Roll-out sofas

Roll-out sofas
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It is difficult to imagine a comfortable and cozy home without a soft sofa, where the whole family can gather. To date, the assortment of upholstered sleeping furniture from manufacturers is unusually wide and varied. You can choose based on any of your own preferences, financial capabilities and dimensions of the room in which the furniture will be located.

The leading position is occupied by the folding sofa model due to a number of characteristics that make it a really necessary purchase. The roll-out folding mechanism is still considered the most reliable and convenient method for transforming a sofa.

Features and Benefits

The peculiarity of this berth is the original roller design, consisting of three parts. When the product is folded, one part is placed in the back of the sofa, the other two form the seat itself. To turn it into a full-fledged bed, you just need to pull on a special hidden strap attached to the front of the bed.

Each retractable part is located slightly lower than the previous one, but this difference is compensated for by different thicknesses of the pillow filler, so the total height of the entire surface of the berth is the same.

The draw-out mechanism itself is a simple roller structure. On the inner side sides of the seat there are wheels, which, when unfolding the berth, move along special guides fixed on the frame of the structure. The movement of parts occurs without the application of great physical force, therefore, such furniture is often installed in children's rooms - even a child can expand the bed.

This type of sofa has several important advantages that make it so popular with consumers. The main advantages of this model:

  • Substantial savings in room space. Due to its folding design, the sofa takes up two, and sometimes three times less space than a traditional sleeping place. In addition, some units have built-in storage boxes, which adds new functions to the bed - it also becomes a chest of drawers.
  • Install tightly against the wall. The roll-out sofa can be installed close to the wall, since the transformation mechanism is deployed exclusively forward.
  • Suitable for any room, versatility... It is not always convenient to invite guests to a room in which there is a double bed, after all, a bedroom is the personal space of the owners of the house. However, the folding sofa can be placed in any room, even in the kitchen, if the space allows it.
  • The mechanism of such furniture is very simple and reliable, suitable for reusable and everyday use. To unfold the berth does not require the application of significant physical force, it is only necessary to pull the end of one section - and it will pull the others along with it.

Thus, the unfolding algorithm resembles an accordion.

  • Structural strength and durability. For the manufacture of such models, environmentally friendly raw materials are used.
  • Variety of models. For example, there are options without armrests designed specifically for growing children and adolescents.
  • Orthopedic component. Thanks to the built-in original design, consisting of modular spring parts or a springless insert (most often made of polyurethane foam - synthetic latex), deep, full sleep is ensured and the back healthy is maintained.
  • Variety of designs and color palette. Thanks to this, you can find the perfect sofa for any interior.

There are no things that have only advantages, and there are disadvantages to a folding sofa. These include the relatively low height of the sleeping place - it is often located only twenty to thirty centimeters from the floor, which at first can be inconvenient.

Proper care of such an interior item is also of great importance, since it is important to regularly check the integrity of the roller mechanisms.

The disadvantages include the possible complexity of bringing furniture into the apartment, since often such sofas are non-separable structures. However, professional movers can easily solve this problem.


Manufacturers are trying to constantly supplement the existing product line with new models, so that everyone can easily choose a product for themselves in any room and for any interior style.

In addition to personal preference, medical indications are of great importance. For example, doctors recommend many people to purchase upholstered furniture with an orthopedic mattress, which will keep the spine healthy. Elderly people will also like the models with a retractable headrest or with a footrest, allowing them to relax after a hard day and restore and normalize blood pressure in the vessels.

By design, sofas are:

  • modular - the composition of the bed is assembled from several modules
  • corner, consisting of the main and corner parts
  • straight.

Also, sofas can be classified by the number of seats:

  • double
  • triple
  • quadruple
  • five-seater and more

However, this classification is not very accurate, because each manufacturer can slightly change the parameters of the furniture and, depending on this, indicate the number of seats. For small rooms, in which, nevertheless, you periodically have to leave friends or relatives for the night, it is recommended to install models with an extra bed.

It can be deployed if necessary, and at normal times it can be hidden under the main one.

Corner sofas, usually found in living rooms or kitchens, are often used dolphin system (the main part is folded under the seat).

In small-sized models with a sleeper type "Eurobook" the seat slides out and the backrest takes its place, thus forming a straight surface.

The view of the roll-out sofa is also interesting. "accordion", when the bed is assembled and disassembled according to the accordion principle, until the backrest takes a horizontal position.

Models with a large berth are very attractive and comfortable, but they will be appropriate only in spacious rooms. Modern furniture designers also come up with very functional pieces, for example, beds with a pull-out table, which is really convenient.

Another interesting option is a roll-out-cover (sofa). In this case, a box is pushed forward (in which bed linen is usually stored), and already a base with a filler is placed on it.

