Sofas with armrests

It is impossible to imagine a home without a comfortable sofa. It is needed in the living room, it is indispensable for arranging a bedroom, it is relevant in the kitchen, and in some types of premises it fits in the hall or on the loggia. Among the large selection of models, sofas with armrests are in the greatest consumer demand.... They have a number of features and stand out favorably against the background of analogs without sidewalls.

Features and Benefits

Sofas with armrests are a complete construction. They are more reliable, durable in operation, since, in addition to the decorative function, the side parts are an element of the frame. Such furniture has a long service life: thanks to the sidewalls, the load on the body during transformation is distributed more evenly, so the parts are protected from loosening.

Such models are compact when folded, easy to operate, and look full. Often, the sidewalls are the highlight of the sofa, emphasizing the luxury of the material and the unusual design.

Models with armrests are found in sofas with different transformation mechanisms. Not a single model range of upholstered furniture can do without them. They are a component of the models:

  • Book... This transformation mechanism resembles the opening of a book (raising the seat, in which the back rests down on its own);
  • Eurobook. It is an analogue of a book with a slight difference (the seat is not only raised, but also slightly pushed forward);
  • Click-clack. Reminds of a book with a slight difference (the seat is raised until it clicks, then lowered, while folding the back);
  • Dolphin... The mechanism is hidden in a box under the seat (the seat is rolled forward, then raised to the desired height);
  • Accordion. The principle of operation of this mechanism is similar to stretching the bellows of an accordion (the seat is pulled forward, while the double back is automatically folded into two parts);
  • Telescope... To unfold a sofa with this mechanism, you will need to push the seat all the way out, then remove the mat from it and put it on the left lattice with armor;
  • Puma... In this case, the sofa turns into a bed if you raise the upper block of the seat, then push the exit lower part all the way, grab its top, push it forward and lower it to the floor, after which it will remain to lower the back;
  • Pantograph. It is a fairly simple design in which the seat is first pushed forward, then the back is lowered down;
  • American clamshell. Double-folding mechanism that you need to pull towards yourself and then unfold the links;
  • French clamshell... It is an alternative to the American one, with the difference that modular mats are removed from the seat before folding out.

In addition, armrest designs have a wide variety of styles. The ideas of such sofas are different, therefore, the furniture is selected individually for a specific room design or in the style of the existing interior, it should be in harmony with the color of the upholstery. The model is thought out carefully: each component of upholstered furniture must carry a functional, practical and aesthetic load.

For all the advantages of sofas with armrests, some models have one small drawback: in a small room, the sidewalls can cause stumbling if they are high. Hard wooden armrests are not recommended in such an interior either.

Types of sofas with armrests

Modern furniture companies produce different models of sofas with armrests.By design, sofas are straight, angular and modular (island). Consider them:

  • Direct models are versatile and fit perfectly into the interior of any, even a small room. They can be placed against a wall or in the center of a room, and in some cases even in a corner.

In the first versions, armrests are usually simpler, but in corner and modular models, they are often made in the form of a complex structure with a combination of material.

  • Corner sofas with armrests are often placed in a corner. They are a real find where literally every centimeter of usable area matters. Most often, these sofas are placed in the corner of the room, although sometimes they also decorate the central part of the room.
  • Island options with armrests, they often become an adornment of the central part of a spacious room, being a catchy accent of the interior.
  • Modular corner structures notable for the fact that if you separate them, each element will have one armrest. In small apartments, such models can also be used separately (for example, the main part - as a sofa for parents, a corner part with a linen box - for a child, placing it with the side without a sidewall against the wall, as an alternative to a crib). In other cases, the corner part looks more like a chair with one armrest, so it cannot be used as a children's bed.


According to the number of seats, sofas with armrests can be designed for one, two, three, four and five seats. It depends on the standards of a particular furniture company, which sets its parameters for the length of the seat. Island models can accommodate many more people.

Models that replace the bed are most often designed for one or two places. Less often they are 3-seater. The last sofas are very spacious and, if necessary, allow you to arrange guests or fit in three (a family with a child).

In addition to the main types, manufacturers produce original models (for example, a sofa with a backrest and one armrest, which is called a chaise longue, designs with armrests on legs, etc.).

What kind of armrests are there?

Despite the apparent simplicity, the armrests of each model are unique. They differ in the degree of rigidity, shape, functionality, design and dimensions. Based on this, the material of their manufacture is also different.

The shape of the side faces is varied. Depending on the chosen solution, they can be simple straight, curved, narrow, wide, thin, round, wavy or cylindrical, smooth or carved.

As a rule, models are performed with rounded edges (in order to avoid injury). In addition, their height is also different: if the design provides for a classic model, it usually has low armrests. In creative models, these elements can be high.

The structure of the armrests is also diverse. These can be universal attached sidewalls, folding structures, models with shelves in the armrests, with a folding (rising) top and adjustable rise, secret niches, removable linings, as well as flexible and rack options. Models of sofas with opening armrests are among the most popular.


