DIY sofa

  1. Manufacturing options
  2. How to do it at home?
  3. Instructions for creating a frame product
  4. A step-by-step guide to creating a frameless model
  5. Rocking chair
  6. Sofa chest
  7. Bench or bench
  8. We make from the bath
  9. Restoration

The sofa is one of the most visible interior items in any home. He is able to help you relax after every difficult, tiring day at work. But since it is not always possible to buy a sofa that is suitable for the device and price, it is possible to build it yourself. This article can help you with this.

Manufacturing options

There are many different types of sofas with materials for every taste. Everyone can find the one that suits him perfectly: a product made of pallets, wood, timber, plywood or other types of materials. Below are more detailed descriptions of each type.

From pallets (pallets)

Today, furniture made from scrap materials and garbage released after construction is very popular. Of course, various factories offer many interesting types and designs of furniture, but original sofas, for example, made of pallets (pallets), will become an unusual decoration for any interior.

Pallets are wooden platforms and are available in every building store. The reason why they are very often used in the independent construction of furniture for houses is their cheapness. To create such furniture, you do not need special skills, the most important thing is to come up with a structure design.

To create a sofa from pallets with your own hands, you need, of course, square or rectangular pallets, a saw, a hacksaw, nails, screws, a hammer.

Made of wood

These sofas are distinguished by their durability and reliability, as well as attractive appearance and special atmosphere. Their only drawback is the high, for many, unaffordable, cost. Although creating such furniture is not an easy task, it is worth it.

Firstly, a wooden sofa made by yourself will fit into any interior, since it will be created based on the design of the room. Secondly, it can be given any shape, even the most unusual.

Wood is a malleable material. Everyone is quite capable of making a sofa out of wood on their own.

From a bar

The most optimal timber for the manufacture of any furniture is one-piece, chamber drying. You can pick up any kind of timber. It can be pine, ash, larch or, for example, oak.

The assembly technology of such a sofa is not particularly complicated. Many people can create real masterpieces from this material.


Plywood is another very economical, cheap material. It can be used to create functional, comfortable, truly unique furniture. The simplest plywood sofa design is a sofa made of plywood boxes. It is a very lightweight yet functional option.

From a profile pipe

After installation and repair work, unnecessary materials always remain, which we very often simply throw away.But there is no need to rush to do this, because they can come in handy if you want to independently build a sofa in your living room or bedroom.

A sofa made of a shaped pipe is a rather unusual thing. Many guests will be envious of such unique and stylish furniture. In addition to the original appearance, such a sofa is very durable and can last for several decades.

Having collected a sufficient number of profile pipes, you can build a high-quality sofa. It is enough to familiarize yourself with a not very complicated algorithm for working with a pipe and work a little.

Made of metal

This option is perfect for a summer residence or for a garden. Metal can be easily found at any construction market or store. Metal furniture is easily assembled if tubular bending is used. With the practice of working with metal, you can easily make a great addition to the interior.

From a metal profile

To make a homemade sofa more reliable and durable, you must, of course, use appropriate materials. If you use metal and a metal profile, a sofa created by yourself will not differ at all in strength from that which was purchased in a furniture store.

Wireframe leather models

The cost of leather goods on the market is now extremely high, and the purchase of such a sofa can seriously hit the wallet. Having made the frame, upholstered the body with several layers of foam rubber and upholstered the products with leather, you can get a wonderful sofa of no less low quality than in many furniture stores.

Leather sofas always look luxurious and very stylish. Such furniture can make the interior of any house or apartment beautiful and elegant.


Artificial materials can be no worse than real, natural ones. In the event that finances do not allow you to purchase leather for upholstery of a homemade sofa, it is possible to create a sofa from leatherette. In appearance, most likely, it will not differ much from its natural counterpart, but it will greatly save your budget.

Chipboard or laminated board

These types of sofas are far from the most reliable of all, but they are the cheapest. They have a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. Easy to damp clean.

It should be borne in mind that, as a rule, furniture made of chipboard and chipboard is heavier. Also, this material is quite brittle, and you should be careful with it.

Made of MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF (from the English "Medium Density Fibreboard") - a material of higher cost than chipboard, while having, in comparison with the latter, a number of advantages. First, it does not emit substances harmful to human health. Secondly, it is twice as strong. Its main advantage is that it can be used to make a wide variety of furniture, because MDF can imitate wood, metal, and even glass.

MDF board is very easy to work with, it lends itself to many different processing methods. Sofas of various designs and types can be made from this material, while being very wear-resistant and harmless to the health of family members.

