Sofas "Eurobook" without armrests

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Returning home after a tiring day at work, we especially appreciate the coziness and comfort of the home environment. The lion's share of it, undoubtedly, is provided by a comfortable and relaxing sofa.

Due to significant savings in space and money, compactness and ease of use, the Eurobook model is increasingly found both in small rooms and in multi-layered houses. Comfortable rest during the day and a spacious sleeping place at night - this is the secret of the unprecedented popularity of the Eurobook sofa!

Mechanism features

The eurobook sofa without armrests harmoniously fits into the interior of rooms that do not have extra meters, while maintaining the parameters of a standard sofa bed. Transformation requires neither physical effort nor special skills:

  • we extend the seat of the sofa all the way towards ourselves;
  • we lower the back into the vacant niche.

In its usual position, the niche is used as a linen closet, which is another advantage - there is no need to purchase a chest of drawers or clutter the lower shelves of the wardrobe with pillows and blankets.


When buying a sofa-eurobook without armrests, they proceed from two main parameters - shape and size. The form is distinguished:

  • straight lines. Along the walls, framed by soft armchairs, or by the fireplace with a coffee table, or a cozy oasis in the center of the living room - these are the most common options for placing straight sofas;
  • corner. This model allows you to rationally fill the void of the corner, creating an atmosphere of comfort and providing a voluminous berth. It also makes it possible to neatly brighten up flaws in the layout of the premises, or to give the design a new sound.

Dimensions (edit)

The model of a sofa-eurobook without armrests is especially relevant for small rooms, since it significantly saves space with its small size and the presence of a berth. To date, products are offered in the following sizes:

  • double (sleeping place up to 1.5 m, length -2m, depth up to 1m);
  • triple (sleeping place over 2.4 m, depth up to 2.1 m);
  • baby (sleeping place up to 1.5m, depth up to 1m);

Materials (edit)

The comfort and convenience of a sofa-euro-book directly depends on the filler, which also determines the service life. The modern market offers a number of materials for the frame, different in cost and degree of wear, and depending on what the sofa is intended for, the following parameters of the filler and upholstery should be studied.


  1. Orthopedic unitan ideal filler for complete rest of the spinal system, since it allows body weight to be evenly distributed over the surface.
  2. Polyurethane foam - the high density of the berth ensures the rigidity of sofas designed more for sitting than sleeping.
  3. Foam rubber is suitable for official institutions, where the sofa is not used for relaxation, since this filler has a short operational life and is capable of releasing toxic substances during prolonged use.
  4. Latex - an excellent analogue to the orthopedic block based on natural materials.
  5. Block of independent springs - a system of springs, packed in separate bags, which allows to evenly distribute the load on the spine during rest and prevents the annoying squeak inherent in conventional spirals when turning.
  6. Dependent spring block - offers basic comfort at an affordable price, but does not have a long lifespan.


  • Leather. An elite and presentable look at a high cost.
  • Teflon impregnation. An advantageous material for sofas that need additional protection from dirt, dust and moisture that do not get inside and can be removed by lightly wiping the surface.
  • Teflon spraying... Less expensive protective layer compared to impregnation and similar protective properties.
  • Chenille. In terms of quality and price, it is not inferior to leather, soft to the touch and easy to care for, especially indispensable in a children's room.
  • Tapestry. Polyester in the fabric upholstery ensures high resistance to wear and tear, and a rainbow palette of colors and patterns allows you to choose a sofa in accordance with any interior.
  • Flock... Very similar to tapestry, but with the presence of a soft nap, which tends to wear off over time. More attractive in appearance, it requires careful maintenance and, unfortunately, does not last more than 5 years.
  • Jacquard... The fabric cover with exquisite patterns will add a special luxury to the interior, however, it requires extremely dry cleaning.
  • Microfiber. It is gaining rapid popularity due to the Teflon impregnation and the strength of the material, which is resistant to dry and wet contamination, as well as to external damage (tears, cuts, stretching). The material does not fade in the sun, preserving the range of colors, which makes it indispensable in places not protected from the sun.


When choosing a sofa, you should not neglect decorative trifles, because they bring coziness and comfort, harmoniously combining in color, shape and style, for example:

  • countertops for corner models;
  • armrests with linen box;
  • sofa cushions;
  • mutaki (oriental style rollers).

So that the pillows do not stand out tasteless, but emphasize the main interior, you should adhere to several rules:

  1. In monochrome colors, the pillows are accentuated by texture contrast. Large embossed patterns of the same shade as the sofa, or a combination of smooth fabrics with textured weaving are preferable.
  2. Choosing the main tone of the pillows, it is advisable to combine it with the color of the curtains, rather than the upholstery of the sofa. However, it will be enough if the shades of curtains and rollers overlap with different ornamental patterns.
  3. Bright pillows, similar in tone intensity, will beneficially refresh the pale background of an interior decorated in pastel colors.
  4. The harmony of the home environment with the weather outside the window can be achieved thanks to pillows with the images of the seasons: in winter - knitted pillows with snowflakes or snowmen, in spring - silk pillowcases with green foliage or delicate flowers, in summer - bright and refreshing colors, in autumn - yellow leaves and animals with umbrellas.
  5. People who need an increased degree of comfort (elderly, pregnant women, suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system) are advised to draw up a euro-book with mutak, comfortable to support the back and joints.

Despite the rich variety of accessories, hand-made pillows and bolsters remain beyond any competition when it is necessary to emphasize the warmth and comfort of the hearth. To make your own, individual, note in the design of the Eurobook sofa, you can use the following technologies:

  • repaint old pillowcases by hand painting them;
  • sew cushions or mutaki in accordance with the interior design;
  • crochet or knit pillows on the sofa;
  • decorate with embroidery, buttons, appliques.

How to choose

The purchase of pieces of furniture is always accompanied by careful weighing of characteristics, correlation of price and quality, and forecasting of operation. It will not be superfluous to take into account the following factors when choosing a sofa-eurobook without armrests:

  • Design. The sofa should be stylistically in harmony with the rest of the interior, regardless of the individual preferences of the owner.Moreover, fashion is not a guarantee of comfort and the disproportionate shape of the sofa can cause inconvenience when sitting on it. Legs are preferable on casters in rooms where the floors are covered with paint, varnish, parquet.
  • The quality of the fixings and upholstery. Screws are not allowed in the connection of load-bearing elements, since they tend to loosen - the parts must be bolted together. The quality of furniture assembled with glue will also always raise concerns and doubts about its durability.

The certificate for the fabric of the upholstery included with the purchase is a sign of high quality and allows you to get an idea of ​​the performance of the covers. Zipper on the upholstery is the simplest way to get reliable information about the filler of the "Eurobook".

A sofa-eurobook without armrests can become an ideal interior solution in a limited space, add charm and sophistication to the room and please both the owners and guests of the house with its practicality

For information on how to choose the right sofa, see the next video.

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