Models with an orthopedic mattress are very popular. For people sleeping on such a product, sleep is harmonized, overall well-being and blood circulation improve. Such a mattress consists of double springs hidden in separate cells. Due to the correct distribution of the load, even with uneven pressure, the product does not deform, therefore sofas with such a filler are recommended for people with extra pounds and for couples with significantly different weights.

Some models are equipped with a backrest adjustment function. So, by adjusting the angle of inclination, you can take a half-sitting position.

There are types of sofas and the inner filling, bThere are options:

  • with a spring block;
  • synthetic filler;
  • on a metal frame;
  • on a wooden base.

And, of course, an important nuance when choosing a model will be its design. So, in classic interiors, strict furniture with wooden armrests looks advantageous, and fans of high-tech style will like bright options with metal details.

By functionality

To increase the functionality, various mechanisms for transforming the sleeping place have been invented, which make it possible to completely change its configuration. Roll-out and pull-out mechanisms are in the greatest demand, as they allow you to unfold furniture quite often.

These mechanisms are durable and reliable.

There are high-drawer models that allow you to place the sleeping place at a sufficient height from the floor, which is convenient for the elderly. Such transforming beds are convenient even if a child is growing in the house.

Instances with retractable armrests and an ottoman are recommended for small rooms, as they save space by combining several functions.

For atypical narrow rooms, a roll-out sofa will be a real salvation. In front of such a bed, you do not need to provide a large area of ​​free space.

By appointment

Any furniture is chosen for a specific room for which it is best suited. So sofas, despite the fact that this is a rather versatile piece of furniture, can be used for:

  • To the office. Furniture in a simple style is best suited.
  • To the kitchen. They feature stain-resistant upholstery.
  • To the children's room. Characterized by bright design and environmentally friendly materials, there are models for two or three children at once.
  • Into the living room. Most often, corner sofas are chosen for the living room.
  • For giving. Furniture in the Provence style looks harmonious, moreover, this is an additional sleeping place for suddenly arriving guests.

Materials (edit)


The widest variety of materials is available for the sofa upholstery selection. Often, the manufacturer provides the buyer with the opportunity to choose any design from the corporate catalog for the bed model they like.


The most common is textiles. The most budgetary option, but with a very short service life.

After about five to six years, this fabric upholstery will have to be changed. An alternative option can be replaceable covers that can be washed or dry-cleaned, as well as replaced with others.

Thus, the furniture will look new without investing a lot of money.


Durable material with a decent service life. It is important to remember that wet cleaning is unacceptable for it.


Pleasant to the touch, soft finish. The pluses include ease of cleaning, the minuses - quick wear.


It has a relatively short service life, but it is environmentally friendly.


Spectacular, but not durable material. Short service life. Abundantly attracts dust and dirt, it is not recommended to clean it with chemicals.


An actively gaining popularity type of upholstery. Differs in original double or triple weave of threads. Attractive appearance combined with high durability allows matting products to look harmoniously in any interior.


Genuine leather is also popular. The most expensive option, but also the most durable. These leather sofas can retain their original look for decades. Look great in classic interiors of libraries, offices or living rooms.

Modern manufacturers also offer copies upholstered in eco-leather - externally, the material looks the same as the original, but it costs much more democratic.


It is also very important to pay attention to the material of the sofa frame. Most often they are wooden, metal or made from wood-based raw materials:

  • The wood frame is durable, but high in cost. The price varies depending on which wood was used. Usually it is beech, oak, walnut or ash. Birch bases have the most acceptable cost. The downside of the wooden frame, in addition to the high cost, is its rather large weight - it can provoke the leaving of traces of exploitation on the floor if a special coating is not applied to the wheels.
  • The most modern design has a metal frame which is also very robust. It is important that all joints are well welded and the structure is treated with an anti-corrosion coating.
  • The cheapest and most short-lived version of the frame base is made of chipboards. After a few years of use, such a sofa will most likely have to be thrown away.


A competent choice of filler is no less important. To ensure a comfortable stay on the sofa, it must be soft and firm at the same time. The following types of filler are in greatest demand:

  • Holofiber. Modern hollow fiber, twisted into springs. The advantages are resistance to deformation and ease of cleaning.
  • Foam rubber. The cheapest option. The service life is on average no more than three years, by this time it finally loses its shape and becomes unusable.
  • PPU (polyurethane foam). The most common filler. A synthetic analogue of latex, a remarkable characteristic of which is its hypoallergenicity. It has a slightly longer service life compared to foam rubber.
  • Spring block. Acts as a filler, mainly in orthopedic mattresses.
  • Multi-layer filler. It is a combination of several different layers - the upper layers are made softer, the lower ones denser.

Obviously, when choosing a sofa, it is extremely important to carefully approach the choice of materials of all components in order to make the process of using the product as pleasant, safe and long-lasting as possible.