Create new from old

Sooner or later, with any furniture, time takes its toll: it ceases to look as beautiful, fashionable and new as before. The same happens with sofas. What remains to be done if the old one has already outlived its usefulness, but you don't really want to spend money on buying a new one, or finances do not allow it? There is a way out: reworking the old sofa into a new one.

Most often it happens that it is not the frame of the sofa that deteriorates, but its upholstery. Replacing it is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It only takes some materials, such as foam rubber, silicate glue and others, and a little effort.

First you need a complete dismantling of the cover or upholstery. In this case, the first thing to do is remove the armrests, then the transformation mechanism, sidewalls, backrest and seating. Next, you need to prepare and cut the fabric for upholstery.After preparing the fabric and cutting out the foam lining, you can proceed directly to the stage of the sofa upholstery.

Of chairs

Human fantasy is limitless, as you can see by watching video tutorials on YouTube or reading articles on the Internet from people who create furniture from a wide variety of objects. You can take note of several options. For example, if there are two or even three unnecessary chairs in the house, you can make useful furniture out of this useless furniture, and also new. For example, you can make a full-fledged sofa!

To bring such an interesting idea to life, you need to follow the following simple instructions. After removing the seats, roll your chairs together with tape. Then put the seats back in. Roll up plastic bottles to them (as an option, you can use any other materials) to add volume.

The most important thing remains: sew the resulting structure with padding polyester, put on a pre-sewn cover (a huge plus: you can choose its design yourself). Voila! The real sofa of chairs is ready.

From tires

Very often we all see various things made from tires at the dachas. These are flower beds in the form of flowers and, for example, swans. But not only these things can be made from this material. One of the most unusual options is a tire sofa.

It would be better to make the seats on the sofa intended for the garden removable. Then you can bring them indoors whenever you want. For stretching, it is worth using ropes made of nylon, as well as a rope. They will be very useful, as they do not rot. An interesting idea would be to stretch the seats of the sofa in the shape of a dream catcher.

As you can see, the options for do-it-yourself sofas are endless. To make it, you only need a diagram, the necessary materials such as fabric, padding polyester or foam rubber, and a little more imagination and creativity. Functional, comfortable, stylish and unusual furniture can be made from a wide variety of materials at hand. A sofa created by yourself on your own can have any style, size (long, large, small), in a word, be what you want, exclusive.

How to do it at home?

The main plus of homemade sofas (in addition to the cheap cost), thanks to which they are relatively popular, is that their owner is able to choose all of its components: the necessary backrests, seats, armrests. You can choose a structure that is suitable for a particular house, a frame (for example, biaritz).

Below is a detailed instruction, a step-by-step master class on making sofas of various types at home.

To begin with, frame sofas are also divided into several types. They include:

  • rectangular;
  • sliding;
  • U-shaped;
  • folding;
  • with concave sides;
  • dastarkhan;
  • baby;
  • built-in (for example, in a closet);
  • carved.

Instructions for creating a frame product

The instructions show a diagram of the manufacture of the lightest and most typical sofa - a frame rectangular.

Required tools: jigsaw or hacksaw for wood, furniture or mechanical stapler, grinder, screwdriver, sharp screwdriver, scissors, sewing machine, tape measure, sharp knife.

Materials: bars (40-50 mm), plywood or other sheet material, foam rubber (thickness - 50 mm), synthetic winterizer, furniture fabric, wood glue, thread, screws, markers.

  • First you need to tackle the foundation - frame... Its foundation is made up of wooden blocks, the cross-section of which is 40-50 mm. The frame is assembled using a screwdriver and a self-tapping screw. A special construction glue is used to connect wooden parts. The average sofa length is 3 m, but you can use any one you like.
  • Followed by make a sofa frame from planks... For convenience, you can also braid the entire frame structure with special furniture straps.
  • Next you need make the back of the sofa, sheathe it with plywood or other sheet material. It is best and easiest to use the most uncomplicated backrest shape - a rectangle.
  • As well as the backrest, they are made of plywood side backs... Their most common shape is the same rectangle.
  • The next stage is pasting with foam rubber... Foam mats are required here. Mats of the required size need to be pasted over the back (top and front), as well as the sides. Next, you need to strengthen it all with glue. The glue is usually used either as a brush or as a spray. When the glue has been applied, you need to leave it for a while.
  • The next material that will be required to make a sofa is a synthetic winterizer. It is needed in order to hide all uneven areas and add extra volume. The synthetic winterizer will make the sofa more comfortable and soft. First, you need to sand the sharp corners on the frame. Then you can proceed to sofa upholstery with padding polyester.
  • The next one is upholstery of the sofa with fabric, well, or leather (optional). On the Internet, you can find the necessary patterns for the cover and make it yourself, or contact the studio. Next, you need to put a cover on the sofa, using a furniture stapler if necessary.
  • Assembling the sofa - the final stage. Finally, you need to collect all the seats and the rest together. Ready! You can build such a sofa in about 3-4 days. It is an easy and economical way.