The armrests of the sofas are multifunctional. Often, their design provides for additional overlays that allow you to make a small tea table out of the sidewall. This technique contributes to the organization of an additional workplace in a small apartment, for example, in the design of a studio apartment.

Overlays are a unique technique that is only used on sofas with armrests. These are not just additions to the overall design, but a functional technique that, depending on the model and the desired atmosphere, can save usable space and place the necessary items at hand (for example, a Velcro textile organizer for sewing clothes or a lamp for comfortable reading of books).

Such additions to armrests are made of different materials: these can be overhead coasters made of wood or plywood, knitted capes and other organizers.

Moreover, armrest covers for sofas can be made by hand. See the video below for details.

Materials (edit)

The design of any sofa is made from different materials. It depends on the model, the degree of hardness of the mats, the selected body, filler, upholstery material.

For armrests

Conventionally, all existing varieties of armrest models can be divided into three types:

  • soft;
  • wooden;
  • combined.

Soft armrests are comfortable in that it is impossible to hurt or hit on them. Due to the presence of soft furniture filler, they soften any blow. Due to their safety, such models are good as a sofa bed for a children's room.

The structure of the wooden armrests can be made of MDF or solid wood. In addition, it is often complemented by metal (chrome) elements.

The combined version of the side parts is comfortable and allows you to combine their best qualities (softness, volume, functionality and protection from dirt).


In modern production of upholstered furniture, several upholstery materials are used. In addition to the cover covering the block itself, the companies use natural leather, leatherette, furniture tapestry, velor, flock and jacquard.

Genuine leather is practical, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, dust and dirt formation. In addition, due to the material itself, such models look gorgeous in any interior.

The second position is occupied by leather substitutes, which are slightly cheaper, but are also inferior to leather upholstery.

Textile covers are less practical; they absorb everything from dirt and moisture to microscopic dust. However, such upholstery is always bright and original, because the use of a print in the interior is one of the most interesting design techniques.


The block is a soft sofa mats. Its elasticity and degree of rigidity depend on the type of filler, which is divided into fibers of natural and synthetic origin, as well as steel springs.

The block can be spring-loaded or springless:

  • Option without springs made of latex, polyurethane foam, struttofiber and coir.
  • In a block with independent springs manufacturers use steel coil springs and customized textile covers for each element.
  • Bonnel springs more simple: they are assembled into a mesh and connected to each other, as well as by a frame of a metal mesh. As in the independent type, the springs are supplemented with furniture foam rubber at the top and bottom of the block. In the block with orthopedic effect there is a compaction of the mat with coconut fiber.


The most reliable and practical body of sofas with armrests today is a metal frame. Steel elements are quite strong, such a base is resistant to weight loads and daily use.

In addition to metal, wood takes part in the construction of the frame. As a rule, this is a lattice base with elastic battens that prevent any mat from bending. They are located transversely to the length at the same distance from each other.

Birch is considered the best timber, although manufacturers often replace it with beech or pine.


The color palette of sofas is varied and includes all colors from neutral to bright and rich. The only difference between the color solutions of upholstered furniture is the absence of sharp and flashy shades. Whatever the chosen color of the sofa, it is necessarily muted and noble.

In addition to the design in one color (when the armrests are made to match the main upholstery), the design can be contrasted. This is especially common in models with wooden sides. For example, it can be a black sofa with white armrests, or a green model with beige or brown edges.The contrast also depends on the style of the room, therefore it is selected in such a way as not to violate the harmony of the design idea.

Beautiful interior design ideas

Consider several interesting options for placing sofas with armrests in the interior:

  • A white sofa with embossed upholstery and functional wooden armrests can brighten a room in brown and white tones. To make the furniture harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, you can repeat the white color in additional elements (curtains, wall paintings, table lamp floor lamp). It is desirable that the shade of the armrests and furniture be identical. Will dilute a bright contrast with a beige shade (light laminate or carpet);
  • A gothic black sofa with a sprint and rounded sides can brighten a dark bedroom or living room with black furnishings... To fill the room with light and get rid of gloom, it is worth choosing two light colors: white and beige. You can beat the floor and walls with a light beige, and choose a white chandelier;
  • If the dimensions of the room allow and want to choose a special style, as a bright accent of the room, you should choose a purple corner sofa with soft armrests of a laconic shape. It is better to place furniture in the center of the room. The color of the sofa can be repeated in small details (for example, in the decoration of the armchairs). When using a cold sofa color, warm colors should be added to the interior: light paintings, beige shelves, picture frames, etc. You can support an unusual design idea with original lamps in the form of balls;
  • If you need to organize the corner to the maximum, you need to put a sofa, the armrests of which can be filled with various useful little things... A model with a corner and shelves will look good, as well as a side made of wood, in the outside of which there will be functional shelves. You can put books, CDs and even a vase in them. A model with a combination of color and texture will enliven even the most boring interior. In this case, you will need a carpet to match the upholstery, a couple of paintings and a low table to match one of the tones of the sofa.
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