Dimensions (edit)

It is necessary to select furniture taking into account the dimensions of the room. However, the variety of sizes in furniture lines greatly simplifies this process. You just need to carefully look at the size designations - for example, some manufacturers indicate dimensions in centimeters, and others in millimeters.

Thus, the same sofa can be described by the numbers 2000x2000 (millimeters) and 200x200 (centimeters).

For small children, mini sofas with a length of 150 cm or 130 cm and a depth of 80 are well suited. Teenage models are usually made with a width of 120 cm or 100, the length is recommended to be chosen taking into account the rapid growth of a young man. In small rooms, a narrow folding sofa will look appropriate, which does not take up much space, but at the same time it can stop in a full-fledged one and a half berth.

Especially for large families, double and triple models have been developed, they are laid out in tiers, while when folded they do not take up much space. So, a sofa with a triple tier of sleeping places will allow three children to sleep at the same time.

Single beds are usually called beds up to 120 centimeters wide, while a width of more than 140 cm suggests a double bed. The length of beds for adults is usually made from one hundred and ninety centimeters (1400x1900 millimeters, 150x200 centimeters). If the dimensions of the room allow, you can choose a model and more impressive sizes (from 160 cm or 180 cm).

Such furniture, when unfolded, will occupy an area of ​​160x200 or 180x200 centimeters.

In addition, modern manufacturers often offer customers the opportunity to order the sofa option they like according to the specific dimensions they need. Thus, it is not difficult to find furniture even for the most non-standard premises.

Selection Tips

When choosing a good sofa, you should understand in which room and for what purposes it is purchased:

  • For a small apartment it is better to choose a compact sofa bed with a built-in storage box.
  • To the living room a corner sofa with a pull-out table will fit perfectly. During the day it can accommodate guests, and at night it will turn into an extra bed.
  • For children's room it is better to choose a model of bright colors with a spring block in the mattress. It will ensure the correct position of the back of the growing organism and the preservation of its health.

For additional space saving, as well as taking into account the rapid growth of the child, models are made without armrests.

It is important to remember that in order to fully use the roll-out sofa, it is necessary to provide free space in front of it. The furniture you like should not block the passage to the balcony or another room. In addition to taking into account your own preferences, it is important to think about how the new item will fit into the existing interior.

A high-tech bed is unlikely to look appropriate in a classic office setting.

Modern manufacturers have in their assortment both good economy class models and expensive elite lines. In addition, experts recommend paying attention to the original copies, combining several functions:

  • a small library can be located in the armrests;
  • one of the sofa modules can be converted into a small table;
  • or a pull-out table can be integrated into the bed structure.

It is important to be aware of how often the bed will unfold. If daily use is expected, it is better to prefer models with rubberized casters to protect the floor surface. Fillers for cushions and furniture bases must not cause allergic reactions and must be absolutely safe for health.

A correctly selected sofa model will serve for many years, being at the same time a gathering place for the whole family and guests during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

How to assemble?

Most often, the design of the sofa allows you to assemble and disassemble it yourself., this does not require any special skills. In addition, there are always printed recommendations with a detailed explanation of the algorithm of actions.

A set of such furniture usually includes a roller mechanism, a seat, soft parts, parts for the base box and fasteners. There are several main points in the sofa assembly process that will fit any model:

  1. First, you should check if all the necessary parts are included in the kit. Then the components need to be spread out to facilitate the assembly process.
  2. It is advisable to add all the elements the way they will stand in the assembled product - the back to the wall, the sides are on the sides, the seat can be lowered to the floor.
  3. The first step is to attach the legs or lower parts. Turning over the finished product for their installation will be problematic. If the model has a storage box, it is also assembled first and attached to the draw-out mechanism.
  4. Then the fasteners are fixed to the base bolts as indicated in the assembly instructions.
  5. After fixing the fasteners the back is attached to the base.
  6. Last step - joining the sidewalls to the main structure.

Many models have a special cover that attaches to the backrest after installation and prevents the back of the bed from rubbing against the wall.

For those who are not sure that they will be able to assemble such a mechanism on their own, manufacturers or sellers often offer the services of professional furniture assemblers who will do it quickly and efficiently.

One of the examples of assembling a roll-out sofa can be seen in the following video.


Most of the reviews on roll-out sofas are positive:

  • Harmonious combination of functionality and compactness almost all users note with pleasure.
  • Many responses emphasize the convenience of models with built-in drawers., allowing you to save space for storing bed linen. In addition, people recommend choosing upholstery that can be easily cleaned, since this is a very important point in the process of use.

Users are advised to be careful when choosing sofas of the "book" type, as they most often begin to creak with any movement. Many people pay attention to the fact that the wheels should preferably be rubber to protect the floor and prevent scratches on it.

One of the most important nuances, which is noted in most reviews, is the competent choice of a furniture manufacturer. According to users, a reliable frame, high-quality roller system and durable upholstery ensure a long service life of the product.

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