A step-by-step guide to creating a frameless model

Required materials and tools: furniture fabric of the required type, 2 foam rubber sheets, 7 pieces of zippers, reinforced threads, glue, sewing machine, centimeter, chalk, sharp scissors; 8 foam blanks, 2 pieces each - a square (80 by 80 cm), a rectangle (60 by 80 cm; 20 by 80 cm; 30 by 80 cm).

  • At the very beginning, it is necessary to make four out of eight blanks of foam rubber. To do this, each pair must be glued together using PVA glue.
  • Manufacturing of the first part. On the Internet, you need to find patterns for a sofa without a frame. We mark 3 strips of fabric, size - 20 by 160 cm. Two parts must be sewn in half, attaching zippers to them. Next, we stitch the opposite two sides.
  • Next, you need to sew squares and stripes like a suitcase. We will process the edges from the inside of the products using an overlock.

The manufacturing method for the rest of the parts is the same. Therefore, further we will consider only their sizes and some other nuances.

  1. We mark 2 rectangles on our fabric (60 by 80 cm), then cut out. Next, you need to cut out a strip for them (20 by 120 cm). Next - two strips 20 by 160 cm. Trim the cover out of them.
  2. Further it is necessary cut out rectangles with a size of 86 by 60 cm and four squares with a side of 20 cm. Attach zippers to the opposite edges of the larger element.
  3. At the next stage, we have to cut out four parts: these are 2 blanks 20 by 30 cm, 2 blanks 20 by 80 cm and a blank 80 by 78 cm. We need to fold 2 strips of the bottom and sew a lock along the fold line. Next, sew on all products from the wrong side.
  4. Finally, we come to the last, most important stage - assembling all four parts of the sofa. Think from the very beginning how all the pieces of furniture will be connected to each other. There are two ways to connect. The first is sewing the blanks on the wrong side. The second, and more straightforward, is to tweak a double strip over the joint. Thus, one of the chairs will be ready. To complete the manufacture of the sofa, you need to do a similar operation with the rest.

Rocking chair

It is generally accepted that a swing in the garden is an entertainment exclusively for children. But not everyone is ready to agree with this stereotype. You can make an amazing wooden hanging sofa swing with your own hands.

Tools and materials: pine bars, boards, hacksaw, hammer, tape measure, drill, nails, concrete mortar.

  1. First of all, in the previously created pits (the recommended depth is at least 1 m), we will install the side supports, fill it with a concrete solution.
  2. We install horizontal crossbars, fix them with metal corners. This will make the structure stronger.
  3. You should also install plywood fixing pads in the place where the beams converge.
  4. We install a crossbar in the gap between the side posts. You need to fix it with large nails. We screw in very strong screws.
  5. We attach chains to these screws.
  6. The last step is to attach the rocking seat to the size you want.
  7. If you strictly follow this instruction, your household will be able to enjoy swinging on this beautiful swing in your home garden or in the country at least every day.

Sofa chest

Country life is unthinkable without a veranda. In the mornings they have breakfast here, and during lunch they relax with a book in their hands. I always want to make this corner as comfortable as possible. The following instructions show you how to make a stylish and comfortable sofa chest for your garden.

Materials: 2 sheets of plywood (1500 x 1500 x 15 mm), 2 pine beams (910 x 50 x 60 mm), pine boards, beams (3000 x 5 x 25 mm), lifting mechanism, rod 1150 mm, 2 liters of white paint, self-tapping screws , wood putty, 6 pieces of furniture supports, caps for self-tapping screws (diameters - 12 mm, 17 pieces), hinges in the amount of 3 pieces, a handle for a drawer.

Instruments: drill, drills, router, screwdriver, roller, hacksaw or saw, tape measure, sandpaper, liquid nails, square.

