Custom shaped sofa

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Upholstered furniture is an invariable part of modern living space and study. Standard, typical armchairs and sofas differ from each other most often only in the color and material of the upholstery. If you want to decorate the interior in some bright and original way, sofas of non-standard shapes will come to the rescue.


Non-standard sofas can differ from the usual furniture in different ways. These are the configuration, size, material of manufacture, decor, design, the presence of additional details.

The first thing that catches the eye of people who enter the room is the shape of the sofa. The classic, optimally selected shape of the furniture helps to create a favorable impression of the interior of the room. The unusual configuration draws attention to itself and instantly makes the sofa a bright, catchy accent in any setting.

Among the most common forms in which modern sofas are presented, the following can be noted:

  • rectangle;
  • corner;
  • oval;
  • circle.

Before choosing and buying a sofa, you need to weigh several points: the area of ​​the room, the type of layout, design, the size of the room and the sofa itself. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The straight sofa is considered classic. It is perfect for furnishing a room of any size and looks harmoniously in an interior of any style. Ideal as a place for guests and as a sleeping place. Easy to fold, compact enough. You can put it anywhere (corner, along the wall, in the middle of the room).

The corner model is perfect for arranging small rooms when you need to make optimal use of the entire available free space. In addition, the mechanism for transforming corner furniture allows you to create a very spacious and even sleeping place. Corner models can often be found in offices, children's rooms, living rooms. With their help, you can visually divide (zone) a room into several separate rooms (for example, in studio apartments).

Oval or round sofas are the least common models. Most often, they are made to order, based on the individual requirements of the customer, the size of the room, and its layout. They look most harmonious in very spacious, large rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms or studio apartments.

Sofas can also have much more unexpected shapes, be made in bright, catchy colors, unusual color combinations, and be decorated in a special way.


A standard sofa is usually made in the form of a certain geometric shape (rectangle, oval or circle). Non-standard models are performed in a combination of several figures at once, forming a rather massive, cumbersome, but very functional structure.

The U-shaped sofa is presented in several types:

  • with sides of equal and different lengths;
  • with a folding chair;
  • with and without folding mechanism.

Sofas can be stationary (shape and size do not change) and movable, modular (different blocks can be interchanged at your discretion). Such models can be placed in different parts of the room: in the corner, along the wall or in the middle.

Such sofas often perform a number of additional functions. For example, one of the sides can be equipped with drawers for storing things or shelves for books.

For example, a U-shaped modular design is a combination of several pieces of furniture:

  • rectangular soft sofa with transformation mechanism "accordion" + ottoman + armchair;
  • sofa with high armrests + ottoman + pouf;
  • sofa without armrests + 2 sofas or armchairs.

The elements of the module are usually equipped with wheels for faster and more convenient movement. Fasteners are provided for fixing individual blocks.

The advantages of a U-shaped design include:

  • the possibility of creating a compact recreation area;
  • very spacious bed in the unfolded state;
  • solid, expensive look;
  • the original form of the design allows you to create an excellent place for negotiations, conversation, tea drinking. To do this, you will need to put a small square or rectangular table on the sofa.

However, there are also certain disadvantages. For example, in order to get to a certain corner of the bed, you will have to climb over almost the entire sofa. Large dimensions are another drawback. These sofas are not suitable for small spaces.

The T-shaped sofa got its name from the original shape of the back. Outwardly, such a model really resembles the letter "T". The sofa has no armrests and cannot be folded out. This is a ready-made bed with an original backrest.

The advantages of an oval and round sofa include a spacious sleeping area. But their large dimensions make their use in small spaces rather limited.

Irregularly shaped sofas look original and unusual. These can be models in the form of broken lines, waves, zigzags, fantasy figures. These unusual models are most often made to order.

Dimensions (edit)

Sofa size is usually not its most unusual characteristic. The thing is that typical, standard sizes are calculated based on the dimensions of the apartments. The exception is private houses or cottages, when the owners order exclusive furniture for individual orders.

The standard width of two-three-seater sofas is 1.7 - 2.5 m, the corner model has more impressive dimensions (2.7 m). The height of the sofa is 0.8 - 0.9 m, the depth is from 0.8 to 2.2, depending on the model. Complex sofas can of course come in a huge range of sizes. They are made to order. For example, large, elongated sofas can have a seating width of 3 - 3.5 m and more. The dimensions of modular structures can vary depending on shape and configuration.

Popular models

Non-standard models are increasingly in demand among buyers. The owners of apartments and private houses are gradually moving away from the standard layout and creating unique, unusual interiors, furnishing them with non-standard furniture.

Among the most popular models today are:

  • Sofa "Cormac"... Modular furniture option. Its equipment includes a corner base, an ottoman, a pouf, an armchair and a sofa bed. A drawer is provided for storing linen and bedding. The design has a right-side and left-side sofa installation. The furniture is presented in various colors: milky white, brown, red, gray, olive and other colors.
  • Altai... Elegant corner sofa with teak-tock transformation mechanism and several linen drawers. Presented in a combination of contrasting colors and shades.
  • "Emir". A luxurious, spacious sofa with a width of more than 3 meters is made in several colors. One of the most popular options is a sofa, decorated in a classic combination of black and white. Consists of three sections, each of which is equipped with a spacious linen box. Spring blocks provide a special comfort and pleasant feeling when using furniture. The model can accommodate up to 4 people at the same time.
  • "Naples". The model has a smooth, streamlined shape, compact size, modern design. The Dolphin transformation mechanism provides a quick process of folding and unfolding furniture. A spacious drawer is provided for storing bedding. Modern, durable, practical and beautiful materials have been used for the upholstery.
  • "Underground". The model has several versions (straight, angular). A distinctive feature of some models is a compact folding bed, which allows you to quickly turn a small sofa into a comfortable and free sleeping place. Bright, rich colors, modern, ergonomic design and quality materials have made this model one of the most popular today.

Selection Tips

When choosing a sofa of a non-standard shape, several important points must be considered:

  • The size. Custom-shaped sofas are often much larger than standard designs. This point must be considered when buying furniture in a small room.
  • Some models can only be installed in one corner of the room (only in the right or only in the left).
  • Material... The frame for non-standard furniture should be made of the most durable and reliable material (plywood, timber). The upholstery should be easy to clean or wash, and be sufficiently strong and durable.
  • Filling. The most comfortable and convenient use of furniture is provided by spring blocks or polyurethane.
  • Functional purpose... The size, material, shape, cost and other parameters directly depend on the room in which and for what purpose the furniture will be used. Models of the most complex shape and large size are most often intended for a living room or bedroom. Economy class models can be used to furnish a hallway, corridor, hall.

Accommodation options in the interior

The semicircular spacious sofa is ideal for decorating a studio apartment. Soft, comfortable seats, stylish design, ergonomic configuration is perfect for seating people at the dining table. An interesting variant of the arrangement of open and closed cabinets and drawers behind the sofa makes this model also very functional.

A compact oval sofa in a beautiful bright shade, complete with a pouf-stool of an original shape, instantly transforms the interior, designed in calm, light colors.

The modern interior in different shades of milk and chocolate requires an original solution when choosing furniture. The model has a semicircular shape, interestingly shaped armrests, luxurious colors that perfectly match the interior. Additional elements (headrests and footrests) make using the sofa as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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