to its atmosphere.

The dimensions of a large sofa are 200x200, 210x200 cm and more, medium models have bed parameters 200x160, 200x180 cm, small ones - 140x200, 150x70 cm.

Materials (edit)

In the production of models of corner sofas with the Eurobook system, furniture companies use metal, wood or plywood, filler and upholstery. As a rule, the body is made of wood and metal. The construction on a metal frame is considered the most reliable, and if battens (lattice lamellas made of wood) are located at the base, this protects the mat from sagging and prolongs its service life.

Block type

In the corner models of the eurobook sofa, two types of mat are used: with and without springs. Spring blocks are divided into dependent and independent types. They are based on steel elements of a twisted and serpentine shape, which have good springiness and add reliability to the structure of the block.

The model with a spring block of independent springs is considered the best of all varieties of this type of sofa.

The second mats are called springless, since they are based on no springs, and instead they use a special padding of natural and artificial origin. The main types of modern springless filler include:

  • latex;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • coir;
  • holofiber;
  • struttofiber.

Latex and coconut mats are considered the most durable and practical, polyurethane foam is a budget option for a block, holofiber and struttofiber are often added to the main filler to ensure the optimal degree of rigidity of sofa blocks.

For more details on these and other materials, see the next video.


To complete the models, manufacturers use different upholstery materials:

  • The best of them is genuine leather.: leather material is practical, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.
  • In addition to leather, leatherette and eco-leather are used in production., which are inferior in their characteristics to leather, but superior to fabric covers.
  • The fabric upholstery is quite bright and colorful... Using different patterns of textiles, you can indicate the style of the room or highlight the sofa against the general background.

The most popular textile upholstery options are flock, tapestry, jacquard and velor.

Where to place?

Due to the convenience of the design, the corner sofa with the Eurobook transformation system can be placed anywhere. It is harmonious in rooms of any type and area, therefore it is appropriate both in a spacious and in a small room:

  • If you put such a sofa in the bedroom, it will replace a full bed.
  • By placing it in the living room, you can create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for meeting friends or family relaxation in front of the TV screen.
  • Putting the corner sofa to the kitchen, you can instantly complete the style of the room, adding coziness to it.
  • If the living room is large, such a sofa can be placed in the center of the room, thereby defining the boundaries of the room zones (for example, in the design of a studio apartment, using such a sofa, you can distinguish between the dining and guest zones).


The Eurobook corner sofa is considered a good buy. This is noted by the comments of buyers left on the forums dedicated to upholstered furniture. Such designs are liked by the convenience and simplicity of the transformation mechanism, which is quite reliable and practical.

Corner sofas are chosen for their compactness, comfort and good rest, because sleeping on them is as good as on a bed.

A lot of comments are devoted to the problems of joints, back pain and spine. Customers who have tried the corner model with the Eurobook system and orthopedic effect note that the pain is less and the rest is more relaxed. In some cases, it is said about the real benefits of hard blocks, due to which not only pain is reduced, but also numbness of the limbs.

Interior ideas

A corner sofa with the Eurobook mechanism can decorate any type of room:

  • Country option. If you want to equip the living room, and the sofa itself was purchased as a guest option, you can put it against the wall. The model without armrests is suitable for any type of room, because you cannot catch on them. A light brown corner sofa will be a godsend for a bright room with white walls and a ceiling. In front of it, you can place a coffee or tea table, a wicker chair and a soft pouf. It is worth laying a light carpet with pile on the floor, and at the end of the composition, fill the room with the necessary additions to the interior: a soft toy, fresh flowers and decorative pillows of different shades.
  • City living room. In a spacious room, you can place a large corner sofa of a laconic design, made in a shade of gray. It is not necessary to put it close to the wall: it is better to move the structure a little, so that, if necessary, the model can be easier to transform. Since the gray shade goes well with white, it is advisable to leave the walls and curtains white. It is better to repeat the gray color for harmony by means of a carpet and an armchair, choosing a tone that slightly shades the color of the sofa.

To prevent two light shades from merging into a single faded spot, you need to revive the atmosphere with bright paint. To do this, add a burgundy red or wine shade to the design. To make the sofa look brighter and at the same time not violate the harmony of style, you need to decorate it with pillows of different shades available in the design. When choosing the texture of the pillows, it is important to take into account that it is different and has a different pattern: this is what diversifies the minimalism style without overloading it.

It is noteworthy that such furniture not only fills the room with home warmth and coziness, but also completes any chosen style of the room.

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