  • First you need to make sofa parts, guided by diagrams from the Internet or making them at your discretion. Next, you should drill holes in them, necessary for the subsequent installation of a metal rod.
  • Next, we drill holes that will be needed in the future to attach the backs and seats. We also drill holes for self-tapping screws.
  • We collect the back of the sofa. We install a metal bar in the holes made earlier.
  • The next step is to secure the bars for the bottom of the sofa. We attach a plywood bottom to the inverted furniture frame. We fasten the plywood wall with self-tapping screws.
  • We glue plywood planks with liquid nails.
  • The next stage is the assembly of the drawer, then the roller mechanism should be fixed.
  • We connect the seat and the back of the sofa using long-size self-tapping screws.
  • The next step is to mount the bottom of the box. We fix the structure with self-tapping screws. We fix the bar.
  • We mark and twist the loops to the installed bar.
  • The most important and most responsible step. It is necessary to carefully grind the entire structure, paint it with paint of the desired color and let it dry. After that, the sofa is completely assembled.
  • The last thing to do is make a set of cushions and seats for the sofa. You will need patterns and patterns, synthetic winterizer, fabric of the desired style and color. By analogy with the previous instructions, you need to create a new set of pillows, as well as a mattress. Set it all up on the couch.

Now you have a wonderful sofa chest that fits perfectly into the interior of any summer cottage, very functional and comfortable.

Bench or bench

An unusual, but at the same time simple and easy-to-use option for your patio.

  • To begin with, we make two lattice three-section panels. They will serve as the back and seat of the sofa in the future. With the help of strips, we connect parts of the panels using wood glue and screws.
  • The main difference between this sofa and the rest is that they do not have front support legs. Therefore, the seat must be secured with three consular supports. We reinforce the supports with steel plates. Screws will also help, the length of which should be between 70 and 80 mm.
  • The next stage is the installation of the seats and curly backrest. This will give the furniture a finished, one-piece look.
  • The next step is to sand the product. It is made with sanding paper. Next, the bench needs to be covered with a special varnish, which can be purchased at any hardware store. You can also use, for example, enamel.
  • And finally, we make our sofa comfortable and soft.To do this, a foam mattress follows, dressed in a sewn cover made of any fabric.

We make from the bath

If you suddenly come up with an idea to change the old bathtub for a new one, do not rush to throw it in the trash. As they say, everything new is well forgotten old. So it is with the bathroom. Making a new sofa from an old unnecessary bathtub is a great design idea that will save finances and make the interior of an apartment, cottage or private house even more original.

Required tools and materials: the actual cast-iron bath, sander, primer, paint of any color to choose from, sandpaper for polishing, mattress.

  • Take an old cast iron bathtub. It is necessary to remove the old legs and polish it.
  • Sketch the contour lines of the future sofa. This should be treated with extreme caution. As they say, measure seven times - cut once. Use a sander to trim.
  • Smooth the edges of the bathroom with the same machine.
  • Using a primer, you need to level the surface of the bath and its legs.
  • Paint the bathtub and legs in the colors of your choice. The bath can also be made multi-colored, or left white - it all depends on your desire.
  • Sandpaper the tub.
  • Place the prepared mattress on the seat.

Luxurious, stylish, modern sofa is ready!


Sometimes it happens that the old sofa is no longer beautiful, comfortable and fresh-looking as before. In this case, many go to the store for new furniture, but this is always unprofitable. It would be easier and wiser to restore an old sofa. Then he, perhaps, will become even more interesting than before, and will transform the interior of the house. Below are a few of the most basic ways to restore your old sofa, along with detailed instructions for each.

How to replace the springs / spring block?

Replacement and alteration of springs may be necessary when:

  • the sofa has been serving for a very long time and its spring block has weakened and brings visible discomfort when sitting;
  • the spring block has faults from the moment of purchase;
  • the level of spring stiffness is not suitable for the owners from the very beginning and brings certain inconveniences.

Instruments: tape measure, wrench, screwdriver, pliers, sharp office knife, furniture stapler.


  • First you need to disassemble the sofa, separate the parts with a wrench. You will need pliers to remove the cover. Next, you need to pull out the mattress, carefully examine the springs, find the problem. If necessary, you can replace some of the springs. To increase the life of the spring block, it is necessary to cover it with a foam pad.
  • If there are a lot of broken or damaged springs, you can purchase a new spring block at any hardware store. Then the sofa will be even better and will last even longer.

Replacement of foam rubber

This is another way to restore an old sofa. We need: new good quality foam rubber, any thick fabric, canvas fabric.

Brief instruction:

  • We remove the old foam rubber along with the couch staples.
  • We make a pattern with an allowance of 7-8 cm.
  • For safety, a dense fabric is laid on the spring block, which is best additionally strengthened with threads. We put foam rubber in two layers on the seats.
  • We tighten it with a canvas cloth.

Foam rubber is a very cheap material, so finding it in good quality and at the same time at an affordable price will not be a problem. It is still better than buying a new sofa if its contents have become unusable. This alteration method is very simple and easy to perform.

