Rattan sofa

Rattan sofa
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No matter how fashion changes, wicker furniture is always in great demand in the interior design of an apartment or a private house. Often it becomes the central element of the arrangement of the zone where the whole family gathers for celebrations or recreation.

It can be furniture for a living room or a terrace, a loggia or an attic. Therefore, it is very important to competently treat the issues of furnishing your home so that the items you choose create convenience and comfort. One of the best solutions for your home can be rattan furniture.

Features and Benefits

Perhaps the greatest advantages of wicker rattan furniture are its environmental friendliness, which means that it is absolutely safe for your health, durable and will retain its functionality longer than simple wooden furniture. It will serve you on average from 20 to 25 years, in addition, the products do not require complex maintenance and look very exotic and elegant.

Rattan furniture is ideal for a cottage or country house. Probably, it is difficult to find more successful attributes in terms of design solutions and performance characteristics. One of the main advantages of such furniture is lightness and versatility: it moves without much physical effort. This will allow you to take it out into the yard and bring it into the house, transform the interior as often as you want, easily changing the main design line.

The appearance of wicker furniture is also important - its various forms, as a rule, are very smooth, do not have sharp corners and rough lines. In the model range, there is a huge selection of shades, both for natural wood and bright modern solutions. In rattan furniture, a harmonious combination is used with leather and textiles, as well as with metal elements to give strength to structures and with glass from which countertops are made.


Rattan is a type of vine native to tropical climates. This plant has an absolutely smooth, non-knotty trunk with a uniform diameter along its entire length. This is one of the most important characteristics of rattan. It is treated with hot steam, during which the stem is easily bent and it can be given a wide variety of shapes.

Nowadays, it is wicker sofas that are in special demand. Any such model, whether it is a two-seat or three-seater copy, with a soft or hard seat, round or oval, large or very small, is always exclusive, since all items are made by hand, which means that their exact repetition is simply impossible.

In our age of advanced technologies, there is also furniture made from a substitute for natural raw materials or polirotang - a plastic tape made from synthetic elastomers and polyethylene. The main advantage of this material is its high moisture resistance.

Furniture made of polirotang does not require special care, it is not afraid of direct sunlight, reacts well to temperature changes, so you do not need to choose a special place for its installation. In winter, you do not have to hide it indoors or urgently remove it from the pouring rain. The disadvantage of such furniture is that it has a shorter lifespan, while made of natural material can last for several generations of a family. Also, polirotanga cannot replace the energy of a natural material.


Recently, the most popular chairs have become "mamasan" and "papasan", which allow several people to comfortably fit in one piece of furniture at once. These models usually come with a large, comfortable pillow. They are made only from natural Indonesian rattan of the highest grade, they tolerate temperature differences well, which allows them to be placed even outdoors in a garden, on a terrace or in a gazebo. In such an armchair it will be very comfortable to sit in the living room by the fireplace on a chilly autumn evening with a cup of fragrant tea in your hands.

The elegant Papasan wicker chair is a source of pride for connoisseurs of sophisticated and comfortable furniture. Such an armchair will harmoniously fit into any interior, giving a special flavor to your home. It is very comfortable and soft, and due to its excellent qualities it deservedly remains one of the most popular attributes on the wicker furniture market. The chair comes complete with a soft cushion, which is ideal for resting and completely relaxing a person.

The difference between the comfortable and very roomy Mamasan armchair is its more impressive dimensions. In it you can sit or lie down with the greatest comfort, wrapped in a warm blanket.

Accommodation options

Wicker furniture can also be used in small standard apartments: stools and compact tables can be an excellent solution for arranging your balcony or loggia.

Nowadays, wicker furniture for use on the streets is increasingly recognized.... It is placed not only in summer cottages, but also outdoors on the territory of catering establishments: restaurants, bars and cafes.

Sets of furniture for family outdoor recreation are also convenient. An elegant outdoor set of a table and several chairs is suitable for organizing a comfortable atmosphere when the whole family is eating outdoors.

The basic rule: when choosing furniture for the street, you need to remember that it must fit into the environment and favorably emphasize the landscape of the suburban area, as well as correspond to the symbolism of the event for which it is intended.


Without processing, the rattan liana has a milky color. Before making wicker furniture, the vines are classified and sorted, and then the natural material is dyed in different colors exclusively with natural dyes.

When dyeing, four main natural shades are mainly used: cognac, olive, honey and coffee. The color of honey, as a rule, is given only by the highest quality raw materials, which do not have any flaws. Furniture is made of colored rattan much less often. When painting raw materials, only natural dyes are used.

Those who follow fashion trends in interior design know that white sofa, chaise lounges and armchairs are in the greatest demand on the wicker furniture market. Furniture made of white rattan in a milky shade looks especially stylish and beautiful. It is made from a material that has not been treated with any paint.


Today, thanks to the variety of models, it is not at all difficult to choose a thing that meets all the customer's requirements. Sometimes, with such a huge choice of model range, it is not so easy to make a final decision. Therefore, you should always pay attention to well-known brands that have proven themselves, receiving positive reviews from customers. Among the many brands, furniture made in Italy stands out for its consistently high quality.

For example, the Bahama furniture set was created specifically for a comfortable stay with friends or family.... This headset will look great in any interior. It is made of natural material and consists of 4 items: a round table, a two-seater sofa equipped with a comfortable cushion and two armchairs with similar cushions.In the stores selling the brand's products, a wide assortment of all kinds of colors included in the set of pillows is provided, from the brightest to pastel-delicate shades.

Fans of austere style will certainly appreciate an excellent option for a small living room or office - a lightweight and mobile set of furniture made of Montenegro polirotang... The correct rectangular shape of the armchairs and a small two-seater sofa goes well with a rectangular table that can easily accommodate up to 6 people. This is a great option both for the dining area and for negotiations. To create the greatest comfort, the sofa and armchairs are equipped with soft removable cushions.

Owners of large suburban areas will be able to appreciate the special furniture for the so-called lounge area. The headsets are equipped with low-back sofas, a small coffee table and a couple of utilitarian armchairs. Such furniture, most often, is made of artificial materials and has strict laconic forms. The main purpose of the lounge kits is to create a secluded place in the garden for relaxation, relaxation after exhausting workdays, and leisurely conversations.

Selection Tips

In order not to be mistaken in choosing wicker furniture, it is necessary to take into account the manufacturing technology of objects, since the quality and shelf life of the finished product depends on this.

As a rule, rattan vine is woven in several ways. There are two main types of weaving: dense hopeless and openwork or slotted. In addition, the weave itself is made either from flattened fibers or from round rods.

The strength of rattan furniture depends on the frequency of the original fabric and the number of joints. If you need furniture that can withstand the most stress, it is advisable to choose the product with the fewest connections.

Those who love strength and reliability should pay attention to artificial rattan furniture, which can withstand a load of up to 300 kg, while it itself has a very low weight.

Furniture made of polirotanga is presented in a wider range of colors, which means that you can find products painted in bright modern colors, which significantly expands the possibilities in the selection of attributes for the style of the interior.

Remember that, like any natural material, rattan can differ in its quality and, therefore, during operation, the products will also be different in their properties. Accordingly, the price of furniture made from luxury raw materials will be several orders of magnitude higher, but at the same time the service life will be much longer.

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