Change upholstery

It so happens that the appearance of the sofa becomes completely unsuitable and ugly. He starts to look old, ugly. The upholstery is usually the culprit. This master class will help you replace the upholstery yourself without much effort.

Instruments: wrench, screwdriver, pliers, side cutter, furniture stapler, large sharp scissors, soap residue, sewing machine and thread.


  • Take apart the entire sofa. For convenience, fold all small fasteners into the box: they can easily get lost during operation.
  • Remove the old fabric with great care. Do not tear it, strictly follow the seams. The slightest mistake can lead to terrible unsatisfactory results.
  • Examine the mechanism and all of the components of your sofa.
  • Next, work begins with the material for the upholstery. Be sure to iron it with an iron, smoothing all seams. Remember to keep your sofa beautiful, every little piece of fabric matters!
  • The next step is to cut out fabric parts of the sofa. We simply outline all the pieces of the old upholstery on the new fabric. Then we cut along the contour. With the help of a typewriter, we sew seams on each part.
  • The final step in the replacement is to stretch the finished upholstery onto the furniture. In this case, a specialized stapler will become an excellent assistant - it is easy for them to sew up fabric. When everything is ready, all that remains is to put all the seats for the sofa and its cushions together.

How do I change the height?

Sometimes the size that the manufacturer intended does not fit us for reasons of height or simple convenience. Sometimes you just want something new in the interior. And since the sofa is the most noticeable thing in any room, the changes should primarily concern it. The following guide will help you increase the height of your sofa effortlessly.

In order to raise the sofa above the floor, you will need metal supports. They can be made from aluminum or steel. First you need to drill holes in the legs of the sofa and connect them. Bolts and nuts will help here.

Next, you need to make a podium on which your furniture will be placed. You can choose any height at your discretion.

How to increase the length?

Sometimes it is also necessary to make a given piece of furniture longer. There is no one-size-fits-all method, but here are some very easy life tricks that can help:

  • You can substitute cardboard boxes in the place where the pillows should be.
  • You can remove one side of the sofa and put several ottomans next to it (choose the quantity as you wish).
  • The original advice is to substitute piles of unnecessary books next to it. They must be covered with a blanket and soft pillows laid on top.
  • The armrest of the sofa can be converted into an extension piece. For this you need foam rubber.

Decoration and decor

The sofas offered on the furniture market are not always distinguished by their special beauty, style and originality. If you can't find a suitable one among the many boring models, there is a way a little more difficult than just buying, but very worthwhile - decorating a sofa. There are many ways to do this. It all depends on the imagination of its owner.

But if you're looking for the most practical, original ways to decorate and enhance your sofa, here are some tips:

Armrest decoration. Many people ask themselves the question: how to decorate standard, unremarkable armrests? It all depends on your imagination and originality.

You can paint them in bright, custom colors. Moreover, it is not necessary to make them the same: combinations of colors such as, for example, green and pale yellow will look very beneficial. The armrests painted in gold and silver will look luxurious.

You can glue the armrests with various stickers, or, for example, with shells brought from the sea - you just need to apply glue to them and attach them. This option is ideal for nautical-style interiors.

If the armrests are made of fabric, here's a great and simple option: a patch. These can be purchased at any fabric store. You need to remove the cover from the sofa, sew the desired applique in place of the armrests, and then put it on again.

Remote control pockets - a great option for any home, because almost all of us love to watch our favorite shows or movies in the evening. This is a very simple piece of jewelry. First you need to pick up the fabric to match the upholstery of the sofa and cut out a pocket on it. Using a sewing machine, we sew two parts of it. We attach it to the back or side of the sofa - a stylish addition to the furniture is ready.

In the same way, you can make various organizers for other things: magazines, books, various accessories, your favorite board game.

Carriage coupler or capitonné will give any sofa an original, luxurious look. These sofas are sold as standalone models, but you can also make a coach tie yourself using buttons on upholstery such as jacquard, chenille, flock, velor, leather.

Over time, the upholstery of the sofa becomes dull, older, fading or deteriorating. Also, the fabric on the sofa becomes boring and begins to irritate the eyes. If all this happens with your furniture, you can pick up a wide variety capes and bedspreads... There are many of them in stores: from different fabrics, colors, styles, ranging from the simplest and most inconspicuous, ending with capes made of genuine leather for luxurious interiors. The cape will perfectly complement the appearance of the room, make it more original and interesting.

Summing up, I would like to say that the sofa is the most important piece of furniture in any house, apartment or country house. He should be given special attention. If you try a little and do it with your hands, you can create an interesting, stylish, modern piece of furniture from a typical piece of furniture that can decorate the interior of your home.

For how to make a sofa with your own hands, see the next video.

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